Chapter 1179: The most nerve-wrecking moments

Han Yunxi was going to give birth!

Long Feiye tossed away his letters as soon as he heard Chu Xifeng’s report and rushed out of the tent. 

Han Yunxi had just gotten up that morning and didn’t even eat breakfast before she felt pains in her stomach. She didn’t think things would happen this soon. Fourth Young Miss Ren agreed after an examination. She urged Han Yunxi to quickly finish her breakfast so she could have more energy for the birth, then immediately told Zhao mama to prepare hot chicken soup, and the servants and nurses to gather all the materials they needed for labor.

Everything was soon prepared. As Cloud Realm Continent’s number one obstetrics doctor, Fourth Young Miss Ren was also ready. Still, everyone grew nervous when Han Yunxi said her stomach hurt. Because of this, they forgot to inform Long Feiye right away. Han Yunxi was also tense beyond belief. She had done almost everything in her life and dealt with all sorts of problems, but she’d never birthed a child!

Bearing with the pain, she anxiously paced back and forth in the large tent, assuming that the servants had already notified Long Feiye. While Zhao mama was running out of the tent and towards the kitchens, she bumped into Chu Xifeng, who immediately found out the details and went to tell His Highness.

Han Yunxi was situated at the very rear of the tent while Long Feiye’s meeting tent was located in the forefront. He had just rushed onto the scene when he heard her cries from inside.

“Ah...the water’s broken!”

Long Feiye froze as he stood gaping in front of the door. He was impatient the entire time here, but Han Yunxi’s shouts turned him nervous. 

“Hurry and help the princess lie down. Fire up five stoves and find more people to boil hot water. We can’t have any lack of that!” Fourth Young Miss Ren was nervous beyond belief, but still had enough presence of mind to oversee the situation. She washed her hands while preparing for Han Yunxi’s second examination and ordering the servants to prepare for birth.

“Princess is still hungry, so have Zhao mama deliver the chicken soup here. We want it hot, almost scalding.”

By this time, Long Feiye had recovered enough to blank out Fourth Young Miss Ren and Han Yunxi’s voices. He was about to go in when a servant girl rushed out of the door and crashed into him. She was in a hurry to bgin with, so the sight of Long Feiye’s cold face made her shriek. “Ah!”

The people inside the tent all looked over at her cry. Han Yunxi was lying on the bed. Despite her water breaking and the intermittent, painful contractions, she maintained her rationality.

“What is it? What’s happened?” she asked loudly.

“Princess, look after yourself first! Your birth canal is already four fingers across. This is a sign of rapid labor and very risky!” Fourth Young Miss Ren was stern.

“Four fingers?!” Han Yunxi was muddled. She never expected her water to break so soon, much less her birth canal to widen so quickly! Although it was time to give birth, there was no need for the little fellow to be in such a rush to come out!

Typically speaking, labor could be divided into three stages.

The first stage included contractions that opened up the birth canal. Pain came from the contractions themselves, which did the work of widening the banal until it was about ten fingers across. During this time, the mother’s water would break. For a woman giving birth for the fist time, it took some time for the entire process to finish.

But Han Yunxi’s pain soon led to her water breaking and her birth canal expanding to four fingers. Such speeds scared Fourth Young Miss Ren! After all, rapid labor could lead to a whole host of problems: the fetus lacking blood, asphyxiating, incurring neonatal injuries, or causing the mother massive blood loss and postpartum infections. 

Fourth Young Miss Ren had dealt with such cases in the past, but right now her patient was Han Yunxi! This was the future empress of Cloud Realm Continent and her child might be the eldest princess or crown prince! For a second, she couldn’t help imagining whether she’d live to return to Medical City in case Han Yunxi had an accident. 

Of course, Fourth Young Miss Ren quickly shelved those thoughts. 

Han Yunxi herself knew what rapid labor entailed and ignored whatever was happening outside to cooperate fully with Fourth Young Miss Ren. Meanwhile, Long Feiye had already kicked aside the servant girl who screamed. Anyone who could lose their cool at such a crucial moment wasn’t worth using anyways.

As soon as Long Feiye went in, he saw Fourth Young Miss Ren sitting with the two nurses by the bed. Despite the winter season, Han Yunxi’s forehead was covered in sweat. She followed Fourth Young Miss Ren’s directions to adjust her breathing, so focused that she didn’t notice Long Feiye’s presence. Fourth Young Miss Ren was oblivious as well, but the two nurses noticed.

Men weren’t allowed in during the childbirth process!

Still, nobody dared to raise their voice against Long Feiye, much less look at him. The nurses cooperated with Fourth Young Miss Ren to press against Han Yunxi’s stomach and have her breath according to the counts. Servant girls came in and out with hot water and dry towels, afraid to dawdle a second.

