Chapter 1223: [TangNing] Shielding shortcomings

Long Feiye walked towards Han Yunxi and the rest, creasing his brows at Tang Tang’s crying. “What happened just then?” he asked coldly.

He hated it when children cried, his own child excepted. When Rui’er got older, he never cried except when his father held him. It had been a long time since he heard the noise. 

Little Tang Tang buried herself in her father’s chest as soon as Long Feiye drew near. Even her sobs turned softer. She was clearly terrifid, but couldn’t help stealing peeks at the big uncle. Of course, it was only one glance before she hid away again.

“The children were fooling around! Rui’er knocked Tang Tang down just then and even stuffed his handkerchief in her mouth. He didn’t like her being so noisy,” Han Yunxi explained with a smile. Tang Li had already tattled on her son on the way.

Hearing this, a trace of amusement flickered through Long Feiye’s cold eyes, but it quickly disappeared. He looked at his son and pretended to mock, “Then why did you run? You have enough skills to knock someone down, so are you afraid of getting beaten?”

Han Yunxi and Ning Jing could tell that Long Feiye was making fun of his son, who simply stared at his father in silence.

“Tang Tang wouldn’t hit anyone. She’s a smart little girl and chased after Rui’er while yelling to make things noisy for him,” Han Yunxi grinned. 

Rui’er’s eyes began to show signs of grievance. Even if imperial mother didn’t shield him, she didn’t have to praise someone else. Despite this, he still held fast to his mother’s neck and didn’t let go. Seeing this, Long Feiye almost couldn’t keep a straight face. He gently rubbed Rui’er’s head and said, “Next time, don’t knock people down.”

Tang Li grew smug as he chuckled, “A gentleman uses his mouth, not his hands. Big bro, see this? My daughter knows better.”

Long Feiye was ready to gag Tang Li himself, but Rui’er suddenly cried out, “Yield!” He couldn’t quite understand what the grown-ups were talking about, but he could guess their meaning. 

He was too lazy to speak, but seeing Tang Li prattle on nonstop while triggering his father spurred him to act. If he didn’t clear his name, Heaven knows if imperial father would make him pay off the debt! His sole method was to leave him with Zhao mama so he couldn’t sleep with his mother anymore.

While everyone was still wondering what Rui’er’s “yield” meant, Long Feiye’s expression grew satisfied as he told Tang Li, “My son knows better too. He undrestands you have to yield to girls.”

In other words, if Rui’er hadn’t yielded to Tang Tang, how could she chase him in the first place? He might have banished her ages ago. 

If this was the past, Tang Li would never dream of vying with his big brother, but things were different with his own precious daughter now. He wouldn’t let her suffer any losses.

He immediately retorted, “A daughter knows better than a son. She was only playing with him, not taking it seriously.”

In othe words, if Tang Tang had been serious, she never would have chased after Rui’er in a big circle. She could have caught up ages ago and scream into his ear.

Tang Li was a slave to his child and very protective; Long Feiye looked stern on the surface, but actually doted on Rui’er from the bottom of his heart. How could he fail to shield his son’s shortcomings? Thus, the brothers began to defend their child with rejoinder after retort. Ning Jing and Han Yunxi only exchanged smiles and tactfully remained silent. 

Although little Tang Tang was hiding in her daddy’s arms, she could hear him talking with the big uncle. She more or less understood what they meant on the surface, but nothing beyond that. Thus, she was left confused. Why were the adults arguing over two things that meant the same thing? 

Meanwhile, little Rui’er couldn’t even understand the entire conversation. He perched on his mother’s shoulder and cocked his head at his imperial father, also lost. He suddenly realized that his father had a lot to say today! Although he disliked people who talked too much, his own father was an exception. The man was much more intimate when he spoke a lot.

Long Feiye and Tang Li kept arguing until the former finally declared, “A big sister naturally needs to know better.”

In other words, Rui’er was the little brother and was already performing exceptionally well for his age. Tang LI was rendered mute. Little Tang Tang was the older sister, so she’d lose in any argument with little Rui’er since he was at least a full year younger. While he was stewing over that, Long Feiye turned to Rui’er and added, “In the future, yield to big sister more often. Take care of her, understand?”

In the end, Tang Li lost utterly. Tang Tang had stopped crying, so he raised her up high and started to play with her instead. “Come come come, smile for your emperor uncle. My daughter looks so sweet when she smiles.”

Little Tang Tang instantly burst into giggles as she was lifted into the air. Little Rui’er had long plugged his ears to lie against his mother’s shoulders. He wasn’t going to play such childish games. Abruptly, Tang Li threw Tang Tang high up into the air. Han Yunxi was shocked, while Rui’er straightened up in disbelief. But little Tang Tang simply laughed louder without fear.

