Chapter 1085: Don't you want to marry?


From behind, a familiar voice cried out, “Qi gege!”

Qi gege!!!

Gu Qishao was the first to turn back and was instantly stunned by the sight. This was probably the deepest impression Mu Linger had ever made on him!

Mu Linger was carrying a baby in swaddling clothes while sitting astride a large white tiger. She was currently leaning against the arms of a tall man. Although she had seen Han Yunxi, the woman she acknowledged, and Long Feiye, the man she feared, her eyes were only on Gu Qishao. Despite her tears, she was smiling as if all the flowers in the world had bloomed at once, as if her life would be happy from this moment on, enough to make everyone forget their worries and smile with her.

This was a smile of pure joy!

Even though all she did was catch a glimpse of her Qi gege, Mu Linger was still happy. Still crying, she laughed, “Qi gege, Linger misses you so much! Qi gege! Linger can finally see you again!”

Everyone was stunned. Even Jun Yixie and Ning Cheng were caught unawares, never expecting Mu Linger and Manager Jin would appear at this moment. Hope flared up in Ning Cheng’s eyes. With these two here, Jun Yixie’s scheme would fail! Definitely!

Jun Yixie was shaken. He was only eight steps away from killing Long Feiye and the rest!


The snakes underfoot had already been poisoned to death, while the surrounding archers didn’t dare to shoot without orders. This tiger had suddenly charged in out of nowhere and left them shocked and clueless about the two people’s origins. Actually, Manager Jin and Mu Linger already knew rescue was on the way when Han Yunxi poisoned the mosquito and snake swarms. Manager Jin quickly noticed that all of the guards had withdrawn to Tiger’s Prison, making this the prime time for him and Mu Linger to make their escape.

However, he still brought her back, if only because of Mu Linger’s terms. If this was any other day, everyone would notice that Mu Linger was currently missing a lock of hair, but no one was in the mood to pay any attention now. Everyone was caught between delight and surprise. Tang Li’s attention was wholly focused on the infant in Mu Linger’s arms. Before she spoke, he was already rushing forward. “ child, is it?”

“Yes!” Mu Linger quickly handed him the baby. Tang Li didn’t know what to do in his pleased surprise and even forgot to accept.

“Take her!” Mu Linger took the child and jumped off the tiger’s back. “Tang Li, this is the daughter that Big Sis Ning birthed for you, hurry up and hold her.”

Tang Li suddenly gave a start. He didn’t reach for the child, but asked, “Where’s Ning Jing?”

Why is there only Mu Linger and Manager Jin? Where’s Ning Jing? Shouldn’t she be the one holding the baby?

Where’s Ning Jing?!

“Linger, what’s going on? When did you guys leave Tiger’s Prison? Where’s Ning Jing?” Han Yunxi asked loudly as she retreated with Long Feiye and the rest. Gu Beiyue and Gu Qishao brought up the rear, one to guard against Jun Yixie, the other to observe the archers. After all, they had to be more careful with a child in their midst.

“Big sis, Jin Zi saved us! He knows how to tame wild beasts. He rescued us, but they ran into a mysterious man. Jin Zi and I escaped with the baby, but Big Sis Ning, Bai Yuqiao, and Little Yu’er...I don’t know where they are, either,” Mu Linger said hastily.

Manager Jin looked coldly at Tiger’s Prison and laughed. “Looks like you were all fooled by Jun Yixie.”

Now everyone was stunned. They assumed that Ning Jing was still trapped in Tiger’s Prison, but here was the truth! Jun Yixie was lying to them! 

Meanwhile, Jun Yixie had finally found out that the baby wasn’t Mu Linger’s at all, but Ning Jing and Tang Li’s. He’d been thoroughly fooled by Bai Yuqiao! Still, there was no time to consider that now. His attention was wholly focused on Manager Jin, still sitting astride the tiger’s back. Now he knew who had saved Mu Linger and the rest and stolen the tigers he’d spent so many years to tame. He finally saw whose beast taming talents were higher than his.

So it was him, Manager Jin!

Why? On what grounds?

Isn’t he just a slave from the Wintercrow Clan?

How could this be…

“Who are you in the Black Clan?” Long Feiye asked coldly. 

Although Mu Linger only mentioned that Manager Jin knew beast taming, he was currently sitting on a white tiger--one of the many Bai Yuqiao had mentioned in her letters! In other words, Manager Jin had tamed one of the tigers under Jun Yixie’s command. 

The Black Clan was an old subordinate of East Qin, so Long Feiye knew more about them than the other noble families. Members of the clan had the talent of beast taming and each generation gave way to people with different levels of skill. Only those possessing the direct bloodline of the main clan could possess the highest talents. 

Tigers were considered kings of the mountain and king of all beasts. Those who could tame a tiger had to have the highest talent. Moreover, Manager Jin had won over Jun Yixie’s own beasts and made them turn against their master. In other words, Manager Jin’s beast taming skills far surpassed that of Jun Yixie’s! 

