Chapter 1160: Seeking revenge for Big Sister Jing

Warning: Graphic depictions of torture ahead.

“Someone, secure his hands and spread open his fingers!” Su Xiaoyu ordered Han Chen’s subordinates, sounding very much like a master herself.

Seeing their sect leader unresponsive, the black-robed men went to do as Su Xiaoyu told. One of them grabbed Bai Yanqing’s hand and spread open his five fingers. Su Xiaoyu broke into a devilish grin, then took out some needles and thread from her sleeves. The needles were extra-large, but also extra sharp. Meanwhile, the thread was especially thin. The old subordinate was curious about the sight. What was the point of this needle and thread?

“This is a debt you owe my master!” Su Xiaoyu said as she drew closer. Then she pressed against Bai Yanqing’s thumb and stabbed a needle beneath his nail, threading a fine line behind it through the flesh and blood.


It wasn’t enough to frighten the old subordinate or the guards, but they were surprised. They never expected a mere girl in her preteens to do something like this. 

It’s really vicious!

Other girls might have their hairs stand on end just witnessing the sight, much less performing it themselves! What did it feel like to stab each nail and thread it through? Bai Yanqing’s head was bowed as he remaind unmoving, letting Su Xiaoyu sew through each of his nails. But it was clear that his eyebrows were creased against her actions. 

Meanwhile, the old subordinate hadn’t taken his eyes off Su Xiaoyu afte she started to act. He didn’t even blink, his gaze intent and focused. Is this girl good or evil? Just what does the sect leader see in her?

Very soon, Su Xiaoyu used a single thread to string through all of Bai Yanqing’s fingers. She looked up, blinked, and broke into a sinister smile. Then she sharply pulled on the string, causing Bai Yanqing to involuntarily groan. 

The veins of the fingers were connected to the heart. It’d be strange if that didn’t hurt! Goosebumps rose on Bai Yanqing’s arms as he broke out into cold sweat. Even the onlookers felt a chill at the sight. At some point, Han Chen had raised his head to look as well.

Su Xiaoyu chuckled and said, “Old thing, you better not beg me for mercy! But you can say it hurts if you want! Heheh!”

Ten fingers were all stabbed through with needle and thread. Thanks to Su Xiaoyu’s tug, all of Bai Yanqing’s fingers were pulled taut against each other, making it impossible to move. Any slight stirs would aggravate the needle and thread to cause him excrutiating pain.

In other words, if there was no one to undo the threads, his hands would be rendered useless. Su Xiaoyu purposely crouched down and cocked her head to study Bai Yanqing’s sweat-soaked face. “That’s one deby cleared. Do you give up now?”

Bai Yanqing glared at her wordlessly.

Su Xiaoyu stood up. “Fine, you’re sure something! Let’s move on to debt number two!”

How would the second debt go? The old subordinate and black-robed guards began to anticipate the next step. After all, the first one was already unforgettable. Han Chen glanced at them with eyes as placid as lake waters.

Su Xiaoyu then took out a small and exquisite drill. It was only about three cun long and very sharp, pointy enough to pierce hard objects. The old subordinate couldn’t help stepping forward, filled with questions. But seeing his sect master remain silent, he held back.

Su Xiaoyu showed Bai Yanqing the pliers and asked, “Hey, guess what these are?”

Bai Yanqing had steeled his heart to ignore the girl, but she suddenly grabbed him by the chin and forced his face upwards. 

“You dared to pull out two of Big Sis Ning’s teeth,” she raged, “So I’ll pull out all of yours! Bai Yanqing, what did Big Sis Ning ever do to you? Speak!”

At last, everyone sensed Su Xiaoyu’s temper and realized she wasn’t some cold, icy sadist. The old subordinate also learned that Miss Jing’s teeth had been pulled out by Bai Yanqing! He couldn’t help sighing to himself. A lunatic like Bai Yanqing really needs a demon like Su Xiaoyu to take care of him!

Still, the old subordinate couldn’t figure out what her drill had to do with pulling out teeth. Bai Yanqing was lost as well, but he could feel both dread and fear piling up in the background. He quickly dismissed the feelings. How can I be afraid of a mere stinkin’ brat?

“Someone, help me pry his mouth open!” Su Xiaoyu said icily.

The black-robed men immediately did as they were told, interested to know what she was planning! Bai Yanqing was forced to raise his head and open his mouth. Su Xiaoyu’s bright eyes turned gloomy as she hissed, “The front teeth…”

Finally, Bai Yanqing began to struggle. He did his best to turn away, but the guards increased their strength and stopped him. Before Su Xiaoyu could make her move, Han Chen walkd over and pulled Su Xiaoyu’s hand away. 

“What are you doing? This is our private grudge. It’s not like he can die, so I won’t kill him--” Su Xiaoyu explained in a hurry, afraid that Han Chen had softened and wanted to stop her actions.

