Chapter 1283: [YeXi] Demanding debts

Jin Zi's expression took Long Feiye and Han Yunxi by surprise.

Both of them assumed that Jin Zi and Ning Cheng should've kept in private contact and that the former long knew of the latter's whereabouts. But the agitation and resentment Jin Zi showed now made the couple realize that he didn't have a harmonious relationship with Ning Cheng!

Long Feiye was persistent in dragging Ning Cheng out because the latter had stood him up. As long as Ning Cheng fulfilled his promise, he could go wherever he wanted. He wasn't free enough to care about such wayward matters. 

Jin Zi's reaction revealed he harbored plenty of resentment towards Ning Cheng. Han Yunxi immediately revealed the details of the private salt trade, causing Jin Zi to spring up with cupped hands. Loudly he declared, "Your Majesty, Northern Li has already been stabilized! This subject wants to resign from my post!"

What a Ning Cheng. After tossing him the mess that was Northern Li, he even hid away in Wintercrow Country and hooked up with human traffickers. That's what he always planned to do! When Northern Li was in turmoil, things were unstable. Now even Long Feiye could deal with matters using the Black Clan without his presence, so there was no need for him to stay. Being an official was bitter work and he really couldn't make himself care for the nation or its people. He had no idea how he convinced himself to stay on as Northern Li's official-turned-parent in the past two years. 

He wouldn't seek out Ning Cheng either. As long as he resigned, Ning Cheng might end up looking for him instead. 

Long Feiye never liked Jin Zi and Han Yunxi was wary against him too. After all, this fellow had unclear origins and an unknown identity. But over the past two years, his performance in Northern Li had earned their admiration and trust. In matters of public interest, Long Feiye didn't want to lose such a talent. 

"Granted!" Long Feiye came straight to the point. "When the newly appointed official of Northern Li smashes your bank, you have to behave yourself. Otherwise, even Zhen will straighten you out despite your meritorious service!"

Jin Zi was slightly shocked. He didn't expect Long Feiye to find out about his underground bank so soon, but he too wasn't polite. With a cold snort, he replied, "No need to smash it. I'll send out the money and close it down tomorrow!"

But nobody expected an angry voice to call out right after he said those words.

"Surnamed Jin, get out here!"

Surnamed Jin?

But there was no surnamed Jin here. Jin Zi's surname wasn't Jin, simply a last name he'd picked himself because he liked gold (jin). Still, nobody cared because this voice belonged to someone very familiar! It was Mu Linger. As soon as she spoke, she rushed in like a gale of wind towards Jin Zi.

He froze.

He'd spent countless nights dreams, days daydreaming, or outright imagining this very scene where she appeared before him. Exactly like a gust of wind whistling towards him!


Mu Linger suddenly tripped before she reached him and face-planted on the ground. 

For a moment, all was silent within the tent. Mu Linger laid unmoving on the ground while Han Yunxi and Long Feiye gaped at her. Jin Zi was even more incredulous. How could she trip on flat ground? Her momentous fury all came to naught. While the royal couple remained silent, Jin Zi moved to help her up when Mu Linger lifted her head while muffling her nose. As soon as she saw Jin Zi approached, her big watery eyes filled with horrible killing intent. She looked like she wanted to lynch him to death. 

Jin Zi backed away, hiding the heartache in his eyes behind a cold face. "Are you all right?"

Mu Linger crawled to her feet while still covering her mouth and nose. She didn't even notice her sister or brother-in-law in the same tent, but glared at Jin Zi and demanded, "Why did you swipe my gold card? You stole my money!"

Jin Zi almost laughed out loud, but held himself back. He said, "Mu Linger, are you that rich?"

"What do you mean?" Mu Linger retorted. 

"Anything exceeding 200 million is Kanggan Private Bank. That doesn't count as your money, right?" Jin Zi replied.

"You!" Mu Linger almost fainted from fury. "But it's my card! All the money you spent is on my head! Why are you playing dumb, ah? If you're not stealing from me, then who?!"

Mu Linger was already very poor after paying back Jin Zi and was now 200 million in debt. She really wanted to smash her head into a wall and die. After learning the news, she dropped all matters and even Lil Thing back in Medicine City to come straight to Northern Li. 

She waited for Jin Zi's explanation, but he simply said airily, "Oh."

"You!" Mu Linger was both angry and anxious. She stomped her feet while muffling her nose, pointing at him with her other hand. "You, you, you…!"

After all those "yous," she still didn't finish her sentence. Han Yunxi and Long Feiye watched and waited. Jin Zi was waiting too, with infinite patience. He thought Mu Linger would cry since she was such a crybaby. But instead she said, "Just what do you want?"

