Chapter 1214: [TangNing] Let her wait

Xiao Lan wanted to kill herself?

Tang Li and Ning Jing exchanged a look, surprised. But that was all they felt. 

“A’Li, Jing Jing, neither your father and I do anything about her. A’Li, what if you coax--”

“Tell her I’m busy!” Tang Li said impatiently. “She can do whatever she wants!”

“A’Li, you can’t--”

“Mother, neither of us have time!” Ning Jing interrupted next. “If she wants to die, she can hold out for one night. Let her wait!”

Ning Jing’s words were more brutal than Tang Li’s and even sounded mocking. Lady Tang couldn’t help smiling. It was unclear what Xiao Lan would feel after hearing those words, but Lady Tang wouldn’t bother passing them on. Otherwise, Xiao Lan’s temper might lead her to attack Ning Jing outright. Lady Tang knew her son and daughter-in-law’s tempers well. It was impossible to persuade them like this, so she was thinking up ideas when a servant girl arrived.

“Old Madame, the young Miss couldn’t find you and is raising a racket!” Naturally, the young Miss was none other than little Tang Tang. 

“Aiya! My little darling!” Lady Tang stomped her feet fretfully. She forgot about all else and hurried back to her courtyard. Tang Zijin can take care of Xiao Lan! She didn’t want to kick up another row with his husband. Since he made this mess in the first place, he could clean it up himself! In any case, A’Li’s already come to his senses. Tang Zijin can’t scheme anymore!

Tang Li and Ning Jing couldn’t care less whether Lady Tang had left. The two of them were holding each other tightly beneath the covers. After missing each other for two years, they yearned for each other, body and soul! Even if the sky fell down, they wouldn’t want to part. Tang Li couldn’t help but sneeze next, followed by Ning Jing. It looked like their chill was quite serious, but neither of them cared. All they did was hold each other and share the warmth. 

Abruptly, Tang Li’s hand began to grow restless. Sensing it immediately, Ning Jing didn’t reject him like the past, but leaned on his shoulder with her eyes shut, quietly feeling him touching her. Her face was calm to start, but as Tang Li began to do naughtier things beneath the covers, she creased her brows. Soon enough she was biting her lip and creasing her brows further. In the end, she couldn’t help giving out a tender moan.

It was only once, but it delighted Tang Li’s ears. He suddenly pulled up the covers over Ning Jing and pounced on her. Soon enough, he had taken off all her clothes as the two entwined with each other after a long reunion. They were like dry kindling caught on fire, raging to the skies. A single spark lit the flames to scorching temperatures!

They were like begonia blossoms shedding in the warmth of spring, cuddling each other amidst delicate waves on the steady bed. Like a pair of mandarin ducks, they spread themselves and caused surging waves as thick as wine, covered in the fragrance of sweat than glistened with a slightly transparent sheen…[1]

Rather than lovemaking, they seemed to fighting multiple rounds on the battlefield. In the end, the two were covered in sweat and had stopped sneezing or having runny noses. Just like that, their colds were cured as they fell into an exhausted but satisfied sleep.


They didn’t wake up until eight to nine the next morning.

Tang Li flipped right over to press Ning Jing beneath him, teasing her lower body as he chuckled. “Ning Jing, did you sleep enough?”

Before Ning Jing could reply, someone knocked on the doo. This time, it was Tang Zijin speaking. “Tang Li, come out! Fifth Elder is coming!”

Tang Li’s cheer faded into gloominess as he remained silent. Ning Jing was feeling much more energetic after a night’s sleep and asked doubtfully, “Tang Li, did you do something to her? Were you lying to me?!”

Tang Li immediately raised an hand and vowed, “If I really did something to Xiao Lan, I swear that I’ll never be able to get it up in my lifetime!”

Ning Jing was still stiff and serious, but Tang Li’s vow finally made her laugh. After galloping though the snowstorm to come back here, they’d been caught up between their emotions and the bitter cold to consider anything else. Now Ning Jing was far more prudent as she asked, “If you really didn’t do anything to her, did you see or touch her instead?”

Tang Li did his best to think back, but those memories were hazy. Still, he was certain he’d never done anything to let Ning Jing down.

“She was still under the covers, so I didn’t see anything?” Tang Li mused as he muttered. “As for touching…”

His expression stiffened before he braced himself to admit, “If we really want to get technical, then it should have been…”

“Should have been what?” Ning Jing was getting nervous.

“It should’ve been her who touched me first. Ning Jing, this is a plot! One that my father and Fifth Elder came up with!” Tang Li explained.

Tang Zijin was still knocking on the door, but neither Tang Li nor Ning Jing paid him any attention. Ning Jing narrowed her eyes and asked, “Xiao Lan touched you first?”

Tang Li nodded resolutely.

“Where did she touch you?” Ning Jing asked.

“Actually...actually it wasn’t really…” Tang Li stammered.

“You better tell me the truth!” Ning Jing demanded.

“It, it was just…” Looking at Ning Jing’s stormy features, Tang Li’s heart raced as he grew timid. Those who waited on their wives were dominated by them too. Reality proved to be true once again.

“Ning Jing, actually nothing happened. I only have one person in my heart!” Tang Li declared.

“I’m asking you, where did she touch you? Are you telling me or not?” Ning Jing blew her top.

“She only hugged me a bit from the back,” Tang Li explained hastily. In his memory it was actually two hugs and he’d even pushed her aside, but Tang Li would never say that out loud. If he admitted he’d almost mistook Xiao Lan for Ning Jing while he was drugged, he might never be able to touch her again.

