Chapter 1203: Qi gege is so bad

If Mu Linger had said she’d just dropped something and was going to pick it up, neither Han Yunxi nor Qin Min would have wondered what was up. But her stuttering was an obvious coverup. Qin Min didn’t dare take another step, but Han Yunxi strode forward as Mu Linger frantically organized the item that had fallen out of the box.

“Gu Qishao’s present? It fell?” Han Yunxi bent down and immediately froze. She saw something very familiar! Gu Qishao’s brocade box was filled with the same volume as Zhao mama’s “little black book.” 

No, this is different from Zhao mama’s book! Her cover was all black, but Gu Qishao’s cover leaves nothing to the imagination! really too much!

Han Yunxi’s little black book had long fallen into Long Feiye’s hands. Although she’d only read it once or twice...its contents were etched in her memory! Her face flushed, to say nothing of Mu Linger who was red to the tips of her ears. She hastily stuffed the book back in the box.

“What is it? Did a present fall down?” Qin Min asked loudly from the bed.

Han Yunxi and Mu Linger didn’t know what to say. Qin Min assumed Mu Linger had broken something and said, “It’s alright, I’ll tell...I’ll tell Beiyue about it later.” It was still awkward for her to call Academy Head Beiyue by his name.

“It’s not broken, it hasn’t been opened, I don’t know what’s inside,” Mu Linger stammered quickly. Then she amended, “I can’t just open Qi gege’s present to Doctor Gu! Qi gege would get mad!”

Qin Min was a little confused. Something seemed off, but seeing Han Yunxi remain silent, she decided to forget about it. 

“We’re off now. Eldest Miss Qin, rest well,” Han Yunxi was too afraid to get any closer to the bride. She felt like her face was on fire.

“Princess, you can just call me Qin Min. The banquet’s still ongoing, so princess should hurry back. Don’t keep His Highness waiting,” Qin Min smiled.

Han Yunxi and Mu Linger both exhaled as they left the room. Han Yunxi couldn’t help looking at Mu Linger, who glanced back. Their eyes met before Mu Linger burst into laughter.

“Big sis, Qi gege is so bad!” she cried.

“I didn’t see a thing. I don’t know anything!” Han Yunxi declared righteously.

“Me either, me either!” Mu Linger agreed. If Gu Beiyue ever found out they saw that book, how were they supposed to face him in the future? Both of them fell silent as they walked away.

Han Yunxi knew that Mu Linger had gotten over the worst of it if she could laugh while cursing out Gu Qishao. Soon enough, Mu Linger grew uneasy, however, and muttered, “Big sis, will Qin Min open up that box?”

Han Yunxi wanted to say no, but careful thought told her that she had been in charge of opening most presents to Long Feiye.

“That’s their private business, so what are you worried about?” Han Yunxi replied. “Hurry and let’s leave!”

“Big sis, do you think Doctor Gu will read that book after seeing its cover?” Mu Linger asked next.

Before Han Yunxi could answer, Mu Linger was already moving on. “Big sis, Qi gege’s a big pervert, isn’t he? He’s definitely read it before! Big sis, when you and His Highness got married--”

“Shhhhh!” Han Yunxi stopped to give her a look. Mu Linger timidly shut up. Despite her red face, she hadn’t stopped asking any questions. Han Yunxi was about to give up utterly. But her glare succeeded in making Mu Linger change the topic. She had no idea that the old palace servant Zhao mama have given her big sister such a book, or that Han Yunxi through the entire thing!


Although there weren’t many guests, it was still a lively banquet. Han Yunxi returned to Long Feiye’s side and saw that he was in a good mood. Currently, he was drinking wine with Gu Beiyue and Vice Academy Head Shen. Amidst their discussion, Long Feiye purposely brought up making Gu Beiyue responsible for the Imperial Physician Courtyard and establishing a branch there to foster future talents of the medical world. Gu Beiyue cradled his cup as he chatted casually and offered his views on the matter. 

Men typically talked about important topics at the wine table, so Han Yunxi dragged Mu Linger to sit on the sidelines and listen in quietly. 

Meanwhile, the servant girls had yet to return to the bridal chambers. Qin Min was attracted by all the forsythia flowers in the room. She’d been focusing on her legs when the other two women were here, but didn’t notice anything about the decor beyond a few points beforehand. Once she was alone, she realized this entire room was a greenhouse! Everywhere was blooming yellow forsythia: the table, chairs, floor, walls, and even bed!

She had mentioned to Gu Beiyue that there was no need for an elaborate ceremony or decorations. Simple was best because she didn’t like noisy or bustling scenes. But she never expected him to prepare a room full of flowers for her. She realized for the first time that a bridal chamber didn’t have to be cloaked in red. It too, could be decorated in such a beautiful, serene way!

Even if their marriage was a sham, he had shown her care. But she had no idea how Gu Beiyue knew she liked forsythia flowers. 

When she heard footsteps from outside, Qin Min quickly replaced her wedding veil. Han Yunxi had binded up her legs well after applying the medicine, so nobody could tell the difference when she placed her skirts back down. Perhaps she really could give Gu Beiyue a surprise. Although husband and wife were supposed to mutually respect each other, she didn’t want to let down her title as “Academy Head’s wife.” There were hundreds of women more suited for the role. 

