Chapter 1147: Lil Thing’s grudge

Lil Thing broke out of the poison storage space while Han Yunxi lost consciousness? 

As the two events happened simultaneously, everyone was uncertain whether Lil Thing had helped Han Yunxi break through her cultivation or if the reversed had freed it from its prison. While they were celebrating, they discovered that Lil Thing was glaring at Long Feiye with pure hatred.

It was like a wolf viewing its prey before it attacked!

Long Feiye was the first to sense the antagonism after catching Han Yunxi. He grew guarded even as bewilderment filled him. 

What’s wrong with that squirrel? It usually runs away as soon as it sees me, but now it’s a wolf and staring me down?

The rest of the group was surprised as well. Gu Beiyue murmured, “Your Highness, it looks like the snow wolf has completely recovered and even increased in power. It’s very angry.”

“What? Has it recognized Bai Yanqing as its master instead?” Long Feiye muttered back.

“I’m not sure. But...the situation looks grim, so be careful,” Gu Beiyue replied. Although he didn’t have a mental connection with Lil Thing, he could read its heart pretty well just from glancing at its eyes. Lil Thing’s gaze was filled with murderous intent.

Compared to Bai Yanqing, the snow wolf possessed even stronger powers of immortality. Moreover, its fangs were filled with deadly poison that could kill without exception. With the princess currently out cold and Gu Qishao guarding against Bai Yanqing, they were no match for the beast if it decided to attack. Gu Qishao could tell the situation wasn’t right. He was planning to join the group, but decided to keep watch on Bai Yanqing, who had been knocked aside.

At this moment, the snow wolf began to howl. It raised its front claw as it stared at Long Feiye, then straightened up its body to pounce!

Gu Beiyue shouted, “Lil Thing, what’s wrong?”

Lil Thing looked at Gu Beiyue as sorrow flashed through its eyes. But soon enough, it was staring at Long Feiye again. This was the man that Mama Yunxi loved, a human he’d feared for a long time. 

Today, it finally understood why his appearance always caused it terror!

So it was him!

His body hides the Lustbite energy! He possesses the power to destroy the snow wolves!

Of course it knew the person who slaughtered his relatives and parents centuries ago wasn’t Long Feiye, but possessing the Lustbite energy meant he was related to that person! Definitely!

It couldn’t calm down, especially not in the snow wolves’ cemetery where it could still catch the scent of their bones. They might be poison beasts, but they had never harmed the innocent. They lived carefree lives in the mountain forests and had a harmonious co-existence with the Snow Wolf Clan. So why did that person cruelly kill them all in the past? Why did he murder its parents?

It remembered everything now, including that bloody massacre! Mother and Father had both fallen, their eyes looking at it even in death. It was terrified and ran for the Skypit, hiding and trembling. It kept crying and making low howls, not knowing what to do…

The fragmented memories appeared before Lil Thing’s mind again as hatred overtook its heart and slowly swallowed up all reason. It couldn’t see its beloved Mama Yunxi, or its favorite gentleman. It only saw Long Feiye and his Lustbite energy.

He enemy!

It wanted revenge!

Lil Thing howled before it leaped. At this moment, Gu Beiyue dashed in front of Long Feiye and spread his arms. “Lil Thing, come over here! The gentleman misses you!”

Lil Thing couldn’t help but look at its gentleman after those words! It understood--the gentleman said he missed it! It missed the gentleman’s hugs most of all! Right now, it’d rather jump into his arms and cry its heart out!

But it couldn’t!

It had to take revenge!


Gu Beiyue had no confidence that he could block Lil Thing, but he had to figure out why Lil Thing hated Long Feiye.

He asked loudly, “What do you want to do? If you dare to harm His Highness, the princess and I will never forgive you!”

It was the Lustbite energy that spurred on Lil Thing’s hatred and made it use all its strength to break free of the poison storage space. Lil Thing’s breakthrough allowed Han Yunxi to level up as well. 

It now possessed the power to telepathically communicate with Han Yunxi as well as understand all human speech. The gentleman’s words stopped it in its tracks.

Never forgive me?

The gentleman doesn’t understand anything!

He doesn’t know the Lustbite energy destroyed my family and the respect of the Snow Wolf Clan, forcing them to link hands in marriage with the Poison Sect.

He doesn’t know that Mama Yunxi possesses the pure Snow Wolf Clan bloodline.

He doesn’t know that the Lustbite energy also destroyed Mama Yunxi’s kinsmen!

Lil Thing couldn’t control itself, its killing intent robbing all of its rationality to reduce it to a bloodthirsty beast. At last, it ignored Gu Beiyue to lunge for an attack.

“Gu Beiyue, protect Yunxi!” Long Feiye was about to hand over Han Yunxi to Gu Beiyue and draw his sword against Lil Thing when he was shoved out of the way. Gu Beiyue turned just in time to open his arms to Lil Thing. 