Very soon, Zhao mama entered with a huge bowl of hot chicken soup. As soon as she saw Long Feiye standing indoors, she almost cried out; luckily, she held back. Hurrying to him, she muttered, “Your Highness, get out get out, hurry!”

Long Feiye only took the chicken soup from her hands.

Agitated, Zhao mama cried, “Your Highness, you can’t come in! If news of this gets out, the princess will be cursed by the world’s people!”

Number one: men weren’t supposed to be present for women’s matters. His Highness and the princess might not be embarrassed, but the other women present would feel awkward!

Number two: the birthing room was a unclean place. Some people even believed that the sight of its blood could cause problems. His Highness was supposed to ascend the throne in a few months, so if news of this spread, it would be a mark against him.

Number thee: Zhao mama was getting on in years and had witnessed such moments in the past despite never experiencing it herself. The princess was looking very pathetic right now and had absolutely no privacy. She definitely wouldn’t want Long Feiye to see her like this.

“This crown prince would like to see who dares to curse her!” Long Feiye said coldly.

He was about to walk over when Zhao mama blocked his way. “Your Highness, I’m sure the princess doesn’t want you to see her present state.”

“I’ve already seen it!” Long Feiye glared back.

Zhao mama shut up. She knew if she said any more, His Highness would send her flying with a kick. She could only remain silent and wait for the princess to chase out His Highness personally.

Unexpectedly, Han Yunxi only reached out her hand for Long Feiye when he drew near. Zhao mama was flabbergasted by the sight. As expected, I can’t treat the princess’s thoughts with conventional wisdom.

Han Yunxi was waiting for Long Feiye to show up. She could endure the pain, but not the pressure of childbirth. Even the strongest woman needed a stronger man to depend on in the end. He didn’t have to give her much, but it had to be timely support!

Fourth Young Miss Ren was also dumbfounded when Long Feiye came over with the bowl of chicken soup. 

“Does she drink it now?” Long Feiye asked.

Han Yunxi exhaled to suppress the pain and gripped the bed to sit up before the next wave of contractions hit. “Yes, right now. I haven’t eaten yet so I’m almost out of energy!”

Long Feiye quickly fed her himself, spoon by spoon. “Be careful, it’s hot.”

Fourth Young Miss Ren was left at a loss as she stared at the two. She thought Han Yunxi would cry after Long Feiye showed up, or shouted that she was in pain, but she only grew calmer. 

In many instances, women were forced to be strong because there was no one else to rely on but themselves. That was why even the strongest women could fall apart once a man showed up, crying that they hurt like a little girl.

But Han Yunxi was different!

While bearing the immense pressure and pain, Long Feiye’s appearance only made her stronger! That was the hallmark of a truly strong woman!

Han Yunxi drank quickly and Long Feiye fed her rapidly in turn. Heaven knows whether Long Feiye often fed Han Yunxi, but his movements were practiced and familiar. In a bit, Han Yunxi finished the entire bowl of soup. She squeezed his hand tightly before letting go. “Long Feiye, can you wait outside?” she asked.

Long Feiye had no idea that Han Yunxi had rapid labor, so he was a little hesitant. But very soon he nodded. After brushing back the hair plastered to her face, he kissed her forehead and immediately went outside.

Han Yunxi quickly lied back down. Perhaps the chicken soup had bolstered her strength, or Long Feiye’s presence did the trick, but she said, “Fourth Young Miss Ren, I have energy now. It’s starting to hurt again, so let’s try again!”

Fourth Young Miss Ren had seen her share of strong mothers, but she was certain Han Yunxi was the most admirable one. She had the two nurses rejoin them and regulate Han Yunxi’s breathing before preparing to push. Zhao mama’s gaze followed Long Feiye until he left before she recovered her senses. 

“Only the princess is capable of subduing His Highness…” she muttered to herself.


Long Feiye was calm in front of Han Yunxi, but his nervousness returned outside the tent. All of Rear Camp knew that the princess was giving birth, but no one dared to draw near. Only Chu Xifeng was standing guard by Long Feiye’s side. Long Feiye paced back and forth while Chu Xifeng followed tensely behind him.

Suddenly, Long Fiye stopped, scaring Chu Xifeng into hastily backing away.

“Why...don’t I hear her screaming?” Long Feiye asked.

Aren’t women supposed to scream and yell while giving birth?

Chu Xifeng noticed the problem and stammered for a while before admitting, “This subordinate...this subordinate doesn’t know about such things!”

Long Feiye began to pace again, but soon enough he heard a clear wailing from inside the tent.

The baby was born!

Long Feiye halted as he felt the entire world fall silent except for that cry!

The baby was born!

Han Yunxi gave birth!

“It’s born!” he muttered to himself, feeling a mixture of excitement, anxiety, surprise, and various other complicated emotions.

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