Chapter 1124: Long time no see, young fellows

It’s a trap!

The voices of the hostages came from two directions without stop. This seemed less like Bai Yanqing whipping his victims and more like his attempts to goad them out. Otherwise, why imprison the hostages in opposite ends of the maze? Why flog them at the same time? If the screams were intermittent, then Long Feiye might not think of it much, but this continuous stream made him suspicious.

Gu Qishao stopped at his words and felt things were off. “Long Feiye, is this a scheme to lure the snake out of its cave?”

“But who is he trying to lure?” Long Feiye asked coldly.

Gu Qishao rested his back against the wall and crossed his arms, narrowing his eyes at Long Feiye. Looks like this fellow’s guessed something.

Still, he only asked, “Who do you think?”

Long Feiye suddenly had the urge to toss this fellow to Tang Li and trade for Gu Beiyue instead. Instead of answering, he tossed back, “To Ning Jing’s side, quickly!”

If Bai Yanqing wanted to lure a snake out of its hole, then there were two possibilities: 1) he already knew they were here but couldn’t find them because the maze was too big; 2) his greatest hope--that is, Han Yunxi escaped and so Bai Yanqing was forced to use his remaining hostages to threaten her. Whatever the case, it was bait, so their best choice was to ignore the screams. As long as Bai Yanqing failed to achieve his goals, he wouldn’t kill the hostages. 

But now they had to hurry up and find Ning Jing because Tang Li wouldn’t be able to bear it. Nor could Gu Beiyue coax him otherwise. Currently, Tang Li and Gu Beiyue should be on their way to track down the source of Ning Jing’s screams. Instead of leaving them to face Bai Yanqing alone, it was better for him and Gu Qishao to join them. Even if they couldn’t find Han Yunxi, it was fine to subdue Bai Yanqing first!

At this thought, Long Feiye glanced back at Gu Qishao and said, “Gu Qishao, it’s time for you to take action!”

“I’m on standby anytime!” Gu Qishao was no fool. Although he hadn’t thought as deeply as Long Feiye and considered all his bases, he more or less understood this was a trap. Their best choice was to meet up with Gu Beiyue and Tang Li. However, he was too lazy to think anywhere beyond that. The best part about following Long Feiye was not having to use your brain. Such complicated schemes and snares of the human heart were too complex and exhausting. Moreover, Long Feiye could think of things he wouldn’t even be able to consider.

His only goal upon entering this maze was to fight! He’d thrash Bai Yanqing as soon as he saw him! Although he wasn’t a Poison Gu human and had no idea why he couldn’t die or decay, he knew he was much younger than Bai Yanqing. Comparatively speaking, Bai Yanqing was an old man while he was a young junior. He’d like to see how a young Undying and an old Undying matched up!

Ning Jing’s screams weren’t very constant, but neither did she stop. Despite this being a maze, it was still possible to pinpoint her location by ear. Long Feiye and Gu Qishao hastened forward while Gu Beiyue and Tang Li dashed on. Although they went off track a few times, they still found the right route to keep advancing in the end. One pair came from the west, the other from the east. They were getting closer and closer to Ning Jing’s spot, which meant there was less chance for wrong turns. 

Meanwhile, Han Yunxi and Fourth Young Miss Ren had long heard the screams as well from their location in the maze. The latter was too frightened to react, while the former was leaning against the wall, listening deep in thought. It had to be said that she was wavering and still uncertain of what to do. She knew Long Feiye’s group had deciphered her messages and should have arrived, or else Bai Yanqing would never demand them to explain the prescriptions. However, she didn’t know whether his group had already infiltrated the underground palace to this maze. Bai Yanqing’s actions were undoubtedly meant to lure her out.

As long as she stayed put, Bai Yanqing wouldn’t dare to truly hurt Ning Jing and Su Xiaoyu. In fact, if she managed to find the exit, he’d make sure neither of them died. She knew the best decision was to escape, perhaps even meet up with Long Feiye and the others. That would be the fundamental way to rescue Ning Jing and Su Xiaoyu. But still, that meant those two would have to suffer!

What should I do?

Fourth Young Miss Ren was dragged her by the wrist by Han Yunxi and still recovering her wits. Her heart was anxious and restless as she sat on the ground hugging her knees. Han Yunxi finally exhaled and asked, “Fourth Young Miss Ren, Bai Yanqing wants to lure us out. What do you say we should do?”

Fourth Young Miss Ren finally lifted her head. “I, I…”

Helpless, Han Yunxi dropped the question. Medical practitioners, especially surgeons who had to perform surgery, had stronger hearts than normal people. Still, even the sturdiest hearts had their bottom lines. Fourth Young Miss Ren had never experienced fighting or slaughter and was already behaving exceptionally by not breaking down. 

