Chapter 1142: Bai Yanqing's scorn

Even if the wordless steles revealed nothing, the fangs resting on top proved that this was the burial grounds of the snow wolves! Their fangs were much bigger and sharper than regular wolves, as well as filled with hypertoxic poison!

Bai Yanqing had once dug through the earth around the Poison Sect’s sacrificial altar, hoping to find the snow wolves’ bones. As those creatures possessed undying bodies, their skeletons were absolute treasures! Unfortunately, he’d found nothing even three feet down, forcing him to give up. 

When he saw the sight before him, Bai Yanqing understood that the Blood Wolf Tribe must have sealed off this realm under the deepest section of the underground palace. Moreover, they set its entrance in Clearbreeze Peak instead of by the sacrificial altar. The Poison Sect’s direct bloodline heirs could unseal the realm within the sacrificial altar, which meant they had access to others as well! He could probably enter here only because of his blood! Thus, the burial grounds of the snow wolves was in the underground palace of Clearbreeze Peak!

After all, the art of such sealed dimensions weren’t a specialty of Cloud Realm Continent, but originated in the north where the Wintercrow Clan lived and even further beyond in the large continent beyond the ice sea. If a sealing master was found, he or she could probably nter the dimension without using any blood. Thus, it was safer to hide it further beneath a maze.

Bai Yanqing suddenly recalled something and quickly took one of the fangs for inspection. He was only relieved after seeing it had no more poison blood inside. As poison beast blood was one of the ingredients to Perplexing Butterfly Illusion, he had trapped Lil Thing in his poison storage space so Han Yunxi wouldn’t be able to get any. As long as she was missing that ingredient, she would never be able to break through Perplexing Butterfly Illusion and create the antidote to wreck his undying body!

Next, Bai Yanqing looked for a hiding spot, but realized this space was very small. There was nothing but the small patch of woods and an open field. The distant snow mountain was only an illusion and could never be reached.

He had no place to hide!

Bai Yanqing remained calm. He carefully scoured the graves before breaking into a sinister smile. Picking up seven pebbles, he entered the cemetery and started darting about the graves before quickly vanishing from sight.

Soon enough, Han Yunxi’s group landed as well. Like him, they experienced the blackness fading away as soon as their feet touched the ground, revealing the field and snow mountain in the distance.

Gu Qishao looked around and muttered, “It doesn’t seem to be an array…”

Long Feiye was certain. “This is a sealed dimension. Let’s check out the forest ahead. The two of you keep close, don’t get lost.”

He gripped Han Yunxi’s hand even tighter. There was no place to hide here except for the woods. 

“A sealed dimension...does this place have any relation to the Poison Sect?” Gu Qishao wondered. But once they entered the clearing and saw the wordless steles and white fangs, they understood.

“Lil Thing’s emotions have been unstable all this time. It’s crying nonstop,” Han Yunxi muttered. 

“Long Feiye, we should be in the area beneath the sacrificial altar! This sealed do we break through? Will there be illusions here too?” Gu Qishao asked.

Such illusions came from the heart and would reveal many secrets. He really hated them! Glancing between the blue skies and white peak, he suddenly exclaimed, “Lil Thing couldn’t have created this as an illusion, right?”

Han Yunxi wondered as well, but Gu Beiyue and Long Feiye’s attention was focused on the forest. They seemed to have discovered something wrong.

Soon enough, Long Feiye muttered, “Bai Yanqing’s hiding inside.”

Gu Beiyue smiled wordlessly. He knew that His Highness had noticed the oddity as well. Gu Qishao and Han Yunxi were both blueless. To them, the trees in the “forest” could be counted one by one. Within them was a collection of 20 or so graves, none of which offered any hiding places.

So where was Bai Yanqing?

Suddenly, Long Feiye pushed Gu Qishao into the woods. As soon as he took a step, he felt something wrong!

An array! Someone set one in the forest! It’s most likely Bai Yanqing, but where’s he hiding?

“Since it’s an array, don’t let go no matter what you see or experience,” Long Feiye muttered to Han Yunxi. Holding her tight, he entered the array along with Gu Beiyue. Han Yunxi was in disbelief.

When did he and Gu Beiyue study array formations? They can even recognize one before we step inside?

As soon as they entered the array, everything changed. Darkness surrounded them on all sides as the fields and forest faded away.

“Bai Yanqing is closeby, but I don’t know which direction,” Han Yunxi murmured back. She could sense Lil Thing’s presence.

