Chapter 1140: He can't keep pretending anymore

Would Bai Yanqing beg Long Feiye?

He still wanted to escape, but the only person he could attack right now was Gu Beiyue. Once that succeeded, he could successfully divert their attention and slip out of the maze. Han Yunxi’s group must have discovered the blueprints, so he had no more advantages here.

Escape was the only option!

Even if Han Yunxi could prevent Long Feiye from being poisoned, she couldn’t protect the world. He’d make them regret it as soon as he fled!

Ice crept into Bai Yanqing’s gaze before he said without hesitation, “Long Feiye, this old man begs spare me.”

“Bai Yanqing, you have to act the part if you’re begging for a favor,” Long Feiye said coldly.

Actually, he was hoping Bai Yanqing could get out of the rock already. How else were he and Han Yunxi supposed to torture him? They’d be letting Tang Li’s tears down if they didn’t beat him full of holes today! Long Feiye had been suppressing his temper all this time, but he was close to his limit. If he couldn’t vent on Bai Yanqing, who else could he pick?

“Your Highness Crown Prince, this old man begs you, please let me go,” Bai Yanqing finally turned obsequious.

Unfortunately, Long Feiye wasn’t satisfied.

“Say it one more time!” he demanded in the tone of an order.

Bai Yanqing’s temper flared, but he endured and repeated his words. Unfortunately, Long Feiye still wasn’t pleased and said expressionlessly, “Say it ten more times.”

“You!” Bai Yanqing fumed.

Long Feiye took Han Yunxi and prepared to leave. Without a choice, Bai Yanqing submitted for the sake of getting out. He repeated the request 10 times.

But Long Feiye still wouldn’t let him go.

“It’s a pity,” Long Feiye said, “I’m not the one who judges whether you should be released.”

“Long Feiye!” Bai Yanqing finally lost it and raged, “Don’t ask for a foot after getting an inch!”

“Then you can just wait! Gu Qishao, find some firewood for this crown prince. I’ll burn him for three days and three nights!” Long Feiye declared frostily.

Bai Yanqing immediately paled! It was extremely hard to bear the agony of being burned alive!

“Alright, just wait! I’ll be right back!” Gu Qishao hollered, but he didn’t budge from his perch.

Yet Long Feiye looked up and demanded, “Why aren’t you going yet?”

Gu Qishao grew alarmed and glanced at Gu Beiyue. “Is he serious?” he asked in an undertone.

“I’ll go. You just stand guard in case anything happens,” Gu Beiyue smiled before slipping past the vines to the exit byond.

“How will we burn him” Gu Qishao began to wonder.

Bai Yanqing finally knew true fear. He said, “West Qin princess, this old man begs you to let me out. If you want to seek revenge, do as you wish, as long as I’m out of here!”

Long Feiye said he couldn’t decide, which meant he wanted him to beg Han Yunxi. 

“How about this? Beg me ten times and I’ll let you out. We’ll fight another round and if you’re trapped by me, you’ll tell me the relationship between you and my mother?” Han Yunxi said.

Her words were more trustworthy than Long Feiye’s, so Bai Yanqing saw a sliver of hope, But he still feigned hesitation and hesitated before agreeing. After begging Han Yunxi ten times in a row, she laughed and said, “Bai Yanqing, did it feel good screwing with us in the past? Now I’m screwing with you and I think it’s quite fun.”

At last, Bai Yanqing’s face fell. He looked coldly at Han Yunxi and Long Feiye. Soon enough, Gu Beiyue returned with a stack of wood, and Long Feiye personally tossed them beneath the boulders by Bai Yanqing’s body.

“An undying body? Heh!” Long Feiye laughed and threw in a torch. “Bai Yanqing, this crown prince already told you to mean it when you beg for mercy! Just lie there and wait!”

The wood soon caught on fire. Although Bai Yanqing was half buried in dirt and didn’t get bruend, he still felt the scorching heat sweep over his body. Soon enough, the boulder turned red hot, much hotter than the wood! And it was pressing right against his body!

He couldn’t die or decay, but his body could still be injured. Although it healed very quickly, that meant it’d just get injured again! And every time he was wounded, it’d hurt! How long could he hold out? 

Long Feiye and Han Yunxi stood at a distance as they watched the flames swallow up Bai Yanqing’s figure. Still, neither of them budged nor pitied the man. They didn’t even think they were being cruel. Even if it was torture ten times, a hundred times, worse than this, it wouldn’t be enough to absolve Bai Yanqing of his crimes over the past few years!

The East and West Qin’s animosity, the slaughter at the peak of Celestial Mountain, Bai Yuqiao and Ning Jing’s deaths, little Yu’er’s torture, etc., were all things that Bai Yanqing couldn’t atone for with thousands of slashes or burning his body. 

As the heat of the boulder intensified with the flames, Bai Yanqing’s back was burnt to a crisp. Although Poison Gu humans could recover quickly, the new skin was quickly fried again by the high temperatures. The pain he felt far exceeded that of a normal burning! He grit his teeth and bore it. What carried him through was none other than the pure hatred he felt towards Mu Xin and that girl Han Yunxi! As well as his loathing of Long Feiye, the East Qin heir!

