Chapter 1139: Bai Yanqing, will you beg?


In a flash, Bai Yanqing had been crushed beneath the giant boulder. Han Yunxi, Long Feiye, Gu Beiyue and Gu Qishao all stood on top of the rock. Even without their added weight, it was impossible for Bai Yanqing to repel the rock with his inner energy. Although they’d seen this cliff on the 3-D map, Han Yunxi’s group still couldn’t help an intake of breath. This Metal Cliff was simply a large stone cavern lined with sharp arrows who were even larger than spears! Moreover, each of their tips were coated in poison! 

Here was nothing but a sea of sharp points!

“Tsk tsk, if we fell in, we’d definitely die!” Gu Qishao sighed with emotion.

“Even I wouldn’t be able to escape at my speds,” Gu Beiyue wasn’t being modest, but telling the truth. The cliff was quite deep and the rock had toppled in but an instant. 

There was some distance between the top of the boulder and the other side, so Bai Yanqing couldn’t hear what they were saying. Currently, he was being crushed on one end and pierced on the other. It’d be a lie to say he wasn’t in agony! If not for his undying body, the sheer weight of the boulder would be enough to crush him to bits. Moreover, there were at least 20 arrows stabbing into him right now!

He hurt!

This was the first time he’d suffered so much in this lifetime. His entire body was wracked with pain, causing him to break out into a cold sweat. He even wished for death. Still, the thought quickly flitted away. Ever since Mu Xin left him, his only desire was to get even. How could he die now? He had to live well and see just who was right, him or Mu Xin!

His desire gave way to hatred, which calmed him down enough to realize that he’d been tricked by Han Yunxi’s group! They must have figured out this trap before to foil my plans. 

The thought only intensified his loathing! 

Those young’uns--especially that East Qin heir Long Feiye--how could they defeat me?

I’ll wait! Wait until they move the boulder aside!

He knew they couldn’t bear simply leaving him down here, which meant he had a chance! 

But in truth, Bai Yanqing had seriously underestimated Long Feiye. Currently, the man had already gotten Gu Beiyue to scope out their surroundings. This cliff was identical to the model depicted in the blueprints with its sole exit above them. 

Long Feiye said, “Gu Qishao, seal up the exit.”

Gu Qishao looked up at the gaping exit above them and thought it over before raising his hands. A few vines flew out of his sleeves and soon formed a huge, thorny web over the opening.

Han Yunxi was shocked by the sight. “So many vines!”

Gu Qishao shook his head. “I’m a little dizzy after growing so many. I’ll leave Bai Yanqing to you while I take care of sealing this up.”

So speaking, he flew up to one of the vines and sat on it like a swing. Han Yunxi and the rest couldn’t tell he was lightheaded at all.

“You Highness, princess, I’ll guard the exit with Gu Qishao. The rest will be left to you,” Gu Beiyue said. Under such narrow circumstances, they had no fear of Bai Yanqing running away. Moreover, the princess guaranteed that his poisons would be completely ineffective. Although their enemy possessed an undying body, His Highness’s martial arts made it difficult for the man to face them head on. Gu Qishao was also on standby in case he tried anything dangerous. Right now they held an absolute advantage, so Gu Beiyue was at ease. He had simply chosen to retreat because he knew neither the princess nor His Highness would show mercy this time. They were going to be completely ruthless.

He was a man who disliked cruelty, but he wouldn’t oppose their choices.

As Gu Beiyue flew towards Gu Qishao, Long Feiye and Han Yunxi landed amongst the arrows. The giant boulder had covered Bai Yanqing so completely that they couldn’t even see his head. Long Feiye took out Profound Frost Sword and nudged the boulder aside until they spotted Bai Yanqing’s head. It was buried deep in the dirt, but he slowly lifted his face to look at them.

“Heheh, did you guys want to trap me? If you have any skills, you can keep me here,” Bai Yanqing chuckled coldly. But Long Feiye simply withdrew his sword, allowed the boulder to crash down again. He and Han Yunxi clearly heard Bai Yanqing’s cry of pain. 

Cold amusement flashed through Long Feiye’s eyes. He brought Han Yunxi back to the top of the boulder before gathering Lustbite energy to his food. Then he stomped down, forcing the boulder to settle even deeper into the ground. Soon enough, it had sank three inches deep. Heaven knows what kind of pressure Bai Yanqing was feeling underfoot? His back, bones, and organs were all being crushed. So was his face!

