Chapter 1148: Who else could it be?

Gu Qishao’s answer made Bai Yanqing laugh out loud.

“Just wait until you die! This old man won’t help you cure the poison!” In truth, even if Bai Yanqing had the skills, he didn’t have any ingredients to make an antidote. Lil Thing had cleaned his poison storage space all out.

“You shut up!” Gu Qishao sent a vine flying until it slapped Bai Yanqing in the face. 

Bai Yanqing closed his mouth. He’d just wait and watch the show!

All the blood on Gu Beiyue’s chest had turned black, leaving him in dire straits. Long Feiye had no time to deal with Bai Yanqing now. He placed Han Yunxi on the ground and said, “The poison beast’s blood can cure hundreds of poisons!”

Recalling this, Gu Qishao rejoiced. As long as they took Lil Thing’s blood, it’d cure the poison without causing the poison beast much harm, either. Back then, it was Poison lass herself who took Lil Thing’s blood to cure Long Tianmo. Now Lil Thing had finally recovered. 

As long as they used its poison, Lil Thing’s poison fangs would become useless. It’d take more time for recovery again.

“Long Feiye, do it!” Gu Qishao shouted.

“Your Highness, don’t!” Gu Beiyue stopped him. If Long Feiye hurt Lil Thing just to take its blood, then he would have gotten injured for nothing! He was trying to bet on whether Lil Thing would save him on its own. He hoped his actions could have awakened the creature to its senses. 

“Your Highness, Lil Thing will save me,” Gu Beiyue said while looking at the beast. Although he was speaking to Long Feiye, his words were meant for Lil Thing.

Currently, Lil Thing was staring at its gentleman while its scarlet eyes were glimmering with tears! It loved its gentleman the most! It hated dirtying the gentleman’s clothes and adored nestling into his arms to smell his clean scent while enjoying the warm sunshine together.

But it had made a mess of the gentleman’s robes!

The gentleman had almost been poisoned to death by it. It couldn’t begin to imagine how lonely it’d feel if the world had no gentleman anymore!

All of its rage evaporated as it prepared to leap to the rescue, but Bai Yanqing suddenly spoke up.

“Lil Thing! Did you forget how the Lustbite energy destroyed all of your kin? Did you forget how all the blood formed a river that flowed all the way to the Skypit? And have you forgotten whose graves are lying beneath us?”

“Heheh, and yet you’d rather save your enemy in a place like this!”

Bai Yanqing’s words shocked the group.

“It was the Lustbite energy that exterminated the snow wolves?” Long Feiye was surprised.

“Lil Thing, can you smell the scent of bones beneath us? Do you remember how your mother and father died?” Bai Yanqing raised his voice. “Lil Thing, your owner lied to you! She long knew he possessed Lustbite energy, but you were kept ignorant until this day. Hahaha. In their eyes, you’re nothing more than a pet, no different from a cat or dog!”

Sowing discord!

He’s doing it again!

“Bai Yanqing, this old man will never let you speak again!” Gu Qishao simply used his vines to gag Bai Yanqing in a fit of fury, making it impossible for the man to even shut his mouth, much less speak. But his words were enough!

Bai Yanqing would rather Long Feiye kill him in one blow and finish off everything rather than suffer any more pain or humiliation! The threat of “castration” was still echoing in his head.

“The Lustbite energy destroyed the snow wolves in the past, so that’s hate me so much?” Long Feiye asked.

Lil Thing immediately gave him a vicious snarl. 

But the Lustbite energy wasn’t the possession of the East Qin royal clan. It was a secret inner energy manual being spread around the jianghu that they had snatched fo themselves! Whoever slaughtered the snow wolves had nothing to do with his East Qin imperial clan. He wasn’t willing to shoulder the blame, either!

As he prepared to explain himself, a raging Lil Thing ignored him to run for Gu Beiyue. It wasn’t affected by Bai Yanqing’s goading and chose to save its gentleman. In Gu Beiyue’s arms, it instantly transformed into its squirrel form and was reduced to the size of a fist-shaped furball. It knew its gentleman all too well and quickly dug out one of his golden daggers from his sleeves. Then it placed it in the gentleman’s hands before showing him its back.

Even though it had an undying body, it was still afraid of pain. A tiny body like that couldn’t take even the slightest of pangs. This way, it wouldn’t see the knife, but it still closed its eyes and waited with taut nerves.

Gu Qishao couldn’t believe his eyes. He began to doubt whether the little beast had taken a fancy to Gu Beiyue. If I’m like a jade tree with exquisite looks to topple both men and women, could Gu Beiyue be a man who topples both humans and beasts?

Long Feiye creased his brows, not knowing whether to cry or laugh. He was about to help Han Yunxi up when he saw her eyes were open.

“Yunxi!” he ran over. It was rare for him to call out like that, but the name fell from his lips naturally.

Although Han Yunxi had lost consciousness, she managed to hear everything going on around her. She was still dizzy, but immediately grew alert after sitting up. She pushed Long Feiye aside and quickly shot out a needle to knock the dagger out of Gu Beiyue’s hands.

“We can’t waste Lil Thing’s poison fangs! I still need to destroy Bai Yanqing’s undying body!”

Long Feiye wanted to help her up, but his hands clutched air. Han Yunxi stood up herself and stalked towards Gu Beiyue, her voice stern. “Lil Thing, the Lustbite energy didn’t belong to the East Qin royal clan at all. You behave for me this instant, or else I’ll pull your teeth out after curing Gu Beiyue!”

