Chapter 1216: [TangNing] Exposing the truth

Ning Jing’s words were a clear insult!

“Ning Jing, clean out that mouth!” Fifth Elder roared.

“Are you rebelling?” Tang Li was even more furious. “Who allowed you to call the sect leader’s wife by name?!” He could tell that the elders didn’t place him or Ning Jing in their sights at all.

“Clan head, the madame is slandering others!” Fifth Elder explained indignantly.

On the sidelines, Lady Xiao had burst into tears. “My daughter, ah! Why must you cheapen yourself like this! Look at how they’re bullying you! Come, mother will jump off the mountain with your together! Forget about living, let’s die!”

Xiao Lan was weeping too, but her tears were aimed at Tang Li. “Clan head, you and don’t have to admit it, but you can’t allow the madame to insult me like this! I, Xiao Lan, have only had you as my man in my lifetime! You and no one else!”

When Tang LI couldn’t take it anymore, he shifted his attention to Ning Jing, his complexion ghastly. But NIng Jing suddenly stalked towards Xiao Lan and slapped her in the face. “Say another word and see if I don’t tear your mouth out! I’m telling you now, Tang Li has no relation with you at all! You’re absolutely disgusting!”

Heaven knows how much strength was in her slap, but Xiao Lan’s face began to swell. 

“I’ll get you for that!” Xiao Lan shrieked as she raised her arm, but Tang Li caught it and dragged herself. 

“Enough!” he said sternly.

Xiao Lan fell to the ground and began to sob.

“This is...absolute madness! Insensible!” Fifth Elder began to point fingers in his fury.

“Ning Jing, this is already the truth. Even if you don’t want Tang Li to take a concubine, you can’t insult the other party!” Tang Zijn scolded.

“I’m not insulting her!” Ning Jing’s tone was decisive. Although it wasn’t appropriate to say her next words in public, especially in front of men like Tang Zijin and Fifth Elder, she couldn’t be bothered with niceties at this point.

She said, “Tang Li likes to bite people, but he’d never leave such faint marks! They’ll stay fresh for five to six days! Moreover, a grown man’s teeth marks wouldn’t be so small!”

The crowd fell silent at her words. Even Lady Xiao stopped crying as she looked at Ning Jing with a flustered expression. After all, she was the one who helped leave those bite marks on her daughter’s neck! Nobody expected Ning Jing to notice such a problem! Most people would be too embarrassed to even bring them up!

Tang Li was taken aback as well. Of course he knew his own kinks, but even he hadn’t stared as intently at Ning Jing for the marks on Xiao Lan’s skin.

“Mother, Lady Xiao, come over here. I’ll let you see what the true bite marks look like,” Ning Jing said before entering the rooms.

Lady Tang strode forward, but Lady Xiao hesitated until she noticed Xiao Lan walking in too, giving her no choice but to hurry in.

Inside, Ning Jing loosened her robes and tugged aside the collar. Against her fair skin were the bite marks left from last night. One was on her arm, another on her collarbone. They were extremely deep with clear teeth marks, almost as if they drew blood. Why was Ning Jing so certain that nothing had happened between Tang Li and Xiao Lan? Because of Xiao Lan’s bite marks.

She knew Tang Li all too well. She was certain those bite marks were fakes!

If something had happened between the pair, why would she make up false marks to begin with? 

Of course, she could have exposed all this ages ago, but she held back on purpose. She raised the issue of inspecting Xiao Lan’s body as part of her bet! If Xiao Lan didn’t dare, it would prove she felt guilty. But if she did, then it proved the girl wasn’t a virgin to begin with. She would both gain a reason to reject her as Tang Li’s concubine and make her pay with her own reputation!

Ning Jing was a businesswoman. She never made losing deals, only ones with double profits!

As expected, Xiao Lan got ahead of herself and exposed her impure body. 


Lady Tang’s face was flushed red as she studied the bite marks on Ning Jing’s body. She couldn’t begin to imagine how her rascal of a son had tormented the woman last night. No wonder he’d claim he had “no time” to deal with her. Lady Xiao was already conscience-stricken, but seeing the true bite marks left her completely at a loss for what to say. As for Xiao Lan, she remained standing at a distance. She didn’t even know why she followed them in as well. To her, Ning Jing’s “scars” were a provoking sight. Her eyes ached at them, far more than the heat radiating off her flushing face!

She couldn’t accept it!

Tang Li had been drugged and she’d tossed all dignity out the window to come onto him, but he still pushed her away. Yet to Ning Jing, he…

Xiao Lan was not only unresigned, but crazily jealous! 


Lady Tang helped Ning Jing straighten out her clothes before walking towards Xiao Lan. Her gaze was cold and severe as she spoke. “Do you want to admit it yourself? Or would you like me to study those bite marks carefully again?”

When Lady Tang turned serious, her aura was quite intimidating. Xiao Lan grew fearful and subconsciously backed away. 

“Looks like you won’t cry unless you see your own grave. Do you want this madame to report the matter to the Council of Elders?” Lady Tang demanded.

At last, Xiao Lan grew afraid. Her mother was already terrified. Although the teeth marks on her daughter’s neck were faint, they were still clearly discernable. If a careful inspection was made, they’d be exposed for sure! And once the Council of Elders was put in charge of matters, not only would Xiao Lan’s life be over, her father would fall with her!

“Old Madame, have mercy! It was me, it was all me in a moment of stupidity! Spare Xiao Lan this once!” 

“Begging me is useless,”  Lady Tang said. She looked stern, but she was secretly sighing in relief. Thank goodness Ning Jing’s so meticulous, or else I’d have no idea what to do.

