Chapter 1222: [TangNing] Running away

Tang Li’s outcry nearly stopped Long Feiye and Han Yunxi’s hearts. 

Tang Li recognizes us?

Long Feiye placed his hands on Tang Li’s shoulders, pleasantly surprised. He looked at him and didn’t know what to say. In the end, his greatest regret was still this little brother of his! Han Yunxi stepped over and looked between Ning Jing and Tang Li. Like Long Feiye, she was too overjoyed to speak. 

Tang Li had given him a huge shock on New Year’s Eve!

“He’s returned his senses. He knows everyone know, but he’s forgotten the days when he was insane,” Ning Jing explained.

“This...when did it happen? Why did you two come here?” Han Yunxi asked quickly.

“That’s...a long story,” Ning Jing said as she stepped forward with a respectful. “Ning Jing greets esteemed empress.”

Han Yunxi quickly helped her up. “There aren’t any outsiders here, so what are you doing?”

Ning Jing was all about etiquette, but Tang Li didn’t care so much. No matter what position Long Feiye held, he would always be like his own big brother. 

“It’s good that you’ve come to your senses,” Long Feiye’s tone was calm, but he gave a tight squeeze to Tang Li’s shoulders. His feelings of brotherhood were expressed without any wods.

Han YUnxi couldn’t help but sigh with feeling. “Long Feiye, this year’s finally complete now, right?”

To have a completely recovered Tang Li standing in front of them for New Year’s Eve, this year...had no more regrets. 

Long Feiye released Tang Li and asked, “What now, run away again?”

“It’s a long story. Let’s go talk inside. Big bro, it’s all a big joke, an absolute farce! My father’s getting more and more ignorant with age!” Tang Li laughed. Long Feiye was still the one who knew him best. The fact that he wasn’t at the Tang Clan now meant that he must have had another falling out with his parents and left home again.

“Up ahead and to the right is a tea hall,” Long Feiye said, very curious. Why wasn’t Tang Zijin thanking his stars that Tang Li was sane again? What else could he have done to make his son take away his wife and daughter during New Year’s? 

Does that old man really not want his son anymore?

Abruptly, Ning Jing cried out, “Where’s little Tang Tang?”

Han Yunxi looked back to see that little Rui’er was gone too. While the adults were talkng, the two children had been standing by their sides. Tang Li and Long Feiye had already gone ahead, but both men looked back at Ning Jing’s words to find their precious son and daughter gone.

“Where is she?” Tang Li panicked. “Daughter...daughter!”

Han Yunxi couldn’t help rolling her eyes. Does Tang Li have to be so exaggerated? What’s with the panic? It’s not like they can get lost here.

Ning Jing was used to Tang Li’s overreactions. He had been spoiling his daughter to the skies ever since they left the Tang Clan. Long Feiye arched a brow at him wordlessly.

At last, Xu Donglin showed his face from the sidelines with a chuckle. “Tang Clan Had, the young Miss and Master went back there.”

Tang Li ran in the direction without a second thought while Ning Jing followed. Han Yunxi was about to chase after them but saw that Long Feiye didn’t budge. She asked him, “Shall we go take a look?”

Because little Rui’er avoided him, Long Feiye was too lazy to proactively win his son’s affections. He was even less interested in other people’s children, like Tang Li’s daughter. 

“I’ll go make some tea first. Have Xu Donglin look after the two children so they don’t come over and make a racket.” Long Feiye said and prepared to leave. He was afraid of noise, especially from children during teatimes and conversations. Countless times in the past, he and Han Yunxi had sat down to tea and chat when little Rui’er would pester his mother to play with him.

If he wasn’t his son, Long Feiye would have long sent him flying with a kick. A boy like little Rui’er simply existed to steal Han Yunxi from him!

Han Yunxi knew Long Feiye’s personality, so she didn’t push and went to chase after the rest herself. She was curious to know why her son would abduct little Tang Tang and run away? Yet when she finally caught up, she realized she’d been completely mistaken!

It wasn’t little Rui’er who stole Tang Tang away, but Tang Tang who forced Rui’er away! The two children were on the western walkway, one in front of the other. They were about six paces apart and facing each other with stern, fierce expressions as if seeing their mortal enemy.

However, it was obvious that little Rui’er had the weaker aura. When little Tang Tang took a step forward, he would back away. Pursing her lips, the little girl approached again, but Rui’er just knitted his brows and retreated once more. Just like that, she walked forward while he stepped backwards. That was how they ended up soundlessly here. Xu Donglin had been watching the entire process from the shadows and almost laughed at the sight.

Who knew that their fearless young master with enough guts to “steal” the emperor’s woman would be afraid of little Tang Tang? By now he’d backed up into a corner with no place to go. Tang Li and Ning Jing were tickled by the sight, while Han Yunxi was completely floored. Did the girl’s aggressive air win even over her precious Rui’er?

