Chapter 1166: Not trading, but entrusting

Su Xiaoyu might not be able to tell, but Long Feiye was clear that Han Chen really wanted to have her stay. Otherwise, the man would never bother talking with them for so long, much less ask the girl to change her terms. However, Long Feiye didn’t elaborate on his idea and merely remained silent.

He had prepared two conditions and was waiting for Han Chen’s reaction before proposing one of them.

Su Xiaoyu saw that Han Chen didn’t answer and thought that it was all over. Long Feiye simply held out while pouring the other man a cup of tea.

At last, Han Chen spoke. “What terms?”

“This junior owns a range in the south called South Peak, home of the famous South Red Peak tea leaves.[1] If senior is willing to give back Bai Yanqing and the nine toxic teardrops, this mountain will all be yours. Junior can promise that no one will disturb you there.”

Han Chen turned towards Long Feiye at the offer.

Long Feiye just smiled. “If senior likes South Red Peak, you can plant and pick as much as you want in the future. Each year’s crop yields a limited production, but there’s enough for senior to enjoy to his heart’s content.”

Last time they came, Long Feiye had already noticed that Han Chen’s tea was a high class imitation of South Red Peak tea leaves. Gu Beiyue didn’t understand tea enough to discern the differences. Gu Qishao and Han Yunxi knew a little better and were familiar with South Red Peak, but wouldn’t be paying attention to the tea. In fact, Han Yunxi hadn’t even drank any. However, Long Feiye had tasted an issue with the tea at first sip. 

Judging from Han Chen’s tea tools and water, he was definitely a tea fanatic who paid close attention to all the details. As a fanatic himself, Long Feiye was clear that people like him would never deign to drink such imitations unless they loved the variety but were unable to buy it for themselves.

Originally, the tea plantation in the south belonged to Gu Qishao. But after his assets were frozen, Long Feiye sent his own tea farmers to the mountain and prevented any sales of South Red Peak to the outside world. The remaining South Red Peak seeds in Gu Qishao’s hands were planted elsewhere, but he only harvested their leaves for Ha Yunxi’s sake, and only for a single season.

Han Chen couldn’t get any South Red Peak, even with solid gold, so he was reduced to tasting imitations. When Long Feiye saw his gaze wavering, he knew he was halfway to victory. Even the strongest man had his fatal weak points. That used to be tea for himself, but it changed to Han Yunxi early on and now also included his child. 

Long Feiye slowly sipped another mouthful of tea and added, “As for this little girl Su Xiaoyu, she’s originally a servant of this junior’s household. If senior is willing, junior will both give you the South Mountain’s deed and her indenture agreement. Whether or not senior takes her to be servant or disciple is all up to you.”

“Your Highness…” Su Xiaoyu put on an aggrieved air, perfectly playing her role.

“Indenture agreement?” Han Chen was surprised.

Long Feiye rose to his feet. “There’s no rush. Senior can think it over slowly. Perhaps senior can even taste the winter tea leaves of South Red Peak. It’ll be cold at South Mountain in about a month.”

Han Chen suddenly turned serious. “Long Feiye, your Lustbite energy is enough to kill Bai Yanqing. Why do you want the nine toxic teardrops as well?”

Although Long Feiye was polite, he showed no fear. Coldly he replied, “That’s a private matter, so I won’t trouble senior with the details.”

“Those who own the Perplexing Butterfly Illusion owns the world. If you want to nurture your own Poison Gu humans, please return. This Honorable One won’t agree to any of your terms,” Han Chen’s tone was also frosty.

“Could it be that senior was keping the nine toxic teardrops and Bai Yanqing for this very reason?” Long Feiye challenged back.

“They only interest me, that’s all. You should know, this Honorable One needs no Perplexing Butterfly Illusion to control Cloud Realm Continent!” Han Chen rejected instantly.

“Those who fail to win the hearts of the people and secure the continent’s peace cannot claim to control Cloud Realm Continent. At best, it’s only an act of aggression!” Long Feiye didn’t budge.

