Chapter 1149: You're rather the gentleman

As soon as Long Feiye sensed something amiss about their surroundings, Han Yunxi activated her poison storage space to absorb back the nine poison teardrops. However, it didn’t work. The nine poison teardrops seemed to be held in place by a strange power, resisting her pull. 

What’s going on?

Is it Bai Yanqing?

Han Yunxi looked at the man, only to see him scanning his surroundings looking equally surprised.

If it’s not Bai Yanqing, who else could it be? Another orphan of the Poison Sect? Gu Qishao and Gu Beiyue were guarded as well. 

Bai Yanqing was truly surprised. When Han Yunxi had taken out the Perplexing Butterfly Illusion, he had secretly tried to absorb the Perplexing Butterfly Illusion into his poison storage space, but failed. Every level of the poison storage space had varying levels. It was very clear that Han Yunxi was stronger than him at level three.

But if it’s not him, who is it?

“Get them back,” Long Feiye muttered as he flew into the air with Han Yunxi. But in that second, the nine teardrops scattered at the same time a group of black-robed figures appeared around them.


Long Feiye and Han Yunxi were alarmed as they landed once more. Gu Beiyue quickly moved to stand by their side. 

“Are these real people, or just illusions?” Gu Beiyue muttered under his breath.

This was a sealed dimension, but none of them were familiar with the technique. It was even rarer to see it in practice, so that made it hard to distinguish fakes from reality.

“Who are you people?” Han Yunxi asked.

The figures around them made no sound. Unexpectedly, Lil Thing scampered to Gu Beiyue’s shoulders and started to jump around while making cheeping noises nonstop. After Han Yunxi took its poison blood, its cultivation was shot. Once again, it was reduced to a squirrel who couldn’t communicate telepathically with Mama Yunxi.

Han Yunxi couldn’t understand Lil Thing, but she was certain it recognized these people.

Could there still be Poison Sect orphans guarding the snow wolf cemetery? Was my mother’s savio one of them?

“Are you guardians of the snow wolves’ graves? I’m a descendant of the Poison Sect and have no ill will towards this place,” Han Yuxi declared. Perhaps they could break through this dimension. 

Yet the black-robed figures didn’t reply beyond bowing their heads. What did that mean?

“Cheep cheep...cheep…” Abruptly, Lil Thing’s cries grew shrill. It was hard to tell whether it was excited or afraid. All it did was grab a pawful of Gu Beiyue’s hair and make a racket.

“The real master is here!” Long Feiye exclaimed as he suddenly took to the skies. Very soon, a middle-aged man dressed in white robes flew into the scene. For a moment, he seemed to be as distant as the snow mountain, but in the next second he was already in front of them.

In one hand he held the nine poison teardrops while the other rested behind his back.[1] He floated in mid-air like some sort of god observing the populace below. Despite his age, his face was free of wrinkles. At most there were a few age spots dotting his arms, but that didn’t affect his good looks. His features were chiseled and fair, making for an indescribably handsome face. The aura emanating from his dark pupils carried the cool indifference of someone apart from the mortal coil, an icy aloofness that cast a thousand li distance between him and the rest of the world.

He was like a dominant deity exuding a solemn, majestic air. No one was able to provoke him. The sight of him floored the group. Even Long Feiye felt a sense of reverence rising in his heart. But he didn’t retreat and pointed his sword at the man, coldly demanding, “Who are you?”

The white-robed man’s gaze didn’t waver as he slowly lifted the hand behind his back. It was so slow that it resembled tai chi, but the needles that flew out of his sleeve were extremely fast. They far exceeded Han Yunxi’s needles at top speeds!

Long Feiye didn’t dodge, but deflected the barbs with his blade. One strike was enough to send all the needles falling. Gu Beiyue glanced at them and cried in surprise, “It’s Xuan gold!”

That was the rarest material in this world. Besides two or three locations in the Poison Sect, one could barely find the mineral anywhere else. But this man’s hidden needles were made of Xuan gold!

The white-robed man was rather surprised that Long Feiye blocked his attack, but his expression didn’t change much. He only gave Long Feiye a penetrating look before his five fingers suddenly clenched.

Countless needles flew out--three to four times as much--all headed for Long Feiye.

“Careful, they’re poisoned!” Han Yunxi shouted.

Long Feiye was forced to dodge while wielding his sword. Han Yunxi knitted her brows and tried to take the needles into her poison storage space, but failed!

While Long Feiye was still blocking the needles, the white-robed man shot out another round! Han Yunxi panicked. The detox system told her that these weapons were coated in a frightening poison. Even if she could detect it, she couldn’t cure it! As long as Long Feiye was a little careless, he’d die for certain!

