Chapter 1286: [YeXi] Pleasant surprise

More emetophobia warnings ahead!

Long Feiye was at a loss when Mu Linger flew to Han Yunxi's side to support her. Han Yunxi only dry-heaved nonstop, feeling nauseous but unable to throw up.

"Jin Zi, find a doctor!" Long Feiye hollered.

Jin Zi had never seen this happen either. He had carefully selected his food, so there shouldn't be any problems!

"What are you spacing out for? Get a doctor!" Long Feiye's eyes were murderous. 

Jin Zi left without delay while Mu Linger continued to fret. "Big sis, what's wrong with you? How about I help you induce vomiting?"

It was clear she wasn't choking but simply nauseous and unable to throw up, which was a miserable sensation. The best and fastest solution was to throw up everything. Then she'd be unblocked and comfortable. 

Han Yunxi was too sick to reply, but kept waving a hand to show her it was fine. Just like that, Long Feiye and Mu Linger watched Han Yunxi suffer through discomfort without being able to do a thing. Only in times of pain did they appreciate the merits of a physician closeby. At this, all three of them thought of Gu Beiyue. 

Soon enough, Jin Zi brought over an old doctor but Han Yunxi had stopped gagging. Her face was a bit pale as she sprawled over the table without much strength. Long Feiye and Mu Linger circled her to ask about her situation, but moved out of the way for the physician. He didn't immediately approach, but straightened out his hair and beard while complaining to Jin Zi.

"I already told you not to find me for small pains and aches. This old man is busy these days!"

"A great nobleman from Yunning City has come. Why waste words? Hurry and take a look," Jin Zi said coldly.

A great nobleman? The doctor didn't think of the emperor and empress and assumed it was some major official. He looked over and picked out Han Yunxi as the patient at a glance from her complexion. 

"Still talking nonsense? Get over here already," Long Feiye demanded.

This old man was one of Ning Cheng's men and an imperial doctor in his army. He had followed Ning Cheng since his Great General days and had a bad temper with his excellent medical skills. He only treated major illnesses, not minor ones, nor did he ever give high officials any face. He looked at Long Feiye without a word before going to take Han Yunxi's pulse. He released it soon afterwards and stroked his beard. "What did you just eat?" he asked slowly.

"Roast meat!" Mu Linger answered quickly.

"Have you eaten anything else today?" the old doctor asked next.

Long Feiye listed out the breakfast and lunch items.

Hearing this, the old doctor nodded while continuing to stroke his beard. Even a long time after Long Feiye finished, he didn't speak. 

"What's the matter?" Mu Linger asked impatiently.

But the doctor only said, "There is nothing serious in terms of pulse. This roast meat must have been too greasy, causing discomfort."

"Just that?" Mu Linger asked seriously. "My big sis didn't eat much. And this meat isn't oily at all! I hate greasy food but I ate so much without a problem!"

Jin Zi looked at her without a word. 

"If grease isn't the problem, then she must have eaten too fast," the doctor said next.

Mu Linger creased her brows and was about to retort when Long Feiye finally spoke. "Is that it?"

The doctor didn't reply immediately, but kept stroking his beard and stood up. "What else do you want? It's just vomiting, nothing else. There's no need to fuss over something so minor. If you're still uneasy, take more care tonight and I'll find another doctor for a second look tomorrow."

Jin Zi snickered soundlessly. 

Long Feiye was about to blow up when the doctor added, "You younglings who are well brought up are always greedy and fear death. Scared to death over these trifles? Wouldn't you be terrified to death if you see a truly sick patient?" He looked at Jin Zi and said, "Your Excellency Jin, this old man will tell you one last time: no matter who's sick, even if it's those two masters of Yunning, don't trouble this old man unless it's serious! I have a whole heap of sick patients to attend to!"

Jin Zi didn't speak, but Long Feiye narrowed his eyes and Han Yunxi was stunned. Mu Linger wanted to retort but felt that the old man's words made sense, so she didn't know what to say. The old doctor ignored them and turned to leave. At this moment, Han Yunxi felt nauseous and dry-heaved again. 

Long Feiye was both furious and panicked. He was about to drag the old doctor back when the man turned and added, "If it's not because of greasy food, I'm afraid she may be showing the first signs of pregnancy. But the pregnancy pulse isn't obvious yet. Madam, eat less oily food and rest early."

So speaking, he turned and sauntered off.

Long Feiye was lost. He looked at Han Yunxi in shock and couldn't even care about the old man's rudeness anymore. Han Yunxi met his gaze, also surprised.

First signs of pregnancy? Meaning she just got pregnant?

"Ah…!" Mu Linger shrieked. "Big sis, you're pregnant!"

Long Feiye and Han Yunxi recovered at the noise, the latter breaking into a smile while Long Feiye was too floored to process it. Although they already had a son, hearing that Han Yunxi was with child again left him with different feelings than the first time he became a father. He was surprised, moved, happy, stunned, and at a loss. His lips couldn't help tugging into a faint smile, making it obvious that he was extremely delighted. 

Kneeling in front of Han Yunxi, he took her hand and murmured, "Tell me. You tell me."

Han Yunxi didn't know what he meant.

"This time, you tell me yourself," Long Feiye repeated.

