Chapter 1145: It only proves your uselessness

If Bai Yanqing was like a headless chicken running around the array formation, he now resembled a homeless cur being chased about by Long Feiye and Han Yunxi. He had been so smug a moment ago! Now he was just pathetic.

The sword’s scraping against his body gave him immeasurable pain that far exceeded anything he endured at the base of the cliff. At last, he couldn’t take it any more and shouted, “Long Feiye, Han Yunxi, this old man lost!”

He’s pleading for mercy on his own?

Long Feiye and Han Yunxi ignored him and kept going!

“This old man is begging you! This old man lost!” Forced to beg, Bai Yanqing’s pleas nevertheless fell on deaf ears. The blunt sword had almost been sharpened to a fine point, revealing the sharp edge beneath. To the rest of their ears, Bai Yanqing’s begging was too cheap. How could it make up for Ning Jing’s life, Tang Li’s tears, little Yu’er’s suffering, the danger to Han Yunxi’s womb, or all the other misery he caused?

If begging could fix everything, how many more people would turn to evil deeds in this world? It would have been better if Bai Yanqing said nothing at all. Now Han Yunxi’s hate intensified. She never stopped slashing him and even grew faster than before!

Bai Yanqing ran out of strength to flee! Right now, he wished he could die in one strike! This undying body had turned into his personal Hell. 

“Lass, for the sake of your mother, spare me!” Finally, Bai Yanqing cast aside his dignity and pride.

“Why should I? Even if my mother was standing here today, I still wouldn’t spare you!” Han Yunxi snapped back. 

“Lass, your mother and I used to like each other! I told her the truth about the Black and Wind Clan instigating the unrest in the Great Qin Empire, but she actually...she actually…” Bai Yanqing’s expression was caught between crying and smiling, but it was clear he was filled with hatred.

“This old man never lied to her, but she treated me as a traitor and enemy! How did the Wind Clan’s past have anything to do with me? What gave her the right to blame me for everything? On what grounds?”

Before the truth was revealed about East and West Qin’s civil war, the two sides were locked in mutual hatred and as incompatible as fire and water! Yet these two descendants of the royal bloodline could actually stand together regardless of their differences! How could he accept that? 

Mu Xin had thoroughly rejected him and even detested him. She ran away to avoid him, but her daughter could even turn her back on the West Qin faction to be together with the East Qin crown prince? He’d never allow it!

He wanted Mu Xin to pay the price!

Yet by the time he tracked her down, she had already become Han Congan’s wife and died in childbirth. Nobody would ever know how long he cried, raged, and loathed after finding out the facts. He hadn’t wanted Mu Xin to leave him back then and even drugged her to make her stay. Yet that had all failed.

A black-robed man who had intruded into the Poison Sect’s forbidden grounds saved her instead. He had no idea who he was, but he remembered chasing them all the way into the forests by the sacrificial altar. After that, he spent a fruitless search all night trying to pin them down.

At noon the next day, he ran into that black-robed man again. Although he knew nothing of his origins, he was certain he had to be an orphan of the Poison Sect to be so familiar with the forbidden grounds. He intercepted him but didn’t see Mu Xin, nor could he force any answers out of him. In the end, he killed him in a fit of rage.

Of course, he immediately regretted it when he failed to find Mu Xin days later. It wasn’t until two years had passed that he heard by chance in Medical City that Tianning’s Han Clan’s Han Congan and Lady Lianxin were cohorts. She had used massive effort to help the man gain a spot in the Board of Directors at the medical academy.

Then he began to suspect this had something to do with Mu Xin. After all, Lady Lianxin’s position in the medical academy originally belonged to Mu Xin until she ran into him at the Poison Sect and followed after him. Lady Lianxin hadn’t come to Medical City afterwards. 

But Lady Lianxin never spared a glare for those she considered inferior, so she would never be interested in the likes of Han Congan. With that clue, Bai Yanqing had rushed to the Han Estate. Yet instead of Mu Xin, he only found her memorial tablet and the daughter she gave birth to, Han Yunxi.

Perhaps that was the moment he went insane.

No matter how furious or hateful he got, he could maintain some sanity as long as that woman was still on this Earth. But she was gone! She had left without a word, choosing to stay with a man like Han Congan, who relied on his woman to get him anymore, instead of himself. And she was even willing to bear him a child?

He came very close to killing her daughter right then and there, but somehow stopped himself. He returned to the Poison Sect’s forbidden grounds, took out the medicinal plants hidden in the glazed walls, and found the formula for creating Poison Gu humans before turning himself into something akin to a monster.

He hated Mu Xin with his core. He abhorred the two royal clans, the Seven Noble Families, and everything about the Great Qin and this world! His next plan was to track down descendants of the Seven Noble Families and destroy them all with the continent. 