Han Yunxi should be comforting her, but she really wasn’t in the mood. She was desperate! Heaven knows what Ning Jing and Su Xiaoyu were suffering through right now? 

At this moment, Fourth Young Miss Ren asked, “Princess, I, I don’t understand anything, but….but why are the voices coming from two different directions?”

Immediately, Han Yunxi was reminded of something! As soon as Fourth Young Miss Ren finished speaking, she blurted out, “Our rescuers are already in the maze! That must be it!”

If Bai Yanqing wanted to lure her out, simply one hostage would be enough. Why torture two at the same time from different directions? It was impossible for him to be in two places at once, no matter how powerful he was! He could only choose to be with one hostage. If he was with Su Xiaoyu, then wouldn’t he worry about her seeking out Ning Jing? Although his subordinates were skilled in martial arts and poisons, none of them could beat her in a fight.

Bai Yanqing would simply be asking for trouble this way!

That meant the only reason was because Bai Yanqing wanted to lure both her and the intruders into the open, thus splitting them up! The “others” were of course Long Feiye’s group. Fourth Young Miss Ren had only been curious, but she didn’t understand all this. 

Han Yunxi paused and said, “Fourth Young Miss Ren, still here and don’t move. I’m going to take a look.”

Fourth Young Miss Ren nervously grabbed Han Yunxi’s hand and wanted to speak, but didn’t dare. In the end, she let go. Han Yunxi knew that the girl was worried she wouldn’t come back again if she left just like that.

She crouched down and looked at her seriously. “When I leave, it might be a long time before I come back. Or I might not come back at all.”

“I know!” Fourth Young Miss Ren lowered her head, afraid to meet Han Yunxi’s eyes.

“If you come with me…”

Before Han Yunxi could finish, Fourth Young Miss Ren interrupted, “I’ll be in even more danger and burden you! I choose to stay!”

Han Yunxi took out a pill and said, “This is a type of slow-acting poison. It’ll only take effect in one year, but the poison won’t hurt the body. Once you ingest this, it’ll be easier for me to find you in the future. I can find poisoned people very fast.”

The maze here was huge. Although Han Yunxi was more or less certain it was based on a hive, she still didn’t know her relative location to all of the pathways. Once she went far, it would be had to double back. She could only rely on her detox system as a pathfinder. Moreover, the one-year limit was prudent enough for her means. If she couldn’t return within a year, she might as well give up on coming back at all. 

Han Yunxi assumed Fourth Young Miss Ren would hesitate, but she downed the pill right away. Noting this action in her heart, she kept silent. For a while, she was worried that Fourth Young Miss Ren would be too weak to shoulder this risk and cry for her to get them out of here. 

The people that Gu Beiyue pick are really reliable. No matter what, she’d do her best to protect Fourth Young Miss Ren. A girl like this would definitely be beneficial for the medical academy and its future! 

After giving her a few comforting words, Han Yunxi quickly set off. She was afraid of Ning Jing’s voice stopping at any time, because it’d make it harder for her to track the woman down. Unfortunately, Han Yunxi had just ran a long way to get close enough before Ning Jing’s cries halted. Soon enough, Su Xiaoyu stopped screaming too.

Han Yunxi was so angry she could kick the wall, but forced herself to calm down. Even if she couldn’t find Ning Jing, she couldn’t afford to reveal her location! 

Could the cries have stopped because Long Feiye’s group tracked them down?

Without hesitation, Han Yunxi carefully advanced. She didn’t dare walk too fast or too far, afraid that she’d pick the wrong path and go off in a different direction. Simultaneously, Long Feiye’s group of four had already joined up together in front of a stone doorway. Ning Jing’s screams clearly came from within, but by the time they ran over, there was no one inside. Long Feiye personally held Tang Li by the collar before he dashed into the room. It was clear that the trap was inside.

Bai Yanqing was hiding in the shadows of the room, surveying them with a cold air. His original plan was to lure Han Yunxi out and scatter these men, but who knew all four of them would gather here? Moreover, there was no sign of Han Yunxi whatsoever!

Well, since they’re here, I don’t mind gathering a few more hostages. I can lock up Long Feiye too.

Currently, Cloud Realm Continent’s chessboard was already set. If Long Feiye and Han Yunxi, as two leaders, both vanished, then the East and West Qin factions would definitely give him a good show. Then peace would never come to the continent again!

Long Feiye’s group hovered by the doorway, refusing to go in. Bai Yanqing’s lips curved up into a cold smirk before he pressed on a switch and walked out from the shadows.

With a chuckle, he greeted, “Long time no see, young fellows…”

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