Last time her pregnancy with Rui'er had been exposed only months after the fact. Long Feiye didn't want to miss out on the news he was a father again and wanted her to announce it to him herself. Understanding this, Han Yunxi was both touched and happy, as well as a little worried.

"But…it's uncertain. He couldn't tell the pulse," she said. 

Thinking of this, Long Feiye declared, "Then I'll wait."

He rose and ordered a shadow guard, “Send a letter to Medical City and summon Gu Beiyue here quickly!”

Han Yunxi didn’t know what to say to him.

She had no anticipation towards their second child, preferring to hold off a while since Rui’er was still young and she had so much to do. But seeing Long Feiye act like that, she was suddenly looking forward to the fact and hoped she really was pregnant. Then she could look at him and personally deliver the good news.

Long Feiye didn’t allow Han Yunxi to remain outside but immediately brought her back to the tent to rest. Mu Linger followed and personally promised to look after her three meals and snacks. Long Feiye’s original plans were all left in disarray, so he sent a few subordinates to accompany Jin Zi to find the secret passage and capture any stragglers. At the same time, he sent out all the evidence in his hands to the Court of Judicial Review, giving its official full responsibility for the case.

Jin Zi made a special stop to see Mu Linger in the kitchens before he left, but she was too busy boiling porridge to know he dropped by. He left silently on a trip that would take at least a month,  unconcerned that she’d leave. For one thing, she’d stay if the empress stayed; for another, he hadn’t given back her gold card yet.

Half a month later, Gu Beiyue arrived alone to the military camp just as the grasslands were officially entering winter. The northern winds blew fierce, and he had added gray fox fur to his snowy-white robes while carrying a medical box over his right shoulder. Even all the dust and winds of travel couldn’t conceal his handsome features as he stood at the entrance of the tent, eyes gentle and calm beneath the uneasy north winds.

He smiled faintly and said, “Your Majestu, Esteemed Empress, please forgive this subordinate for arriving late.”

How could such a person exist? Even in the coldest winter, he could warm the entire world. Han Yunxi grinned and didn’t know what to say.

Long Feiye smiled helplessly and said, “Gu Beiyue, your lightness techniques improved again.”

He estimated that Gu Beiyue would arrive five days later, but he was five days early.

“It’s fine as long as Your Majesty and Esteemed Empress doesn’t fault me.” Gu Beiyue hurried over as he smiled. "Esteemed Empress, please let this subject take your pulse."

Han Yunxi quickly extended her wrist and Gu Beiyue carefully and professionally examined it while Long Feiye stood waiting on the side. The large tent quieted down.

Actually, Han Yunxi was more or less sure herself in the past half-month. Her monthly friend hadn't come to visit, so there was an 80 to 90 percent chance she was pregnant. Yet her pulse showed nothing, so she couldn't be absolutely certain. Long Feiye didn't understand too much about these things, so she didn't explain much either. She simply waited for Gu Beiyue to show up.

A long time later, Gu Beiyue was still testing her pulse while Long Feiye had grown nervous, but didn't dare speak. Han Yunxi wasn't anxious until she saw Long Feiye's serious face. 

At last, Gu Beiyue released her wrist. Immediately Long Feiye asked, "How is it?"

Gu Beiyue rose with a silent grin.

"How is it?" Long Feiye asked again. His impatience was very unlike himself!

Gu Beiyue bowed respectfully. "Congratulations Your Majesty, Esteemed Empress truly is with child."

Long Feiye was thrilled and looked at Han Yunxi. Before he could speak, she muffled his mouth and said, "Long Feiye, I'm pregnant."

They agreed to have her tell him personally.

Long Feiye, I'm pregnant!

She was the only one in the world who could say these words, so of course she would!

"Long Feiye, I'm pregnant!" Han Yunxi repeated.

Long Feiye was too joyful to speak. Gu Beiyue stood on the side smiling soundlessly with happiness from his heart. 

There was a bang.

Everyone looked over to see Mu Linger standing at the door, the bowl of porridge in her hands now in pieces on the floor. While they were wondering what was the matter, she flew at Han Yunxi and exclaimed in pleasant surprise, "Big sis, you're really pregnant! Great! I want to go back with you, I want to take care of you!"

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Ruyi's Thoughts

yeah i'm siding with the old doctor on this one, he came in with unfair advantages. first, jin zi never told him he was serving the emperor/empress; secondly, as a doctor his responsibility is to his (very) sick patients, not some panicked nobles summoning him on a whim. he may have been rude but the grasslands aren't an easy place to survive and who knows what might have happened to the patients while he was gone? aish. if i were the emperor i'd prolly reward him for sticking to his guns while reminding him to be more mindful of his speech (after all, not all nobles are weak and cowardly, and it's unfair to generalize them all)! 

sometimes i wish LFY's temper wasn't so short when it came to HYX, because he's supposed to be the father of a nation before he's HYX's husband…but ok ok i'm nitpicking. i expect this is one way the author shows the ML's all-encompassing, world-shaking, soul-stirring love for the FL but we don't have to sacrifice ML's character development for it, do we? he's still human beneath the iceberg, it won't kill him to improve as a human sometimes…no i'll stop now before i get madder, hahaha. apologies for the rant!