Chapter 65: Please Return

Around four am, there was knocking from the back door. Lin Haihai opened it, and several people carrying a wounded man on a stretcher quickly walked in. Following behind them were Official Luo and Chen Luoqing, as well as Li Junyue, who had been stuck in the prison for several days. Lin Haihai looked around and made sure that no one was tailing them before closing the door. While she was at it, she applied what she just learned and set a boundary at the entrance. After taking a few steps, she recalled that there were no ghosts or demons here; hence, there was no point setting a boundary. The invisible Baize chuckled despite himself. This foolish woman is quite cute sometimes.  


“Stupid Bear, how is he?” Lin Haihai looked at the patient. He seemed to be seriously injured.. 


Li Junyue shook his head. “It’s pretty bad. He lost a lot of blood, and his internal organs are damaged. His head has been struck rather violently as well. It’s hard to say if there’d be any negative after-effects.”


“That bad, huh? Have you decided on a tentative treatment plan?” Lin Haihai asked. 


“I’ll talk it through with you later. I need to go shower first. I haven’t showered in so many days!” Li Junyue sniffed himself in disgust. 


“Go ahead. In the meantime, I’ll go check on the patient and see how serious his internal injuries are.” Lin Haihai glanced at the unconscious patient and thought of the first madam. Is she awake? Has she been taking the medicine routinely as instructed?


“Physician Lin, let’s talk somewhere else.” Luo Kuangyuan whispered mysteriously to Lin Haihai. She looked at him in surprise, only to see him wearing a grave expression that suggested he was faced with a great conundrum. They walked to the backyard, and Chen Luoqing followed along solemnly. 


“Why the secrecy?” Lin Haihai asked. 


“I’d like to ask Consort Lin to move back to the Sixth Prince Residence.” Luo Kuangyuan suddenly dropped down to his knees, leaving Lin Haihai at a loss. She had always respected this upstanding official. How could he kneel to her? 


Lin Haihai immediately pulled him up and said, “Official, there's no need for you to do this no matter what you have to say!”


“The Sixth Prince’s marriage is in two days. To tell you the truth, he controls a massive military force. What’s more, the Ministry of War sided with our opponent. It’s hard to say if he’d convince the Sixth Prince to hand his military power over to someone else with rapacious designs through Chen Birou. Whether she marries the prince with pure intentions or not requires further observation. After all, this matter concerns many people. We don’t dare take any risks. We hope that Consort Lin may return to the residence and monitor Miss Chen. According to General Chen, although the Sixth Prince loves Chen Birou dearly, he is rather respectful to you too. We hope that you will agree to our request!” Luo Kuangyuan had given his words a lot of thought, and Lin Haihai was touched by his loyalty to his country. 


“I understand. I’ll return tomorrow.” Lin Haihai agreed. Luo Kuangyuan didn’t expect her to agree so readily. He’d prepared a long explanation and planned on slowly convincing her. General Chen was correct; she was an extraordinary woman. Luo Kuangyuan had a newfound respect for Lin Haihai. It wasn't because of her identity as the princess consort or her marvelous medical skill, but her kindness, thoughtfulness, and generosity.


“Physician Lin, please be cautious!” Luo Kuangyuan said respectfully. He didn’t address her as Consort Lin because this was a hospital, and she was a physician here. 


“However, wouldn’t you feel ill at ease going back?” Chen Luoqing suddenly added. He still remembered the night she got drunk. And the injury on her face hadn’t fully recovered. Chen Luoqing wondered if she felt the same way towards the sixth prince. 


“Probably. There are lots of servants in the household, and many of them are assigned to serve one person. Just thinking of it gives me a headache!” Lin Haihai knitted her brows as she said. It was such a waste of manpower. How could they possibly need that many workers? I’m in dire need for a few more hands at my plantation. Even if I want to recruit workers, I don’t have that much money. Just irrigating the medicinal ingredients on the mountains is enough to tire a whole group of people. Speaking of which, it’s time for deweeding. Otherwise, it can affect the growth of the medicinal ingredients. Money, I’m seriously lacking money! 