Lady Xiao quickly looked towards Ning Jing as she fell to her knees. “Lady Jing, I beg you…”

“Whatever you want to say, take it outside,” Ning Jing cut her off. She headed out the door, passing right by Xiao Lan without sparing her a glance. Lady Tang soon followed with Lady Xiao pleading behind her back. Xiao Lan remained sitting in the room, filled with endless despair.

She finally realized that she was over!

Not only had she lost Tang Li, her secret was also exposed. It was true, she’d lost her virginity long ago. 


There was no need for explanations outside when Lady Xiao’s begging revealed everything. Tang Zijin and Fifth Elder were left gaping as they heard the truth with disbelieving ears. If nothing had happened between Tang Li and Xiao Lan, then didn’t that mean Xiao Lan...was already…

“Unfilial daughter!” Fifth Elder roared, his chest stifled. He had difficulty breathing as he almost collapsed with rage. Lady Xiao went to support him as she patted his back.

“Old father, old father…”

“Well, well! I suspect you knew all along!” Fifth Elder violently shook her off. 

Lady Xiao’s face was scarlet as she was filled with shame. Last year, her daughter had gotten involved with one of the disciples in the weapons manufacturing team. After she found out, it was already too late. She had no other choice but to conceal the truth! 

Tang Zijin suffered the greatest shock of all. He had taken a long time before settling on Fifth Elder’s daughter Xiao Lan. Who knew that the girl wasn’t even a virgin! He could only gape wordlessly while Lady Tang fixed him with a mocking look.

Ning Jing walked to Tang Li’s side. He was knitting his brows at her, uncertain of what to say. Ning Jing rose on tiptoes and cradled his face. “It’s fine’s fine! You still belong to no one else but me.”

Tang Li wrapped arms around her and held her tight. “Jing’er,” he murmured, “I almost...I almost thought you didn’t want me anymore.”

Ning Jing’s eyes flickered with grief, but she didn’t reply. Tang Li then pulled her behind him to take care of the rest. 

“Fifth Elder, this clan head will give you two choices! One, the Xiao Clan offended the clan head’s wife and will be demoted to hired laborers. Two, this clan head will help you track down Xiao Lan’s man and have him take her away in case she randomly claims other men again!”

Tang Li’s words were pure venom!

Fifth Elder’s world was about to fall apart, while Xiao Lan rushed out from the building in shock. She looked at Tang Li in disbelief, never expecting him to be so brutal! 

The Xiao Clan had followed the Tang Clan for centuries! They had always held a position in the Council of Elders, but now he wanted them to be hired laborers?! 

What were hired laborers? The lowest class of workers in the Tang Clan in charge of heating up the seal and raw materials! Tang Li was clearly threatening them. If they didn’t agree to this work, would he publicize the accounts of her impure body? 

Xiao Lan wasn’t smart enough to realize that Tang Li was using this method to “kill chickens to warn the monkeys.” He wanted the entire Tang Clan to know that he, Tang Li, was the leader who called the shots. If anyone else tried something against him or disrespected Ning Jing, they would have to shoulder the consequences themselves!

Xiao Lan had no power to decide for the clan. Fifth Elder looked towards Tang Zijin with a pleading glance, but he was helpless too! If Tang Li really did something against the girl, then there’d be room to talk. But Tang Li hadn’t even touched her, so how could he convince his son to take responsibility? What reasons were there to keep Xiao Lan? Even the sight of her repulsed him now. 

He thought it over and considered that there was still a chance to save Fifth Elder even if Xiao Lan was a lost cause. But before he could speak, Tang LI declared coldly, “Father, if you think I can’t handle the Tang Clan well enough, then I’ll leave. My big brother desperately needs more helpers by his side!”

Tang Zijin’s face blanched before his expression turned black. Tang Li wasn’t just threatening to leave, but also warning him with Xuanyuan Ye! After all, he had vied in both light and shadow with Baili Yuanlong, guarded against the Di Clan, and worked desperately hard all for the sake of the Tang Clan, but all of that paled in comparison to Xuanyuan Ye’s single sentence of blame.

Suppose Tang Li’s matters angered him? He had no idea what the consequences would be. 

Tang Zijin sighed and said, “You be the judge! You can decide whatever you like!” He tossed his sleeves and walked off. What was the point of vying for so many things? None of that could stand up to a Tang Li who’d recovered his senses!

He could only console himself that with Tang Li now sane, NIng JIng wouldn’t be able to take over the Tang Clan alone. Moreover, Xuanyuan Ye would entrust many important tasks to his little brother. As long as the Tang Clan had no risk of falling into the Di Clan’s hands, he didn’t want to bother with any extra details.

Fifth Elder truly lost all hope when he saw the ex-clan head walk away. His bluster and bravado from before all stood on the strength of the ex-clan head backing him. Now that Tang Zijin had washed his hands of the matter, how was he supposed to resist Tang Li by himself?

“Looks like Fifth Elder really wants to know who your son-in-law might be? Sure! This clan head will have people ask around everywhere!” Tang Li said coldly.

“No no! This subordinate...this subordinate knows my wrongs. This subordinate is willing to be a hired laborer!” Fifth Elder said desperately.

But Xiao Lan suddenly laughed at Tang Li as she cried, “Tang Li, didn’t Ning Jing drug you at the start as well? Why can’t I? Why! Heheh, how much purer is Ning Jing than me?”

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Ruyi's Thoughts

I hate to admit it but the girl does raise a point. Tang Li and Ning Jing's relationship didn't get off to a smooth start at all....