Chapter 1064: Unfortunately, Long Feiye isn’t willing

A life was filled with major events. 

But for some people, meeting the man of their dreams would be the most important event of their life. It would also leave them with the most beautiful and best memories. Even if they couldn’t have them, they could at least offer him something. Unfortunately, he would never take anything they offered, so they could only leave him with an impression of their existence.

At least this way, he’d know a girl like them existed in this world.

Cang Qiuying knew her image had long been ruined in Long Feiye’s eyes, but she was trying to salvage it as best she could. At least, she didn’t want to destroy it utterly. Unfortunately, a fierce voice soon shattered her last dream.

“Eldest Young Miss Cang, wasn’t it you who first colluded with Gong Beichen to lure the Heretical Sword Sect disciples up the peak? What now, you want to change sides?” The one speaking was none other than Second Elder, leader of Celestial Mountain’s Sword Depository. He strode out from the crowd with three swords that he dumped on the ground. Long Feiye recognized the blades as the three Honored Elders’ weapons. 

Cang Qiuying’s face flushed scarlet as she looked towards Long Feiye, but he didn’t care a whit about her affairs. She finally realized how much she was yearning for an unrequired love![1] She thought she could leave him with some impression in the end, but he treated her as air![2]

Long Feiye, is there room for any other woman in your eye besides Han Yunxi? Even if it’s just for a single, careful look?

Long Feiye looked coldly at second elder. “You have them?” 

“Ol’ Third has the Head Honored Elder and Second Honored Elder. However, I have full powers to speak for both Sword and Scripture Depositories to you, representative of the sect!” Second Elder said loudly.

Heretical Sword Sect’s three black-robed elders were highly displeased by this turn of events. Its head elder exclaimed, “What are you doing?”

Second Elder ignored them both. He and Third Elder had always been opportunists. Heretical Sword Sect had once promised them that Long Feiye and Han Yunxi wouldn’t return to Celestial Mountain so soon, but that was now a slap in the face. How could they trust them after this?

Heretical Sword Sect had poisoned all three Honored Elders and took the Third Honored Elder prisoner. He and the Scripture Depository head were in charge of locking up the other two Honored Elders.[3] The agreement was for Heretical Sword Sect to get out of Celestial Mountain once they gained control of the treasure sword Ganjiang. Meanwhile, Lockheart Courtyard and the two Depositories would split Celestial Mountain between themselves and break off into independent sects of their own.

Now Long Feiye and Han Yunxi had returned. Long Feiye’s martial arts had already surpassed theirs during his last visit and was now even more powerful. If they didn’t surrender, they’d only be asking for pain. 

Ignoring the protests from Heretical Sword Sect, Second Elder told Long Feiye, “As long as you destroy these bastards from Heretical Sword Sect and cripple Lockheart Courtyard, the Sword and Scripture Depositories are willing to hand over the two Honored Elders and make you sect leader!”

Tsk tsk tsk! Han Yunxi sighed internally. Second Elder isn’t surrendering at all. Is he trying to gain advantages or threatening us? But where did he get the confidence to lure Long Feiye with his promises? Where did he get the courage to extort him?

Long Feiye remained expressionless and silent. The Heretical Sword Sect elders exchanged looks and realized the situation was dire. If they refused to budge and Long Feiye agreed to the deal, then their sect would become a public target. Without a choice, Heretical Sword Sect’s Head Elder said, “Long Feiye, we won’t get involved in Celestial Mountain Sword Sect matters. Release Gong Beichen and this old man will immediately request for Third Honored Elder! Let everything be finished then!”

With both the Heretical Sword Sect and the two Depositories making offers for Long Feiye, wasn’t Lockheart Courtyard doomed to a tragic end? But Cang Qiuying was too consumed by tragic thoughts to care about anything else. 

At this moment, Cang Qiuying’s fourth martial brother stepped out. “Long Feiye, if you still want to see Granny You, then chase Heretical Sword Sect out of Celestial Mountain and cripple Second and Third Elder, those hypocrites! All of us Lockheart Courtyard disciples will pledge allegiance to you forever!”