“Seeking death!” Ning Jing said coldly.

Tang Li wanted to cry but had no tears. He wanted to explain himself, but Ning Jing had already gotten off the bed to get dressed. “She wants to die, doesn’t she? I’ll fulfill her wish!”


Tang Li could only gape, but he quickly smirked meaningfully. It looked like he was safe for now.

In all her life, Ning Jing hadn’t feared any woman besides her sister-in-law. Back at the Tang Clan, she had fought endlessly with Tang Li’s mother without suffering any serious losses. The two of them quickly washed up and cleaned themselves up. Ning Jing opened the door and saw Tang Zijin standing there with a dour expression.

Ning Jing usually treated Tang Zijin with respect since he was her senior, but she really didn’t want to force herself anymore. In a cold voice she said, “Father, Cloud Realm Trade Consortium’s complaint against us is unfounded, isn’t it? You just wanted to send me away?”

“Where’s Tang Li?” Tang Zijin asked icily.

“I don’t know. I’ll have to trouble you to make way,” Ning Jing said.

Seeing Tang Zijin not budge, she laughed coldly. “Father, it’s the middle of the morning but you’re blocking your daughter-in-law’s door. That’s not very appropriate, is it?”

Tang Zijin’s face paled as he immediately distanced himself from her. He shouted at the room, “Tang Li, come out! Since you’ve recovered your senses, you can discuss things over with your father. Fifth lder and Xiao Lan are still waiting in the back mountains.”

“No time. Tell me again after I’ve eaten breakfast,” the voice didn’t come from inside the rooms, but behind Tang Zijin. He whirled back to see Tang Li standing nearby, holding Ning JIng’s hand.

When Ning Jing had opened the door, Tang Li had slipped out through a window. 

“Tang Li!” Tang Zijin roared.

Tang Li was all even-tempered as he replied, “Father, have you eaten breakfast yet? Want to eat together?”

Fortunately, Tang Zijin hadn’t eaten or else he would have spit up everything in a fit of rage by now. 

“Father has serious business to discuss with you!” Tang Zijin repeated.

Tang Li tossed back, “If you’re not eating, then forget about it!” As he spoke, he pulled Ning Jing after him into the kitchens to personally make her a red bean soup. But Tang Zijin chased after him, voice cold.

“Tang Li, no matter what, Xiao Lan is already yours. You have to at least express your stance! And console her and Fifth Elder!”

Tang Li abruptly halted, his smiles all gone. He turned around and said in a severe tone, “Father, you can’t say things carelessly. I never touched her! Definitely not!”

Tang Zijin’s gaze turned complex. He drew near and muttered, “Tang Li, if you didn’t touch her, then how did you get over the drugs?”

Ning Jing gave a start. She always thought it was Lady Tang who’d given Tang Li an antidote.

“I endured through it,” Tang Li said gloomily. He felt disgusting talking about such things with his father! He pulled Ning Jing after him, but Tang Zijin reached out to grab his arm. 

“That drug comes from the Hundred Poisons Sect. It’s impossible for you to resist it with endurance alone. Xiao Lan insists that you’ve touched her. No matter what, you have to explain yourself!”

“If I didn’t do it, then I didn’t do it!” Tang Li tossed Tang Zijin’s hand aside. If not for the fact that this man was his father, he would start beating him up! This was nothing short of humiliating! He prepared to leave, but Ning Jing had stopped.

Angry and stunned, he cried, “Ning Jing, don’t tell me you suspect me too?”

“I trust you. If you said nothing happened, then nothing did!” Ning Jing’s complexion was ever more terrible than Tang Li’s as her voice turned cold. “But since Xiao Lan says so, we can’t dismiss it just like that!”

Just because she never acted out, the Tang Clan took her as a sick cat instead of a tiger? 

As for Tang Li, he didn’t worry about anything if Ning Jing still believed in him. The couple openly followed Tang Zijin to the back mountains, while Lady Tang was quick to follow them after hearing the news, leaving little Tang Tang with a servant girl.

Inside the house at the rear mountains, Xiao Lan was still wrapped up in the covers from two days ago as she curled up on the bed. She hadn’t even bother getting dressed. Her father Fifth Elder guarded the door while her mother stayed with her indoors. When he saw Tang Zijin, Lady Tang, and the young couple, Fifth Elder rose and greeted them with a respectful bow despite the indignation on his face.

Before he could speak, Tang Li broke into a mocking laugh. “Fifth Elder, you and my father joined hands to scheme against the clan head. What kind of crime is this?”

“It’s injustice, ah! This...clan head, this subordinate was only listening to orders. Even if this subordinate had the courage of a bear, I would never dare to scheme against you!” Fifth Elder pled his innocence.

Tang Li had already overhead his parents arguing in front of the hut and knew that this was clearly a ploy of his father and Fifth Elder. But now Fifth Elder was pushing all the blame away and playing the victim. By pinning the fault on his father, he as a son couldn’t do anything against Tang Zijin!

As expected, Tang Zijin was next to speak up. “Tang Li, it was my idea. Father...had a moment of muddle-headedness. Now, aye...there’s no way to make up for the mistake. You should give Xiao Lan an explanation. As father sees it, why not make her your concubine and we can forget this ever happened, alright?”

“That, is, impossible!” This time, it was Ning Jing who spoke.

1. I did my best but these are lines of poetry man, I went for literal meanings to save us all some pain.

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