Chapter 1290: [Linger] Besieged

Thanks to the addition of the wild wolves, the fifty snow leopards immediately got boosted morale and re-circled Mu Linger and the great white tiger. Their allies followed closely, forming a giant circle with the girl and beast in the center.

Big While kept circling around Mu Linger, afraid to step away too far. He stared at the wild beasts and let out a low warning growl. But the leopards and wolves relied on their numbers to banish their fear. The few leopards at the forefront even growled back.

"ROAAAR!" Big White suddenly let loose, scaring the leopards back. But they didn't move far and stared at the two like prey.

Mu Linger was well-aware of their straits and pulled out her dagger with a whisper. "Don't worry about me, Big White."

If he could understand human speech, Big White would be scolding Mu Linger for her stupidity just like his master did! If not for protecting Mu Linger, Big White wouldn't be afraid of even fiercer beasts! But she lessened his chances of winning because a single moment of inattention could cause her to be bitten to death! That's why it was circling around her, hesitant to attack. It couldn't leave Mu Linger half a step for the wolves and leopards to seize the chance to strike.

"Looks like you're not planning to pay this lady after all!" the other woman shouted.

Mu Linger shot back, "Why? Who says these fields are yours?"

The woman swept her gaze over the leopards and wolves before laughing out loud. "They say it's mine, so it's mine!"

"You! Why are you so unreasonable? It's obviously my Mu Clan who planted these fields!" Mu Linger retorted. She might be foolish, but she wasn't a complete idiot. By stalling with the woman, she wanted to test her depths and probe her origins, perhaps finding a solution to reconcile in the process. There was no way she was dragging down Big White into this.

"Mu Clan? Heh, never heard of them! Stinkin' girl, I'm telling you now that you have to snatch what you want. The one with a harder fist gets the goods!" the woman said haughtily.

Mu Linger blurted back, "Fine, then let's fight! The loser will get lost!"

"As if the likes of you can fight with me" the woman laughed.

"What, are you scared?" Mu Linger provoked while secretly thinking of setting up rules to punk this woman. After all, she had experienced from being pitted by her sister in the past. But the woman only leaped gently onto a boulder and grew ruthless.

"Fine! Our life and death are our own responsibility!"

It looked like the woman could throw her down the length of a street with her skills. A bit lost, Mu Linger asked quickly, "How do we fight?"

"Each according to her personal abilities!" the woman declared before also taking out a dagger.

Mu Linger's eyes grew crafty and added, "Since life and death are our own responsibility, your beasts aren't allowed to take revenge!"

"You're dead for sure!" the woman said icily.

"Life and death are one thing but rules are another. Let's agree to some guidelines first, all right?" Mu Linger was serious.

"Don't worry. If I really lose at your hands, I promise to make them all retreat! Heheh, and if you die at mine, I'll still make trouble for your old tiger even if he doesn't get revenge!" the woman's airs were huge. 

Mu Linger silently inhaled a cold breath before her temper flared. She pointed her dagger at the woman and cried, "Let's go!"

Seeing this, Big White growled sotly at Mu Linger, but she patted his jaw and murmured, "It's fine, don't worry."

The woman approached step by step while the snow leopards and wolves retreated to make way. Mu Linger and her were both holding daggers. Although Mu Linger had kung-fu skills the level of a three-legged cat, she was fearless! Since the competition was based on personal ability, there were no limits. Thus, she wasn't planning to fight this woman at all! 

Soon enough, the two were standing facing each other a step apart. This close, Mu Linger couldn't help feeling astonished: the woman was really beautiful.

"Begin!" the female ordered and stabbed with her knife. Mu Linger retreated and scattered a large handful of powder at the same time. Not expecting this, the woman quickly wiped the powder off her face.

"What is this?" she asked.

Mu Linger stared at her blankly without a word. What else could it be but poison? Her big sis was the most "venomous" woman of Cloud Realm Continent, so how could she as the younger sister not have a few tricks? After leaving Tiger Prison that year, she got a bunch of poisons from her big sis to carry around with her!

The woman wiped her face clean and was about to attack when her hands and face began to itch unbearably. She couldn't help dropping her dagger to scratch. "You used poison! B*tch, you're despicable!" the woman cursed.

"We agreed to act according to our abilities," Mu Linger retorted.

"You!" the woman never expected Mu Linger to carry poisons and argued back, "I said based on personal ability, like martial arts. Not these underhanded methods!"

"Your martial arts are obviously better than mine, don't you think you're underhanded? And you clearly have more beasts than me, isn't that unscrupulous as well?" Mu Linger shot back.