“Hahah, where’s my brother? Where’s big bro?” Tang Li was smug beyond belief. “Xu Donglin, hurry and find my big brother so he can see! Hahaha! In the future, let my daughter protect the crown prince!”

Han Yunxi fell silent. What else could she say? She looked helplessly at her son trapped in a corner and silently mused that his father would probably beat him if he witnessed the sight! 

Suddenly, little Tang Tang took another step forward. Little Rui’er had no place to go, so he shoved her aside and slipped out of the corner with a guarded look against her.

“Stinking brat, a gentleman acts with his mouth, not his hands! This is the second time!” Tang Li was about to go support his daughter when little Tang Tang climbed up herself and glared at Rui’er.

Unwilling to back down, Rui’er glared coldly back.

Little Tang Tang took a sudden step forward and the highly sensitive Rui’er backed away almost simultaneously. Tang Tang placed her hands on her hips, looking like a big sister as she scorned him. Rui’er clasped his hands behind his back and appeared invincible as he squinted back at her. Han Yunxi was comforted by the sight until little Tang Tang suddenly shrieked out loud. 

In a flash, Rui’er’s icy expression collapsed as he turned tail and fled. Little Tang Tang kept screaming as she chased after him. Soon enough, the two children had disappeared into the distance again.

At last, Han Yunxi understood what was going on! Little Tang Tang’s screams were a killing blow! The only thing Rui’er feared was noise. This was their first time meeting, but she had already found out his weak point? She laughed out loud, but Tang Li was the happiest one of all. He too, chased after the children.

Just like that, the screaming Tang Tang ran after Rui’er, who was more annoyed than afraid. He ran extremely quickly while all the adults followed behind them. Any of them could catch up easily, but they kept their distance to see who would be the final winner. Long Feiye was ignorant to all of this. He waited impatiently in the tea hall before finally summoning a shadow guard to hurry the rest of the group up.

The shadow guard left briefly before returning to report. “Master, esteemed empress says the two children are fussing, so she wants you to go take a look.”

Without a word, Long Feiye gestured for the guard to leave. He took a whiff of the freshly brewed tea and simply relaxed. The furnishings of the tea hall were lined in silver and seemed both cool yet fresh. A cup of warm tea was sufficient to banish a body’s cares and weariness. He could calm his heart here, which was crucial for someone in a high position of power. Only with a calm heart could one see through the world and control its people and affairs. 

Unfortunately, there were nothing but tea trees in this teahouse and they were all covered in snow. If there were a few plum blossoms to color the white world, he might stay for a few extra days. Whoever opened up the teahouse had to be knowledgable about tea to open up so many teahouses within such a short time. They even thought up the idea of tea-scented hot springs, so they couldn’t be a simple character. Since he and the owner seemed to be like-minded people, Long Feiye was curious about his identity regardless of their difference in status. Of course, he was more interested in the teahouse itself.

Judging from the progress with the capital’s construction, he and Han Yunxi would have to stay in Yunning for another two to three years. This teahouse was so close to Yunning that it was a perfect place to relax. Long Feiye was already planning to buy the teahouse and plant some plum blossom trees. 

At that thought, he recalled Manager Wu. Before he could ask Xu Donglin to find him, a child’s shriek reached him from a distance. Long Feiye glanced over and soon heard the sound grow louder and louder. He then saw little Rui’er padding past the tea hall in an adjacent walkway, being chased by a screaming Tang Tang behind him. Long Feiye didn’t understand the sight at first, but soon realized his son was being chased by a little girl!

“Xuanyuan Rui!” Long Feiye rose to his feet and flew into the air. With a single flip, he landed soundlessly in front of his son. Seeing his icy face, little Tang Tang skidded to a stop and closed her mouth in shock. Rui’er continued to dash forward with his hands over his ears.


He crashed straight into Long Feiye’s legs. Thankfully, he was agile enough to grab the hem of his robes before he was thrown backwards. Little Rui’er looked up to see his tall, lofty father standing like some towering god looking down on him. His father’s face was terrifyingly cold.

“Ah!” Even Rui’er cried out as he let go and turned to flee. He ran past little Tang Tang, but soon turned back to grab her hand and help her escape with him.

The scariest thing in the world had to be his father. It was no joke when he lost his temper!

Han Yunxi, Tang Li, and the rest were close behind. The two children spotted them too and quickly released each other’s hands. Little Tang Tang threw herself into Tang Li’s arms and started to wail. Little Rui’er ran into his mother’s arms and quietly rested against her shoulder. He glanced at the weeping Tang Tang and quickly covered his ears again, giving a long sigh like a miniature adult…

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