Chapter 68: The Second Prince

The second prince was surprised to see Lin Haihai chained. Isn’t that Physician Lin? Sixth sister-in-law? How could a princess consort be treated so rudely by the yamen runners? The royal family must be respected! Otherwise, their reputation would be at stake.


He scowled and shouted, "Ridiculous, this is ridiculous! Unchain her immediately!"


The yamen runners all looked at each other, speechless. A more courageous worker stepped up and gulped, "Replying to Second Prince, this woman has committed a felony. She has already been sentenced to be exiled. She can't be released!"


"Felony? What crime did she commit?" The second prince looked at Lin Haihai inquiringly. Lin Haihai nodded calmly in lieu of a response.


"Your Highness, she colluded with a patient to blackmail Baoyuan Pharmacy, showed contempt for the court, and framed Official Bai," a yamen runner sputtered.


"Nonsense, Physician Lin has excellent medical skills and is kind-hearted. It's obvious you officials are colluding with the businesses. Physician Lin caught you guys so you wanted to get rid of her!" The mass of people outside loudly defended Lin Haihai.


The second prince stared at the yamen runners and ordered, "Unchain her immediately. Even if she is a criminal, you guys aren't qualified to judge her!"


A yamen runner, who saw that the situation wasn't going in the right direction, immediately turned and ran into the yamen. At this moment, Bai Muyang and Physician Liu were talking quietly. Bai Muyang saw the yamen runner running over in a panic and was angered. Just as he was about to snap, the yamen runner blurted, "My lord, the Second Prince is at the entrance. He wants us to release the female prisoner!"


"What?" Bai Muyang was frightened. "Could the Second Prince be the person that is backing her?" Physician Liu's eyes flickered and he suddenly said to Bai Muyang, "I think that woman must've seduced the Second Prince with her beauty. The Second Prince is usually submissive to his wife. You can invite the Second Princess Consort over. To prove his loyalty to her, the Second Prince wouldn't dare to protect the woman. Then we can take her and get rid of her." 


"Good idea! This would require the advisor to pay the second princess consort a visit!" Bai Muyang exclaimed with a sly smile. "Advisor, you must invite the second princess consort over!"


“Of course, I will do my best!” the advisor replied and bowed. 


Bai Muyang walked out slowly, working up to a jog when he reached the door. He ran to the second prince and bowed with a cupped fist. "I didn't know that Your Highness the Second Prince had arrived. Please pardon me for not welcoming you!"


The second prince looked over at him and said, " Cut the crap. Unlock the shackles immediately. I will take her away!"


Bai Muyang pretended to be in a difficult position. "Second Prince, please forgive me for not complying. This woman is a criminal and has already been sentenced in court. Your request is too difficult for me!"


Lin Haihai looked at Bai Muyang, amused. What a scum. He appeared so righteous but was probably scheming in his mind. I’d like to see how he’s going to go against the prince’s order. Perhaps then he’ll reveal their secret benefactors. Lin Haihai decided to wait quietly.


"In that case, I would like to see her confession and what crime she has committed for her to be exiled." 


Based on his observation, Official Bai didn't seem to know the identity of his sixth sister-in-law. Why didn't his sixth sister-in-law reveal to them her identity? Did she not want anyone to know? However, she was a delicate lady. How was she going to conduct herself in society after being shackled in public? She even had wounds on her face. Did they torture her? What is his sixth sister-in-law's planning?


"Well..." Bai Muyang blinked, flustered. Time was of the essence, and he initially wanted to get rid of the women before forging the documents. Where would he get the time now? Why isn’t the advisor back with Consort Xiao yet? Bai Muyang was very anxious but his expression remained dignified. "Your Highness, you may have a look, but the advisor is currently sorting them out. Please give us some time. Since there are a lot of unwanted ears here, why don't we continue this conversation inside?"


Lin Haihai saw through his plans; he was prolonging the conversation. Who would be able to suppress the second prince? How could this person be invited by the Capital Magistrate? An accomplice of his, maybe? But Minister Chen wouldn't be able to stop the second prince. Who could it be? Grand Councilor Yan would have to be an idiot to come and expose himself. Then who else? Lin Haihai couldn't wait to find out.


The second prince looked at the anticipating crowd around them. It seems that his sixth sister-in-law had won the hearts of the citizens. After thinking it through, he decided it wasn't appropriate to disclose her identity here, lest she become their gossip over meals. He waved at the attendants behind him and took the lead, heading into the yamen. The attendants followed behind Lin Haihai and kept a close eye on the yamen runners so that they would behave themselves.


The crowd was relieved. The second prince was famous for his integrity, so he would be able to prove Physician Lin's innocence. However, they were unwilling to leave and waited outside the estate.


The second prince saw Lin Haihai's discomfort and believed it to be caused by the shackles. "Take off her shackles first," he ordered.


The yamen runners hurriedly rushed over and took them off of Lin Haihai, but she still had iron chains around her feet. They looked wrong on her. Just as the second prince was about to say something, Lin Haihai spoke, "Thank you, Your Highness! I'll be fine, don't worry!" Bai Muyang and Physician Liu exchanged a look. There’s definitely something going on between those two. Humph, it turns out that the second prince is an amorous man even though he appears to be in love with his wife and looks elegant and gentle. Let's see how you’re going to get away with this later! Bai Muyang thought with a gleam in his eye.


The second prince thought it was strange. Why doesn’t his sister-in-law tell them her identity? Is there something else going on in the background? Tomorrow is his sixth brother’s wedding. Although the woman is going to be the secondary consort, his imperial mother has said she couldn't let the Chen Family's Miss suffer any injustice. 