The cool and calm Han Chen actually rose to his feet. “This Honorable One has no interest in secular affairs or claiming the throne! Long Feiye, just why do you want the nine toxic teardrops and Bai Yanqing?”

“That’s personal, so I have no comment!” Long Feiye persisted.

Yet unexpectedly, Han Chen was the first to yield. “If you’re not using it to raise Poison Gu humans, tell me anothe reason. This Honorable One can then return them both to you, how’s that?” 

Could it be that Han Chen kept Bai Yanqing and the teardrops just to prevent us from creating more Poison Gu humans? Long Feiye had no time to think. After some hesitation, he muttered, “It’s to save someone.”

Long Feiye told Han Chen about Gu Qishao’s condition, leaving him surprised. He hadn’t paid any attention to the man beyond noting he used vines to trap Bai Yanqing. He assumed it was some sort of illusion skill, but never expected it to be connected to an undying, unaging body. 

“As things stand, the Lustbite energy could destroy him too,” Han Chen intoned. “An undying body doesn’t mean it’s immortal, but that it’s impossible to kill without adequate strength. In the Mysterious Continent, it’s impossible to subdue the world with such a body alone.”

Han Chen’s analysis was similar to their essence extraction theory. Neither Gu Qishao nor Bai Yanqing possessed true immortality; they only recovered faster than normal humans and possessed higher immunity. If they really ran into a powerhouse like the Lustbite energy, they would be helpless.

“How about this Honorable One adds another term to your conditions?” Han Chen asked.

“What is it?” Long Feiye grew uneasy. It was hard for him to read this “father-in-law’s” thoughts.

“Find time every winter to head south and accompany this Honorable One for a cup of tea,” Han Chen said seriously.

Long Feiye was both surprised and lost. Han Chen had agreed to his request to trade back the nine toxic teardrops with Bai Yanqing, not because of Su Xiaoyu or Gu Qishao, but because of South Red Peak?

Well, Long Feiye had no interest in the man’s weird preferences anyways. He immediately agreed. “Alright, this junior will remember!”

Su Xiaoyu hastily spoke up, “Your Highness, this servant wants to go back to see master.”

Before Long Feiye could speak, Han Chen said, “Remember your answer now. In five days, this Honorable One will take you back to the Wolf Sect for the formal ceremony of becoming my disciple.”

Just like that, Long Feiye used a mountain of tea leaves and Su Xiaoyu to get back Bai Yanqing and the teardrops. By the time he brought the girl to the medical academy and told them the news, everyone was in disbelief.

An amused Gu Qishao observed, “Long Feiye, it’s only proper that you drink tea with your father-in-law, haha! Just take the tea plantation of South Mountain as a filial gift to His Excellency Father-in-Law. In any case, you stole it from me in the first place!”

Long Feiye ignored him, so Gu Qishao looked towards Su Xiaoyu instead. “Little lass, Qi gege will remember that I owe you a debt of gratitude.”

Su Xiaoyu wanted to say that he really owed her master, but after some thought, she replied, “Count it as a favor you owe His Highness. This servant will listen to whatever His Highness says.”

Han Yunxi was knitting her brows. “Little Yu’er, you’re really taking him as your master?”

Long Feiye hadn’t gone into details about the truth behind Su Xiaoyu’s vows.

“Of course, master. Wait until this servant learns some skills. Then I’ll be able to protect the little master in the future!” Su Xiaoyu’s eyes were shining with earnesty.

“If you get bullied, you have to tell me. Remember that!” Han Yunxi replied. This wasn’t just because she doted on the girl, but also part of Ning Cheng and Ning Jing’s promise towards Bai Yuqiao.

“Master, don’t worry! This servant isn’t someone who will get bullied!” Su Xiaoyu was confident.


