Chapter 1111: A definite address

When Han Yunxi heard Ning Jing and Su Xiaoyu’s names, her heart finally settled into her chest. She knew she had succeeded. Ning Jing might not be able to help with much, but that girl little Yu’er definitely could! 

As expected, Bai Yanqing picked her up princess style and hurried out of the little dark room. They walked for a long time in the hallway before jumping into a dark hole. The entire way, Han Yunxi kept her attention on the surroundings  and was certain she was in some sort of underground chamber. The Poison Sect’s poison storehouse contained a huge underground palace, but they’d already destroyed it! Were there other secret palaces they didn’t know about?

Han Yunxi had once thought of summoning all sorts of poison beasts to her once she escaped the little dark room, or maybe causing some upheaval in the poison fields above to catch the attention of her poison guards. But now it seemed that’d be tricky even though she was out. She descended deeper with Bai Yanqing, but found to her surprise that it was brighter the deeper they went. It wasn’t some sort of underground chamber like she imagined. Soon enough, they had landed on the ground.

Han Yunxi realized this was a cave on an overhanging cliff, and the light came from outside. This place was similar to the underground palace she’d seen before. Despite being below the ground, it was technically hidden within the mountain itself. They could see mountain cliffs all the same once they emerged from its depths. The Poison Sect’s poison fields only contained two major mountain ranges. Once was called Clearbreeze Peak while the other went by Monarch Peak. They had destroyed the secret storehouse of Monarch Peak, which meant this might be Clearbreeze Peak. Between the two mountain ranges stood a verdant forest that was the location of the Poison Sect’s sacrificial altar!

Han Yunxi stared at the piercing light shining in from the cave entrance as if it was the light of hope. Meanwhile, Bai Yanqing’s guards had immediately pushed open a stone door in the cave when they arrived, revealing Ning Jing and Su Xiaoyu rapped instead. Bai Yanqing hadn’t paid them much mind since successfully kidnapping Han Yunxi. Both figures were sitting on the stone seat and speaking when they saw him carry Han Yunxi inside. Surprised by the sight, they rose to their feet. Before Bai Yanqing spoke, they noticed all the blood flowing from Han Yunxi’s lower body. 

By now the baby was already five months old. Although the signs weren’t obvious, Ning Jing could tell Han Yunxi was pregnant at a glance.

“Put her down! Lie her flat, quickly!” Ning Jing shouted.

Although she was no doctor, she had experienced pregnancy firsthand and knew a little more than the others. Han Yunxi must have gotten into some sort of trouble to induce a miscarriage. The worse thing to do to her now was move her about. She had to lie still and not move.

Resentful of the cries, Bai Yanqing set Han Yunxi down and said coldly, “It was a poison-induced miscarriage, but I’ve already cured the toxin. The doctors are on the way, so you two think of something! If anything happens to her, both of you will accompany her in death!”

If a casual onlooker passed by this scene, they’d never be able to guess that Bai Yanqing had kidnapped Han Yunxi in the first place. But neither Ning Jing nor Su Xiaoyu could be bothered with details right now. Ning Jing quickly went to cover Han Yunxi up with a quilt while Su Xiaoyu hastened to take her pulse. Han Yunxi had already shut her eyes to feign unconsciousness, but she knew Bai Yanqing and Hao San were still standing nearby.

After following Gu Beiyue for so long, Su Xiaoyu knew a thing or two, especially since her innate talent was even better than Baili Mingxiang’s. She realized something was off as soon as she took the pulse. Master might have affected the fetus and lost a lot of blood, but there’s no signs of miscarriage! Where did all her blood come from?

If a miscarriage had caused this much bleeding, then the baby would be in mortal danger right now. Even the mother would be in peril. However, the current pulse told her that Han Yunxi only needed medicine and a month’s worth of bedrest to keep the child. Master’s current straits weren’t caused by a miscarriage, but her bleeding wounds. The consequences would be severe if they couldn’t stop the bleeding!

Su Xiaoyu was a shrewd girl. She looked at her master and saw her eyes shut tight and guessed more or less what was happening. Turning to Bai Yanqing, she cried, “Paper and brush, quickly. I need to write a prescription to stop the bleeding! If it’s any later, forget about the baby--even the mother will be lost! Hurry!”

“How do we stop the bleeding?” Hao San asked.

Before Bai Yanqing could scold him, Su Xiaoyu was already raging. “You think this is a knife gash or something? Do you think any blood-stopping medication will work?!”

“Give her brush and paper!” Bai Yanqing said icily.

Hao San hastened to get the items while Su Xiaoyu wrote down a bunch of ingredients, both to stop the bleeding and calm the fetus. “You need to be fast, absolutely definitely fast!”

Her agitation caused the whole room to feel a chill, but Bai Yanqing still reviewed the prescription to make sure Su Xiaoyu hadn’t put other intentions into the ingredients before letting Hao San fetch the items. They were extremely close to Medical City from their present location, so there was no fear of missing anything. Ning Jing had no idea about the truth and had even started crying despite her stalwart frame. She stood helplessly on one side, thus further convincing Bai Yanqing of Su Xiaoyu’s claims. Su Xiaoyu’s eyes flickered with a complicated expression. Although she was hesitant, she decided to steel her heart and gamble this once. Pretending to be nervous and in a rush, she lifted the quilt and even raised Han Yunxi’s skirts halfway before she glared at Bai Yanqing.