As such, everything is going to be grand. Everything a princess consort should have will be there, it’s just like marrying a princess consort. Miss Chen is rising up the social ladder! It’s just sad for my intelligent sixth sister-in-law. Who knows if today's matter has anything to do with sixth brother's marriage with his secondary consort? He had to tackle this situation carefully, otherwise, he would hurt his sister-in-law's feelings. 


He walked over quietly to Lin Haihai and gently asked, "Do you have anything to say to Official Bai's accusations? Don't be afraid, I’m calling the shots here!"


Lin Haihai was about to speak when a cold female voice rang out from outside the doorway, "Who are you taking charge for? I would like to know who it is!" 


Lin Haihai turned around to see a woman in plain clothes with a frosty expression. She had seen her at the empress dowager's birthday banquet. She seemed to be the second princess consort. The queen had said she was a chivalrous woman with martial art skills. The second prince had taken her in. Although she was said to be the princess consort, she often didn’t behave according to rules of propriety. However, the second prince loved her very much. The second princess consort got jealous easily. As soon as the prince got closer to a woman, she would punish the prince by having him kneel on a washboard. Lin Haihai has long wanted to meet this remarkable woman.


Xiao Jueran eyed the second prince coldly. How dare he try to help this female criminal! 


She looked at Lin Haihai. Sure enough, she’s a beauty that rivals flowers and jade. That expression, that appearance, that smile... humph. At a glance, she was able to tell… Wait a minute. She took a closer look. That expression, that appearance, that smile. This is Xu Xian!


One had to know that Xiao Jueran had fallen in love with the Legend of the White Snake the minute she saw Lin Haihai's performance that night. She often rehearsed with a group of maids at home and it had reached the point of obsession. Hence, she was delighted to see the real version of Xu Xian here. 


Just as she was about to say something, Bai Muyang opened his mouth, "This subject greets Consort Xiao!"


Xiao Jueran turned to him. " Official Bai, you may rise! What matter did Official Bai invite me over for?" she inquired without any intent. 


However, Bai Muyang was dumbfounded. This wasn't what he had expected. He thought that when the second princess consort came, she would cause a ruckus, and then he could ask the second prince to take her home. His schemes were very thorough, but it was a pity that he didn't take into account Lin Haihai's identity. 


Of course, it wouldn’t matter if there was an actual affair between the prince and that woman. Consort Xiao’s jealousy knew no bounds. However, this woman was Lin Haihai and her sister-in-law. No matter how jealous Xiao Jueran was, she would never suspect Lin Haihai.


Upon hearing this, the second prince stared at Bai Muyang. "You invited the Second Princess Consort over? What was your motive? Answer me, or don't blame me for being impolite!"


Bai Muyang's legs wobbled and his forehead began sweating. At that moment, he didn't know what explanation to give. Facing the second prince’s wrath, he fell to his knees, trembling, "Your Highness, this subject deserves death. This subject thought you had fallen for that woman's charms, so I invited Consort Xiao over to remind Your Highness. It seems that I was mistaken!" Why didn't Consort Xiao get angry? She’s famous for getting jealous.


Lin Haihai laughed out loud. So that was what he was scheming. What a pity! Xiao Jueran looked at Lin Haihai in confusion.


Why is she laughing? Xiao Jueran looked at her husband, at a loss. Lin Haihai stopped laughing and said, "Second Sister-in-law, he wanted to use you!"


Second Sister-in-law. That was enough to put the fear of gods into many at present. Bai Muyang fell to the ground with a look of disbelief. Physician Liu was paralyzed on the spot. She’s from the imperial family? How could a member of the imperial family move around like that in public? Impossible, this is impossible!


"How about untying the Sixth Princess Consort... unless you guys want to die?" Xiao Jueran fiercely said to the yamen runners around her.


One of the yamen runners hurriedly took out the key. His hands shook as he tried and failed to open the shackles several times. Xiao Jueran pushed him aside and untied the chains on Lin Haihai's ankle for her. Lin Haihai moved her feet and smiled, "Thank you, Second Sister-in-law!" 


Turning around, her smile faded and she coldly said, "Put this trash of an official and Physician Liu into prison. They shall be sentenced later on!" The yamen runners didn't dare disobey. The second prince and Consort Xiao were still there, so even if Official Bai's most influential supporter came, it would be useless.


Bai Muyang looked at Lin Haihai, his face ashen. She’s the abandoned sixth princess consort? She should be no threat to us, but the second prince is here. We’ll have to wait for Grand Councilor Yan to get us out!


The yamen runners dragged Bai Muyang and Physician Liu away. Lin Haihai told the second prince and his wife the whole story. When she finished, Xiao Jueran was so angry that she wanted to drag those corrupt businessmen and the trash officials out so that she could beat them up. 


Meanwhile, the second prince appeared to be deep in thought. It’s better to report this situation to the emperor. According to my sixth sister-in-law, this matter concerns the Grand Councilor; it’s no longer a simple matter. Could it be... The second prince was beyond shocked.


"Second Brother, I'll have to trouble you to investigate this matter and give the victimized citizens an explanation. You can't wrong an innocent person or release a guilty person!" Lin Haihai counseled.


"Don't worry, Sister-in-law. I'll investigate this matter thoroughly. I won't let those corrupt businessmen and trash officials go unpunished!" the second prince promised.


"How can you investigate this by yourself? Do you know how dangerous it could be? If this stupid bull hadn't arrived when he did, you would've been exiled! Don't be so reckless in the future!" Xiao Jueran felt scared just by thinking about it.


"If necessary, I would've told them my identity. No matter how gutsy they are, would they have dared to hurt me?" Lin Haihai answered, feigning naivety. If you guys hadn't shown up, I would have proof of attempted murder. Then even if they want to deny it, they wouldn't be able to do anything!

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