“Just who are you people? What do you want?!” Han Yunxi screamed.

The white-robed man ignored her. Han Yunxi began to wonder whether his poison storage space was at an even higher level than hers? Is that why I can’t absorb his poisons? She refused to believe it and took to the skies. She wanted to test what would happen if she put herself in the line of fire. Bai Yanqing had been at a higher level than her, but facing him head-on had allowed her to take in his poisons all the same. She could use the capabilities of the second level to face off with a high level three.

Han Yunxi flew to Long Feiye and hugged him, allowing all of the attacking needles to vanish in thin air into her poison storage space.

She rejoiced. “I guessed right!”

The white-robed man stopped and gave her a careful look before finally deigning to speak. “Smart,” he observed.

“Who are you? We have no grudge, so why are you attacking us?” Han Yunxi asked quickly.

The white-robed man didn’t speak beyond waving his hand. His casual motion was filled with enough strength to send Han Yunxi flying.

“You’re courting death!” Long Feiye hissed. He was about to chase after Han Yunxi when he ran into an invisible wall. When he pressed his hand against it, he found a solid obstruction that was impossible to move.

Another sealed dimension?

“It’s the sealing dimension arts!” Gu Beiyue exclaimed. He had already caught Han Yunxi before she fell.

“Just who are you people?!” Han Yunxi shouted.

But the white-robed man continued to ignore them. Han Yunxi and Gu Beiyue tried to approach Long Feiye, but were blocked off by the same invisible wall. She unsheathed the Moye sword and unleashed her Phoenix energy, but none of her slashes had any effect.

“Princess, don’t affect your womb!” Gu Beiyue stopped her anxiously.

Long Feiye looked at Han Yunxi with a nod. Lil Thing was even more excited after seeing the white-obed man and simply jumped on Gu Beiyue’s shoulder while gesturing wildly towards Han Yunxi. At last, Han Yunxi noticed it and asked, “Do you know him?”

Lil Thing nodded and cheeped out a whole bunch of nonsense to Han Yunxi and Gu Beiyue’s ears. 

Lil Thing wanted to tell Mama Yunxi that this white-robed man was without a doubt, her real father! He was the pure-blooded Snow Wolf Clan member it’d met in the past. It’d wanted to submit to the man, but was rejected. Then the man vanished into the woods, making it impossible for it to find him. Although he was no longer young, his looks hadn’t changed much, nor would his blood. 

It’s him alright! After recalling all its memories, Lil Thing now understood why it liked Mama Yunxi so much. It was because she had the pure blood of the Snow Wolf Clan as well. That old thing Bai Yanqing wasn’t Mama Yunxi’s father, but this man was!

“Princess, that man is different a level about you and His Highness. It’s better to see what he wants to do,” Gu Beiyue murmured.

Han Yunxi had no other choice, so she shouted at Long Feiye, “You have to be careful, even I can’t cure the poison on those needles!”

“Understood,” Long Feiye’s guarded gaze didn’t waver from the white-robed man.

As expected, the white-robed man shot out another round of needles that covered the entire air. They rained down densely, making it impossible to dodge. Instead of waving his sword, Long Feiye raised Ganjiang up high and gave an explosive release of Lustbite energy. All of the needles were scattered to the four winds, some falling on the ground, some shooting back at the white-robed man. He remained unaffected, floating in mid-air. Even when the needles were about to pierce him, he didn’t budge. Instead, all of the needles vanished as soon as they touched his body, absorbed into his poison storage space. 

Seeing this, Han Yunxi and the rest exhaled. However, the white-robed man suddenly flew at Long Feiye and began to fight him bare-fisted. The two men’s punches slammed together, knocking each other back. It wasn’t clear who had the stronger punch, but the white-robed man was also sent back a few steps. 

Long Feiye’s lips curled into a smirk. “You’re rather the gentleman.”

If the white-robed man had used poison on him in such close proximity, he would have died for sure. But he had simply come for a fist fight. Long Feiye enjoyed such bouts!

The white-robed man remained silent, his chilly expression making him unreadable. Long Feiye finally found someone more taciturn and blank-faced than himself. Whether or not this man was friend or foe, he still admired him.

Long Feiye placed Ganjiang back on his back. Seeing this, the white robed man drew closer and they began to fight in earnest. Neither side pulled their punches, alternating between attacking and blocking. A few rounds later, they were still at a stalemate.

1. In a classic LFY pose hahaha~

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Ruyi's Thoughts

No offense but Lil Thing's power-ups keep getting stolen away and rendering its "power of speech/telepathy" absolutely useless. Pity the poor squirrel.

It was also oddly satisfying to see HYX and LFY's attacks finally be ineffective for once in this story.