Chapter 9: The First Wife, Li Meilian

When Lin Haihai appeared at the front doors of the Lin residence with Xiao Ju, the doorkeeper stared blankly at them. Then, he blurted out, “Young Miss!” and knelt down on both his knees. “Welcome, Consort Lin!” 


Xiao Ju was disgusted and muttered angrily, “Pah! What a conceited servant!”  


Lin Haihai understood right away. The doorkeeper must have bullied Lin Yuguan and Xiao Ju a lot in the past. Deep down, she wanted to get revenge for them, but seeing an adult male kneel in front of her was very discomforting. So, Lin Haihai told the doorkeeper to get up and walk-in. 


The doorkeeper was so anxious that he was sweating profusely. Initially, he didn’t think Lin Yuguan would spare him. After all, in the past, he had often gone against the second branch because of the orders from the first branch. Now that the second branch was doing well, he naturally assumed he would be treated like shit. He didn’t expect to be let off so easily. 


Lin Haihai observed the sumptuous residence. The interior was decorated with fine materials and appeared very luxurious, but came across more like the showing-off of the nouveau riche. Deep down, Lin Haihai couldn’t help but snicker.


“Oh? So our precious ladyship is back. How strange! On the third day of your marriage, you never came to pay your first visit back home, but now you’re back dejectedly with your servant? How interesting!” A shrilling voice echoed through the door. Then, a woman entered with a bunch of maids following closely behind her. 


Xiao Ju immediately grabbed Lin Haihai’s hand. “Young Miss, don’t be afraid. Xiao Ju is here.” To her dismay, Xiao Ju had turned pale and her lips were trembling. She was clearly afraid. 


Lin Haihai instantly made the connection. The woman in front of her must be the first madam, Li Meilian. Xiao Ju probably thought she was the same old Lin Yuguan from the past. Hence, she was treating her the way a mother hen would protect her babies. Lin Haihai was so touched that her eyes nearly welled up with tears.      


“Greetings to First Madam.” Lin Haihai bowed slightly and spoke in a tone that was neither servile nor overbearing. Then, she fearlessly sized up the first madam. 


Li Meilian seemed to look very proper, but aloof. “Oh, I wouldn’t dare. We should be the ones greeting Consort Lin!” Li Meilian spoke in a very sarcastic, repulsive tone. She didn’t make any salutation though and directly sat down. 


“First Madam’s voice is still so pleasant to listen to,” Lin Haihai mocked, “Just like a mother hen that has given birth; full of spirit!”        


Xiao Ju was shocked. When did her lady’s tongue turn so sharp? And when did she become so daring? She had the guts to use sarcasm against the first madam? 


Li Meilian slammed her hand on the table and stood up hastily. With furrowed brows and blazing eyes, she pointed at Lin Haihai and snarled, “Humph! You actually think you’re a princess consort? Everyone knows the prince sent you to reside in North Court. How dare you make fun of me? Your mother was a slut. How could her daughter climb the high branches? Even if you can climb up, you’ll immediately fall down. In my opinion, the divorce papers should be arriving shortly. You’re a shameless slut, just like your mother.”     


Deep down, Lin Haihai was raging, but on the outside, she was all smiles. She lightly picked up the teacup from the table and took a small sip. Then, she placed it back down. “First Madam, why are you so irritated? My mother and I were the ones living in shame. It is none of your business. But then again, I guess it makes sense why you’re enraged. After all, you were inferior to such a lowly woman. She had the ability to take your man.” 


Bickering was never my forte. I'm actually quite surprised by how bitchy I can be, but it's a pretty good feeling!


Smoke was practically coming out of Li Meilian’s head, but she curtly smirked. “Well well well… As expected, you’ve become unbridled because you think you’re the princess consort. But I still remember what the sixth prince said prior to your marriage. He said you will never be loved by him. Why should I lower myself to your level when you won’t ever gain your husband’s affection?” 


“So what?” Lin Haihai responded in an indifferent tone. It was as if they weren’t talking about her. Then again, it wasn’t actually about her. 


