Chapter 94: My Heart Only Has You

Yang Shaolun didn’t say anything before releasing her with an icy stare. The faint moonlight shone on his cold eyes. Lin Haihai looked at him stunned. At that moment, she suddenly felt very sad. Harshly, she said, "Go back! Don't let someone find out you came here!" Yang Hanlun’s cruel words still rang in her ears. How could she not be terrified for him?


He remained motionless and just stared at her. Thousands of emotions flashed through his eyes, and Lin Haihai saw them all. He silently waited to see which one of them would give up first.


"I'm begging you to leave!" Lin Haihai cried. Tears came to her eyes and her sight began to fog up.


"I can leave, but you have to leave with me!" He spoke slowly with furrowed brows and a sharp gaze.


"You know that's impossible!" She angrily shouted and turned her back to him. Yang Shaolun felt his heart chilled. Impossible!


"If you don't come with me, then I'll stay here with you!" He grinned sardonically and sat down by the bed. 


Lin Haihai became angry upon seeing his actions. She got off the bed and stood on the ground barefoot. She pulled him up, "Leave now before anyone figures out you're here!"


She was just an ordinary woman without her power. Even if she used all her strength, she wasn't able to pull Yang Shaolun up. Instead, she was pulled into his arms.


Her tears fell. Her cold fingers caressed his face and she whispered, "Don't be so willful, please?"


He took her hand and looked at the scar on her finger with pain. Then, he kissed it and raised his head. His gaze was like the brightest star with hints of sadness, "Is it willful of me to come look for my runaway bride?" 


The defensive wall in Lin Haihai's heart disintegrated. No matter how much she hardened her heart and how she stood her ground, his affection was all it took to make her crumble. She put her arms around his neck, placed her forehead on his, and hugged him tightly. Their intimacy broke her heart and caused her heartache.


Yang Shaolun gently bit her lips, the jealousy in his eyes blazing like a flame. His lips moved to her ears and quietly threatened, "If you let another man touch you, I won't spare you!"


Lin Haihai stared at him. "I will cut off your hand first. Who allowed you to wipe away another woman's tears?" She bit his right hand after she said this.


Pain flashed through his eyes as she stroked her face. Solemnly, he retorted, "No matter what happens in the future, you aren't allowed to be so indifferent and cold to me like that day again! I want you to swear!" 


Lin Haihai pursed her lips and grumbled, "Then you have to promise me that you won't be so impulsive and will listen to everything I say!"


"I won't be a coward!" Yang Shaolun argued.


"Fine. Then I'll leave the capital tomorrow and you'll never see me again!" Lin Haihai coldly answered as she turned.


"You dare?" His tone was the same as Yang Hanlun's. They are indeed brothers. Lin Haihai sighed and fiddled with his sharp eyebrows.


"Currently, our impulsive behavior can't be tolerated. Leaving everything else aside, I still don't want to hurt Hanlun. I believe that you feel the same. He is your most cherished brother. Do you have the heart to hurt him?"


Yang Shaolun remained speechless. What she said is the truth. Why does she have to be so calm and consider all these matters? Yang Shaolun kissed her petal-like lips, wanting to swallow all the helplessness he felt.


The kiss lasted a long time until their lips finally parted, and their eyes were filled with conflicted emotions. In a low voice, he whispered, "I want to hear you say you love me!'


Lin Haihai busted out laughing. She tried her best to swallow her laugh when he noticed his unhappy look, which turned her face red. She shook her head and retorted, "No. I don't love you. Why should I say that?"


Yang Shaolun kissed her hard and invaded her mouth aggressively. His tongue entangled with hers skillfully, lighting up her enthusiasm. He pulled her waistband apart and put his larger hands inside her clothes. His desire surged like wildfire.


Yang Shaolun gasped, "Do you love me?"  Lin Haihai's eyes were half-lidded and alluringly bright. Her brows were filled with affection and her delicate lips had turned red under his. She looked at him tenderly, her hands finding their way to the nape of his neck. "I love you, so so much!"


Yang Shaolun looked at the charming woman with a happy smile. He gently covered her cherry-like lips with his. This time their kiss was gentle, hot, and slow. Lin Haihai closed her eyes and silently felt his presence and warmth. His hands opened her robes and her hair fell down. She gently pushed him off and took off her half-off clothes. Her skin shone with a white luster and her exquisite figure gave off a dangerous attraction.


Yang Shaolun's eyes darkened and glowed like orchids in a moonlit valley. Lin Haihai put her hands on his waist and began to undo his clothes. Yang Shaolun lowered his head and began to enthusiastically kiss her red and swollen lips, slowly deepening the kiss as if searching for something. The moon hid in the clouds as if leaving the quiet room to the pair of lovers.


Outside, there was a sudden wind and the occasional chirps of crickets and insects. Large clouds quickly closed in on the dark sky. The moon lost its purity and flashed with a mute white light.  What earth-shaking changes would take place? Nothing but the rise and fall of tides and dynasties. A series of plays orchestrated by time. Nothing to be surprised about or frightened of.


