Chapter 110-1: The translator exceeds all expectations

This was a fake PGC announcement (and survey) for April Fools in 2017.

The fake Chapter 111 teaser follows this page.

Chapter 110:The assassin translator exceeds all expectations Original and most updated translations are from volare. If read elsewhere, this chapter has been stolen. Please stop supporting theft.

Han Yunxi: Hold it! You there, you're a reader, right? Then I bet you want more chapters and quicker releases!

Mu Qingwu: In order to facilitate the speed of PGC releases, the translator has decided from now on to shorten all the chapters!

Han Yunxi: That's right. We'll skip all the boring exposition and go straight to the plot! Story arcs will be concluded in one paragraph summaries or similar, while dialogue will be inserted between them to explain what's going on!

Mu Qingwu: We'll start our first experiment with Chapter 111 on Monday, so leave us your feedback!

Han Yunxi: There will also be weekly surveys for readers to decide which character deserves more screentime! The translator will focus on translating/publishing their parts in the novel first. Of course, spoilers will be placed under relevant tags.

Mu Qingwu: Additionally, readers unhappy with the plot can petition to change a story arc of their choice to suit their preferences! They'll be rewritten by the translator and tagged under "PGC AU" (for Alternate Universe) on the volare site.

Han Yunxi: Although this is a new idea, the translator is confident that it'll help to flesh out the PGC novel experience. 

Mu Qingwu: Here's our first survey for this week! Please take the time to fill it out for the series' sake!

If you're lost about character names, check out the list/relationship diagram in the PGC glossary!

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Han Yunxi: On behalf of the PGC cast, we thank you all for continuing to follow this novel! Look forward to Poison Genius Consort: The Abridged Series, coming to volare next time!

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