Chapter 1086: Lighting the fuse

Does it hurt?

Mu Linger was putting up a brave front, but Manager Jin’s words suddenly made her feel miserable! Yet it wasn’t her forehead that ached, but her heart. She didn’t speak, but Manager Jin’s attitude softened. He remained silently while gently rubbing Mu Linger’s forehead and keeping an eye on the surrounding archers and Jun Yixie.

Long Feiye, Han Yunxi, Gu Beiyue, and Gu Qishao were standing in one line about five to six paces away from the entrance of Tiger’s Prison. Jun Yixie held Ning Cheng captive and didn’t budge. The atmosphere between the two sides grew tense.

“Jun Yixie, if you walk out on your own, this crown prince will leave your corpse intact!” Long Feiye said coldly.

Jun Yixie was fearless. “Long Feiye, if you have any skills, come in! This lord will release Ning Cheng then. Otherwise, I’ll give him a fate worse than death!”

Gu Qishao laughed coldly. “Jun Yixie, do you take us all for fools?”

A moment ago, they had dreaded him because of his multiple hostages. If he killed Ning Cheng, he might use the rest of his victims to threaten them. But now that they knew Ning Cheng was Jun Yixie’s sole hostage, it meant the man was the final counter in his hands. Jun Yixie would want Ning Cheng alive more than they themselves!

In these circumstances, how could they foolishly enter Tiger’s Prison? Even a fool could tell that Jun Yixie had set a trap inside. Jun Yixie had no superiority over them anymore. Even if they wasted time waiting, they could wait him to death!

Long Feiye had long deigned to refuse responding while Gu Beiyue was silent as well. Abruptly, Jun Yixie ordered, “Everyone, release the arrows!”

The archers around them immediately formed into a semi-circle to trap Han Yunxi’s group in front of Tiger’s Prison, then let 10,000 arrows fly. Their goal was to force the group to seek refuge within the courtyard, but this only showed that Jun Yixie had something big hidden away within. 

Long Feiye and Han Yunxi didn’t move. They stared at Jun Yixie while Gu Beiyue took charge of blocking the arrows heading their way. With his speed, even the fastest arrow couldn’t dream of harming the pair. Tang Li shielded little Tang Tang while dodging the projectiles and countering with crossbow arrows of his own. This was his newest design, small but extremely deadly and fast. Besides the Driving Arrow Arts of the Chu Clan, no other archer could compare to his speeds. 

Manager Jin defended Mu Linger as the white tiger helped them evade the attacks. He used the tiger’s speed to break apart multiple arrows heading their way. Gu Qishao wanted to make a move, but ended up staring at Manager Jin and Mu Linger instead because the former was holding the latter around the waist.

This damned lass, when did she get so close with that who-knows-where-from Manager Jin? Isn’t she always chasing after me day by day? Why did her feelings change? This isn’t like her.

It was good that her feelings had changed, but...but she shouldn’t be fooled by a man like Jin Zi! At a glance, he could tell the man was no good!

Could it be that Jin Zi’s bullied the damned lass? Or was she threatened?

Long Feiye and Han Yunxi weren’t budging because they knew Gu Qishao’s skills were enough to take care of the arrows. But who expected him to space out? Long Feiye gave him a cold look before withdrawing his sword. At the same time, Han Yunxi joined the fray against the archers. They weren’t afraid of Jun Yixie running away. If he ran out of Tiger’s Prison, so much the better!

With both of them helping out, Gu Beiyue had no need to play pure defense. He started to attack just as Jin Zi summoned over a pack of tigers as backup. Soon enough, one thousand archers either died or fled as they were completely overwhelmed. Long Feiye’s group stood in front of Tiger’s Prison, leaving Jun Yixie with no way out.

However, he only laughed out loud and said, “Good! Excellent! Long Feiye, Han Yunxi, how about this lord makes a bet with you?”

Long Feiye and Han Yunxi didn’t reply. They knew it was impossible to lure Jun Yixie out beyond forcing him. Han Yunxi wanted to try poisons, but Ning Cheng could never take it. She had finally diagnosed his poison after stepping closer and knew it was very complicated. She even suspected that Jun Yixie was planning to turn Ning Cheng into a Poison Human. Everyday, the man took a different poison, which was cured halfway by an antidote the next day and replaced with another new toxin. With all these slow-acting poisons inside him, it was very possible that Ning Cheng would transform into a Poison Human once he survived their reactions in his body. Otherwise, he’d just die!

Ning Cheng had already been taking poisons for months. It wouldn’t be easy to cure him! Even now, the detox system was still analyzing a way to make an antidote. She needed to get closer to him so the sensors could pinpoint the best solution. Because of this, she didn’t dare use any more poisons with Ning Cheng’s current state. Suppose one of hers set off all of his? The consequences would be unthinkable.

Just what could they do? If they didn’t figure something out fast, Ning Cheng would have to suffer again. Han Yunxi didn’t want to see Jun Yixie abusing Ning Cheng to threaten them! 

