Chapter 1281: [YeXi] I don't dare

Before everyone could decipher the fury on Long Feiye's face, that handsome and weak male pet actually dashed in front of him to…appease him!

"Sir Ye, don't be angry! If Treasurer Cao said anything wrong, I'll make it up to you," the man said before taking some wine and drinking. He drained it in one gulp and even showed the empty cup to Long Feiye, giving him a dainty look. "Sir Ye, here is the first cup."

Very soon, he poured a second cup and picked it up with orchid fingers. When the rim reached his lips, his fingers blocked his eyes, but the caressing gaze still peeped through shyly at Long Feiye.

The expression on Long Feiye's face was truly indescribable. Han Yunxi watched from the sidelines while on the verge of laughter. But the male pet still misunderstood and didn't realize Long Feiye was angry at their very existence. He only thought the man was displeased with Treasurer Cao. After the second cup, he actually took Long Feiye's cup and filled it with wine. Then he sipped at it slowly while staring at him.

Long Feiye was ready to kick someone, but the sight of this made him turn aside and dry heave.

"Hahaha!" Han Yunxi burst out laughing after all. She almost fell out of her chair! What do you call digging your own pit? Grossing yourself out? This!

If not for their boys' love yesterday, how could today's drama exist?! 

Treasurer Cao was completely lost with Xie Yujun and the rest like a monk who couldn't find his own head! The male pet panicked and cried, "Sir Ye, what's wrong with you? Is your stomach uncomfortable?"

He was about to approach him when Long Feiye finally had enough and sent him flying through the windows with a kick.

SPLASH! He landed loudly in the water.

Everyone stared in the direction of the flying man while Long Feiye glared at the taller, stronger male pet. He was the source of his ire. How could someone dare to seduce Han Yunxi in front of his face? He really wanted to take out his whip, but the male pet was frightened by his killing intent and instantly turned to flee. He too, leaped out of the window and into the lake.

Seeing this, Treasurer Cao and the rest realized what was going on. They lamented Sir Ye's bad temper while admiring his dedication. He was a man who didn't tolerate hooking up with others. Treasurer Cao was filled with regrets and wanted to make amends, but seeing Sir Ye so angry, he didn't dare move. Xie Yujun's trio exchanged looks as well.

The room eventually quieted down except for Han Yunxi's laughs. Long Feiye looked at her with a black face and asked, "Still not done fooling around?"

Han Yunxi stopped to look at him, only to burst into snickers again.

"Still laughing?" Long Feiye asked coldly.

Now Treasurer Cao and the rest grew tense. They couldn't have caused a quarrel between the couple with their mistakes, right? If this went on, who knew if they'd close the business deal? 

Han Yunxi really wanted to stop laughing. She muffled her mouth, but still the giggles leaked out. Long Feiye suddenly leaned down and asked icily, "I'll ask you one last time, are you still going to laugh?"

Han Yunxi was fearless. It was Treasurer Cao and the trio who felt their hearts hanging in the air! She looked up at him and said, "Sir Ye, I don't want to laugh but…but it really is too funny! Hahaha!"

Treasurer Cao and the others felt their hearts stop. But Long Feiye suddenly started tickling Han Yunxi and said, "Let's see if you keep laughing!" His hands tickled her armpit, her waist, her stomach; Han Yunxi guffawed while struggling and dodging his fingers. The two of them raised such a fuss that the sudden change of scene left the rest of the boat dumbfounded.

Soon enough Long Feiye had pressed Han Yunxi to the table. She was no longer laughing, but staring with pursed lips holding back her mirth. Long Feiye glared at her until he suddenly lost it and chuckled, "Are you still going to laugh?"

The obedient Han Yunxi shook her head. "I don't dare."

But now it was Long Feiye who lost it and laughed instead. He tenderly imprinted a kiss on her lips before pulling her upright. Treasurer Cao and the others almost lost their wits at the scene. At the same time, footsteps came from the door; it seemed that a lot of people had just shown up. Looking out, Xie Yujun suddenly cried, "Not good!" and tried to shut the door, but he didn't make it.

A crowd of handsome, lean physique male pets all came to block the entrance. There were at least ten of them to count. Xie Yujun had prepared them for Sir Ye because like Treasurer Cao, he wanted to curry favor too. In the future he would have to fight for the seat of Xie family head, so Sir Ye would be a heavy bargaining chip in his favor.

The male pets streamed in one after another while Xie Yujun tried to stop them. Unexpectedly, two more groups of male pets surrounded the door on both sides, leaving it thoroughly crowded. Naturally, these groups originated from Third Master Zhou and Ninth Master Murong. They too, wanted to win the favor of East Origin Hall's young master! Now they were panicking too and went to help Xie Yujun chase everyone out. 

