Chapter 66: The Mighty Lin Haihai

She looked coldly at Lin Yuchen and wanted to give him another hard slap to beat the arrogance off his face.


"Servants, come drag this bitch away. Don't let her take another step into this household! " Lin Yuchen was screaming like a madman at the door.


"Flute, Sword, drag him out. Don't let him step through that door without my command!" Lin Haihai coldly ordered. Meeting Lin Yuhao's pleading eyes, she coldly said, "When she bullied Tangtang and me in the past, why did you never even say half a sentence for us? I'm not the Lin Yuguang of the past. If you guys had even some respect for me, I would've let the past stay the past. However, this never changed, so don't blame me!" Her tone was threatening. He's your younger brother, but what about Lin Yuguan and Lin Yutang? Why should they be treated so unfairly?


"You dare? Lin Yuguan, you bitch! I'll kill you.... Let go of me. guys dare hit me?" Lin Yuchen rushed madly at Flute and Sword. "Let’s see what capabilities this woman's lovers have."


Flute feinted and then attacked from both sides making him dizzy. Sword came up and kicked him to the ground. Stepping on his chest, he coldly said, "You can insult us but by insulting our master, you're courting death!" Lin Yuchen was trampled on the ground, but his eyes were still filled with endless anger and viciousness. Lin Haihai shook her head; his hatred was rooted too deeply.


When Li Meilian woke up on the bed, she just happened to see Flute and Sword beating her beloved son. Li Meilian was so angry that she spat out a mouthful of blood. Lin Yuhao rushed over and in a trembling voice, she told him, " Get… rid of her...!"


"Hmph, I'm not leaving, what can you do about it?" Lin Haihai was mad. This mother and son pair was the same, hating due to jealousy, were stingy, and malicious. She sat in a chair and looked at them calmly.


"Little Sister, if you are here to make a fuss, please leave!" Lin Yuhao was also a little angry. Lin Haihai beat up his younger brother when she came and then provoked his mother. Although his younger brother's words were rude, a gentleman uses words rather than his fists. She shouldn't have beat him so hard!


"Did you say I came here to make a fuss? Who is really making the fuss? This household is my maiden home. If I want to come back, what can you do to me? You are the eldest son of the family yet there is no justice in your actions. You're just being biased towards your younger brother. Is Tangtang not also your father's son? Is his situation not worse than your younger brother's?" Lin Haihai was so angry. She had always respected him but it turned out he was the type to defend those despite knowing that they were in the wrong.


"You can talk to me in private about these matters. Why did you need to bring in outsiders to embarrass your second brother? He has a weak constitution and can't be angered!" Lin Yuhao's voice rose a bit, steadfast in his criticism of Lin Hahai's actions.


"Send out all the miscellaneous people in the room, I have something to say to First Madam!" Lin Hahai coldly instructed.


"Yes, Master!" Flute and Sword respectfully replied. Each of them picked up a person and soon disappeared from the doorway, with the occasional swearing and crying being heard.


The way Lin Haihai smiled at her made Li Meilian nervous. This girl wasn't the cowardly white rabbit from before. However, no matter what Lin Haihai became, she didn't have to fear. Her life was almost over, what else was worth being afraid of?


"What do you want?" Li Meilian asked, staring at Lin Haihai. Lin Haihai was speechless. She quietly took Lin Meilian's hand and felt her pulse. Her condition had worsened. Lin Haihai felt a little angry at herself for not staying calm. No matter what, Li Meilian was still a patient and shouldn't have been provoked. After all, it was between Lin Yuguan and them. No matter who was right or wrong, it was in the past. The person was already dead so bygones should be bygones.


"I will cure you. Whether you believe it or not, to me you are just a patient who has no connection to me! I'm a physician. It's my duty to treat the sick and save people. There will always be a day when the grudge between you and my mother will be settled. I'll let you guys settle that in the heavens in the future, but you have to be qualified to enter the heavens first." Lin Haihai faintly spoke and took out a syringe to inject her. Li Meilian looked at the long needle in horror and drew back.


The two brothers of the Lin family had their acupoints locked by Flute and Sword and were basking in the sun in the courtyard. Lin Yuchen was so angry that his neck had thickened. Lin Yuhao was looking at the door anxiously.


"Ah..." There was a shrill scream that came from the room but the Lin brothers couldn't move. Bean size drops of sweat dripped from their face. Their angry and anxious expressions made them look scary. There was a group of servants at the side, all of them shrank back and didn't dare to look.


After a while, Lin Haihai came out. She looked at the people in the courtyard. To a steward, she said, "You, take some people to carry First Madam to the North Court!" The steward didn't dare to move and looked at Lin Yuhao for help. He felt sorry for the two brothers who had their acupoints locked. They were angry but couldn't do anything about it.