There wouldn’t be an official “wedding night” when the new bride’s legs were inconvenienced. Gu Beiyue wasn’t someone who enjoyed fooling around either. Moreover, it was likely no man except for Long Feiye would have the guts to traditionally mess with the groom before he met his bride, but Long Feiye himself had no such interests, either.

After the wedding banquet concluded, Long Feiye and Gu Beiyue chatted casually over tea for a while. Gu Beiyue officially agreed to take the post of Grand Tutor before the former let him go. On the one hand, Long Feiye was too busy with establishing his kingdom to linger in Medical City for long; on the other, Gu Beiyue had to spend more time with his bride as a newlywed. Thus, Long Feiye, Han Yunxi, and Mu Linger left for Yunning Palace that very night.

Gu Beiyue returned to the bridal chambers at a time that was neither early nor very late. Qin Min had gotten tired of sitting on the bed and was now leaning against a post, asleep. She had no idea when he entered. The servant girl wanted to wake her up, but Gu Beiyue stopped and dismissed them.

The servant murmured, “Master, the wedding nanny is still waiting next door. There’s still…”

“No need,” Gu Beiyue muttered as he handed her a bag of silver. “You’ve worked hard all day, so go ahead and rest.”

“Thank you master, may you have a son soon!” the servant girl exclaimed as she accepted the payment and quickly withdrew. Gu Beiyue shut the door and looked at Qin Min from afar, a trace of compassion flashing through his eyes. 

After some hesitation, he walked over and muttered, “Eldest Miss Qin, wake up.”

Qin Min was sleeping deeply and didn’t wake up after multiple calls.

“You’re tired after sitting all day, aren’t you?” Gu Beiyue laughed lowly. She would get sores and aches all over if she slept like this all night. Moreover, he expected she wouldn’t be able to bear it in her legs. 

Gu Beiyue was a little hesitant, but ultimately he calmed down. He carefully prepared the bed and removed all the forsythia flowers that Mu Linger had hung up. As he prepared to take off Qin Min’s wedding veil, he suddenly stopped and picked up the wedding veil stick that the wedding nanny had left on the side. Then he used the stick to lift the veil.

Gu Beiyue had seen Qin Min many times and knew she was a beauty. But seeing her under the veil still surprised him. Her red makeup made her more charming than usual, especially beneath the ruddy glow of the candlelight. Her features looked fine and lovely.

Gu Beiyue had never thought of Qin Min as his bride, but her looks reminded him that he was a married man now. Although they were only playacting, they had really held their wedding. His thoughts were unknown as a warm smile rose on his lips.

Qin Min hadn’t slept all night yesterday because the Qin Clan had taken turns talking to her, telling her to make all sorts of demands from Gu Beiyue. She privately disagreed while complying on the surface. Now she was exhausted, but all she did was unconsciously brush her hair when Gu Beiyue took off the wedding veil.

Gu Beiyue creased his brows. He thought it over before bending down to take Qin Min by the shoulders and legs. Gently, he picked her up in a princess carry. He had never held a woman like this before, so he had been trying to figure it out beforehand. Now his moments looked truly stiff. 

Thankfully, he didn’t have to hold her for long. He quickly placed her on the inside of the bed, but Qin Min’s eyes flew open before he would withdraw his arms. Currently, Gu Beiyue’s right hand was still cradling her neck while his left was underneath her waist. They were very close to each other.

Qin Min was groggy at first, but she quickly woke up and realized Gu Beiyue was bending over her! Heavens! He’s so close...what’s going on?

Gu Beiyue didn’t expect Qin Min to wake up now. Despite his surprise, he remained calm and light as he straightened up. Qin Min quickly sat up and stared at him, her face flushing despite herself.

Gu Beiyue explained in a unruffled tone, “I called you a few times but you didn’t wake up. I was afraid you’d get tired sleeping like that and hurt your legs, so I…” he chuckled, “Sorry for being forward.”

Qin Min exhaled. She was tense, not because she feared Gu Beiyue would try something (that was impossible), but for another, unknown reason. She switched the subject and said, “Academy Head Beiyue, what time is it now?”

“Midnight,” Gu Beiyue replied.

Qin Min grew alarmed. “Time is up!” 

There was salve smeared on her legs. Although it wasn’t very much, it was already time to change the dressing. Han Yunxi had clearly said she had to change them on time or else the poison would seep back in.

“What time?” Gu Beiyue asked.

Qin Min stared at him until she suddenly broke into laughter. Gu Beiyue was even more lost, but he didn’t ask and simply looked at her.

“Academy Head Beiyue, let me share with you some good news,” Qin Min grew serious. “I think this matter doesn’t just involve me, but you as well, since we’re husband and wife now.”

“What is it?” Gu Beiyue asked.

Qin Min lightly lifted her skirts. It was just a teeny bit, but Gu Beiyue immediately saw the medicine on her legs! He hadn’t even noticed when he was carrying her princess style!

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