Unexpectedly, things turned even worse. Forced to his limits, Jun Yixie lit one of the gunpowder fuses on Ning Cheng’s back until it flared up. What was he planning?

“Jun Yixie!”

“Stop it!” 

Long Feiye and Han Yunxi shouted at the same time, never expecting this move! But Jun Yixie still lit the flames. At this moment, Ning Cheng’s creased brows finally smoothed out. He looked at Han Yunxi with a smile in his eyes full of relief. He was telling her, Don’t come anymore. Goodbye.

“Gu Beiyue, Gu Qishao, save him!” Long Feiye ordered. He was preparing to move himself.

Hearing this, Jun Yixie only laughly soundlessly at them. Even if Jin Zi and Mu Linger had shown up, so what? Long Feiye and the rest still had to come inside! They wouldn’t escape!

But under these dire straits, Han Yunxi actually stopped the men and said loudly, “Jun Yixie, Jin Zi’s the true bloodline descendant of the Black Clan, not you! You were lied to by Bai Yanqing. Do you want to know who you are? Do you want to know the exact relationship between you and Bai Yanqing?”

At her words, Jun Yixie grew blank. He knew Jin Zi had to be a direct bloodline descendant of the Black Clan who had nobler blood than his, but so what? He was a direct bloodline descendant too! Still, Han Yunxi’s words made him doubt himself, especially when she brought up Bai Yanqing. His suspicions began to grow! 

Despite him freezing up, the fires continued to burn. It sped up the wick and towards the gunpowder pack on Ning Cheng’s back faster and faster! Even though Jun Yixie had extended the length of the wick, it still had its limits. Time was tight!

Actually, there was little chance of Long Feiye succeeding if he tried to attack before, much less now. Han Yunxi wasn’t planning to withdraw or hesitate. Although she was tense, she still held fast and calm! Her tactic had fewer risks than Long Feiye’s method.

She said, “Jun Yixie, Bai Yanqing lied to you so much! Is it worth it to fight me? He might even be watching the show from the sidelines right now!”

That line thoroughly provoked Jun Yixie’s senses. He abruptly snatched the wick and extinguished its tongue of flame. Seeing this, everyone exhaled in relief, especially Han Yunxi herself! She didn’t dare stop, but shot a look at Long Feiye before continuing, “Jun Yixie, you want the world, but do you know what Bai Yanqing wants?”

Actually, Han Yunxi had no idea what Jin Zi’s origins were, much less Jun Yixie’s identity in the Black Clan or Bai Yanqing’s true motives. Bai Yuqiao had only told them that Bai Yanqing had thoroughly fooled Jun Yixie, while Jin Zi’s existence made her realize Jun Yixie wasn’t the Black Clan’s noblest bloodline. Purely through deduction, Han Yunxi made up some sensitive questions that would mislead Jun Yixie into thinking she knew the full truth. 

Jun Yixie had a short temper and was mindful of his pride; he also hated Bai Yanqing bitterly. Being provoked by Han Yunxi like this only made him keen to know the facts.

“Just what does he want?” Jun Yixie demanded.

“Heheh, Jun Yixie, you’re smart. Why wouldn’t you know what he wants?!” Han Yunxi was now dawdling for time while distracting him.

Gu Beiyue already had his sights set on the torch in the man’s hands, while Long Feiye was ready to move at any time. As long as Gu Beiyue stole the torch from an unaware Jun Yixie and he snatched Ning Cheng from the man’s hands, all would be over!

Jun Yixie began to think carefully upon Han Yunxi’s words. Long Feiye and Gu Beiyue remained waiting for the best moment since they couldn’t afford any mistakes. There would be no more chances if Jun Yixie saw through their ruse. 

At this moment, Manager Jin shouted, “Jun Yixie, am the sole descendent of the Black Clan’s main bloodline, not you! You’re only…” he trailed off, but it was enough to catch Jun Yixie’s attention. He turned to look at Manager Jin just as Long Feiye and Gu Beiyue exchanged glances.

The time was now!

Gu Beiyue abruptly flew forward with Long Feiye close behind. Jun Yixie finally reacted and tightened his grip on the torch, but before he could light any more fires, Gu Beiyue had appeared before him to snatch his wrist. Jun Yixie’s other hand released his dagger to grab for Ning Cheng’s neck, but Gu Beiyue made to wrest him free. Unfortuantely, Jun Yixie’s grip held fast.

Then Long Feiye arrived!

Without hesitation, he kicked Jun Yixie straight in the stomach until the man spat up blood, but unexpectedly, Jun Yixie actually laughed out loud. Long Feiye and Gu Beiyue had no idea what lay in wait inside Tiger’s Prison. They just knew it was imperative to grab Ning Cheng and flee quickly.

As Long Feiye’s hand rested on Jun Yixie’s hand around Ning Cheng’s neck and prepared to wrest it free, there was a sudden BANG as all of Tiger’s Prison exploded…

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