Chapter 1096: Willing to part with one's sweetheart

Long Feiye glared at Han Yunxi, who allowed him to stare as she grinned. Outside, the shadow guard kept waiting. Soon enough, Long Feiye rose and Han Yunxi followed, slowly straightening up her clothes and hair. She was about to look in the mirror and check her face when Long Feiye said, “Take him to see Ning Cheng. It’s been so long since master and servant met, they could probably talk an entire night.”

“Yes!” the shadow guard obeyed and left. Although he was gone, Long Feiye had said those words for Han Yunxi’s benefit!

An entire night…

Han Yunxi’s mouth twitched as she prepared to get off the couch, but Long Feiye soon pressed close and murmured, “Beloved consort, shall we...continue?”

“Deputy General Xue should have plenty to say to us too. He and Ning Cheng shouldn’t take an entire night,” Han Yunxi said seriously.

“When you’re on this crown prince’s couch, you can only say one name,” Long Feiye murmured by her ear in warning. “This is the last time.”

Han Yunxi looked up at the ceiling with a wry grin. How could a guy like him say words like that? Meanwhile, Long Feiye began leaving a trail of kisses down her neck, leaving her incapable of considering anything else as her thoughts turned disordered. Although he only took her once that night, it was far gentler and considerate than any time in the past. She leaned against his naked chest and listened to his strong heartbeat.

Whether he was domineering, unyielding, soft, or thoughtfuly, he would always be passionately devoted to her after the act. If she was still awake, he’d definitely hold her in his arms and talk until she fell asleep.

“Have you been tired recently?” he asked gently.

She finally realized that he was afraid of tiring her! Indeed, she’d been feeling exhausted. She hadn’t stopped cultivating her poison storage space all this time. Perhaps she’d been too busy too, because whenever she stopped to rest these days, she’d feel weary. It was like the lazy days of spring.

“I really have!” Han Yunxi remarked.

“Sleep then. Don’t worry about the army’s matters.” Long Feiye turned over and pulled Han Yunxi into his arms even as his long legs crossed over her waist. He was too tall, so if he wanted to, he could perfectly fit her into his embrace. Han Yunxi fell silent a while until Long Feiye wasn’t moving and assumed he’d fallen asleep. Carefully, she reached out a hand to touch Long Feiye’s sturdy chest.

Long Feiye wasn’t asleep at all, but was gazing at the woman in his arms with hooded eyes as she acted naughty. She understood him all too well. If he was really asleep, touching him like that would definitely wake him up. Thus, he had to be fully aware of her now. Still, she didn’t stop but soon proceeded to bury her face against him with kisses.

“You’ve grown daring, have you?” Finally, he had to speak up.

If this went on, Heaven knows what he’d do next. He’d experienced all the vissitudes of the world and its threats, but could never fight back against her gentleness, even if it was one movement or one sentence. 

She didn’t dare meet his gaze as she murmured, “Long Feiye, let’s do it one more time, alright?”

Although she was a little tired and somewhat fearful of his appetite, she already told herself she’d try hard![1] She wanted to see him dote on a daughter and birth him a son identical to his father.

“No good!” Long Feiye refused ruthlessly. 

She was about to lift her head when he added, “But doing it two more times is up for discussion!”

Up for discussion? Han Yunxi had already surrendered utterly. 

That night was one for the imagination…


The next day, they met Deputy General Xue when it was almost noon. Ning Cheng had really talked with him all night, not only of military matters, but all the skirmishes between the Di Clan and East Qin’s army while he was absent. Deputy General Xue had ulterior motives--not for himself, but the entire Di Clan.

Ning Cheng only listened without expressing any views. His stance was inscrutable to Deputy General Xue, who didn’t dare say any more. His cannon troops and 30,000 cavalrymen were stationed nearby. 20 li from here was Skyriver City, the biggest city in Northern Li’s southern regions and Jun Yixie’s old haunt.

After news of Jun Yixie’s death spread, his Great General Yuwen Guang (宇文广)[2] had immediately combined the two major army factions east and west of the city and declared his independence. This was the hardest bone to chew in Northern Li’s southern regions. If they could take it down, it’d be easy enough to capture the entire southern region before winter fell.

Deputy General Xue had come to take Ning Cheng back to the army and wait for East Qin’s army to catch up. His plan with Baili Yuanlong was to concentrate the strongest forces and have quick battles to take down Northern Li’s southern regions before winter fell. Once the cold season passed, they would continue to head north.

Currently, they had the premptive. Even if the Northern Li emperor wanted to fight back, he lacked the strength. Ning Cheng agreed with his tactics and was looking forward to the day when he met Baili Yuanlong once more. With a clan head like him present, Deputy General Xue had no right to talk. Although he was curious to know why the princess and His Highness weren’t personally leading the charge to raise morale, he didn’t dare ask and ended up standing behind Ning Cheng.

Han Yunxi gave Ning Cheng a bottle of antidote and told him a few things to watch out for. His poison was more or less a non-issue now. Once everything was set, Han Yunxi and company set out on their own journey after lunch. Before departure, Ning Cheng said, “Princess, this subordinate has a presumptuous request.”

Han Yunxi sat back down as Ning Cheng continued, “This subordinate would like to borrow Jin Zi.”

Han Yunxi didn’t have to ask to know what he was planning. As Ning Cheng understood Manager Jin best, she had no worries handing the man to him. 

“He was your man to begin with, no need to borrow,” Han Yunxi replied.