Hearing this, Han Yunxi only smirked. So this is their so-called alliance. Since all of them have hostages, why didn’t they unite instead of still fighting desperately to this moment?

But reality proved that even a united effort would be fruitless! No matter how much they bribed and relented, Long Feiye was unwilling to accept any of their offers, much less ones with such veiled threats. He looked at them all and retorted back, “What right do any of you have to talk terms with this crown prince?”

The crowd was astounded. They never expected Long Feiye to be so wanton as to refuse them! Immediately, everyone unsheathed their weapons. Refusing to believe it, Second Elder asked, “Long Feiye, you really don’t care whether the Honored Elders live or die?”

“They’re useless if they couldn’t protect Celestial Mountain. Why should this crown prince care?” Long Feiye said as he slowly drew out Profound Frost Sword. Its sword awn instantly blinded everyone and cowed them into fright. Only now did the crowd of enemies truly teamed up. In groups of threes and fours, they moved to shield each other while guarding against him, gripping their blades to prepare for Long Feiye’s attack. 

The head elder of Heretical Sword Sect shouted, “Leave Han Yunxi and Gu Qishao to the three of us! You lot surround and attack Long Feiye!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Long Feiye stabbed backwards with his sword, piercing through Gong Beichen’s heart. Pulling out the sword released a stream of blood, causing Han Yunxi and Gu Qishao to quickly get out of the splash zone. At the sight, Cang Qiuying could only give Long Feiye an incredulous look, but she didn’t have time to speak before Long Feiye slit her throat. Just like that, she died with her eyes wide open, seeing nothing but the eternal sight of Long Feiye’s back as her consciousness faded. He never looked back.

The sight of Long Feiye’s ruthlessness stunned everyone. Those two had been his hostages, but he simply killed them both! What else...what else was left to threaten him with? As they watched with fear, Long Feiye handed Profound Frost Sword to Han Yunxi and said, “Hold on to this and help me kill the enemies.”

He chose to use his whip as his blade instead, his stance alarming the crowd.

“As you command, Your Highness!” Han Yunxi said loudly.

She gripped the sword and pointed it at the skies, her tenth level Nirvana Heart Arts channeling through Profound Frost blade and making it shine! Over half of those in the crowd cultivated their internal energy through Nirvana Heart Arts, but even those who didn’t, like the Heretical Sword Sect disciples, recognized its energy! At the same time, they were stunned that the once useless waste, Han Yunxi, had already cultivated to the top level of Nirvana Heart Arts. Even some of the elders at Celestial Mountain Sword Sect hadn’t reached her tier![4] In other words, besides Long Feiye, Han Yunxi had the best internal energy in the crowd![5]

Heavens! This woman…

The crowd didn’t even know what to say[6] beyond being shocked and shocked again. 

How could Gu Qishao be resigned to the sight of Long Feiye and Han Yunxi dazzling the crowds together? He kicked Gong Beichen’s corpse aside and stood up. “By tricking this old man once, I’ll kill to my heart’s content today!”

After his announcement, he dashingly lifted his hand to show off the Moye sword spirit. Even without a blade, the shape of the sword was obvious as its glow filled with power.

“The Moye sword spirit! Heavens, it’s the Moye sword spirit! The Moye sword spirit’s appeared on Earth!” the Heretical Sword Sect’s Head Elder exclaimed. They too, had been searching for Moye while trying to quell Ganjiang. The Moye sword had long been destroyed, but its sword spirit was still not to be slighted!

And Gu Qishao was actually controlling it?!

If it wasn’t for Head Elder’s shout, nobody would have recognized the formless treasure in Gu Qishao’s hand. Now they were all gaping at him. Which swordsmen didn’t know of the Moye sword spirit? 

Long Feiye, Han Yunxi, and Gu Qishao stood back to back, each wielding their weapons and extraordinary sword qi to present an overwhelming force. The people surrounding them actually started to back away, none of them willing to fight first. 

