Chapter 1151: The truth of the past

Silence fell upon the vast hall. Han Yunxi’s warning was still echoing in the room.

A warning…

Even Long Feiye felt anxious. He had fought Han Chen personally and knew the fellow’s strength all too well. Still, he admired his wife for her temper and courage. Walking over, he protected her and moved to speak when Han Chen laughed out loud.

It had to be said that this chilly man looked quite attractive when he smiled. Gu Qishao and Gu Beiyue watched from the sidelines and felt that he was more like Long Feiye’s father. At the very least, their personalities matched.

“Heheh, you’re warning this Honorable One?” Han Chen asked.

Han Yunxi’s face remained cold. “Yes!” she said expressionlessly.

“Heheh, the descendants of my Wolf Sect need such pluck! You didn’t disappoint this Honorable One by being my daughter!” Han Chen’s gaze on Han Yunxi finally revealed signs of satisfaction. 

Actually, Han Yunxi herself was feeling pretty scared, but she silently exhaled when the elder didn’t haggle over the details. She softened her tone and ask, “Were you the unknown black-robed man we spotted at the sacrificial altar last time?”

“Mhm,” Han Chen admitted it. He had cultivated in the snow wolf cemetery for at least 20 years before leaving for the Mysterious Continent. He didn’t stay long in Cloud Realm Continent, nor was he interested in their power struggles. As the leader of the Wolf Sect, a present-day priest of the Snow Wolf Clan, and the descendant of the Dark Priests, his father was a Dark Priest and his mother a Snow Wolf Clan member. He had the purest bloodline of the Snow Wolf Clan, while Bai Yanqing was simply the offspring of a Light Priest and Poison Sect member. After generations had passed, Bai Yanqing’s blood had scarcely any traces of the original Snow Wolf Clan. 

Han Yunxi was the daughter of him and Mu Xin, so she was a half-blooded Snow Wolf clansman. Her status was far more official than Bai Yanqing. Truthfully speaking, it was more accurate to say that Han Yunxi was related to the Snow Wolf Clan, not the Poison Sect. The only reason Bai Yanqing could open the sacrificial altar’s seal was because it was created by the Snow Wolf Clan and the Poison Sect. However, the snow wolf cemetery hidden deep underground had been built by the Dark Priests and was impenetrable to all bloodlines. Only practitioners of the sealing dimension arts could open the entrance. 

The only reason Bai Yanqing fell in was because Han Chen let him.

The platform containing the snow wolves’ bones was a massive array formation, created to commemorate the Snow Wolf Clan’s respect towards their ancestors’ worship of the snow wolves. It was also the location for the Wolf Sect’s descendants to practice closed door cultivation. The array formed with the bones of the snow wolves was a Ten-Thousand Poison formation that concealed countless poison needles. The poison storage space was ineffective here, so one needed to truly cultivate to avoid being poisoned.

“Then how did you meet my mother? Was it a coincidence, or did you know her earlier?” Han Yunxi was stuck on this point.

“She was rescued by one of my subordinates. I had just entered the snow wolf cemetery back then and didn’t know what was going on, much less that the Poison Sect still had descendants, Han Chen explained.

Their surroundings remained silent before Han Yunxi couldn’t help asking, “And then?”

Han Yunxi was certain this fellow had some tortuous backstory with Mu Xin. Otherwise, why would her mother choose to marry into the Han family in Tianning Country? 

Unexpectedly, Han Chen only coughed a few times and said, “Then...I cured her aphrodisiac poison and had my subordinate escort her out of the Poison Sect overnight. Bai Yanqing searched the mountains and killed him in exchange. I didn’t want to expose the secrets of the Wolf Sect or get involved with a Poison Sect heir, so I left it alone,” Han Chen explained.

“And after that?” Han Yunxi asked before Long Feiye could stop her.

“There’s no more ‘after.’ I dedicated my heart to cultivation and traveled between the snow wolf cemetery and the Wolf Sect. The day your group unsealed the sacrificial altar, I just happened to pass by and notice you all. Our Wolf Sect has nothing to do with the Poison Sect’s matters. If it wasn’t for Bai Yanqing using  Clearbreeze Peak to imprison his hostages and you guys charging in to mess up my exits and entrances, I would have never gotten involved. Nor would I know you were my daughter at all…” Han Chen trailed off.

“Hold it. You just said you let my mother go after curing her aphrodisiac poison, so how did my mom get pregnant with--” Han Yunxi stopped mid-sentence. She finally realized what it meant to “cure” the poison.

What a roundabout way of saying things!

She looked at Han Chen, who remained impassive. But he awkwardly avoided meeting her eyes. Actually, there was a certain secret behind this matter that he would never tell publicly. The Mysterious Continent had no such aphrodisiac poisons, so he and his subordinate were ignorant of their existence when arriving at Cloud Realm Continent. His subordinate hadn’t brought back Mu Xin out of the goodness of his own heart, but because he was curious about her poison. Meanwhile, Han Chen was a skilled poisons expert who had never failed to treat a toxin, but he couldn’t figure out whether her toxin was medicine or poison. 

He spent a long time taking Mu Xin’s pulse but was caught off guard when she climbed all over him. By the time he realized what was going on, it was already too late. He had to relieve Mu Xin or the woman would die. Under such pressing circumstances, he used his body to save her life.

The facts of the case were: he and Mu Xin were nothing more than a big mistake. His subordinate’s curiosity had screwed him over. That was why he didn’t bother saving his underling when the man was attacked by Bai Yanqing or avenge his death afterwards. His subordinate only got a fitting punishment!