Long Feiye nodded as he remained alert. Gu Beiyue knitted his brows on the side, calculating something to himself. Han Yunxi knew the two men were trying to figure out how to break through the array, so she didn’t interrupt. 

Gu Qishao didn’t last long before he asked, “Long Feiye, what kind of array is this?” He’d been studying it for awhile, but didn’t recognize it, much less the way to break it. Long Feiye didn’t answer as he continued to look back and forth between the various graves.

“Qishao, this is the most dangerous array formation in the Qimen Dunjia arts. Neither you nor the princess should wander off,” Gu Beiyue murmured back.

“It can’t be...the Seven Murders Array?” Gu Qishao grew alarmed. 

Gu Beiyue nodded while motioning him to quiet down. Gu Qishao quickly shut up, afraid to make a peep. The Seven Murders Array differed from others in that the creator had to remain within the formation to keep it intact. Perhaps Bai Yanqing was staring at them from somewhere right this moment?

Han Yunxi asked in a low voice, “You studied array formations too?”

Before Gu Qishao answered, he thought it over and shook his head. “I only know one or two things about it. I never studied earnestly.”

Han Yunxi didn’t ask any more, but Gu Qishao only felt bewildered.

All of us had three months to study, but why are the differences so great? We were all looking for her these months too, so none of us had time to sit down and learn it every second. Long Feiye even went onto the battlefield while Gu Beiyue was cleaning up the mess at Tianan Country!

How did those two study it? What a mess! Did they ask help from some high-level expert?

But Bai Yanqing was the heir to the Wind Clan. He should be the de facto expert in the skill, so who could exceed his abilities? 

The Seven Murders Array was first in the list of one hundred array formations. It was hard to set up and even harder to break. The reason for its name came from the fact that every step taken in the array would earn an attempt on one’s life. Each successive attempt was more vicious than the last, although the circumstances varied depending on the strength of the caster.

But Bai Yanqing was no small threat!

If they remained unmoving, it’d be impossible to break though. They’d be trapped here forever. Actually, waiting around was the best and most cost-effective way to break the aray. It was also the smart choice, because the creator of the array would last at most three days and three nights before dying of thirst or hunger. Unfortunately, they were dealing with an undying caster and couldn’t pick that choice.

Typical eight trigrams-inspired arrays followed the categories of Halt, Life, Hurt, Blockade, Scene, Death, Alarm, and Open. But the Seven Murders Array also had a trait of harboring seven “doors.” Of these doors, one would always be a dead end, but the door would be randomized with every step taken by the victim within the array. It might hide in the “Life” door or the “Hurt” door and turn them into “Life and Death” or “Dead and Injured” Doors.

In other words, the Seven Murders Array didn’t need to strictly follow the confines of the eight trigrams-inspired arrays. Even skilled array masters could lose themselves in the space and failed to find the exit. As Long Feiye and Gu Beiyue carefully studied the array formation, Han Yunxi and Gu Qishao kept guarded against their surroundings. Meanwhile, Bai Yanqing was hiding in the shadows. 

Currently, this array used the “Life and Death Door,” so the exit was hidden in the door of Death. He was waiting for Long Feiye’s group to charge right in. Bai Yanqing was already surprised that Long Feiye and Gu Beiyue could break through his arrays in the maze. He esteemed the men for their skills, but he refused to believe they could succeed this time! Even if their talent dashed to the skies, finding the “Life Door” exit would lead them to death all the same!

As long as he didn’t die and stuck around, the Life and Death Door would keep existing to seal their fates!

He’d like to see how Han Yunxi and Long Feiye could keep on dual cultivating if he kept them here for a few months. Thus, Bai Yanqing waited.

But a long time passed without Han Yunxi’s group taking a single step. This filled Bai Yanqing’s expression with contempt and scorn. He was prepared to wait a day or two until the group tracked down the location of his “Life Door,” but never thought they’d just come in and stand around!

Looks like Long Feiye and Gu Beiyue were simply blind cats who happened to catch a mouse when they broke through my previous arrays. They probably just ran into a formation they recognized. I really overestimated their skills!

Bai Yanqing had been on high alert, but slowly relaxed when he saw the group didn’t dare to move. Maybe I can have a good rest and play with them a bit longer. I had ways to torture them even if they don’t move!

But soon enough, Long Feiye spoke up. “Gu Beiyue, I’ve found the Life Door. What about you?”

Bai Yanqing gave a start before smiling coldly. As if I’d believe an act like that.

Long Feiye hadn’t even taken a single step, so how could he find the location of the Life Doo? Moreover, even if he did, why would he announce it out loud?

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