That seems to be a lot of fun? As Rui’er watched, he unconsciously slipped his thumb into his mouth and began to suck. His big, bright eyes also began to blink. Nobody else noticed, but Han Yunxi and Long Feiye were familiar with his habits. Whenever Rui’er saw something or someone that “moved his heat,” he would suck his thumb. He was quite proud and never asked for favors, but it was written all over his face and actions. 

Han Yunxi didn’t dare try such dangerous games with her son. If she couldn’t catch him, she’d cry herself to death first. In fact, Long Feiye wanted to play the game more than his son, but he endured it. Little Rui’er cried as soon as he touched him. If Tang Li mistook it for Rui’er being scared to death of heights, they’d lose massive face. In the end, Long Feiye headed expressionlessly back to the tea hall.

Seeing imperial father leave, little Rui’er looked pitifully at his imperial mother, clearing wanting her to play the game with him. Han Yunxi was powerless against such puppy eyes! She and Long Feiye still hadn’t figured out why little Rui’er was so afraid of his father. He was usually fine, but simply couldn’t bear to be picked up. 

It’s rare for Rui’er to see a game he likes. Maybe this will be a chance.

She quickly headed for the tea hall with Rui’er and asked softly and patiently, “Rui’er, how about daddy play with you?”

Long Feiye caught Han Yunxi’s intentions and grew gentler in turn. He drew close and smiled at Rui’er. “Son, daddy will play with you, alright?”

His “daddy” was far more intimate than “imperial father.” Little Rui’er looked at him and didn’t speak. Long Feiye and Han Yunxi waited patiently while Tang Tang was having the time of her life on the sidelines, filling the walkway with her laughter. Little Rui’er seemed to be deep in thought. After a long time, he shook his head and walked to a corner to sit down with his arms crossed, looking very calm.

Han Yunxi and Long Feiye were both furious and tickled. They couldn’t do anything against this little fellow! Zhao mama had even asked the gods and prayed to Buddha multiple times for this matter, then found multiple divination masters. None of them could give them any answers. 

The best thing to do would be to ask Rui’er himself, but he was too young to explain himself clearly right now. Han Yunxi and Long Feiye could only wait until he was a little older to find out the reason. 

“Little brat, come find me anytime when you’re ready for daddy to hold you,” Long Feiye had said this line multiple times, but Rui’er only looked at him in silence. 

Very soon, Tang Li and Ning Jing joined them. There was a saying that daughters were the past life lovers of their father. Tang Li was already treating his own like a mini love interest. He was holding Tang Tang while he was standing, but now had the girl sitting on his legs as he found a seat to drink tea. 

Leaving aside Han Yunxi, even her mother Ning Jing didn’t have a chance to hold her. 

Tang Li picked up his tea and asked tenderly, “Daughter, want to drink some?”

Tang Tang obediently nodded, but Tang Li grew seriously. “Here, just one sip. Children shouldn’t drink tea.”

“Mm, just one sip.” The lively Tang Tang was tired from all her playing and nestled into her daddy’s arms like a docile bunny, making her quite charming. Han Yunxi’s heart melted at the sight as she suddenly had an urge to birth a daughter.

As for Long Feiye, he arched his brow and looked at Tang Li a few times. Although he didn’t say a word, his gaze betrayed his inner thoughts. Tang Li carefully fed Tang Tang a small sip of tea before asking happily, “Is it tasty?”

Tang Tang stuck out her tongue and shook her head.


This is the first time anyone’s turned their nose up at Long Feiye’s tea!

After all, No. 7 Teahouse already had top-tier tea leaves, but Long Feiye disdained them all to brew his own leaves. If this was the past, Tang Li would be the first to step out and laugh at the ignoramus who scorned Long Feiye’s tea. But today was another exception! With his precious daughter at hand, Tang Li had long abandoned his big brother.

“If it’s not good, then don’t drink any more,” he declared, “Are you hungry?”

Long Feiye and Han Yunxi didn’t make a fuss, but Ning Jing’s face had already blackened by three parts. “She just ate two hours ago, so how could she be hungry? Go play on the side, the adults have to talk.”

Tang Li had really gone on far enough. Although they were on good terms, he couldn’t just let Long Feiye and Han Yunxi hang out to dry! 

Sensing that he’d gotten too caught up in the moment, Tang Li scratched his head and grinned sheepishly. He set down little Tang Tang and added, “Daughter, you have to tell me if you’re hungry.”

Long Feiye looked at little Tang Tang, then at Rui’er sitting in a corner. His gaze was full of complex thoughts! 

The two children ended up playing together while the adults finally sat down to drink tea and have a conversation. Ning Jing was quiet while the talkative Tang Li told them all the stupid things his father had tried.

That’s right, he had left home to lodge complaints!

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