He collected Jun Yixie as his disciple and planted Heilian Zuixiang into the Han Estate. He killed the true sect leader of Heretical Sword Sect and took his place. He wanted Mu Xin’s daughter to grow up well before publicizing her identity as the West Qin princess, then lead the world into fighting against each other. But he never expected Tianning’s Duke of Qin to be the East Qin crown prince!

Jun Yixie gave him the mermaid’s blood, which led him to realize Long Feiye’s true identity. The revelation delighted him. He planned to have Mu Xin’s daughter experience the same pain of being hated by her lover! Her mother had given him first-hand experience, enough to ruin his life.

But after getting in contact with Han Yunxi, he realized the girl actually knew poisons and possessed a poison storage space of her own. Only then did he realized that she wasn’t Han Congan’s daughter, but the daughter of the man who rescued Mu Xin all those years ago. 

Bai Yanqing’s mother was from the Wind Clan, while his father hailed from the Poison Sect. He always thought he was the sole surviving bloodline heir to the Poison Sect, but never expected the black-clothed man to be the same. However, since he’d killed him off, he never bother looking into his origins. Mu Xin...was the sole target of his hatred.

That woman would rather accept a stranger over him? 

“Stinkin’ lass, tell me! Why would you blame a single person for all of the Wind Clan’s wrongs? That isn’t fair!”

Han Yunxi and Long Feiye quietly listened to Bai Yanqing talking to himself before they figured out his grudge against Mu Xin. 

As it turned out, Mu Xin really had died from complications in childbirth. Han Yunxi had suspected too much.

As it turned out, her father had long died at Bai Yanqing’s sword, so she’d never find him again.

As it turned out, Bai Yanqing’s hatred came from love…

But did that give him an excuse to hurt innocent people? Bai Yanqing might question her right to love, but she wanted to question his right to kill.

“Why do you think you have no need to assume responsibility for the Wind Clan’s crimes? Why did you insist that my mother owed you?” Han Yunxi didn’t pity him. She only felt angry! Do unto others without imposing onto them. Didn’t he understand this principle?

“Bai Yanqing, do you know the real reason why my mother couldn’t accept you?” Han Yunxi asked coldly.

Bai Yanqing looked at her, and Han Yunxi broke into a cold smile. “The Wind Clan’s instigation of the civil war during the Great Qin Empire was only an excuse. The truth mother just didn’t like you!”

Long Feiye’s contempt for Bai Yanqing grew. He said, “Yunxi, a man like this doesn’t deserve your mother’s love.”

If Mu Xin hadn’t died in childbirth, how could such a madman with no bottom line win her heart? For the sake of winning her over, he’d even tried to drug her in the past?

“Bai Yanqing, being rejected by a woman only proves your own uselessness!” Long Feiye scorned from above, leaving the man frozen. For a second, even Bai Yanqing felt he was pathetic.

“You shut up!” Bai Yanqing screamed and flew into the air. Long Feiye immediately shielded Han Yunxi behind him, but she was quick to use her Nirvana Heart and Phoenix energy to slash back. The couple’s combined strikes crashed into Bai Yanqing and sent ripples in the air. Dazzling light shone from their blades as Han Yunxi’s sword was sharpened at last!

The backlash sent Bai Yanqing flying while Han Yunxi held on and Long Feiye helped. Gu Beiyue and Gu Qishao rushed over as soon as they saw the massive light.

“Qishao, quick, the sword’s all sharpened!” Gu Beiyue urged.

“Poison lass, are you ready?” Gu Qishao asked.

“No problem!” Han Yunxi was confident.

Gu Qishao immediately summoned the Moye sword spirit and fed it into the treasured blade. As if alive, the Moye sword spirit actually circled around Long Feiye’s Ganjiang sword once before slipping into its new body. It didn’t give Han Yunxi any trouble.

As soon as that was finished, Gu Qishao went to chase after Bai Yanqing. He had to tied up the man while he was still severely injured. The Moye sword spirit quickly assimilated with its sword and became the true Moye sword. Its sword awn intensified once the fusion was done!

Han Yunxi almost lost her grip from the increased power boost. Only then did everyone realize she’d yet to quell the Moye sword spirit with her own will. That would take much more effort, which worried Long Feiye and Gu Beiyue. Han Yunxi was strong enough, but they were more concerned about potential harm to the little fellow in her womb..

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Ruyi's Thoughts

You know, Ban Yanqing reminds me of those novels with "evil male leads" that get tamed by a transmigrated girl and end up reforming themselves before they go crazy.

Unfortunately, BYQ never met his fated match in time to fix his crooked heart...