Meanwhile, Gu Beiyue was standing by a building on the side and quietly observing the scene. His white robes fluttered in the wind with strands of inky-black hair; a smile played about his lips and gentle gaze. Like a figure removed from this world, he was calm and distant from honor or disgrace.[7]

He was here to watch the show as well as protecting the people responsible for it. After taking care of everything else down the peaks, he had long arrived and searched halfway through the peak. Currently, he was taking a break to look at the princess being dazzling and noble as she showed off her elegance and intellectual brilliance. Despite his lingering thoughts, he didn’t delay much longer and soon vanished to continue the hunt.

What was Gu Beiyue’s heart made of?[8] Just how warm could it be? How cold?


Long Feiye, Han Yunxi, and Gu Qishao didn’t move a step before crushing all arrogance against them. They were simply too powerful, so many disciples began fleeing instead. Soon enough, a big group of people had started escaping down the mountain, but what awaited them was the disciples of the 55 other depositories who had just woken up, as well as the newly rescued Granny You and the Abstinence Courtyard disciples.

Second Elder and Heretical Sword Sect’s three elders wanted to run away too, but Gu Qishao and Han Yunxi headed left and right to stop them. Long Feiye faced them head-on. Panicked, Second Elder fell to his knees. “Feiye, for your master’s sake, spare martial uncle once. Martial uncle is willing--”

“Not everyone has the right to surrender to this crown prince!” Long Feiye said as he loomed from above. Then he slashed towards Second Elder, who raised his own sword to block the blow. But Long Feiye’s weapon soon cut through the blade and killed him.

The Heretical Sword Sect elders could neither escape nor surrender. At last, they realized that these young’uns were even scarier than their own sect leader. Long Feiye didn’t attack them, but retreated to one side and said, “Yunxi, you can use them as practice. I’ll give you the time it takes to brew a cup of tea.”

Gu Qishao laughed, “Poison lass, there’s no rush, no rush! Let’s take it slowly!”

After seeing Second Elder’s wretched death, the three elders from Heretical Sword Sect gave up ideas of negotiation and fell to their knees. Head Elder offered up a key and said, “Your Highness Crown Prince, Your Royal Highness, this is the key locking up Third Honored Elder. I’ll take you there right now!”

Naturally, Long Feiye wouldn’t really sacrifice the three Honored Elders. He’d killed Second Elder because Third Elder had yet to show his face, and they could find the other Honored Elders with him just fine. The three Heretical Sword Sect elders couldn’t be offed so easily, either.

How else could they decimate Heretical Sword Sect?

“Fine, I’ll spare you lot for now!” Han Yunxi said magnanimously.

At this moment, a familiar voice drifted over. “Feiye, quick! We’re running out of time, hurry--”

1. My dear dim light bulb, you do not become “the light of his life” by betraying his sect and master first.

2. No pity here because c’mon, DMY honestly had better chances and look how she did.

3. There are too many elders in one chapter! Hope you guys aren’t getting confused~

4. Gimme a sec to patch my suspension of disbelief again. This is the level of the most powerful martial arts sect on the continent? Its own elders can’t even reach max level in its foundational internal arts cultivation techniques? P-please don’t make me laugh...oh no…

5. I’m beginning to wonder if Celestial Mountain Sword Sect’s reputation used to be built on like, a total of three people in the past: Long Feiye, Long Feiye’s master, and Duanmu Yao before she got crippled. You can’t count the Honored Three Elders because they’re always in seclusion, and I guess everyone else is so much weaker than these ice mountain hermits that it doesn’t matter if they can’t reach max level in Nirvana Heart Arts.

6. Neither does the translator tbh

7. I just realized--GBY is equivalent to those “once in 1,000 year beauties” you see in male protagonist Chinese webnovels, because every time he shows up we get a paragraph dedicated to describing his looks

8. The answer is Anti-Mary-Sue Atoms.

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