On the afternoon of the next day, Han Yunxi personally led Su Xiaoyu to meet Han Chen. Long Feiye wrote down the deed for South Mountain and brought it along with Su Xiaoyu’s indencture agreement. As Han Chen handed over the nine toxic teardrops to Han Yunxi, Bai Yanqing was offered up in a big cloth bag into Gu Qishao’s hands. Meanwhile, she gave him the deed and Su Xiaoyu. She hesitated on letting the latter going, still holding onto her hand.

Han Chen didn’t speak. Long Feiye and the rest began to worry, afraid that Han Yunxi would keep the girl in a moment of obstinacy. But Han Yunxi finally led Su Xiaoyu to Han Chen and said, “Little Yu’er is just like me. She grew up as a orphan when she was young and now she’s taking a master. A master for a single day is a father for a lifetime. As the Mysterious Continent is very dangerous, I hope…”

Han Yunxi trailed off before falling to one knee. “I hope that father can protect her well.”


Han Chen gave a slight start as everyone else gaped. Nobody expected Han Yunxi to recognize her father here of all times.

“Please promise, father!” Han Yunxi beseeched him.

In a flash, even the stubborn Su Xiaoyu’s face filled with tears! She just knew it! She hadn’t guessed wrong, her master really did care about her! This wasn’t trading her away, but entrusting her care to someone else!

Han Yunxi’s kneeling and words of “father” were a weight as heavy as Mt. Tai. The tall and looming Han Chen quirked his lips into a smile and even looked a little helpless. 

He bent down and extended a hand towards her, murmuring in a heavy tone, “Father promises you.”

Han Yunxi was thrilled. She quickly placed Su Xiaoyu’s hand in Han Chen’s large one. “Many thanks to father!”

No matter what kind of man Han Chen might be, these various matters had proved he was a gentleman of his word. With this promise, Han Yunxi could finally stop worrying. At least with this, we’ll be able to explain ourselves to the late Bai Yuqiao!

If Su Xiaoyu could succeed in her training under Han Chen and become the Wolf Sect leader’s disciple, she’d be much stronger than remaining as some servant girl. As Han Yunxi prepared to rise, Long Feiye hastened to help  her up. Little Yu’er quickly wiped away her tears and cried, “Master, you’ll always be little Yu’er’s master!”

“You sillyhead!” Han Yunxi smiled helplessly.

Before Han Yunxi’s group left, Su Xiaoyu remembered something and took out a little bag for Han Yunxi. “Master, give this to Big Sis Ning. Just tell her that it’s a gift from little Yu’er, she’ll understand!”

That bag was full of none other than Bai Yanqing’s teeth!

Meanwhile, Han Yunxi took out an object from her sleeves and stuffed it into Su Xiaoyu’s robes. She murmured softly, “This is something Mingxiang asked me to give you last night. She said she was afraid she’d miss you too much, so she didn’t come see you off.”

“What is it?” Su Xiaoyu grew curious.

Han Yunxi’s tone turned earnest. “Keep it on you just in case. The Mysterious Continent can’t be compared to Cloud Realm and there are experts everywhere. You better keep a watch on that troublesome mouth of yours!”

“Oh,” Su Xiaoyu nodded timidly.

Once the main group left, Su Xiaoyu returned to a stone room before secretly taking out Baili Mingxiang’s present. After undoing the red cloth bundle, she was alarmed to see the Tang Clan’s number one weapon, Raging Flame Lotus!

“Stupid woman! You hopeless idiot! Why did you give me something so good?” Despite the expression of scorn on her face, Su Xiaoyu’s heart was warm.

A few days later, Han Chen took Su Xiaoyu with him to the Mysterious Continent. Han Yunxi’s group had also crafted an iron cage to imprison Bai Yanqing. Their group of four was currently in discussion to use the nine toxic teardrops on their prisoner.

1. Way, waaay back in PGC, these were the tea leaves that GQS used to bring HYX all the time because she requested them personally. GQS assumed they were HYX’s favorite, but she’d actually been picking them out for LFY since he liked that variety.

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