Chapter 97: Aren’t You Afraid Of Me?

“Right, I’ll explain the reasoning to you. Let’s chat as we go!” Lin Haihai chuckled. In the end, the conversation lasted the entire meal and still hadn’t ended by the time they finished. Unfortunately for Chen Luoqing, he had to pay the bill.


“Boss lady, bill please!” Lin Haihai yelled out.


A sultry woman appeared, twirling a strand of her hair. She walked over slowly and sweetly smiled. "This customer wants the check? Then thank you for your fifty taels!" Everyone was startled. Chen Luoqing's expression darkened. "Is this shop run by criminals?" 


The woman laughed, "Run by criminals? Didn't you see our sign? This tavern is called the Black Shop[1]. If you're afraid, then don't come in!"


"Hmph, running a 'black shop' at the emperor's foot, it seems you no longer want to live!" Chen Luoqing coldly exclaimed.


The woman suddenly became sad and glanced at Chen Luoqing. "How do you know that I'm tired of living?"


Chen Luoqing scrutinized the woman before him. For a moment, he didn't know how to respond. Lin Haihai couldn't continue watching and asked, "Boss lady, can't you make it cheaper? A meal for fifty taels is too much!"


"Too much?" the woman turned her steely gaze towards Lin Haihai. "So only you can make money and I can’t?"


"You should use reasonable methods to make money. As the saying goes, a gentleman always has a legitimate way to attain monetary aspirations. This is as bad as robbery!" Lin Haihai said. 


"Save your breath! So what if I don't pay? What can you do about it?" Chen Luoqing lost his patience. How ridiculous that a black shop was opened right under the emperor's nose!


"'Harmonious methods will make money!" A man rushed over and looked at the table. "Honored guests, I'm so sorry. My wife made a mistake, it should be two silver taels!" 


The man's handsome face was like a beam of sunshine. The woman coldly snorted and pulled his ear. "What did you call me? Wife? When did I say I'd marry you?" 


The man looked back at the charming woman. "Behave, tomorrow we will close this shop and go!"


"Hmph, you've been saying this for three months," the woman angrily cried.


Everyone was stunned. What’s the deal with this couple? Lin Haihai looked at the woman curiously and suddenly became envious of them. If someone was willing to throw away everything and open a hospital with her somewhere secluded, how happy would they be!


Chen Luoqing's expression softened and looked at the couple before him. He cupped his fist and inquired, "May I ask for your name?"


The woman snorted, "I don't remember it. I'm just a passerby in this world. Just think of me as someone walking by!"


The man smiled warmly, "I'm Scarecrow. Greeting General Chen and the two physicians!"


Startled, Chen Luoqing schooled his expression and respectfully said, "So you’re the Companion Couple. We've been disrespectful!"


"What Companion Couple? I'm bored, I just want to close this tavern and go back to Xiaoyao Valley!" The woman, who introduced herself as a passerby, coldly said.


"Alright, alright. We'll close tomorrow and leave immediately!' the man coaxed.


"You guys live in seclusion?" Lin Haihai asked yearningly.


"Secluded, my ass. He does business outside all day long. It's so annoying! When you find a boyfriend, you have to find someone rich. Look at me, I've never worked my whole life and was practically a rich noble lady. After I met this poor man, I’m always worried about having two meals a day. I don't want to live anymore," Passerby said.


Lin Hiahai and Li Junyue looked at each other. Boyfriend? This was a familiar term. Scarecrow wasn't embarrassed at all and chuckled, "Don't be surprised. She’s just straightforward. It’s my fault that I don’t make enough money. In this day and age, most wandering martial artists are poor!"


Chen Luoqing smiled brightly and cupped his fist. "What's money to the two of you? However, you two have never gotten involved with worldly matters. Why would you join us in this world now?"


"This is for you," Scarecrow said to Lin Haihai as he took out a small bottle. "After you go back, you can open it."


Lin Haihai took the bottle and asked, “What is this?”


"There is a woman living inside. I think you should meet her, or she won't be at ease when she leaves!" 


Guihua was startled and stammered, "You... you're not talking about ghosts, right?"


Passerby smiled, "Correct, it’s a ghost!" 


Guihua rushed over to Lin Haihai upon seeing her pick up the bottle. "Consort Lin, don't take it!" 


Lin Haihai gave her a faint smile and said, "Would Passerby harm me? Even though she is a bit cold to us, her gaze has warmth. there's no need to worry about it, Guihua!"


A glimmer of appreciation flashed through Passerby's eyes. "Good! My visit to see you wasn't in vain!"


Scarecrow laughed. “Ok, the two of us have accomplished our mission. It’s time for us to go!”


Passerby chuckled, “Alright, Keren. Post the transfer notice.”


The four of them saw a pudgy woman emerge with a red piece of paper and stuck it to the door. Many immediately gathered around to read the notice.


Lin Haihai looked at the bottle in her hand, realization dawning on her.



The group of four leisurely walked along the quiet street. Lin Haihai looked at the porcelain bottle in her hand. Chen Luoqing glanced at it and asked, "Is there really a person in there?"


Lin Haihai gave him a secretive smile. "Yes, a woman!" 


Chen Luoqing chuckled. "I don't believe in ghosts!"


Lin Haihai shrugged noncommittally. If there weren’t any supernatural forces in this world, then where did she come from?