Jin Zi's heart skipped a beat. He wanted to answer but didn't know how and chose silence instead. He stared at Mu Linger with his usual chilly, draggy self. 

"Give me back my card and money!" Mu Linger strode over with her small hand outstretched. 

"I'll owe you first. Give me an interest rate and I'll pay you back when I've earned enough, or I could pay back interest monthly." It was shameless to borrow money from a woman, but Jin Zi didn't care at all and openly said his terms. 

Long Feiye and Han Yunxi now understood. Although they had speculation before, now they were sure Jin Zi was using money to hold onto Mu Linger. After all, Jin Zi's bank might be small, but it was possible for him to pay Mu Linger back immediately. He could even pay off the interest rather than owe her anything.

"I don't want to!" Mu Linger refused.

Jin Zi was merciless. "Then I have no other way. In any case, I've already spent the money."

Mu Linger was so infuriated that her outstretched hand immediately formed into a fist. She looked like she could punch him anytime! Only then did Jin Zi see blood seeping out between the fingers muffling her face. He panicked and moved her fist aside to force her hand open, only to see her suffering a massive nosebleed. Her nose, mouth, and hands were all stained in blood. 

Han Yunxi rose to help, but Long Feiye held her back before taking her to leave from the sidelines. Jin Zi held Mu Linger's hand while staring at her face. Anger rose to his chest until he almost yelled at her. But in the end he endured and took her to a corner.

"Let go!" Mu Linger began to struggle.

"Be quiet for me!" Jin Zi rebuked, a hundred times fiercer than Mu Linger. 

How can someone like this exist? He owes me money but he's fiercer than me! Does he think he's a bigshot just because he owes a debt? 

Quelled by his outburst, Mu Linger instantly quieted down. 

"Raise your head!" Jin Zi demanded.

Mu Linger did as she was told, tilting her head slightly to restrain the bloodflow. Jin Zi took out his own handkerchief and hers to stuff her nostrils, before going to the side to wring out a wet towel. He sat in front of her and carefully helped her wipe the blood, but Mu Linger quickly slapped his hand. "You don't have to fake mercy at me!"

Jin Zi fell silent before tossing the wet towel to Mu Linger so she could wipe herself. He sat on the side and watched coldly, but couldn't resist cursing, "It's been two years but you still haven't grown up. The more you live, the more backwards you get!"

Jin Zi was obviously a man of few words, but he couldn't help talking more in Mu Linger's presence. He waited, but she didn't reply.

So he spoke again, "Mu Linger, when will you let people stop worrying about you?"

Mu Linger ignored him with head down, wiping off bloodstains from her hands. It took her a long time before she finished and stretched out a clean palm. "Give me back my gold card!"

If she couldn't get her money back, she could at least claim the card, right?

Jin Zi rose and said lightly, "Wait a few days. I'll have someone send it here."

Mu Linger next asked, "How much money are you paying me back per month?"

"At most five million, plus one million interest a month," Jin Zi said seriously.

"Then how many years will it take you to pay me back?" Mu Linger might be sensitive to the dosage of medicinal herbs, but her arithmetic skills were still very poor.

"About three years," Jin Zi replied.

Mu Linger didn't want to haggle. She knew she couldn't win against his shrewdness. Silently, she mulled over things in her head. She had to find her big sis to ask Kanggan Private Bank to cut her some slack. She would return the money from Jin Zi to the bank every month. 

"All right, then give me this month's money first!" Mu Linger said.

"How about we agree to exchange money on the last day of every month?" Jin Zi asked.

It was only the beginning of this month, which meant she had to wait a full month. Mu Linger exhaled foully and didn't want to say another word. She was too angry and just agreed. 

"Then you return the money to Kanggan Private Bank at the end of every month," she said.

"All right," Jin Zi agreed easily.

Mu Linger then turned to leave, but Jin Zi said, "Don't you want the gold card anymore?"

"I'll send someone to fetch it," Mu Linger purposely shot him a look. "Don't you worry!"

She made to leave, but Jin Zi asked lightly, "Mu Linger, it's already been two years. Haven't you breached the contract?"

In the past they agreed. If Gu Qishao still didn't want her after a year, she would marry Jin Zi instead. Her steps paused but she didn't answer. Jin Zi looked at her skinny back and was hesitant to say any more. The two of them stood awkwardly for a while. Perhaps neither of them knew how to continue the conversation. Or perhaps they were waiting for the other to speak first.

In the end, Mu Linger took the initiative. "Jin Zi," she said, "If you want to marry someone who doesn't like you, then go ahead."

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