"Go on, don't let me say it a third time." Lin Haihai said with a serious voice. That steward was flustered. He immediately told several people to carry the sedan chair and hurriedly help Li Meilian onto it.


Lin Haihai walked up to Lin Yuchen and coldly said, "You'd better not play any tricks or I'll make your mother more miserable!" Lin Yuchen stared at her with burning eyes. Lin Haihai ignored him and called Flute and Sword to leave. As she passed by Lin Yuhao she said, "Big Brother, I am very disappointed in you!" Lin Haihai especially emphasized the word big brother. The irony in her words was so strong that Lin Yuhao bowed his head in shame.


Lin Haihai walked a few steps and then turned back to Flute and said, "Unlock their acupoints. I will be living at the North Court for a while. If you guys behave and don't play any tricks during this time, I promise that I will return your mother intact. However, if there are any tricks... hmph, Flute!" Flute understood and slapped the stone table. The stone table broke into several pieces which frightened everyone present into stepping back. They were speechless with their mouths open.


The two brothers didn't recover until Lin Haihai had walked away with the others. Lin Yuhao murmured, "It's my fault, it's our fault!" After saying this, he squatted down and bitterly cried. Lin Yuchen was still scared silly. Where did that woman become acquainted with two swordsmen with excellent martial art skills? In the future, how were they going to fight against her?


Lin Haihai gave Li Meilian the room in the back courtyard. Bringing her over was a last resort. It was impossible to treat her in peace in the Lin Residence and their quarantine measures weren't enough. This was a very dangerous thing. The disease was very contagious. If it broke out on a large scale, it would be fatal.


The servants wanted to leave as soon as Li Meilian was settled in. "Stop!" Lin Haihai yelled out from behind them. The servants were so scared of her that their legs became shaky. Third Miss was different from before. Now her presence could scare someone to death.


Lin Haihai looked at them amused. Was she that scary? How annoying. She softened her voice and said, "Go wash your hands. When you go back, change your clothes, wash them with hot water, and then dry them in the sun. Understood?"


The servant all gave a sigh of relief. They bowed their heads and responded, "Yes. Thank you, Consort Lin. We are leaving!" Lin Haihai nodded. She turned to Xiao Ju and said, "You and Liu'er can look after Tangtang. Don't allow him to come over here. I will transfer people from the hospital to take care of her!"


Xiao Ju looked at Lin Haihai with a complicated gaze. She seemed to have something to say but then stopped. Lin Haihai knew what she was thinking. She patted her shoulder and consoled, "Xiao Ju, the animosity between your Miss and the Madam will be settled one day. Don't be impatient. In reasoning, since I borrowed your Miss's body, I should avenge her but I am a physician. She is my patient at the moment. We study medicine to save people. In the eyes of physicians, all living beings are equal and there should be no personal grudges. Actually, deep down, I don't hate this family. It's just that your Miss is still part of the Lin household. Her biological father and elder brother are there, I saved her but I also resolved the unjust debt. This way your Miss can depart this world without any concerns!"


Xiao Ju raised her head. Her eyes were bright with hints of tears. "Sister, don't say anymore. I understand your efforts. Repaying vengeance with vengeance is an endless cycle. I believe that the Miss also doesn't want to see her family scattered and in disorder. Sister, just do as you like!"


Lin Haihai looked at Xiao Ju with gratitude. This girl seemed to have grown up!


“Sword and Flute, you guys stay here. Don’t let anyone come close. If someone from the Lin family comes, kick them out! I have to return to the hospital for a matter, you guys have to keep watch,” Lin Haihai said.


“Yes, Master. Don’t worry and go. We’ll keep guard!” Flute solemnly replied. Lin Haihai nodded at ease. It was time to go back to the hospital. Today was the day Elder Guang was bringing someone over to work. The plantation needed weeding.


“Master!” Sword called out. Lin Haihai looked back, “What is it?”


Sword looked at her and asked, “You’re Consort Lin? You’re part of the imperial court?” Flute’s gaze was complicated. He was used to the peaceful days and was tired of fighting and killing. Getting involved with that was something he wasn’t willing to do. However, Master was their benefactor. If she said it, then they would be willing to go leap into boiling water or go through fire for her.


Lin Haihai saw the worry in their eyes. She earnestly said, “Don’t worry about my other identities. With every person that lives in this world, there will be bound to those with conflicting identities. Putting aside everything else, I am just your master, a physician, and a woman who plants medicinal herbs. All you guys have to remember is that we all yearn for peace in our hearts. If we were to go to war one day, we would still be fighting for peace. However, I assure you, I will use all my power to fight for peace!”


Lin Haihai’s words were solemn. Flute and Sword were deeply moved and said, “We are willing to follow Master for the rest of our life. If we don’t listen to Master's words then we will be struck down by the heavens!” 


Lin Haihai smiled. Their hearts were really simple; she was satisfied having such good disciples. 


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