Chapter 63: It Is My Duty To Save People

The number of patients gradually decreased in the afternoon. The imperial physicians all pestered Lin Haihai to teach them. She gave a rough introduction to the origin of Western medicine and its principles, and even taught them how to use a thermometer. Then, she had them go look over the notes. 


It was very sunny. There was a huge contrast between the temperature during the day and at night. Thankfully there was a breeze, so it didn’t feel smothering. In the evenings, it was very cool and comfortable with a refreshing wind.  Lin Haihai thought that the best perk of transmigrating to the ancient times was being able to see the starry sky - a rare luxury in the modern world - and being able to breathe the fresh, clear air. She walked slowly on the streets, experiencing life as an ancient person. It gave her an entirely new perspective.


The old man selling sugar figurines was still around, but he had moved his stall under a tree. There was a southern wind that blew through as Lin Haihai walked over. She saw the different sugar figurines on the table. Due to the hot weather, some of them had already started to melt. Their mismatched shapes displayed on the rack. “Young miss, would you like a sugar figurine?” The old man greeted, the criss-crossing wrinkles on his face folded together as he smiled. Lin Haihai found his smile approachable. Her heart filled with a warm feeling. She returned the smile and said, “I’ll have one. I want the melted one!”


The old man hurriedly waved and exclaimed, “No, no. I will make a new one for you!”


“It’s fine, kind sir. I want this one. Here’s the money!” Lin Haihai picked up a sugar figurine. Although its features had melted away, she was satisfied. 


“Young miss, please stop. It’s not worth this much silver taels. Wait a second, let me find you change…” The old man rushed out, but Lin Haihai had disappeared around the corner. 


There were lots of people gathered up ahead, and one could occasionally hear a woman’s loud cries of anguish. Lin Haihai turned the corner, her attention caught. She ran over immediately, ignoring the old man behind her. 


Lin Haihai got through the crowd to see a middle-aged man lying on the ground by a pharmacy door. His face was blue. His lips were dry and dark purple. The exposed parts of his body were also blue. A woman kneeled by his side and let out a heart-wrenching cry. Many at the scene pitied her, and some were kind enough to offer her comfort.


“Aunty, don’t cry anymore. Take your husband home for a good burial!”


“That’s right. There’s no use crying in front of the pharmacy. It’s better if you went back and prepared for his funeral in advance.”


Lin Haihai thought the woman looked familiar. After taking a closer look, she recognized the aunty as the one who had been getting rid of excrement. She knelt down and took a quick look. Oh no, he’s in shock! She was unable to feel his pulse and it seemed like he was about to stop breathing. His heart was beating, but so faint she could barely hear it.


The woman lifted her head and recognized her to be the kind-hearted Physician Lin from the other day. She no longer had any hope. Physician Liu already said that her husband was dead. Even if immortals descended from heaven, they couldn’t save him either! 


Lin Haihai lifted the patient about 30 degrees up, and asked the woman to help support him. The woman wiped her tears and lifted her husband’s skinny lower leg shakingly. Lin Haihai turned around and instructed the crowd, “Quick, go to my hospital and order someone to bring my medical kit over. Also, have my disciple carry a stretcher over. Make it quick!” A few sturdy and strong men behind her ran off quickly. 


Lin Haihai had the crowd move to the side, so that the breeze could come through. It just so happens that there was a cool breeze earlier, but there was none now. The crowd was anxious. Physician Lin said that the patient needed a breeze, so the crowd all started fanning using the hem of their dresses and shirts. After all, an artificial breeze was better than none. Lin Haihai’s hands didn’t stop working and a series of first aid measures were taken. Based on his situation, the man was already severely in shock. They had to buy time in order to save him. 


Qing Feng rushed over with a few disciples, followed by Physician Chen. Lin Haihai immediately opened her medical kit and took out dopamine, reconstituted it with glucose, and then injected it. Then, she ordered someone to bring over warm water for the patient to drink.


The woman looked at Lin Haihai and the crowd, and then her husband. Tears streamed down her face like rain, and she kneeled on the ground, unable to move after experiencing great sorrow and relief. Her heart was still pounding and she couldn’t calm down. However, her sadness had already been washed away by the feeling of gratitude. There really were a lot of good people in this world.


The woman was ecstatic when her husband coughed. She hurriedly kowtowed to Lin Haihai before the latter rushed to help her up.


