Chapter 1069: A long time to take a pulse


After such a huge commotion at Celestial Mountain and the escape of multiple disciples from Heretical Sword Sect and the traitorous Courtyard and Depositories, it was basically impossible to put up an information embargo. Even if they did, Duanmu Yao would be the first to tell Bai Yanqing about everything that happened on Celestial Mountain. 

Despite this, Han Yunxi’s group could still meet her plot with a plot. They were the only ones who knew that Long Feiye had subdued the Ganjiang sword. Meanwhile, Heretical Sword Sect’s Second and Third Elders were unconscious, which was tantamount to their lips being sealed.

Since Bai Yanqing was after Ganjiang to destroy their dual cultivation, they had to give off a false impression and make him think they’d re-sealed the sword to deal with later.

“What are Bai Yanqing’s goals? What does he fear?” Long Feiye asked with knitted brows. He couldn’t figure out why the man was avoiding them with his skills and powers. He was more likely to win against them in an all-out fight. But the man had stayed hidden to scheme against them in other ways, making it hard to tell his motives.

If he wasn’t fighting for the Wind Clan or a piece of territory in this world, but didn’t want their lives either, what was he truly after in the end?

Han Yunxi was clueless too. The two Honored Elders and Granny You didn’t know either. They were only happy that Long Feiye had made it in time before Celestial Mountain’s centuries old history was destroyed.

At this time, a rumble came from the back mountains. Everyone looked over to see the halls of Heretical Sword Sect crumble and collapse into the canyon, leaving nothing but a single Heretical Sword Depository standing starkly in the heights. Soon enough, Gu Beiyue came to join them. 

The two Honored Elders went to reconstruct the sword-sealing platform while Granny You took charge of cleaning up the mess left by the one Courtyard and two Depositories. Once everything was cleared up, Long Feiye and Han Yunxi could finally have a breather. They spent their days by Master Jianxin’s bedside. Although Long Feiye had once detested and raged at his master because of Han Yunxi, he was still filial to the old man. He sat there with her for a while before asking her to waiting outside so he could channel some true qi to his master. As soon as Han Yunxi stepped out the door, it was to see Gu Beiyue heading her way.

“Princess, does senior Jianxin have any major issues? Will he need this one’s assistance?” Gu Beiyue asked respectfully.

“He’s right inside, so you can go in after a while,” Han Yunxi murmured back. Actually, she felt more sympathy than respect for Master Jianxin, because he would have to take responsibility for all the chaos in Celestial Mountain Sword Sect. If Lockheart Courtyard and the Sword and Scripture Depositories hadn’t been coordinating with outside forces, Bai Yanqing would never be able to take control of the sect! The sole reason the three factions rebelled was due to Li Jianxin’s apathy all these years. Naturally, these were words Han Yunxi kept to herself to save Long Feiye face.

“Princess, sit down and rest. After all these days of work, you need to take some time to look after your body,” Gu Beiyue said seriously.

Han Yunxi sat down at the stone table in the courtyard while Gu Beiyue stood by her self. She ended up staring at him helplessly with creased brows. Gu Beiyue was calm at first, but gradually grew uneasy and sat down across from her, causing her to stop glaring.

“Ning Jing should have given birth by now, right? I wonder if it’s a girl or boy. Why hasn’t Tang Li come with news yet?” Han Yunxi hadn’t forgotten about them in her idle moments.

“Princess, matters at Celestial Mountain must be dealt with promptly. It’ll take at least 10 days to return to Three-Way Black Market and we cannot delay the northern expedition any further,” Gu Beiyue declared.

“I know,” Han Yunxi was worrying most of all inside her heart.

Gu Beiyue fell silent, seemingly hesitant, before he finally spoke. “Princess, may this subordinate take your pulse?”

“What’s wrong?” Han Yunxi asked.

“Princess has been exerting yourself these days and your complexion looks unwell. This subordinate is worried,” Gu Beiyue expressed.

Han Yunxi immediately offered him her wrist. “I’ve just been a little tired and haven’t been sleeping enough. The rest is fine.”

Gu Beiyue only said, “Your blood and qi have been lacking.”

This was an old ailment of hers that had persisted since she left the East Qin army camp. It wasn’t a big deal, just exhaustion from a lack of time to rest. Because she was constantly busy with no time to sleep, no amount of pills or miracle medicine could relieve her symptoms. The best treatment for a woman like her was dozing and relaxation.

Gu Beiyue quickly placed the little medicine pillow he brought with him at all times under Han Yunxi’s offered wrist, then carefully tested her pulse with two fingers. With his skills, it would only take a few moments to determine a person’s health, but this time he lingered for a much longer time. It was enough to make Han Yunxi anxious and suspect whether there was something wrong with her. Before she could ask, Gu Qishao spoke up from the sidelines. “Gu Beiyue, how’s Poison lass doing?”

Gu Beiyue ignored him, but Han Yunxi turned to beckon at Gu Qishao to come closer with her fingers. With Ganjiang on his shoulders, Gu Qishao promptly flew over and off the roof. He soon arrived in front of her, all smiles. “Poison lass, tell me anything you need!”

“Shh!” The reason she had beckoned him with her finger instead of her voice was to make sure they wouldn’t alert anyone nearby.