“Humph! I don’t believe that it doesn’t affect you at all. There must be a time when you cry!” Li Meilian was savage. 


“Then you can laugh when I cry. Today, I am here to retrieve my little brother.” Lin Haihai didn’t want to argue with someone so low anymore. Li Meilian was like an uncultured woman shouting abuse on the streets.   


“He belongs to our Lin family. What makes you think a married daughter can take him away?” Li Meilian definitely wouldn’t let Lin Yuguan have her wish. Although her rival was dead, her hatred remained. There was absolutely no way in hell she would let that woman’s vile spawn live well. 


Lin Haihai ignored her and turned to Xiao Ju. “Lead the way. We’ll find him ourselves.” 

Xiao Ju nervously peeked at Li Meilian. She was about to speak but hesitated. But when Xiao Ju saw the unyielding gleam in Lin Haihai’s eyes, she instantaneously became far more courageous. She nodded and led Lin Haihai out of the room. 


“Servants! Block her!” Li Meilian shrieked and flew into a rage of humiliation. Several robust servants popped out from the side and obstructed her path. Lin Haihai faintly smiled and continued to proceed. “You dare to touch me?” she taunted.


The servants couldn’t sense any fear from Lin Haihai at all. She was nothing like her old, cowardly self. Subconsciously, they backed up and couldn’t help but feel a sense of dread.


Lin Haihai swung around and glared at Li Meilian. She enunciated every word. “I’m taking him no matter what. I would advise you not to use your old threatening tactics against me. I am now someone you cannot afford to offend.” 


Then, Lin Haihai elegantly took a step forward and briskly instructed Xiao Ju. “Let’s go.” They had already left the room.


Li Meilian was dumbstruck. For a short moment, she couldn’t react. It was as if she couldn’t believe what had just happened. From her recollection, Lin Yuguan had always been a gutless, cowering person. That was why she couldn’t fathom how she had managed to save the sixth prince in the first place. Usually, Lin Yuguan wouldn’t even have the confidence to speak with strangers. 


She’s probably like her mother; pure and harmless on the outside, but a sly and cunning bitch on the inside! 


Regardless, even if she has the title of a princess consort, she was sent off to live elsewhere a few days after her wedding! There’s nothing to be afraid of. 


Li Meilian’s face immediately darkened. She screamed at the servants. “You useless trash! Go after them! Stop them!” 


The servants had been subdued by Lin Haihai’s dominance. Now that Li Meilian was screeching, they snapped back to reality and chased after the pair. 


Xiao Ju led Lin Haihai through the east hall and entered the garden. Through the garden, they turned to a side house. The side house was where Lin Yuguan’s brother resided. In actuality, it was where the servants stayed. Li Meilian had arranged a room here for Chen Xiangwen and her son. Although Chen Xiangwen was the second madam of the Lin household, her living conditions were even worse than the servants. 


Lin Haihai stood by the front door and saw a little boy sitting on the ground. His face was covered in filth and his clothes were soaked. There was a foul stench coming out all over. It was obvious that no one had washed or changed him in days. 


On the ground were several bitten buns with a bit of water in a dish. Lin Haihai could feel her blood pressure going up. Li Meilian is treating a two-year-old child like a dog. No matter what, child abuse is unacceptable! 


Xiao Ju rushed over and picked up the boy. She cried, “How could they be so cruel? Little Master is so young. Don’t they have any conscience?” 


At first, the boy was struggling furiously. But when he realized it was Xiao Ju, he immediately pouted and cried out, “Sister Xiao Ju… Sister Xiao Ju….” 


Lin Haihai took the boy from Xiao Ju. When the boy saw Lin Haihai, he started to wail right away. “Sister! Don’t leave... Sister, don’t leave! Sister doesn’t want Tangtang* anymore?” 


Lin Haihai was in an aggravated state. Why must adults always pass on their resentment and grudges onto the younger generation? Children are innocent!


Lin Haihai gently patted the child’s back. She soothed, “Don’t be afraid, Tangtang. Elder Sister came to take you away.” 


Then, Lin Haihai left the room with the tearful Xiao Ju. 

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