The crowd broke into spontaneous applause. Although they had long heard about Physician Lin’s medical skills, it was unbelievable that she was able to revive the dead as well! The physician from the pharmacy walked over with shock flickering in his eyes. However, that was quickly concealed by his vicious expression. 


Lin Haihai had performed the most meaningful rescue since she learned medicine. She remembered something that had happened in her times: A stranger had a heart attack, and people just walked past him on the streets. No one even walked over to help him up. He had stopped breathing by the time he was brought to the hospital. Had it been five or ten minutes earlier though, that person could’ve been saved. Yet, it was only after nearly fifteen minutes that someone approached the guy lying on the ground and called the ambulance. At that time, she had thought the world was cold, and people were heartless. The incident had put her in a sour mood for quite a while. However, in this underdeveloped ancient time where society wasn’t as advanced, she saw humanity's brilliance, proof that mutual love and compassion were ingrained in their culture; this comforted her quite a bit. 

 The patient was to be transferred to the hospital in order to receive treatment. She asked the weeping woman, “Aunty, are you willing to leave your husband in our hospital for treatment?”


The woman stopped crying - Her tears were those of happiness, of the relief of having her loved one returned to her. She nodded repeatedly. “Of course, of course! Physician Lin, I will kowtow and thank you!” 


The woman was about to kneel down, but Lin Haihai stopped her. “I’m a physician. It is my duty to save people. You don’t need to thank me!” 


The woman looked at Lin Haihai gratefully. She was about to reply when a few hired thugs ran out of the pharmacy and surrounded the woman and Lin Haihai. An old man with a goatee walked out and sneered, “Aunt Wu, please pay me the medical fee you owe me!”


Aunt Wu asked confusedly, “Physician Liu, I was never behind in paying my husband’s medical fee. I always paid before grabbing medicine!” 


“Humph, you were never behind? Big Head, bring the accounting book over!” A vulgar-looking man brought over a new notebook to Physician Liu. The latter announced coldly, “Everyone, please look. This is the evidence proving Madam Wu’s credit with us. She always pressed her fingerprint on the book. There is a receipt and date on each! Everyone, please look carefully so that no one will say that I had accused her wrongly!” After that, he lifted the notebook. Lin Haihai looked at it. There were indeed some fingerprints there. 


“Aunt Wu, did you put your fingerprints on there?” Lin Haihai asked. 


“I did, but they told me that is so they’d take responsibility and prove that my husband was indeed being treated at their place. They even promised to cure him. They also said that I couldn’t transfer to another facility after putting my fingerprints on it. Otherwise, we have to take responsibility for anything that happens.” Aunt Wu was anxious and about to cry again. People felt pitiful towards her when they saw her grieving expression. 


“What laughable nonsense! Why would we promise the patients that we’d cure them for sure? And not let them transfer? Are you listening to yourself?” Physician Liu started to sneer. However, Lin Haihai still heard the scheming tone in his voice. 


“It’s your words against hers. Let’s report to the authorities. After all, we need to figure out the truth. Let the authorities investigate this!” Lin Haihai stated calmly. 


“Oh, yes, let’s do that. I have evidence on my side. You think I’m afraid of you?!” Physician Liu smiled evilly. He ordered the person behind him, “Big Head, immediately request the presence of Capital Magistrate Bai. Linhai Hospital has colluded with its patient to swindle money. This time, I’ll have your Linhai Hospital shut down for good!” Heaven really granted him this good opportunity. He had been wanting to get rid of Linhai Hospital, but never had the opportunity. Now, it’d practically landed on his lap. 


“Then I’ll be waiting for you. Remember to hurry up, otherwise I’d lose patience!” Lin Haihai taunted, turning around and indicating for her disciples to leave.


Imperial Physician Chen couldn’t tolerate such humiliation, however. He glared and roared, “Brazen! You dare to commit outrageous deeds under the emperor’s nose?”  


Physician Liu was stunned. That physician had quite a bit of imposing presence. But no matter how imposing you are, can you compare to the Minister of War’s? Or the Grand Councilor’s? He looked at the imperial physician in contempt, “You want to make this your business? Don’t you find it shameful when you, a man, are working under the orders of a woman?” 


The common people knew about Physician Liu’s powerful methods. However, Physician Lin was a good person and they didn’t want her to be framed. Therefore, everyone advised, “Physician, don’t fight them. They know people in the court. You can’t possibly win against them!” 


