Chapter 1202: You need to cherish yourself too

Mu Linger was dazed after Qin Min took off her wedding veil She had heard that Eldest Miss Qin possessed “flower-like features and a moonlike face,”[1] but the actual sight still stunned her.

Such beauty leaned towards an intellectual aesthetic, but also had no shortage of coquettish charms, especially her double eyelids and large eyes. They had a magnetic attraction that instantly made Mu Linger recall the phrase “meijiaoniang” (美娇娘), or a pretty beauty. She felt as if the term was tailored to Qin Min’s looks.

Han Yunxi was also surprised. Rarely had she seen long-term invalids still look so lively and energetic. 

Qin Min should be 20 or 21 this year, right? She’s been stuck in a wheelchair since she was 16, but it hasn’t done much to take away her youthful air. I don’t see any signs of depression or self-pity in her eyes, either. Instead, she’s as beautiful as a plum blossom that never bows to the snow or winds.

Although Han Yunxi didn’t know her well, she couldn’t help admiring the girl from the bottom of her heart. Gu Beiyue certainly knows how to pick his people. He wouldn’t make the wrong choice.

She and Mu Linger were all worrying for naught.

“Princess, what am I poisoned with?” Qin Min asked anxiously.

She remembered that Gu Qishao was present the first time she requested Gu Beiyue for treatment. He had asked whether there was poison, but Gu Qishao rejected the idea after one glance. She didn’t a glance was very reliable, but since Gu Beiyue believed him, she did too.

Who knew…

Mu Linger recovered enough to grow surprised. “So she was poisoned, big sis!”

Han Yunxi knelt down by Qin Min’s side, startling her. Qin Min said, “Princess, you mustn’t, you definitely can’t!”

Han Yunxi looked up with a smile. “Linger, look at her. Doesn’t she resemble Gu Beiyue?”

“Yes!” Mu Linger concurred.

Qin Min thought back to Gu Beiyue’s plain and humble ways before a helpless smile rose to her face.

“Linger, help me keep watch while I examine in more detail,” Han Yunxi grew serious. Mu Linger quickly carried over a high-backed chair for Han Yunxi to sit in while lifting Qin Min’s legs to rest on another chair.

“Forgive me for being forward, Eldest Miss Qin,” Han Yunxi said as she lifted up the bright red skirts. Qin Min’s legs really went beyond her expectations. Crippled legs had a tendency to atrophy; moreover, Qin Min used acupuncture treatments on herself everyday. She should be covered in scars!

But the legs were still white and smooth. Even women would be envious of the sight, while men...would have their thoughts wander and their heartbeats speed up.

“You’ve taken good care of them,” Han Yunxi observed.

Needles didn’t leave traces unless it was a bruise, but frequent use of them would leave some sort of scars behind. Even if it wasn’t permanent, there were still signs.

“I can’t even walk anymore, so I can’t very well turn them ugly,” Qin Min replied.

Mu Linger only rambled, “Heheh, they can’t turn ugly because Doctor Gu will see them. Otherwise he won’t like them.”

Qin Min’s face visibly reddened. Noticing this, Mu Linger announced, “Big sis, she’s blushing!”

Now Qin Min was completely scarlet. Even middle-aged matrons with children of their own could flush at such words, to say nothing of a newlywed lady from a large family. 

Han Yunxi gave Mu Linger an displeased look, causing her to murmur, “I won’t say it anywhere else, just here.”

How would Han Yunxi react if she knew Mu Linger had once bothered Ning Jing with questions about childbirth back at Tiger’s Prison?


Although Qin Min was embarrassed, she still spoke up. “Miss Linger, I didn’t take care of my legs just to...just to let people see them. I can’t do anything about my legs, but I’m still able to preserve them. At least I can stop them from being completely worthless, right? Won’t I feel good just looking at them myself if they’re well cared for?”

Mu Linger thought it over carefully before she nodded. “Right!”

