Chapter 1229: [TangNing] I choose you

Was Long Feiye referring to Han Yunxi or the teacup? If he said the person, then the cup would fall on the ground regardless. If he said the cup, then Han Yunxi’s hand would toss the cup instead. Han Yunxi was in a good mood and apt to tease, but Long Feiye was still sober enough to avoid provocation.

“Neither of you move!” he cried.

Han Yunxi knew it was impossible to have verbal spars with this man, so she grew even more amuse and asked, “Long Feiye, what if I insist on moving anyways?”

Although his real name was well-known now as Xuanyuan Ye, Han Yunxi still preferred to call him “Long Feiye.” She and Gu Qishao were the only souls in Cloud Realm Continent who dared to call him that to his face. 

Xuanyuan Ye was the high and mighty emperor filled with glory, power, and bonds, but in their hearts, Long Feiye was still the same as the past! 

Long Feiye didn’t answer Han Yunxi, so she grinned and said, “Speak, should I move, or the cup?”

She suddenly opened her fingers, dropping the cup in a flash. However, her other hand quickly caught it. Long Feiye leaned against the wall with his arms crossed, lips quirked up into a smile. He observed Han Yunxi’s antics and patiently waited for her to have her fun. 

Han Yunxi dropped the cup again, but this time she caught it with the tips of her toes. This was Long Feiye’s favorite cup! But he didn’t lose his temper and maintained his smile. Han Yunxi was waiting for Long Feiye to snatch it out of his hands, but who expected him to indulge her flights of fancy? 

Han Yunxi kicked the cup up high before balancing it on one finger. “Come, I’ll give you a choice. Do you pick it or me? This time I’m being serious!”

Long Feiye didn’t hesitate. “I choose you.”

Han Yunxi was thoroughly amused. “Fine, then it can’t stay!”

In the next second, she tossed the teacup straight out the window!

Yet Long Feiye still didn’t panic, much less spare the teacup a glance. He only looked at Han Yunxi in all her loveliness after emerging from the bath, with her smooth, glossy skin, white nape, broad forehead, fine eyebrows, and charming smile. The more he saw, the more he loved and his feelings stirred. 

What was a single teacup compared to this? He could overturn an entire world for her sake!

Han Yunxi glanced outside and sighed with emotion. “You really didn’t care!”

Of course, she had calculated beforehand to throw the cup straight into the hot springs outside so it wouldn’t shatter. By now it was probably at the bottom of the pool.

Long Feiye walked over and encircled Han Yunxi’s waist from the back before tugging her into his arms. He rested his chin on a shoulder and joined her in watching the hot springs and snow outside. “It’s been awhile since we’ve exercised our joints,” he remarked. “Why don’t we have a tussle?”

Han Yunxi was very clear where she stood before this man. After he cultivated the Lustbite energy to merge with his Nirvana Heart Arts, he was now extremely powerful. Her phoenix energy had yet to mature and didn’t have he ability to merge with Nirvana Heart Arts. When it came to martial arts, she lagged behind him and would definitely lose in a match! 

She looked at him and rejected it instantly. “No way! It’s rare for you to be so free. Rui’er’s not here either, so stay with me and watch the snow.”

Long Feiye held her tighter and began to nuzzle against her ear and temple. “I’ll yield to you. If you win, I’ll give you a big prize, all right?”

“What are we competing in ?” Han Yunxi was instantly moved. If he was giving way, then she had a chance. Of course, what really spurred her on was his promise of a prize. Past experiences taught her than all of his gifts were extraordinary and impossible to imagine.

“I’ll yield ten steps to you. Whoever finds that teacup first is the winner.”

Han Yunxi had no idea that Long Feiye was currently wearing the smile of a sly old fox--or perhaps a hunter waiting to snag its prey. As soon as she heard it wasn’t a bet but an exercise like this, she grew even more interested.

“Alright! Let’s compete then!”

“If I win, why don’t you give me a big prize too?” Long Feiye smiled.

“No problem,” Han Yunxi agreed.

To walk to the hot springs from here took less than ten steps if she chose big strides. She also knew exactly where the cup had landed, so it was more likely that she’d win. Long Feiye released her and said, “Go ahead.”

Han Yunxi took wide strides and reached the edge of the pool at exactly 10 steps. She turned to look at Long Feiye, who was still staying put. In a match between masters, the difference of a single step could mean a change of one thousand li, to say nothing of ten. 

Full of confidence, Han Yunxi asked, “Shall we start?”

“Yes, begin!” 

As soon as Long Feiye’s words fell, Han Yunxi dove straight into the hot springs. Long Feiy didn’t pursue her immediately. When had he ever been less than sincere when yielding to her whims? Instead, he licked his lips in anticipation and had to hold back a laugh. Although his plans were sly and rather wicked, he was filled with pure, genuine, joy. He slowly shed his outer robes before flying into the air and diving into the pool. Although the courtyard was lit by lanterns, it was still late night. Han Yunxi could only hunt for the teacup via touch. She didn’t panic even after hearing Long Feiye enter the water. 