But how long could his hatred last?

In truth, hatred couldn’t support a thing! It would only give rise to more hatred until one turned insane! Insanity couldn’t support anything either and would only force a person to pay any price to get results. While it appeared to be a form of strength, it only destroyed one in the end.

The flames burned for one day and one night!

Long Feiye was secretly starting to admire Bai Yanqing’s endurance, but the man soon gave in next morning. He begged them in a pitiful tone, “Long Feiye, Han Yunxi, this old man begs you, please let me go.”

Long Feiye knew he wasn’t faking it, but he still scorned Bai Yanqing! Perhaps if the man had held out a little longer, they would have spared him without forcing him to beg. Long Feiye glanced at Gu Qishao and Gu Beiyue, and the two men waved back to show that they were still on guard.

Han Yunxi held onto Long Feiye and muttered, “No need to worry about poisons, I’ll keep watch.”

“I know,” Long Feiye had full faith in her.

He held Han Yunxi gently with one hand while raising his sword in the other. The end propping up the boulder suddenly exploded in a bright sword awn that thoroughly cleaved the rock in half! In the instant, Bai Yanqing soared into the air and started breaking through the vines. He wanted to escape, but saw Gu Qishao and Gu Beiyue guarding the exit. Immediately, he spread open his arms to summon a gale. 

Gu Qishao smiled coldly and waited for Bai Yanqing to get close before sending his vines to attack. Without a boulder to keep the man in place, he’d never release him. Bai Yanqing instantly swerved and went to attack Gu Beiyue, missing the fact that Long Feiye and Han Yunxi had already appeared behind him. As Bai Yanqing prepared to attack with wind again, Long Feiye suddenly slashed Bai Yanqing’s back with enough force to send him flying!

He flipped through the air out of control before crashing heavily against the ground, his body pierced through by arrows again!

Pain! Agony beyond description!

Bai Yanqing immediately flew up again, blood pouring from his wounds. Gu Beiyue had already returned to Gu Qishao’s side, leaving the battleground to Long Feiye and Han Yunxi. As Bai Yanqing hovered in mid-air, he realized the couple hadn’t released him so he could escape, but to torment him further in this space! Now that he’d missed his chance to target Gu Beiyue, regret filled his thoughts. All of his “begging” was for naught!

The more he thought, he angrier he felt! 

“Fine then!” he snapped, “This old man would like to see just what you can do to me!”

He remaining hovering in mid-air without moving! But Long Feiye’s sword didn’t stop! One slash knocked Bai Yanqing back to the ground again, impaling his body on the arrows. Bai Yanqing didn’t move, but sprawled over the weapons with a cold smile. Long Feiye swept up with his sword, drawing an arc of sword qi that send Bai Yanqing flying back up into the air. Then he smashed down the blade and pulverized Bai Yanqing against the floor of arrows again!

Long Feiye’s speed increased with his attacks, soon leaving Bai Yanqing’s body riddled with wounds. Even his healing abilities were failing to keep up with the injuries. Instead of an undying, he was more like a soulless puppet being tortured by Long Feiye as he pleased.

It hurt!

He admitted it! And he suddenly burst into guffaws. “Long Feiye, you guys can’t kill me! There’ll come a day I see you all grow old and di! Han Yunxi, do you think the baby in your womb is any match for me?”

Then he broke into wild, unrestrained laughter!

Perhaps Long Feiye and Han Yunxi’s son could learn their unparalleled martial arts skills, but there was no guarantee that he’d inherit his mother’s poison storage space. He was destined to win!

Long Feiye and Han Yunxi remained unmoved. They knew their child would have no interactions with Bai Yanqing in the future, no matter how great his martial arts skills were. That was because they’d take care of this man once and for all! Definitely!

Long Feiye never stopped swinging his sword. Once again, he sent Bai Yanqing plummeting into the arrows.

“This old man is telling you now, I’ll pay back what I suffered today a hundred-fold to your son! For sure!” Bai Yanqing yelled.

Still, Long Feiye and Han Yunxi remained mute as the former slashed up and down. Slice by slice, time and time again!

Bai Yanqing was soon abused beyond recognition, making for a pathetic sight. At last, he couldn’t keep pretending anymore and hollered, “Long Feiye, do you think this is fun? You’re just--”

Long Feiye slashed at his face. He couldn’t be bothered to listen to him talk.

Gu Qishao observed it all with interest. “Heheh, the old thing can’t take it anymore.”

Gu Beiyue observed, “He’s not being crushed under a boulder anymore. They should ask if he’s willing to beg for mercy.”

Immediately, Gu Qishao crowed, “Bai Yanqing, if you kneel down and kowtow to them thrice, I’ll speak up for you!”

Bai Yanqing didn’t get to reply before Long Feiye shot back, “There’s no chance of that, Gu Qishao!” 

Long Feiye was full of energy. He’d like to see just how Bai Yanqing would admit his wrongs and beg for mercy in the end. Unexpectedly, after Bai Yanqing crashed into a corner and fell into a bloodstained heap, the ground beneath him abruptly gave way until it caved in with him. 

But the blueprints hadn’t shown any traps in this area!

What had happened?

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