It looks like Qin Min isn’t just strong, but also cherishes herself. Han Yunxi probably admired this point best. Meanwhile, her detox system had already analyzed all the aspects of poison in Qin Min’s legs.

“Eldest Miss Qin, you have a type of slow-acting poison in your legs. It’s buried in your body and releases in gradual doses, affecting the muscles of your legs so they have no strength and ache. It’s very similar to rheumatism, especially when the discomfort increases at night,” Han Yunxi stated.

Qin Min nodded endlessly. The princess’s words were all right! All these years, she had developed her own acupuncture system to deal with the pain or else it’d be unbearable at night.

“It’s an extremely minute amount of poison, but it has huge effects on the muscles,” Han Yunxi added. If not for her detox system, she could only suspect the cause and never detect its source, much less what kind of poison it was.

“Then princess, can my poison be cured?” Qin Min couldn’t hide her anxiety at all.

“Yes!” Han Yunxi smiled softly.

Qin Min was thrilled. She was so moved she couldn’t speak. For all these years, she had never thought of suicide besides the time her father forced her to marry an older man. Neither had she wanted to give up. Now that she knew her legs had hope, she had to wonder whether she was still dreaming?

Han Yunxi took out a set of acupuncture needles while Mu Linger hastened to hand them over one by one as her assistant. As Han Yunxi stuck in the needles, she explained, “I’ll help you expel the poison, which will basically recover strength in your legs. But you’ll need to take medicine for a month to clean out all dregs of the toxin. Also, even though you’ll have the strength to stand, you haven’t walked for years. It’s better to do some rehabilitation exercises before you try.”

Qin Min was beyond moved as she stared speechlessly as Han Yunxi’s focused expression. It wasn’t until Han Yunxi finished the treatment and smeared some salve over her legs as she asked in a choked voice, “Princess, how can I thank you?”

Han Yunxi smiled helplessly. This woman’s very similar to Gu Beiyue. Do we have to be so clear-cut on everything?

Mu Linger only chuckled. “Sister-in-law, why are you being so polite? If you really want to thank my big sis, then why not tell us how you and Doctor Gu met? How did he start liking you? He’s got too many secrets!”

Qin Min’s heart gave a slight jolt, but she didn’t reveal anything beyond showing Mu Linger a difficult expression. 

“Aiya, there’s nobody else here, so just tell us. Medical City’s spread all sorts of rumors about you two, don’t you know? Hurry up, explain to my big sis! She’s Doctor Gu’s master, after all!” Mu Linger was extremely curious.

Qin Min’s face radiated embarrassment as she said a few things. Her story matched Gu Beiyue’s exactly.

“So you really are childhood sweethearts!” Mu Linger chuckled.

Han Yunxi smiled as well. She stood up, cleaned up her things, and gave Qin Min a few ready-made packets of medicine for soaking her legs in. Then she wrote her a prescription and told her how to make the salve and wash it off. It was used to suck the poison out of her body, so it had to be disposed of once it was done. She also had to pay close attention to cleaning up her legs in the aftermath, because it was easy for the poison to seep back into the body after it was drawn out.

Qin Min nodded as she listened carefully. On the side, Mu Linger helped pack and put the chairs back in their original positions. She wore a mischievous grin as she added, “Sister-in-law, when Doctor Gu comes back tonight, don’t tell him about this yet. Give him a surprise! He’ll definitely be super happy!”

What would Gu Beiyue’s reaction be? Qin Min genuinely couldn’t guess, but she nodded and copied Mu Linger’s smile.

“That’s right that’s right, you’ll have to pretend in the bridal chamber tonight! After your wedding night is over, tell him the surprise,” Mu Linger added.

It wasn’t clear whether Qin Min understood, but Han Yunxi certainly did. A wedding night involved this and that, so presenting a surprise after that was a golden moment. Han Yunxi knitted her brows at Mu Linger. She couldn’t figure out when this young virgin girl had suddenly turned so...dirty!