Chen Luoqing and Luo Kuangyuan looked at each other as they broke out into laughter. That’s what she’s worried about?


Taking advantage of the lingering night, Li Junyue and Lin Haihai took the time to formulate a treatment plan for the patient. 


“Don't you just hate it when there isn’t enough medicine?” Li Junyue exclaimed, sighing with feeling. He had thought he’d bought enough medicine, but now they were running out of needed supplies! He should’ve brought more glucocorticoid. It would be much more effective in treating a patient in such a critical condition.


“Forget it. Let’s just try our best to save him. It’s fine as long as we put aside our personal feelings and adjust our mindset. Otherwise it’s going to affect our judgement.” This time, it was Lin Haihai’s turn to comfort him.


“I know. Don’t worry. It’ll be fine! As for you, are you really going back to the Lin Residence? Maybe it’s better if I go?” Li Junyue said worriedly. 


“No, stay and look after Official Wang. You formulated the plan, so I won’t intervene. However, you have to stay here. I will set up a boundary in the room. No one must enter except you, or I worry that something will happen to him!” Lin Haihai warned. It was better to plan ahead before it was too late. 


“Okay then, go ahead. Call Sword and Flute from the mountain to accompany you.” Li Junyue knew that it was impossible to prepare for everything. Lin Haihai was too trusting. Sword and Flute would be much more alerted than her as former assassins.


“It’s fine. I can go on my own,” Lin Haihai objected.


“No. If you don’t want me to worry about you, then take them along!” Li Junyue insisted. The tension within the court had been rising with each passing day. He could sense that something would happen soon. It wouldn’t hurt to be a little more careful during this critical period. 


“Fine. I’ll go find them in the mountains,” Lin Haihai replied, touched. The best way to love your loved ones was to love yourself and not let them worry about you. Lin Haihai felt this profoundly now. 


“Xiao’hai, no matter what happens, please don’t hide it from me, okay?” Li Junyue spoke seriously. 


“I understand. I’ll try my best to discuss and communicate everything with you. I will never hide anything from you,” Lin Haihai promised. 


“Then go up the mountains. I’ll try to get some sleep. After all, I’m only a human, and all the work has taken a toll!” Li Junyue stretched, feeling sore everywhere. He could barely keep his eyes open, but the patient had just gotten out of critical danger. His condition might change anytime. He couldn’t leave Official Wang for too long. 


“Then go to sleep. I’ll set up a boundary for you!” Lin Haihai waved her fingers, and a faint yellow circle gradually faded into the air until it was no longer visible. She flew out of the door. Taking advantage of the dim light of dawn, she flew up the mountains like a gust of wind. Sword and Flute weren’t awake yet, so she had no choice but to patrol around her plantation. Weeds were already everywhere, many of which were even taller than the medicinal plants. She needed to hurry up and get rid of them, or it’d affect the herbs’ growth. If she couldn’t do that before harvest, she’d have to buy some more medicinal ingredients. Then she would have greater difficulty making ends meet. 


The temperature was rather low in the mountains, and Lin Haihai felt a bit cold. She crouched down and sat on a small mound. The air was incredibly fresh and cool. The sky was full of sparkling stars. Venus was still hanging in the same old place in the sky. Being able to enjoy the gifts of nature freely was a privilege she must thank the world for.


Even those who lived a life of hardships should learn to be grateful. Nothing should be taken for granted. Sometimes, we obtained a lot even though we didn’t invest in anything. Therefore, we shouldn’t complain if we failed to gain what we wanted after putting in the effort. Perhaps a long time ago we’d had it already, or far into the future we would have obtained it.It depended on the way life chose to give you it. 


While thinking, Lin Haihai gazed at the sky. Time passed second by second. By the time a flicker of reddish-orange appeared in the east, morning had arrived some time ago. Facing the sun, she felt rejuvenated. Lin Haihai leapt up from the ground. Although she hadn’t slept at all, she was in great spirits.