Guihua looked at the bottle in horror. “Consort Lin, why don’t we throw away the bottle? The couple from earlier was quite strange!”


Lin Haihai chuckled. “It’s not a problem. General Chen, you seemed to recognize them. Why don’t you tell us?”


“I only know them by reputation. Rumour says that Scarecrow was the ruler of a country, which he gave up for Passerby. He’s the perfect portrayal of a man who loves a woman more than his ambition. Their martial arts skills are unfathomable. They can also travel between the ghostly realm and mortal realm, and divine the future. They are supposed to be reclusive figures, but they’ve actually been killing demons and evil spirits in the world. They’re legends!” Chen Luoqing told them what he knew.


“What’s Passerby’s origin?” Li Junyue asked with excitement. Could she be a fellow transmigrator?


“No one knows. Many people tried to uncover her past, but not even a trace of information could be found. It was like she appeared out of thin air!” Chen Luoqing exclaimed.


“Why are they called the Companion Couple?” Li Junyue asked curiously.


“That’s because Passerby says that they aren’t married and are just friends! So people in the martial arts world started calling them Companion Couple!” Chen Luoqing explained.


Lin Haihai started fantasizing about her and Yang Shaolun’s future. Love can only be so vivid and pure when not under pressure. Everything would get better with time. She suddenly felt that things hadn’t ended that badly, at least they still loved each other!


After she returned to the sixth prince’s residence, Yang Hanlun still hadn’t returned yet. Due to Prince Pingnan’s frequent activities, he had to keep watch. Prince Pingnan had left the capital in a lofty manner. Yet, he disguised himself about five thousand meters from the capital and returned. He was currently staying at the Moon Gazing Tavern, and Yang Hanlun had been keeping a close eye on who he came into contact with. 


However, after days of observation, Prince Pingnan was either visiting brothels and restaurants or gambling in a gambling den. Basically no one contacted him. Yang Hanlun found this to be very confusing.


Once Lin Haihai entered the residence, she saw Chen Birou sitting on a chair. She walked over and inquired, “Birou, you haven’t rested yet?” 


Chen Biroug quickly got up to salute her. Lin Haihai stopped her, “No need to be so formal, it’s like we’re strangers!”


Chen Birou smiled gently, “This is etiquette. This Sister doesn’t dare to mess that up!” 


Lin Haihai went to put her arm around Chen Birou’s shoulders. Chen Birou smiled and moved away. Lin Haihai didn’t think too much of it and said, “We’re family, there’s no need for etiquette. If you see me in the future, there’s no need to salute me! That’s too formal!”


Chen Birou furrowed her brows gently, but she still had a soft smile on her face, “As Elder Sister orders.”


Guihua was watching from the side and understood Chen Birou’s thought process. She didn’t want to get too close to Consort Lin. Meanwhile, Consort Lin couldn’t read her thoughts and wanted to become close with her! Chen Birou was too untactful! Consort Lin was lowering her position to become friends with her, yet she didn’t even seem to care!


Guihua thought of Lin Haihai as her idol, so she couldn’t stand seeing Lin Haihai being given the cold shoulder. Therefore she told Lin Haihai, “Consort Lin, Secondary Consort Chen should be resting. Let’s not disturb her anymore.” 


Her addressing Chen Birou as ‘Secondary Consort’ was an insinuation for her to remember her place.


Chen Birou heard the undertones of her words and sneered. In the same gentle voice as before, she said, “Elder Sister, my maid is feeling a bit unwell. Would Elder Sister be willing to let me borrow Guihua?” 


Lin Haihai looked at her strangely. “You shouldn’t be asking me this; you should be asking Guihua if she’s willing to help you. If she’s willing, then I will respect her decision. If she isn’t, then I won’t force her!”


Chen Birou became angry. She thought that Lin Haihai was making fun of her. Chen Birou snorted coldly, her tone taking on a hint of impertinence, “It seems that this Sister had overstepped her boundaries. Please forgive my disrespect!” She left furiously after she said this. Lin Haihai watched her unhappy expression in surprise. Unsure, she asked, “Guihua, did I say something wrong?”


Guihua smiled, “No, she might just not want this servant anymore!” 


Flabbergasted, Lin Haihai asked, “If she doesn’t want you, then why didn’t she just say so? She looked angry.”


“That can’t be. Secondary Consort Chen isn’t a petty woman. Consort Lin shouldn’t worry about it. You’ve had a tiring day, why don’t you go rest?” Guihua said, changing the topic.


Lin Haihai nodded, recalling Luo Kuangyuan’s words. She had promised to formulate a plan for him. She had to think about it tonight.


After bathing, Lin Haihai changed into her sleepwear and took out the bottle Passerby had given her. She opened the bottle and a wisp of smoke appeared, gradually taking the form of a human being. Upon taking a closer look, Lin Haihai realized her appearance was the one she saw in the mirror every morning. A smile gradually appeared on her face. She couldn’t believe that they finally met each other!


The woman’s complexion was pale, delicately looking at the person who had taken over her body. Her benefactor had said that Lin Haihai wasn’t an ordinary person and would definitely cause world-shattering changes in the future. Her mouth gently opened and her voice came out, “Aren’t you afraid of me?”


Lin Haihai smiled. “I’m you and you are me. Why should I be afraid of myself?”


1. Heidian, literally translated as “black shop”, refers to businesses that are exploitative to their customers and charge more than they should.

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