But if Jun Yixie was a direct bloodline descendant of the Black Clan, who was Manager Jin? No matter what, he had to have more noble origins than Jun Yixie. With him here, Jun Yixie had no right to claim the title as Black Clan Head.

Long Feiye’s question perfectly echoed the one in Jun Yixie’s own head, but Manager Jin only replied, “It doesn’t matter who I am. More importantly, I’ve delivered Mu Linger and the child, so give me back my indenture agreement.”

Although his words were brusque, they cleared outlined his stance. Long Feiye didn’t press him, but only said coldly, “Wait on the side!”

Then he turned to face Jun Yixie with a sinister smirk. Since the man only had one hostage, then there was no right for him to negotiate with them! Tang Li was still blanking out, but Han Yunxi took the baby from Mu Linger’s arms and gave it a glance before stuffing it into Tang Li’s.

“If there’s no news from Ning Jing, that means good news. There are 10,000 archers about us, so protect your baby!”

Only then did Tang Li recover his senses and take the babe. Under these circumstances, little Tang Tang was still sleeping sweetly. As Tang Li cradled her in his arms, her lips curved into a smile, pure and cute, enough to melt his heart. He had no idea who she resembled, but soon dissolved into a foolish grin himself after looking at her face. His eyes were gentle beyond belief!

Han Yunxi slapped him on the shoulder. “Protect her well!” 

So speaking, she turned to look at Jun Yixie. Tang Li finally regained his senses and held on tightly to little Tang Tang. This was his and Ning Jing’s daughter, his treasure and life! He cradled the baby in one hand while holding his specially-designed crossbow in the other, his whole body on guard. No matter how dire the circumstances were, he wouldn’t allow his daughter to be hurt a bit!

Manager Jin withdrew to the sidelines on his white tiger to wait, but Mu Linger had already ran in front of Gu Qishao. In the past, she’d search for Qi gege all around the world after losing him, then stand and stare at him when tracking him down. This time was no exception. 

Actually, she desperately wanted to hug him once, but she stopped. That was her bottom line when it came to loving him. 

In the past, Gu Qishao just allowed her to stare while he dealt with his own business. But this time, he stared back. He was a full head taller than the girl and looked at her with amusement before slowly bending down to press close. Mu Linger had never been stared at by her Qi gege in such proximity for so long, much less with such a playful look in his eyes. She was an open and careless girl, but suddenly felt shy as her ears turned red. She wanted to avert her gaze, but couldn’t bear to do it. 

At this moment, it was as she and Qi gege had left the entire world behind. Her cheeks flushed as she stared boldly back into his irises and saw nothing but her own reflection within. Still, in the middle of her beautiful daydream, Gu Qishao suddenly smacked his forehead against hers.

“That really hurts!” Mu Linger blurted out.

Gu Qishao released her and huffed coldly, “Damned lass, since when were you pregnant with Qi gege’s child?”

Mu Linger rubbed her forehead as she recalled her fib and burst out laughing. “That’s the only way to make others believe me,” she grinned.

“Why?” Gu Qishao asked in a low voice.

Mu Linger’s laughter intensified. “Because Qi gege looks like the kind of guy who’d do such a thing.”

Gu Qishao felt his teeth itch with fury as he knocked her on the head and scolded, “You’ve ruined your reputation now. Don't you want to marry someday?”

Qi gege, you should know that even if Linger’s name is ruined, there’s still someone willing to marry me in this world.

Qi gege, you should know that even if Linger’s name is ruined, there’s no way I can avoid a marriage, much less chase you for the rest of my life.

Qi gege, you should know that Linger always thought I lost you when chasing after you, but...but this time, Linger lost herself instead…

“I don’t want to marry, very much, definitely don’t. Qi gege, can Linger not marry at all…?” Mu Linger mumbled in a small voice.

Unfortunately, Gu Qishao didn’t hear her. He had already stopped paying her any attention, heading for Gu Beiyue instead while observing Jun Yixie. Manager Jin watched Mu Linger calmly from the sidelines and grew unhappy when he saw she still wasn’t budging.

Can’t she see all the archers around her? Can’t she tell that Jun Yixie and Long Feiye’s already drawn their swords and bows? 

Why isn’t she coming here yet?

How could her skills be enough to fend off those archers? 

As Manager Jin prepared to call out, Mu Linger walked over by herself. She would definitely fulfill her promise. Manager Jin looked down at her from above, extremely unhappy. Despite this, he extended a hand and said, “Come up!”

Mu Linger sat back on the tiger and Manager Jin went to rub her forehead. In a low voice, he asked, “Does it hurt?”

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Ruyi's Thoughts

“I don’t want to marry, very much, definitely don’t. Qi gege, can Linger not marry at all…?” Mu Linger mumbled in a small voice.

Unfortunately, Gu Qishao didn’t hear her.

Let's be real now, GQS never hears any woman who isn't HYX. Also, cheers for Manager Jin! I hope Mu Linger comes around for you, I really do...