Lil Thing is an undying beast. If he clashes with His Highness, both of them will be injured! The best choice is to drag things out until the princess wakes up.

At least the princess can talk directly with Lil Thing and figure out the problem.

Lil Thing was very fast and had already bared its claws. It never expected the gentleman’s actions and couldn’t stop itself in time.

“Aroooooooooo!” It howled as it pounced on the gentleman. Fortunately, it managed to retract its claws in time and simply sent the man tumbling underfoot. Lil Thing quickly got out of the way and aimed for Long Feiye again. Now on his guard, Long Feiye shielded Han Yunxi behind him as he raised his sword. 

Gu Beiyue flew over as well. He couldn’t bear to hurt Lil Thing, nor was there any need. He simply stood in front of Long Feiye and Han Yunxi again. His gaze on the poison beast was no longer kind, but filled with sternness. He neither spoke nor questioned.

Lil Thing froze, but soon leaped to the gentleman’s side. Gu Beiyue was quickly to follow up. No matter how fast Lil Thing ran, it couldn’t outpace the gentleman! Like this, a game of chase began. 

Bai Yanqing didn’t move this entire time. He simply watched from a distance while wearing a cold smile. His body was suffering from serious injuries, making it impossible for him to escape Gu Qishao’s vines. But even if he was going to die, he wanted the poison beast to join him. Since Long Feiye’s Lustbite energy could hurt him, it could wound the poison beast as well!

He sat watching the entire spectacle like a play. Lil Thing and Gu Beiyue kept up their round of chase as Long Feiye followed him while carrying Han Yunxi. Now that the dual cultivation had succeeded, Long Feiye’s Nirvana Heart arts were all gone. His only source of internal energy came from the Lustbite energy.

Thus, as long as Long Feiye made his move, a single slash would be enough to kill the poison beast.

Bai Yanqing was looking forward to it! He wanted to see Han Yunxi’s pet, the last of the snow wolves, die at Long Feiye’s hands. He was certain it’d make Han Yunxi cry. And Long Feiye would always owe the Poison Sect a blood debt!

Gu Qishao could only fret as he watched. He wanted to join them and give Lil Thing a thorough thrashing. It doesn’t show up when we needed its help, but now it’s here to wreck havoc after we captured Bai Yanqing! Abominable!

Wherever Lil Thing pounced, Gu Beiyue would show up in its line of sight. After a few rounds, Gu Beiyue could even predict where it’d go before it leaped. Lil Thing’s brain was no match for the gentleman!

A few face-offs later, hatred bloomed in Lil Thing’s eyes. It grew more and more angry and even forgot the identity of the white-robed gentleman before it.



It gave long howls that turned into snarls. Abruptly, it slammed the ground with its paw, sending a fissure in the earth. Long Feiye immediately took to the skies with Han Yunxi with Gu Beiyue following. Lil Thing took this chance to slip past Gu Beiyue and fly directly at Long Feiye.

The fact that Long Feiye had allowed Gu Beiyue to shield him for so long was testament to his patience. Now that there was a direct attack, he had no excuse to avoid fighting back! Of course, he had no idea that the Lustbite energy he possessed would not only destroy Lil Thing’s immortality in one strike, but even kill him easily.

His cold eyes were only filled with the intention to teach the beast a lesson!

Still, moments before his sword struck, Gu Beiyue made it in time. He pushed aside Long Feiye’s sword hand just as Lil Thing clawed viciously across Gu Beiyue’s chest.

Everyone froze.

Four ragged claw marks ripped diagonally down Gu Beiyue’s chest. Fresh blood seeped from the wounds, staining his white robes red, then black in quick succession.

It was poison!

Lil Thing’s claws weren’t as fatal as his fangs, but this was still hypertoxic venom!

Long Feiye held Han Yunxi as he landed on the ground, hollering, “Gu Beiyue, why were you so stupid? You’re courting death!” His intentions had been to block Lil Thing’s attacks, not try to kill him. 

Gu Beiyue’s expression remained severe as he stared at Lil Thing with knitted bows. With his speed, it was perfectly possible to avoid that last swipe. But he had chosen to take a bet. 

Lil Thing could only gape. It stared at the gentleman’s creased bows, then at the bleeding, blackening wounds on his chest, and quickly came to its senses. It backed away subconsciously.

What had it done?

It had just...injured the gentleman.

Abruptly, Gu Beiyue seemed to lose all strength as his legs collapsed beneath him. Kneeling on the ground, he clutched at his chest, staining his fingers with blood. Still, he didn’t stop staring at Lil Thing.

“Gu Qishao, what are you standing around for? Cure the poison!” Long Feiye roared.

But Gu Qishao’s reply was hopeless. “I can’t cure it!”

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Annnnnd the ongoing trend of Gu Beiyue getting mortally injured continues in this chapter, whew.

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