“Then this subordinate makes bold to ask princess to return the indenture agreement,” Ning Cheng said respectfully.

A complicated look flickered past Han Yunxi’s eyes before she ordered someone to bring Jin Zi over. Under his gaze, she took out the indenture agreement and handed it to Ning Cheng. Then she told Jin Zi, “Hey, don’t look for me in the future if you want your indenture agreement back.”

The chilly-faced Jin Zi didn’t reply. Han Yunxi’s gaze slowly shifted to Mu Linger on the side and said brusquely, “Linger, let’s go!”

“Mu Linger, you’re leaving?” Jin Zi blurted out. He regretted it as soon as he did. He had agreed to give her a year’s time, after all. Still, everyone had already heard him, so he simply risked it and waited for her reply.

Mu Linger never expected Jin Zi to question her in public. Her first reaction was to look outside. Although she hadn’t seen Qi gege for days, she knew he had to be on the roof right now. Like that, she remained silent without an answer.

Long Feiye murmured to Han Yunxi, “I’ll wait for you on the carriage.”

Once he left, Gu Beiyue quietly followed him out. Ning Cheng didn’t dawdle either and muttered to Deputy General Xue, “To the rear courtyard, we have matters to discuss regarding the armaments.”

As master and servant departed, only Manager Jin, Mu Linger, and Han Yunxi were left in the room. If this was any other day, Han Yunxi would be long gone with Long Feiye, but since this concerned the rest of Mu Linger’s life and even her mortal safety, she stayed behind. She didn’t speak and waited in silence like Jin Zi. 

Despite everyone’s departure, Mu Linger was still staring out the doorway. She knew that as long as her big sister was still here, Qi gege would still be sitting on the roof. She suddenly rushed outside to look up. As expected, there was Gu Qishao on the roof, a stalk of grass in his mouth as he stared into the distance. Heaven knows what he was looking at, but Mu Linger was sure he had overheard what went on inside.

Seeing her run out, Gu Qishao glanced down and grinned. “Where’s your big sis? Still dawdling around instead of coming out?”

At his words, Han Yunxi walked out with Jin Zi. Gu Qishao immedaitely hopped down and chuckled, “Poison lass, let’s get going!”

Qi gege probably thinks I’ll stay behind with Jin Zi, right? Still, nothing hurt her as much as the line, Tsk tsk, my family’s foolish lass has finally grown up and stopping clinging to Qi gege.

Mu Linger ran over to grabbed Gu Qishao by the arm. “Qi gege, Linger will be going with you guys too!”

Gu Qishao allowed her to hold him as he dotingly rubbed her hair with a smile. “Well, well! You’re willing to part with your sweetheart now of all times?”

Mu Linger didn’t answer, but gave Gu Qishao an intimate smile as she purposely ignored Jin Zi.[3] Jin Zi simply stood in place unmoving as he stared at her. 

Mu Linger’s different attitudes were such polar opposites of each other than Han Yunxi was less inclined to believe she liked Jin Zi.

“Let’s go!” she left first.

Gu Qishao, that unconscionable man, only knew he’d made his stance clear to Mu Linger that night and assumed everything was done. To him, it was better for the lass to follow him for now than be cheated by Jin Zi instead. He brushed her off to chase after Han Yunxi, but tossed back, “Lass, let’s go. Qi gege will take you to eat something tasty!”

Mu Linger had never felt her Qi gege was a bad guy, even if he’d done plenty of cruel and evil deeds. She always had plenty of excuses on hand for him. But this time, she felt he was being especially evil! Still, like a devil, she felt a flash of happiness at his words. Throughout it all, she didn’t spare Jin Zi a single glance and ran away with Gu Qishao. Such a heartless rejection was much better than her big sis exposing how he threatened her, right?

She suddenly realized she’d turned smart. In one year, Qi gege might not wed her, but Jin Zi’s feelings could change too! After all, one year was a long time.

When everyone was gone, only Jin Zi remained standing in place, looking expressionlessly into the distance. He was a proud man despite being a slave, full of arrogance and backbone. How could he have fallen for such a petty, low woman? 

Was it because he couldn’t have her?

Would he come to his senses once she was in his hands?

A year wasn’t long at all.

“Mu Linger,” Jin Zi muttered to himself, “After I get my indenture agreement, I’ll definitely make you fulfill your promise!”

Jin Zi would never know that as soon as they left the courtyard, it was Mu Linger who let go of Gu Qishao’s hand before he ever did. It had to be said that surprised Gu Qishao. 

Grinning, he asked, “Little lass, just what are you playing at?”

“Nothing! What kind of tasty things are you taking me to eat?” Mu Linger smiled her usual smile, her large eyes bright and lively. The whole way, she waited for Han Yunxi to come and question her, all ready to keep mum. But Han Yunxi didn’t ask her a single thing, making her feel miserable instead. By the time they reached Three-Way Black Market, Ning Cheng had already taken his troops to attack Skyriver City.

However, three days after his charge, something both horrific and shocking occurred...

1. Again, to get pregnant. Never say HYX backs down from her goals…

2. Yuwen is a two-character surname, Guang means “wide, broad, expansive.”

3. Feels like she’s treating him the same way GQS used to treat her sometimes...monkey see, monkey do?

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Smh, fool all you want, Mu Linger, in the end you're only fooling yourself. And geez, all those flags! Watch Jin Zi get heavily injured on the battlefield because she was so determined to ignore him or something. Although it's cliche, this is one of those tropes I do like to read. >:D