Han Yunxi looked up at Long Feiye at the same time he looked back. When he saw she was about to laugh again, he muffled her mouth and turned her aside so she couldn't see his expression. Treasurer Cao witnessed this and finally understood one thing: to please and befriend Sir Ye, you had to treat Sir Han well first!

This was truly "catering to one's likes!"

Xie Yujun's trio finally drove away the male pets and quieted everything down. By the time they returned, Treasurer Cao was bowing and apologizing to Long Feiye and Han Yunxi. The three of them hastened to do the same, but were stopped by Han Yunxi. 

"Aren't you guys annoying? Are we still going to talk business?" Han Yunxi feigned impatience and told Long Feiye, "This is boring! If we're not going to talk then let's just leave!"

"We'll talk, we'll talk!" Treasurer Cao hurried over. "Sir Ye, we weren't finished just then. Let's continue."

Long Feiye didn't respond, but Treasurer Cao volunteered the rival smuggler's name freely. "That person is named Ning Le,[1] a Wintercrow Country native. He left a deposit for some goods but has yet to come for discussions or mentioned when he'd return. He wanted 300 carts. Sir Ye, I'll tell you frankly: Changning's salt mines can only smuggle out about 300 carts or so in the next few months. If I give the deal to you, you'll have to wait until next year to get the full shipment. But once we settle on the price, I'm willing to give you face and only do your business. I promise I'll deliver the goods into Wintercrow Country territory."

Ning Le?

Long Feiye had doubts. There weren't many people with the Ning surname in Great Qin, but Wintercrow Country had them too? He didn't question Treasurer Cao, but happily gave out a price. "Just do Ning Le's price plus 20%."

Treasurer Cao had misrepresented Ning Le's price to start, but was overjoyed to hear this news. He agreed immediately and Long Feiye generously forked over a hug deposit fee. He said, "Send 300 carts to Northern Li first. Have them arrive within two months."

"Yes, of course!" Treasurer Cao was full of confidence.

Long Feiye accepted his receipt and didn't stay long, but left with Han Yunxi. They'd hardly returned to their rooms when Han Yunxi hastily bowed ands aid, with full respect and timidity, "Your Majesty, chenqie will definitely keep my mouth shut about today's male pets. May Your Majesty spare chenqie's life!"

Today was probably the biggest embarrassment of Long Feiye's life. If anyone else found out, he might even silence them with death. Seeing Han Yunxi acting so naughty, he felt both amused yet helpless. Putting on an emperor's air, he loftily replied, "For the sake of the crown prince, Zhen will spare your life. Hehe, but even without the death penalty, you cannot escape punishment. Serve the bed tonight."

"Long Feiye, you…" Han Yunxi wanted to cry. This was his fatal kill shot!

After Long Feiye and Han Yunxi departed, Xie Yujun's trio came over to ask for their compensation fee from Treasurer Cao, who happily agreed. That very night, Treasurer Cao spent the entire time figuring out the fastest, most cost-saving route before reporting it to the true people in charge from the three great clans. Treasurer Cao was in charge of designing the itinerary, while customs and border control were left to the three clans and their various united forces. All three clans deeply trusted Treasurer Cao's ability. Moreover, the name of East Origin Hall's young master lowered their suspicion for the massive order. They only asked a few questions before proceeding to make arrangements.

Long Feiye and Han Yunxi didn't stay long at Changning. Two to three days later, they left the city. Long Feiye had already sent people to investigate the person who reported the salt mine smuggling on the night he concluded negotiations with Treasurer Cao. The main reason was that "Ning Le" had aroused speculations in the couple. 

A few days later, Xu Donglin delivered the whistleblower to their hands. It was all thanks to this man's report that the ombudsman of Changning's salt mines was quick to offer up his records.

"How did you know someone was secretly smuggling salt to Wintercrow Country?" Long Feiye asked.

The whistleblower didn't know Long Feiye and Han Yunxi's true identities but still felt fear. He quickly answered, "Someone else told me to do this. He gave me 500 taels and some evidence so I could report it."

"Who was that person?" Long Feiye pressed.

"I don't know," the whistleblower thought, then added, "His face was covered, but he looked like some kind of retainer."

Long Feiye asked a couple more questions before letting the man go. Han Yunxi said, "Ning Le has to be a pseudonym! I've already looked into it, there are no surnamed Nings in Wintercrow Country. There is an important person surnamed Le who's exclusively in charge of the slave trade. Most of their business is sold to the Mysterious Continent. The slave trade is much more profitable than salt, so there's no need for them to dip their toes here."

"If it's a pseudonym, why use Ning? And Le?" Long Feiye asked.

1. Ning Le (宁乐) - Le means "joy." Yes, the Ning is the same character as Ning Jing and Ning Cheng.

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