Thoughtfully, Lin Haihai walked up to Physician Liu and declared, “I’m not afraid to tell you Aunt Wu is a patient of Linhai Hospital’s. If you dare to mess around, I’ll tear your pharmacy down!” She needed to be aggressive in order to smoke out the person behind them. Otherwise, she won’t be able to get rid of the root cause. 


“Humph, I look forward to seeing what Linhai Hospital’s capable of!” Physician Liu laughed, and the hired thugs followed suit. 


“So that’s how you treat your patients. Okay, if I don’t teach you guys a lesson, you won’t know what medical ethics are!” Lin Haihai exclaimed with feigned anger. 


“Miss, I’m advising you to mind your own business. You need to know that there are some people you must not offend. Your Linhai Hospital has lots of patients coming in everyday. You should know your place and focus on your own business. Why do you have to meddle in other people’s affairs?” a young person, seemingly a physician, advised. 


Lin Haihai sneered. “I’m not doing business, and my patients aren’t my customers. As for knowing my place, well, I get to decide what that is. If someone insists on provoking me, I won’t simply endure it.”


“I’m trying to be nice, but you wouldn’t take it. Don’t blame us for showing you no mercy then. You need to know that by offending Baoyuan Pharmacy, you won’t even have a footing in the capital anymore. I’ve given you my advice. You only have yourself to blame for disregarding it!”


Physician Liu started cackling evilly. Lin Haihai felt disgusted by his yellowish black teeth. She glanced at these thugs coldly and told the imperial physician, “Alright, let’s head back!”


Physician Chen nodded and followed Lin Haihai. However, the hired thugs shouted behind them, “Such a docile dog. Are you still a man? She tells you to leave, and you leave while clamping your tails in between your legs?” 


Lin Haihai looked at Imperial Physician Chen. His expression was natural and didn’t seem uncomfortable in the least bit. It appeared that he didn’t really care about their words, either. Imperial Physician Chen understood Lin Haihai’s concern. He smiled at her and said nothing, but that was enough of an explanation. 


Back at the hospital, Aunt Wu watched with gratitude as Lin Haihai busied herself. She stood by the door and clutched the hem of her clothes, fidgeting like she had something she couldn’t quite say out loud.


Once everything was settled, Lin Haihai stretched lazily. Noting Aunt Wu’s unease, she walked over to ask, “What’s the matter? There’s no harm in telling me if something’s up.”


“Physician Lin, um, can you allow me to go back and borrow some money before paying the medical fee? Or I can go back and get my wages in advance! I know this must be against the rules. I know. But because of my husband’s illness, we’ve used up all our savings. Believe me. I won’t renege on my debt. I really won’t. I really didn’t renege on my debt at Baoyuan Pharmacy!” She lifted her head and looked at Lin Haihai pleadingly. As if scared that Lin Haihai wouldn’t believe her, she even raised her hand to make an oath. 


Lin Haihai widened her eyes and yelled with an angry expression, “You’re saying that you’re still driving a wooden cart and carrying excrement?”


Aunt Wu jumped and mumbled, “I get paid quite a bit doing that. My husband also needs money. It’s not that tiring anyway…”


Lin Haiha sighed, “Come on, I’m going with you to pack some of your clothes. You must stay at the hospital to take care of your husband in the next few days.” Truth be told, there was more than enough staff in the hospital. However, the aunty was also sick and needed to be treated. She might not be willing to if she told her directly, so Lin Haihai chose to tell her some white lies. 


“Can I ask my son to come over and take care of him? I...I still need to go to work!” Aunt Wu asked a bit hesitatingly. 


“No, otherwise I won’t treat him. You guys can go back.” Lin Haihai was firm and left no room for discussion. 


“Please don’t. I’ll go back and pack my clothes immediately. I’ll go right now!” Aunt Wu was frightened and she hurriedly got on her knees and kowtowed. She had seen Physician Lin’s medical skills. It was because of her that her husband had survived. If Lin Haihai refused to treat him, he’d be dead for sure. 


Lin Haihai hurriedly helped her up, “Since you choose to listen to me, I’ll go back with you to pack your clothes. Let’s go before the night falls!” 


“I can go back by myself. I don’t dare trouble Physician Lin!” Aunt Wu had an uncomfortable expression. Lin Haihai guessed that she was probably afraid of making things inconvenient for her, so she told Qing Feng to get a horse carriage. 


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