Her hand touched the cup! Thrilled, she closed her fingers around it, only for Long Feiye to appear by her side and grab it first. He was so fast she wanted to cry! Both of them broke the surface of the water at the same time. Long Feiye wiped away the water from his face and laughed out loud at Han Yunxi’s depressed face. She wanted to rush over and bite him. How come he’s so fast underwater? Why didn’t I know this beforehand? I was only a little off, isn’t he doing this on purpose?

“You lost,” Long Feiye said matter-of-factly.

Han Yunxi glared at him silently. Seeing her on the verge of calling shenanigans, Long Feiye was even more bemused. It had been ages since he’d seen her act this way. He missed it sorely!

“I touched it first!” Han Yunxi insisted.

“I got it first,” Long Feiye wouldn’t budge.

“You said you’d yield to me.”

“I yielded more than just ten steps, you know,” Long Feiye told the truth.

“You...can’t you give me one more step?” Han Yunxi asked.

“No,” Long Feiye rejected ruthlessly. “Say you’ve lost, hurry!”

Han Yunxi couldn’t accept it. Her gaze drifted to the cup in Long Feiye’s hands, but he noticed and said nothing. As she moved to rush him, he simply waited until she was within arm’s reach before raising the cup high above his head. She glared wordlessly at him, making him smile widen until he was nearly guffawing. It was much more fun to tease her than their son!

How could Han Yunxi miss the laughter in his eyes? This fellow was fully capable of tricking her. He purposely calculated ten steps ahead so she could lose to the last one. She suddenly grabbed his arm and stood on tiptoes to strain for the cup, but still fell short. 

“Everything about the empress is perfect except her height and the length of her fingers,” Long Feiye judged seriously.

“You! You liar!” Han Yunxi was so angry her cheeks puffed up. They were especially red in the hot springs, a charming sight that arrested Long Feiye’s gaze.

“Those who dare to bet must be ready to lose. You’re going back on your word,” Long Feiye said as he loomed over hr.

Han Yunxi was struck speechless. She bit her lip and thought of other solutions--perhaps another competition where she could trick him back. After the two of them had finished tricking the world, they were now aiming for each other! It was all too clear that Han Yunxi was no match for Long Feiye, because his trap had been planted from the very start. 

In the steamy hot springs that reached to their waists, both figures were soaked through. One stood loftily with a teacup above his head while the other struggled on tiptoes to grab at his arm with all her strength. As the two of them stood frozen, they made for a lovely sight even in their stiffened poses. Currently, they were locked in a staring contest. Han Yunxi was glaring with fury, but in reality just throwing a spoiled tantrum. Long Feiye had his brows arched up and seemed serious, but his grin had long betrayed him. In the silence, he suddenly opened his fingers and dropped his beloved teacup. This time, it landed on the edge of the hot springs.


It broke into pieces!

His eyes never budged from Han Yunxi during the entire process. She gave a start, surprised. Long Feiye looked at her as his eyes filled with doting. “I said I chose you,” he murmured, “Why are you still vying with me?”

Han Yunxi bit her lip and broke into a smile. 

“Speak, now what do you want me to give you?” Han Yunxi continued. How could she have the face to fuss over winning or losing when he could part so easily with his teacup?

“If I can afford it, I’ll give you whatever you want,” Han Yunxi said sincerely.

“There’s nothing you can’t afford to give me,” Long Feiye was certain.

“What do you want?” Han Yunxi laughed. 

“I want…” Long Feiye trailed off before leaning down to whisper by her ear. “Didn’t I just tell you?”

Just then? Really? Han Yunxi was confused. She reviewed Long Feiye’s words, which weren’t much, and was certain she didn’t miss anything. Nor could she find any implied meanings within. Han Yunxi was beginning to wonder whether she’d grown stupid since her pregnancy. 

Long Feiye chuckled softly and lowered his voice. “I can throw aside anything I love and only choose you...I want you.”

Han Yunxi finally got the message and turned crimson. She knew Long Feiye was bad, but today he was even worse. His lips quirked into a wicked grin as he muttered, “I said we haven’t exercised our joints in awhile. Why don’t we have a tussle?”

Both “exercise our joints” and “have a tussle” were a trap!

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A concubine gifted in the art of poison breaks into Ghost Valley, cures a-thousand-year old poison and battles the never aging bride. King of Qin, Long Fei Ye, and Princess Han Yun Xi, a master in the art of poison, discover the "Legend of the Poison Bride" against all odds: the Poison Bride has been using poisonous parasites that suck the blood of humans to keep her face young, waiting for her general to return and marry her. Han Yun Xi takes on the Poison Bride in a battle of poison, unravels the art of poison through deadly danger and destroys her evil plot. (P.S. He's not mentioned in this blurb but Gu Qishao is a main character too.)

We don't know the specifics but that sounds like a spin-off to me! The rating isn't great (5.8 out of 10) and some of the acting is kind of ehhhh, but I'm sure PGC readers would get a romp out of it anyways. I mean, just look at this cool cover art. Yunxi herself seems extra spunky too, from what I've seen of stills.

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