It was so painful he couldn’t help releasing his inner energy to block the pressure, but soon realized his reserves weren’t even half of Long Feiye’s.

He couldn’t block anything!

It hurts!

He couldn’t take the agony, but Long Feiye kept going with no signs of stopping. Just how long was this torture going to last? 

At the same time, Lil Thing could sense Mama Yunxi’s presence closeby in Bai Yanqing’s poison storage space as well as Bai Yanqing’s feelings of pain. It was thrilled and started running around the space, jumping up and down. It was no longer a small squirrel, but back to its tall and mighty snow wolf form. Jumping about like this made him a mini disaster brought to life!

Bai Yanqing had trapped it for so long that it’d long cleared out everything in his poison storage space. Although the things here disgusted Lil Thing, they sped up his recovery. Currently, it was even stronger than before. It excitedly bared its fangs and claws before shifting back to its squirrel form. Then it leaped into the air and transformed back in its wolf form to crash onto the ground. It got addicted to the game, shifting back and forth between its forms before it grew exhausted.

Bai Yanqing was simply writhing in misery and pain. 

Lil Thing finally ended up sitting and wondering what Mama Yunxi was doing outside. Its paws hung in front of its chest like a real squirrel as it tried to think of how she was tormenting Bai Yanqing.

Why is it taking so long?

As it mused, it took out one of its secret stores of poison and prepared to munch on it until it noticed its two large white claws. Giving a start, it realized it was still in snow wolf form, which didn’t fit the image of acting cute. It got to its feet and raised its noble head before giving a howl to recover its dignity.

Lil Thing had already mixed up its two forms in the midst of fooling around. 

Meanwhile, Bai Yanqing was still suffering in pain! The giant boulder had sank down an entire foot! He finally gave out, but it was impossible to even scream with his body crushed beneath the rock. Besides feeling the pain, he could do nothing else. 

Long Feiye and Hai Yunxi wouldn’t just leave it at this. Unless they made Bai Yanqing pay back for his deeds in spades, they would never be able to vent their temper. Unless they avenged Ning Jing, they would never calm down.

It was good that Bai Yanqing couldn’t die!

They’d make him suffer a fate worse than death!

On top of the boulder, Long Feiye looked at Han Yunxi and waited. She was currently sitting on the rock and slowly eating her rations with warm water. Han Yunxi was used to chewing slowly and precisely when she ate. Today was especially time-consuming as she was dealing with dry field rations. Still, Long Feiye didn’t find her slow at all and would even remind her to go slower to avoid choking.

Above in the vines, Gu Beiyue and Gu Qishao were waiting and watching too.

If Bai Yanqing knew the three men were casually watching Han Yunxi eat while he was being crushed to death, how would he feel?

A long while later, Han Yunxi finally filled her stomach. Long Feiye noticed that her appetite seemed bigger than before. Even before her pregnancy, he had urged her to eat, so now he asked, “Eat a little more?”

“No, it’ll be uncomfortable if I’m too stuffed. I need to eat lots of smaller meals,” Han Yunxi said as she stroke her stomach.

“Do you want to rest a bit?” Long Feiye asked next.

“No need. It’s better to work after one’s full!” Han Yunxi grinned. Her satisfied smile left Gu Beiyue and Gu Qishao grinning as well. As their eyes met, their expressions froze and turned awkward.

Gu Qishao took out a small bundle of rations and offered it to Gu Beiyue. “Here.”

“No need, leave it for the princess,” Gu Beiyue refused.

“I’m not hungry either…” Gu Qishao muttered to himself.

Were these four fellows here to deal with Bai Yanqing or have a vacation? 

Of course it was the former! 

Now Han Yunxi rose to her feet, warming up her arms and legs before patting her stomach. “Little fellow, join father and mother in teaching this villain a lesson!”

Long Feiye and Han Yunxi flew back down to the ground, where he lifted the boulder with Profound Frost Sword again. Bai Yanqing was almost in too much pain to lift his head. He finally realized that even an undying body had its weaknesses, such as sheer exhaustion.

“Bai Yanqing, if you beg this crown prince, I’ll let you out,” Long Feiye said coldly.

Bai Yanqing slowly raised his head at them, his eyes filled with contempt.

Would he beg?

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