Her employees got out of bed one after another, preparing for a new day’s work. Lin Haihai summoned Flute and Sword before flying down the mountains rapidly. She hoped she wouldn’t spend too much time in the Lin Residence. There were still a few critical patients in the hospital, and Elder Guang and his siblings were coming today. There were lots of matters she needed to attend to. She couldn’t leave her post. She didn’t even try out the court attire Yang Hanlun had asked her to try the day before. 


She returned to the hospital to grab her medical kit. Sword and Flute followed closely behind her. 


“Are you used to the farmer lifestyle?” Lin Haihai faintly smiled as she asked.


“I just regret not being a farmer sooner!” Flute’s handsome face looked at peace. Washing away his ruthless aura, he was just an ordinary farmer now. He was idle and free, living each day to the rise and fall of the sun.


“I can’t stay away from the plantation anymore!” Sword added. They were like modern university students; bright, energetic and youthful.


“That’s good. I have been worried that you guys might have trouble getting used to your new life. It seems like my worry is unfounded!” Lin Haihai was pleased to see their changes. 


“This Disciple thanks Master for the lesson taught to us that day. Otherwise, we would still be runaways living dangerous lives. Our only regret is our inability to find our parents.” Flute said with faint melancholy. He’d long lost all hope in a normal life. That was why he wasn’t particularly troubled that he’d never met his parents. Now that he had built himself a mundane, peaceful life, however, he couldn’t help but seek the happiness of ordinary people. He wanted to get married and start a family, and be filial to his parents; that was how life should be. 


Sword also kept his head down and stayed silent. Never a moment passed where he didn’t think of his parents. However, there were too many people in this vast world, and he had no clues to follow. Where should he even begin to look for his parents?


“Don’t worry. After I handle all these troublesome matters, I’ll help you guys locate your family.” Lin Haihai couldn’t bear to see people being separated from their families. Her abilities were used to serve the masses to start with. She naturally couldn’t neglect the people around her. 


“Master, I’m afraid it’s going to be too difficult!” Xiao smiled wryly, his calm expression tinged with traces of sorrow. 


“We need to try at least. I understand the feeling of being separated from your family. I will try my best to help you guys search for them. Let’s not worry about the possibility of failure now.” 


As long as their parents were still alive, she wouldn’t consider it too hard to search for them. After all, they and their families weren’t separated by time and space, heaven and hell. Unlike her. She and her family were centuries and worlds apart. It was impossible for her to even see them. Baize had said she would be able to return if she completed a mission. However, up until now, he still hadn’t mentioned what the mission was. Maybe he just wanted to comfort her. Home… The Lin Residence was, in a sense, her maiden home, but there was no warmth to be found. If she was able to leave this era, she couldn’t let Tangtang return to that household.


“Consort Lin, you’re finally here!” Flute and Sword were both stunned when they heard the servant address Lin Haihai. She’s the princess consort?  


“Is First Madam awake yet?” Lin Haihai was unable to keep a calm tone with the resentment within her. 


“She has been awake since last night. She keeps on coughing, and now she’s starting to cough out blood,” the servant said. Lin Haihai quickly walked to Li Meilian’s room with Flute and Sword in tow. 


“Bitch, why are you here? Are you looking for a beating?” Lin Yuchen’s eyes were bloodshot as he glared at her fiercely.


“Second Brother, you mustn’t be disrespectful!” Lin Yuhao shouted from behind him. His eyeballs were full of wisps of blood. He clearly hadn’t slept the entire night. He walked over and looked at Lin Haihai, saying, “Little Sister, Mother coughed the entire night and spat out blood. She can't eat anything, and the minute she does, she vomits it out.” He had no other choices. As her child, Lin Yuhao was anguished by his inability to do anything about his mother’s suffering.


“Elder Brother, why are you talking to her about this? Get lost. Get out of here at once! I don’t need your fake sympathy!” Lin Yuchen yelled loudly. Lin Haihai furrowed her brows, her ears almost hurting from the harsh words. It seems that Stupid Bear was right to tell me to bring Flute and Sword along.


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