Without a word, Han Chen gripped Bai Yanqing by the neck and squeezed, forcing him to spit out multiple poison needles. Then he took the weapons and tossed them aside before backing away.

So he was afraid that I’d get poisoned.

Su Xiaoyu grew amused as she turned to give him a dazzling smil. “Thanks, senior!”

It was the pure and innocent smile of a smile, sincere and simple. Everyone was taken aback by the sight, not expecting Su Xiaoyu could be so true regardless of whether she was wicked or kind. 

Han Chen looked at her and, in a moment of Heaven-defying rarity, smiled back. “No problem.”

Although his smile only lasted for an instant, everyone was startled, including the old subordinate. He had followed the sect master for years but didn’t know the man could even grin! Su Xiaoyu didn’t know Han Chen as well and wasn’t surprised at all. She only felt that the man looked much younger when he was smiling.

She returned her attentions to Bai Yanqing’s teeth and studied them carefully. Then she sighed. “Tsk tsk tsk, these teeth are really great!”

As she spoke, she took her drill and measured it against Bai Yanqing’s four front teeth. Bai Yanqing was clearly afraid, but he couldn’t move, much less speak.

“Let’s start from here!” Su Xiaoyu chose the bottom right front tooth and drove her drill straight at its root! Bai Yanqing’s body seized taut at the action as his scalp turnd numb. The pain blanked out his mind!

After that was a strong desire to die!

Everyone else felt numbed by the sight. This was too cruel and horrific! Compared to pulling out teeth, digging for its roots was much more painful! Yet Su Xiaoyu wasn’t just planning to stop there. 

Once her drill reached the root of Bai Yanqing’s tooth, her eyes flashed viciously before she began to rotate the drill in circles to dig it deeper into his gums! It was...a straight path down!

The old subordinate couldn’t help but gulp. He was almost too afraid to watch any more, as if he was the one being tortured instead. The other guards were the same. Although they were busy holding Bai Yanqing still, all of them had closed their eyes!

What kind of human is this little girl? She’s so young but thinks up such terrifying torture methods. She’s nothing but a devil!

Although all of the men present possessed stronger martial arts than her, everyone had the same thought: don’t piss this girl off.

Han Chen watched on expressionlessly. Despite his lack of emotion, he was paying close attention. The little drill dug deeper and deeper, its sharp, piercing pain almost impossible to endure.[1] Unable to speak, Bai Yanqing could only plea for mercy with his eyes. Unfortunately, Su Xiaoyu ignored him.

She dutifully drilled for a long while until she had thoroughly wrecked the root of his tooth. At last, it fell out of Bai Yanqing’s mouth. Su Xiaoyu picked it up before placing it into a bad she had prepared ahead of time. She had thought long and hard over her revenge after being rescued off the mountain, so she had everything ready. She wanted to take out all of Bai Yanqing’s teeth and give them to Big Sis Ning and the Tang Clan Head to see. No matter what, Big Sis Ning couldn’t have suffered in vain! That was the promise she made herself when they were locked in the prisons!

Just like that, Su Xiaoyu destroyed Bai Yanqing’s teeth one by one, root by root, with her drill. By the end, Bai Yanqing was breaking out in cold sweat nonstop until his back grew completely damp. When the last tooth fell out of his mouth, his pupils constricted before he blacked out from the pain.

Su Xiaoyu collected all of the teeth before giving a soft sigh. “Aye, it looks like I can’t pay back debts number three and four.”

The people around here were high-level experts of the Mysterious Continent, but they all felt a trace of fear. They couldn’t begin to imagine what she’d do next.

Unexpectedly, Han Chen opened his mouth and said, “Wait until he wakes, then continue.”

When the sect leader turned cruel, he was terrifying as well. Everyone here had witnessed it. Still, he was a man while Su Xiaoyu was still a little girl. When she grew up, would she be as cruel--or crueler--than him? The old subordinate looked at his master, then at Su Xiaoyu, and suddenly felt that she was quite fitting to be his disciple. At the very least, her temper and personality should be able to tide the waves of the sect leader’s personal tutelage.

Wait for Bai Yanqing to wake? Although Su Xiaoyu dearly wanted to, Heaven knows when that’d happen? Suppose it took him three more days? After some hesitation, she said grandly, “It’s enough that I got this bag of teeth. I won’t haggle with him over the last two debts. I have to go back.”

They’d agreed that she’d return to think over the master-disciple offer for three more days after she was done with her vendetta. She needed to flee as soon as possible! 

Yet Han Chen only said, “Think it over carefully before you go.”

Su Xiaoyu grew befuddled, but Han Chen just ignored her and turned away to leave…

1. You know that almost sore pain you get from toothaches and/or cavities? Imagine that x100.

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