In a low voice, she said, “Find a black cloth and wrap Ganjiang up and disguise it so it doesn’t look like a sword, understand?”

Many people knew Gu Qishao now possessed the Moye sword spirit, so him carrying a sword would raise suspicions in their heads. It was better to disguise his parcel. But Ganjiang was so heavy that disguising it would no doubt make it weigh even more. If Long Feiye had been the one ordering him, Gu Qishao would toss the sword right back, but Han Yunxi’s words were a different matter. Happily, Gu Qishao agreed and went off to do the work.

By the time he left, Gu Beiyue was still taking her pulse. Han Yunxi was now truly anxious. Despite being a medical professional by trade, she didn’t pay much attention to her own body when alone. She only thought of how to spend her days happily. But things were different now. She was desperately afraid of anything going wrong. What would happen to Long Feiye if she ran into trouble? Despite this, she tried to joke, “Academy Head Gu, have I caught some complicated illness? Why haven’t you figured anything out after all this time?”

Gu Beiyue finally released her hand with a smile. “It’s nothing serious, you’re just a little deficient in vital energy. You need plenty of rest and recuperation. Princess, after finishing up matters at Celestial Mountain, you’ll need to nurture yourself well on the way to Three-Way Black Market. Please leave all troublesome matters to Your Highness and this subordinate, alright?”

“Gu Beiyue, are you lying to me?” Han Yunxi narrowed her eyes. As if that was the only reason after all that pulse taking? She didn’t buy it! 

Gu Beiyue quickly got off the chair and fell to one knee. “May princess show clear judgment. This subordinate doesn’t dare to lie to the princess!”

Han Yunxi sprang up and exclaimed, “Gu Beiyue, stand up! If you’re like this again, I’ll...I’ll…” Han Yunxi didn’t know what she’d do, but Gu Beiyue remained bowing with a quiet and serious face.

“Fine, fine, I was just joking. You can get up!” Han Yunxi relented. 

Gu Beiyue stood up and added, “My thanks to princess for your judgment.”

For the first time in her life, Han Yunxi wanted to kick him. Although Gu Beiyue seemed gentle and harmless, he was rather detestable at times, too. A faint smile played about Gu Beiyue’s lips that looked three parts harmless and seven parts doting. It was a very warm and tender expression reserved for Han Yunxi alone, but she would never truly see it. Just like that, Han Yunxi lost her chance to press Gu Beiyue for more details, but she didn’t think much of it. Gu Beiyue wasn’t a man who’d try to trick her, so if he said it wasn’t a big deal, then she must be fine.

Soon enough, Long Feiye’s voice called out from inside. “Yunxi, come in! Master’s awake!”

Han Yunxi and Gu Beiyue were thrilled as they both rushed into the room. There, Master Jianxin was leaning against his pillow with an ashen face. Gu Beiyue went to take his pulse at once, while Han Yunxi greeted the master before standing to one side. 

Master Jianxin had incurred serious injuries; fortunately, Long Feiye’s true qi was there to protect his vitals. After taking his pulse, Gu Beiyue went to the side to write up a prescription. Long Feiye told his master about everything that had happened on the mountain and with his dual cultivation. Hearing this, Master Jianxin could only break out in cold sweat for their sakes. 

“Feiye, everything else can be delayed, but you must forge that sword as soon as possible!” Master Jianxin declared.

Long Feiye only nodded, but Han Yunxi knew they would have to wait until after the northern expedition. Master Jianxin next looked at Han Yunxi and smiled. “Lass, this old man really underestimated you.”

Han Yunxi simply nodded and replied in a blunt tone, “Yes, you did underestimate me.”

Master Jianxin gave a start before he laughed. This was a very arrogant woman, but she had the right to act proud. 

“Senior Jianxin, because you underestimated me, you caused my psychological damage. That’s why I think you need to pay me back!” Han Yunxi added seriously.

“What do you want?” Master Jianxin asked helplessly. What else could he offer besides Celestial Mountain’s undeserved reputation? Meanwhile, this lass is being spoiled by Feiye but still wants to asks things from me?

Han Yunxi said seriously, “Give me the manual for the Xuan Nǚ Swordplay! I want to learn it.”

Master Jianxin gave a minute start. Ever since Duanmu Yao’s imprisonment, he had hidden this matter in the deepest part of his heart. Seeing him in a difficult spot, Han Yunxi went on, “Senior Jianxin, don’t misunderstand. I’m not learning the Xuan Nǚ Swordplay to fulfill your wish. I don’t think anyone who learns it can repair your regrets except for Senior Luo Qingling herself.”

Han Yunxi’s words hit the nail on the head. Regret was something that could never be recovered. Things that were lost were gone, as simple as that. Anything used to make up for the loss would never be more than compensating what was already gone.

“Then what do you want?” Master Jianxin didn’t understand. With Han Yunxi’s current skills, it didn’t matter if she had the Xuan Nǚ Swordplay in her arsenal. Her poison needles were fully capable of protecting herself.

In a cold voice, Han Yunxi declared, “I want to use Xuan Nǚ Swordplay to kill Duanmu Yao!”

Master Jianxin was stunned, but Long Feiye and Gu Beiyue were smiling from the sidelines. Long Feiye even looked especially happy, though Heaven knows what he was so cheerful about.

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