"YOU!" the woman was annoyed. "Gimme the antidote or I'll have them bite you to death!"

"You've lost, so pay me back first!" Mu Linger wrangled.

"Dream on!" the woman roared. 

"Are you going back on your word? If you can't afford to lose, don't gamble in the first place!" Mu Linger was even angrier.

But the woman was shameless and simply said, "So what if this lady cheats on my promise? Give me the antidote and an apology this instant, then get lost! Otherwise, I'll let you die without a corpse!"

Mu Linger was completely furious. She didn't know how to reason and hollered back, "I won't! I won't, I won't, I just won't!"

The woman suddenly clawed at her. Mu Linger tried to dodge and use more poison, but the woman quickly grabbed her hand and nearly dislocated her wrist. Pained, she couldn't dodge in time before the female scratched her face, leaving two scars. While Mu Linger was confused, Big White pounced over before the woman could react, surprising the beasts around them. He simply pinned the female to the ground and pressed a paw against her body, the other planning to claw her face. In response, the other beasts all leaped towards Mu Linger.

As the fastest animal, leopards were superior to all beasts. Without hesitation, Big White withdrew and plucked Mu Linger by the collar before tossing her in mid-air. The two attacking leopards met air. Filled wth killing intent, Big White wanted to kill the leopards, but he held back. He caught Mu Linger on his back before she fell and landed on the ground. The other woman had climbed to her feet, pale with fright. She scratched her face while pointing at them both.

"Attack together, tear them to pieces!"

In a flash, 150 beasts all charged to drown out the figures of Big White and Mu Linger. The leopards were fastest while the wolves were very organized. Most frightening of all, the woman was still issuing orders in a strange tongue. Mu Linger didn't understand it at all, but Big White did. 

Besides being afraid, Mu Linger was surprised. Was this woman part of the Black Clan too? Is that why she knew the language of beasts? Big White also hesitated. Could this female belong to the same clan as his master? But he had no time to care when protecting Miss Linger came first. As fifty leopards pounced towards his back, aiming for Mu Linger, 100 wolves split into four factions to target each of Big White's legs. This truly was one against a hundred. No matter how much Big White roared, he was outnumbered! Drowning in this mob of fierce beasts!

He carried Mu Linger while quickly dodging the attacks of both parties and killing any leopard that tried to target her. Any beast who bit Big White died on the spot because he was the leader of the poison corpse tigers raised by Jun Yixie. His body was completely toxic, and his blood was fatally venomous. The snow leopards' target was Mu Linger and they leaped in from all directions. She was scared, but still remained brave. Gripping her dagger, she guarded against the beasts who lunged at her at any time. 

Abruptly, three leopards charged from the right, forcing Big White to turn and evade them. He met them head on but five more suddenly snuck attack from behind. Big White leaped up to evade them as well, but the leopards simply stepped on the wolves to jump into the air, aiming for Mu Linger again. Terrified, Mu Linger's eyes began to leak tears. She gritted her teeth and clutched the dagger in both hands before stabbing at the air. Big White couldn't mind the wolves attacking his legs anymore. He landed and lunged in one direction at the same time the pursuing leopards hit the ground.

"All at once!" the woman shouted, her face red from all the scratching. Still, she ignored it. 

In a flash, the wolves formed a circle along with the leopards. Under the woman's commands, the leopards all attacked as one by jumping off the wolves' backs to pounce! Tens of dozens of wolves followed, leaving Big White and Mu Linger with no way to escape. Big White hardly evaded the first beast when another took its place, then another after that. Many of them left bloody scratches on Big White's back and nearly swiped Mu Linger. Although this caused much of the snow leopards to die of poisoning, there were simply too many of them. The wolves seized advantage to attack as well, forcing the tired, injured Big White to a standstill. Mu Linger had less and less room to hide on Big White's back. She too, would die as soon as she touched Big White's blood!

When five to six snow leopards leaped at them again, Big White suddenly flipped over and knocked Mu Linger to the ground before pouncing over her, protecting her body securely beneath his embrace…

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Ruyi's Thoughts

three things i have to say about mu linger:

  1. she's very talented at provoking others
  2. she's very brave when she knows she's facing death
  3. she's a fool, but a fool with a heart of gold (or rather, with "Jin Zi" Gold's heart)

ahhhh hurry UP Jin Zi,    this is turning out to be Han Yunxi and Lil Thing at Celestial Mountain Sword Sect all over again!!