“You, get out!” she snarled.

If Bai Yanqing hadn’t been worried about Han Yunxi losing her life, would he bear being shouted at by both Ning Jing and Su Xiaoyu today?

“What are you doing?” he asked guardedly.

“Examining her! If the situation’s bad, we can only forget about the baby to preserve the mother!” Su Xiaoyu said seriously.

“No!” Ning Jing stood up straight. While Su Xiaoyu might have been acting, she was genuinely panicked and grieved. Pulling at Su Xiaoyu’s hand, she sobbed, “Isn’t there any other way?”

As a mother, this was the last thing she wanted to happen.

“Big sister Jing, don’t be like this! I have to check her quickly, or else if we waste time here…” Su Xiaoyu didn’t finish before pushing Ning Jing aside.

Bai Yanqing backed out and ordered people to shut the door while he personally stood guard in front to wait. Even with the three of them cooped up inside, they couldn’t do anything. Bai Yanqing would never know how much he’d underestimated the little girl Su Xiaoyu.

Once the stone door was shut, Han Yunxi immediately opened her eyes, giving Ning Jing a fright. Before she could scream, Su Xiaoyu muffled her and muttered, “Guard the door in case they burst in unexpectedly.”

Ning Jing had no idea what was going on, but did as she was told. Han Yunxi dearly wanted to stop the bleeding herself, but she didn’t dare move. Although the poison was gone, she really did show minor symptoms of miscarriage. She had to be prudent and careful after losing so much blood and weakening her body. If she lost too much from the bleeding on her legs and induced a real miscarriage, everything would be over. After all, if anything happened to the little fellow in her womb, she would have no face to see Long Feiye in this lifetime.

“Master, you have medicine to stop the bleeding, right?” Su Xiaoyu asked as she lifted her skirts.

Han Yunxi handed it to her right away. “Little girl, long time no see. You’re still so smart.”

Su Xiaoyu didn’t speak, but used the fastest speed to treat Han Yunxi’s wounds and wrap them up. Once she was sure there were no issues, she set the dress back down again and covered her with the quilt. Looking at Han Yunxi, she said seriously, “Master, little Yu’er missed you.”

Han Yunxi pinched her cheeks and said helplessly, “It’s master who should apologize for not being able to save you.”

“Fortunately, little Yu’er wasn’t rescued. Otherwise, master’s act today wouldn’t fly!” Su Xiaoyu muttered.

Han Yunxi gestured for Su Xiaoyu to come closer before she muttered, “Little Yu’er, this is the Poison Sect’s Clearbreeze Peak’s underground palace. Find a way to write a prescription that gets these words out. This is our only way to survive.”

Su Xiaoyu was stunned. “How do you know?”

“I can’t be wrong!” Han Yunxi declared. “You don’t need to send out all the words at once. Do it slowly, we still have five months to spare. I’ll need to take medicine for at least a month so you’ll have plenty of chances. Bai Yanqing’s very sharp, so you must be careful.”

“Understood!” Su Xiaoyu nodded.

Han Yunxi was still worried and added, “They went to catch doctors from Medical City, but all of their doctors are our people. Let’s act according to discretion.”

“Alright,” Su Xiaoyu nodded seriously.

To write a prescription that would escape Bai Yanqing’s eyes when it was sent out, then elicit the notice of the pharmacist fulfilling the order, was no easy task! 

At this moment, Ning Jing walked over and murmured, “What’s going on? Bai Yanqing seems to be very anxious about the baby?”

Han Yunxi told them the whole story in hushed tones until Ning Jing creased her brows and asked, “How could you dare?”

“I had no other way. Unless I took this risk, its father and I will both lose our lives, to say nothing of the baby,” Han Yunxi stroked her stomach softly while suppressing her own remorseful heart.

Su Xiaoyu adjusted her emotions before going to open the stone door and shouting, “Medicine! Where’s the medicine? Why isn’t it here yet?!”

“What’s the situation?” Bai Yanqing asked.

“For now her life’s not in danger and I’ve saved the baby as well, but if the medicine isn’t here, even Doctor Gu won’t be able to do anything!” Little Yu’er was anxious enough to stomp her feet.

Bai Yanqing paced back and forth. Meanwhile, Han Yunxi pretended to suddenly awake and get off the bed, only for Ning Jing to play along and stop her. “Han Yunxi, are you insane? Do you want to throw your life away?”

“I don’t want it anymore!” Han Yunxi said coldly word by word.

Seeing this, Bai Yanqing grabbed Su Xiaoyu by the throat and threatened, “Stinkin’ lass, if you die, I’ll make everyone else join you!”

Now Han Yunxi didn’t dare to move. Ning Jing quickly had her lie back down, where she looked hopelessly at the ceiling. Meanwhile, her heart secretly sighed in relief. At this moment, two guards arrived with a female doctor in tow. Little Yu’er had never seen her before, but Ning Jing found her very familiar, although she couldn’t recall why. Before Little Yu’er could report the results of her examination, Bai Yanqing stopped her.

The female doctor’s face showed signs of crying. She looked at Ning Jing and wanted to speak, but held herself back as she stood foolishly in place.

“Why aren’t you going over to see yet?!” Hao San urged.

Startled, the female doctor quickly headed for the bed, only to be stunned by the sight of Han Yunxi…

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