As time for late, Han Yunxi finished, “Have the servants send you some food or else you’ll go hungry. We’ll leave now.”

“Princess, wait!” Qin Min stopped her.

Han Yunxi stopped and looked back. “Don’t be polite. If there’s anything you want to say, go ahead.”

Qin Min pushed against the bed as she supported her weight to stand. Seeing this, Han Yunxi and Mu Linger went to stop her, but Qin Min said, “Princess, don’t move. I can do it!”

She gritted her teeth and used more strength. To her delight, she really did stand. The smile she wore came from deep in her heart and was both beautiful and sweet. As she grinned, she carefully let go of her hand and gave Han Yunxi a reverent bow. “Qin Min will never forget the princess’s grace in her lifetime. If there’s anything the princess needs, Qin Min will accomplish through fire and high water!”

Although she was a frail woman and simply expressing her thanks, her words were full of strength and vigor. Han Yunxi walked over with a grin. “Both of us are medical practitioners. After saving people and collecting payment, neither side owes the other. There’s no grace to remember, it’s nothing so serious. Come then, it’s 1,000 gold taels for the consultation fee!”

Qin Min gave a start before she smiled. She had heard all sorts of things about this Qin Wangfei turned West Qin Princess, but nothing could compare to meeting her personally. Now she knew why this master could earn the loyal protection of someone like Gu Beiyue.

What a “both medical practitioners,” what a “neither side owes the other” after collecting payment. They all say that mentioning money is tacky and hurts feelings, but Han Yunxi can still be so free and easy with such words.

Qin Min took out some silver drafts worth a thousand taels each and presented one to Han Yunxi with both hands. “This is 1,000 taels, many thanks!”

“You’re welcome,” Han Yunxi accepted it before turning to leave. 


There was a sudden thump as Mu Linge knocked over a long brocade box--Gu Qishao’s wedding present to the couple. She was only curious about the contents, so she’d snuck a peek just then. However, the inside gave her a scare.

Qi gege...he’s really too much!

“Linger, what’s wrong?” Han Yunxi asked as she and Qin Min glanced over. Alarmed, Mu Linger quickly knelt down and blocked their view with her body.

“N-not-nothing!” she exclaimed.

1. 花容月貌 hua rong yue mao - idiom meaning a great beauty.

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Ruyi's Thoughts

Mu Linger's reaction to Qin Min in the beginning of the chapter reminds me of this one scene from the Cdrama Wrong Carriage, Wrong Groom (上错花轿嫁对郎). Two brides are arranged by their families to get married on the same day and end up taking refuge in a temple in the middle of a rainstorm.

One of them is a refined, intellectual lady who's been promised to a war general; the other a budding martial arts expert who has to marry a sickly scholar and heir. When they're resting together, Martial Arts Girl takes off her wedding veil first and says hello to Intellectual Lady. When Intellectual Lady reveals her face, Martial Arts Girl has a "gasp, she's gorgeous!" moment. (You can see a screenshot of that moment here.)

After the rain stops, they put on the wedding veils again--but switch them by accident. Intellectual Girl ends up getting married to the "scary" general while Martial Arts Girls meets the "sickly" scholar. Comedy, romance, and plot twists ensue! And both couples get plenty of fluff moments too, hehe.

There are also 3 side couples with their own dynamics as well. Pretty impressive for something only 21 episodes long! Anyways, the drama is one of my favorites and a high-rated classic. If you can find subs, I highly recommend it as a watch. BONUS: the "sickly scholar" dude is played by a great actor named Nie Yuan. You might know him better as the emperor in Yanxi Emperor, but believe me he was super handsome in his youth. I'd say his character in this drama is like someone who pretends to have the personality of Gu Beiyue while actually acting like a Tang Li with Long Feiye's brains. Hehehe!

So far I've only found a couple of English subbed episodes on Youtube. Here are the links below!

I also feel like I've recommended this series in the past but...hey, it deserves two likes! Hahaha.