Lil Thing looked up, startled. But it quickly communicated to Han Yunxi via telepathy, “If the Lustbite energy doesn’t belong to the East Qin royal clan, why does Long Feiye have it?”

“You don’t believe me?” Han Yunxi shot back.

Lil Thing didn’t speak, but Han Yunxi simply picked it up and threw Lil Thing at Long Feiye. “If you doubt me, just bite him!”

Long Feiye caught Lil Thing out of reflex and cradled it in his arms. He looked down at the same time Lil Thing looked up. Besides Han Yunxi, he had never held another living creature in his hands! He wasn’t used to it, but seeing Lil Thing’s deep gaze on him, he immediately recovered and said coldly, “The Lustbite energy was simply stolen by the East Qin royal clan. Whoever destroyed your snow wolves wasn’t any ancestor of this crown prince! Otherwise, this crown prince would have never left you alive until today!”

Hearing Long Feiye’s words, Lil Thing couldn’t find an excuse to retort. It thought back and realized this all made sense. Once it knew it’d misjudged Papa Long, Lil Thing grew afraid upon seeing his dark eyes again. Its fur stood on end.

Before it could escape, Long Feiye actually held and pressed it against his chest. It was only for a second, because he’d grabbed Lil Thing by the tail in the next second and tossed him aside.

The whole thing passed by so quickly that Lil Thing was still reeling by the time it crashed onto the ground. Afraid to meet Papa Long’s eyes, it scurried over to the gentleman’s side to keep watch. Currently, Mama Yunxi was treating his poison. As if terrified that Papa Long might try something, it transformed back to its snow wolf form so it’d look less easy to bully, then nestled by the gentleman’s side.

Since everything came from a simple misunderstanding, Long Feiye didn’t cause Lil Thing any more difficulties. He stood on the side watching Han Yunxi busy herself curing the poison. She had stripped away Gu Beiyue’s clothes to apply needles to his chest. Gu Beiyue’s seemingly sick and weakly body was quite fit. The chiseled lines of his pecs and abs were enough to send one’s thoughts flying. Of course, Han Yunxi had no time to dwell on those matters. She moved quickly, afraid that her failure would mean sacrificing Lil Thing’s blood again.

Long Feiye was filled with emotion as he looked at the pregnant Han Yunxi and the tall Lil Thing. Once upon a time, he’d promised to hug the creature, but that debt should have just been paid. Thinking back, it’d taken a long time to fulfill this promise. Han Yunxi was already with child while Lil Thing had fully recovered.[1]


As long as Han Yunxi was personally in charge, there was no poison she couldn’t cure!

She cleaned up the final needle and exhaled. “Doctor Gu, my discipline was lacking and caused this little beast to hurt you. How about I give it to you as an apology?”

At her words, Lil Thing stopped burying its head to look up at the duo. Gu Beiyue’s smile was a little pale, but still radiated warmth. “After you take the poison beast’s blood, I’ll accept it.”

Lil Thing’s eyes lit up as it opened wide, ready for Han Yunxi to pull out its teeth. Of couse Han Yunxi wouldn’t do that. She looked at Lil Thing for a while before two streams of black blood flowed out of its mouth. 

Everyone then realized that Han Yunxi had already successfully broke through to the third level of the poison storage space! She could freely take in any poisonous substances by will! 

“Haha, Poison lass, does this mean you can put that old undying thing directly into your poison storage space?” Gu Qishao chortled.

Since Bai Yanqing’s a Poison Gu human, he should count as a poisonous substance too, right?

Before this, Poison lass’s poison storage space level was below Bai Yanqing’s, so she couldn’t do anything to him. But now that she’d leveled up, she had no need to fear him.

Han Yunxi replied in a chilly voice, “There are plenty of ways to kill him, so this princess won’t make myself nauseous!”

Currently, Bai Yanqing was kneeling on the ground, staring at Han Yunxi with a ghastly expression. Meanwhile, she took out the Perplexing Butterfly Illusion and the eight poison teardrops. In front of Bai Yanqing, she combined the final ingredient: poison beast blood and Perplexing Butterfly Illusion--and soon created the ninth poison teardorp!

Gu Beiyue clutched Lil Thing’s back for support as he climbed to his feet. All four people smiled with happiness. It had taken them massive effort to gather all nine poison teardrops! 

However, as soon as Han Yunxi prepared to combine them all to create the antidote for Poison Gu humans, the teardrops flew out of the bottle to suspend themselves in the air.

What’s going on?

Sensing something, Long Feiye immediately grabbed Han Yunxi’s hand and pulled her behind him.

“Who’s there, come out!” he said coldly.

1. And here we finally get the meaning behind that sentence “when LFY hugged Lil Thing, Lil Thing wasn’t Lil Thing anymore and neither was LFY Long Feiye.” Something like this was referenced in one of the earlier chapters before the whole East Qin crown prince and snow wolf reveal.

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Ruyi's Thoughts

Whew, I'm glad that fiasco's over and done with. I'm thinking of GQS's belief that GBY will never marry and had a weird AU idea where GBY marries a magically human Lil Thing. Hahaha.

The next few chapters were pretty fun for me to read, so I hope you'll enjoy them when they're out. Long story short, the status quo gets shaken up a bit at last.