Yang Shaolun looked at the black thing hanging on Lin Haihai's chest. The thick cloth barely covered her snow-white breast. He stretched out his hands to feel it and found the material pleasant to his touch. He looked up and asked, "Where did you buy your bodice?"


Lin Haihai smiled, "You’re such a bumpkin!"


He blinked puzzledly, "What is a bumpkin?"


Lin Haihai laughed and knelt in front of him. She hooked her arms around his neck and asked, "Am I pretty?"


Yang Shaolun’s eyes lowered, and a familiar desire spread to his eyes. "You're the most beautiful woman in the whole world!"


Lin Haihai felt a sweetness in her heart. Women loved to hear honeyed words. Even if they knew it wasn't true, they still enjoyed playing this game. After thinking for a moment, she asked, "Who do you find more beautiful, Imperial Consort Li, or me?"


This was a question all women asked when they were in love. It was dumb and childish, but an unavoidable lapse in judgement everyone went through. It didn't matter if one was born beautiful enough to captivate an entire nation, or was full of self-confidence, no one was above such foolishness. When in love, the intelligence of men and women was nonexistent. Currently, both Lin Haihai's IQ and power have decreased to zero. It was only natural that she would ask some dumb questions.


Yang Shaolun nervously answered, "In my eyes, you're the most beautiful woman in the world. There is only one woman in my heart, and I’d spare no glances for any other women!"


"Hmph, you won’t spare them any glances, but you’ll have room in your heart to spare, won’t you? If I see you touch another woman, I'll cut off your hands!"


"I swear that I won't. You’re the only one I’ll be touching with this pair of hands. Does that satisfy you?" Yang Shaolun looked at her with a grin.


"Also, as soon as I saw your eyes, I knew that you're a man who would attract a lot of attention. If you dare leer at anyone, I'll poison you until you are blind!" Lin Haihai continued angrily. Why was this man so handsome? He wasn't hers before, so she couldn't do anything about it. Now that he was hers, it was natural that she had to put a tighter leash on him.


"You wouldn’t have the heart, would you?" Yang Shaolun pitifully asked. No one would have recognized him as the dignified emperor.


"Do you want to try me?" Lin Haihai angrily glared at him with her hands on her hips. Her attempt at intimidation was undermined by her lack of clothes. 


"Alright, I won't look. As long as it's a female, I won't look, ok?" Yang Shaolun pulled her onto the bed and covered her body with his. Lin Haihai gasped when she saw the familiar desire in his eyes. This man just finished, and he wants another round? She wanted to say something, but her discontent was sealed away with Yang Shaolun's kiss.


It had been an unusual night. Lin Haihai looked at the man who had just fallen asleep beside her. His handsome face, sharp eyebrows, and thin lips all had a trace of satisfaction. On his body were more than a dozen scars. Lin Haihai carefully noted them down. At least five of them were life-threatening. How did he spend these years? Faced with countless assassination attempts and schemes, and endless rebellious scum officials, he mustn't have had a day of peace.


She lowered her head and gently kissed his forehead. She whispered, "If possible, I wish you weren't the emperor and were just an ordinary person. Then you wouldn't have to suffer such cruel pain!" The night watch struck their gong the third time as they passed by. If he didn't leave now, she feared that he would be found. Yet looking at his calm face, she was reluctant to wake him.


Lin Haihai became anxious. Her powers hadn't been restored; otherwise, she would just create a barrier so no one could enter. That way, he would have a good night's sleep. However, he had to leave now. Lin Haihai mulled over it some more before deciding to wake him. 


He suddenly opened his eyes, which startled Lin Haihai. She put her hand on his forehead and said, "Get up, it's time to go!"


“I don't want to leave!” His clear eyes gazed at her.


“Don’t be stubborn!” She put her hands around his neck and tried to pull him up. Naturally, she couldn’t move him, but Yang Shaolun moved on his own. He didn’t want her to get angry. All he wanted was for her to not ignore him. They could worry about the rest later.


“Help me get dressed?” He cheekily asked.


Lin Haihai got out of bed and picked up his clothes. It didn't look too complicated, so she shouldn’t have too much trouble. She got up and put his clothes on him one piece at a time, straightening them before putting on his brocade belt. Yang Shaolun happily looked on as she busied about, watching her small hands flutter all over his body. This intimacy left him feeling warm and fuzzy.


He put his arms around her and stamped a kiss on her lips. Reluctantly, he said, "I'm leaving!" 


Lin Haiha snuggled up to his chest and listened to his heartbeat.  The sorrow of parting surged in her heart, but she wanted to send him off with a smile. "I'll miss you," she sweetly said. He looked at her with deeply affectionate eyes, silently conveying his love for her.


She watched as he flew out the window like an eagle flying across the sky and disappeared into the night. It took a moment for her to recover. Besides feeling unwilling to part, she was also worried. She feared that the situation between them would become even more complicated after this. However, she didn't want to constantly worry about reality anymore. She would take it one day at a time.

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