After that day, he gave others for all of his men to avoid entangling themselves with the Poison Sect or any affairs of Cloud Realm Continent.

“So you never looked for my mother in the years afterwards?” Han Yunxi asked.

“That was nothing but an accident. If Bai Yanqing hadn’t talked about Mu Xin, I wouldn’t even know her name, much less that she was pregnant with my child,” Han Chen’s tone carried no sentimental feelings for Mu Xin.

Han Yunxi was angry at first, but now she realized the man before her had only discovered she was his daughter recently! 

“So you were lying to Bai Yanqing just then?” Han Yunxi couldn’t help but think of Manager Jin. Even he wasn’t so cruel towards Jun Yixie in the end.

“This Honorable One wanted to!” Han Chen said coldly.

Han Yunxi silently sighed with emotion. This fellow looks aloof, but he might be a sullen type on the inside! Of course, she only dared to keep her thoughts to herself. She had to admit that this father wasn’t someone easy to provoke.

“Heheh, uncle, a man like Bai Yanqing deserves to be fooled!” Gu Qishao couldn’t help chortling. Han Yunxi hadn’t even acknowledged her father yet, but he was already calling him “uncle.”

Han Chen looked at him with a...particular cold look. His personality dictated that he ignored uninteresting people and creatures. Not only did he neglect to pursue Mu Xin, he was also indifferent to the activities of the Poison Sect. Cloud Realm Continent’s matters interested him even less! 

Back at the sacrificial altar, he still hadn’t discovered Han Yunxi was his daughter, because ordinary  Poison Sect descendants could access it as well. But after Bai Yanqing took over Clearbreeze Peak and Long Feiye placed his forces at both exits, his travels were inconvenienced, forcing him to pay them more attention.

“If you prefer to sit on the sidelines, why unseal the dimension and let us in here?” Long Feiye asked.

“How did your group track down sources of poison from long distances?” Han Chen asked intently. If Han Yunxi’s ability hadn’t attracted his attention, he never would have brought them to the snow wolf cemetery.

Gu Beiyue and Gu Qishao were puzzled. Han Yunxi had told them her poison detecting skills were part of the poison storage space. Why wouldn’t Han Chen know of these skills if he was a part of the Snow Wolf Clan?

Long Feiye knew the truth and instantly spoke up for her. “She’s been sensitive to poisons since birth, so she can sniff them out.”

Gu Beiyue and Gu Qishao only felt doubtful. Did we remember the wrong details?

Han Chen grew curious. “That kind of ability exists?”

“Didn’t you see for yourself? That’s my skill. No one else can learn it!” Han Yunxi feigned an air of pride.

Han Chen didn’t pursue the matter, but said coldly, “Very good. You’re worthy of being my Wolf Sect’s descendant! Remember our agreement in 10 years’ time. I’ll bring you to the sect to be officially recognized, then you can guard this space while cultivating. I’ll teach you all the secret ats of the Wolf Sect then. For now, all of you can leave.”

“Who said I agreed to that?” Han Yunxi was perplexed. Although this fellow was her father, she didn’t feel an iota of kinship with him.

“You have the right to refuse--as long as you defeat your little sister,” Han Chen said coldly. “This Honorable One only has you two daughters. Whoever wins ten years later has the right to choose whether they stay here or leave.”

“I have a little sister?” Han Yunxi was astonished. But upon further thought, it made sense. As a sect leadr, Han Chen would naturally have a child.

“Yes. Currently, she’s ranked seventh amongst the new generation in the Mysterious Continent and considered a mid-rank talent. In ten years she’ll definitely enter the ranks of its top-tier talents,” Han Chen rose to his feet and prepared to send them off.

Han Yunxi was a little out of her depth. She prepared to refuse when Long Feiye answered for her. “All right, we’ll be sure to meet in ten years’ time!”

Han Yunxi didn’t understand, but since Long Feiye said as much, she tacitly agreed.

“Come, send out the guests!” Han Chen maintained his cool visage. He didn’t have much sentiment towards his sudden daughter. 

It’s probably because this fellow doesn’t hold much feelings for Mu Xin either, right? Han Yunxi mused. She had no idea he treated her little sister the exact same way.

“We’re taking Bai Yanqing with us!” Han Yunxi suddenly recalled this matter. No matter what, they had to hand him over to Tang Li.

“This Honorable One is keeping that man,” Han Chen said before glancing at Lil Thing amongst the bones. “You can take away the poison beast.”

The snow wolves were subjects of reverence for the Snow Wolf Clan, so he couldn’t do much research on them. However, he could take him time tormenting a Poison Gu human. The nine poison teardrops created from the Perplexing Butterfly Illusion were capable of breaking through a Poison Gu human’s immortality, but no one knew why the exact combination of poison plants in the past could grant the snow wolves their undying bodies.

“Lil Thing!” Han Yunxi called, and Lil Thing immediately scampered to her side, afraid of being left behind.

Han Yunxi hugged the squirrel but refused to budge. “Bai Yanqing was trapped by us, so we can’t leave him for you! Also, the nine toxic teardrops are mine. Please give them back!”

Han Chen didn’t force the issue, but simply offered, “How about this Honorable One exchange Bai Yanqing and the poison teardrops with a certain person?”

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I haven't looked into the PGC sequel in detail but heck if this chapter isn't setting them up for some power-leveling cultivation world on the Mysterious Continent, man.