Chapter 62: Setting A Trap

“Is Physician Lin’s medical skills really so brilliant?” Luo Kuangyuan asked with interest. If there really was such a divine doctor, he must get to know them no matter what. 


“You’ve definitely never seen a physician like her in your life!” It was hard for Chen Luoqing to conceal his admiration. Yang Shaolun glanced coldly at the sparks in his eyes, recalling Li Junyuan’s words. Chen Luoqing had drunk with her throughout the night on the rooftop, leading her to slip and get hurt. Does Luoqing like her too? Yang Shaolun subconsciously reached for Chen Luoqing’s wrist. Chen Luoqing had dressed well today with golden brocade cloth wrapped around his wrists, so he couldn’t see if he had worn a red string bracelet or not.


Chen Luoqing glanced at the absent-minded emperor and secretly sighed. Whenever she was mentioned, the man’s mind would always drift away. It seemed to be a good thing that she was going to leave. At least, the emperor would then be able to focus on dealing with the difficult problems at hand. He coughed lightly, making Yang Shaolun snap out of his trance. However, he still had a blank gaze. 


“Then I’ll go look for Physician Lin. She usually does her best when treating and saving people!” Chen Luoqing exclaimed like he knew her very well. 


“Luoqing, sorry for troubling you!” Yang Shaolun gave him a conflicted look, swallowing down unspoken words. 


“I’ll go look for her right now. Official Luo, let’s go together!” Chen Luoqing’s excited expression was a dagger to Yang Shaolun’s heart. He suddenly turned around and said coldly, “Luoqing, I’m putting you in charge with Official Luo to handle this matter. I am tired. You guys may leave.”


Chen Luoqing wasn’t surprised by his sudden alienation. In terms of being a good, caring ruler, His Majesty was more than competent in expanding their territory and developing their nation. However in terms of love and relationships, he was still pure like a blank sheet of paper. He did everything based on his emotions. Was it a blessing or disaster for Heaven to arrange the appearance of such a charming woman at this crucial moment?


“This official will take his leave!” Chen Luoqing and Luo Kuangyuan bowed and retreated. Yang Shaolun closed his eyes, still feeling bitterness in his heart. I mustn’t be influenced by this woman anymore! 


“General Chen, why did the emperor seem ill at ease when Physician Lin was mentioned?” Luo Kuangyuan questioned when he noticed Chen Luoqing’s worried expression. 


“Physician Lin isn’t an ordinary person. The emperor is probably worried that she isn’t willing to save Official Wang!” Chen Luoqing casually found an excuse and dodged the question. He really couldn’t explain the situation. He couldn’t possibly tell General Chen that the emperor fancied his younger brother’s princess consort!


“General, but didn’t you say that Physician Lin considers saving people her duty?” Luo Kuangyuan asked with an astute expression.


Chen Luoqing was at a loss of words. He’d forgotten that he was talking to the Court of Judicial Review Head who solved cases like nothing. He was known for his meticulous mind and incredible foresight. Chen Luoqing sighed and kept quiet. Official Luo would figure out the truth sooner or later with his perceptiveness. He’d just let him slowly come to the realization. Luo Kuangyuan stared at Chen Luoqing’s silent countenance, and became even more confused. 



Lin Haihai called Ming Yue back to the hospital while she tended to the unconscious Li Meilian in the Lin Residence. Li Meilian had been unconscious for two days and nights. Lin Yuhao paced around the room nonstop with brewing panic. 


“Elder Brother, I’m back!” A handsome, travel-worned young man rushed in with an anxious expression. 


“Second Brother, you’re finally back. I was scared that you wouldn’t make it…” Before Lin Yuhao could finish, the young man got on his knees by the bed. He choked and cried out, “Mother, I’m back. Open your eyes to look at me!” Lin Haihai was moved by the sorrowful cries. This must be Lin Family’s second master, Lin Yuchen. He looked like a delicate handsome beauty.. 


“Second Brother, don’t be upset. Mother can still be saved!” Lin Yuhao revealed, pulling his second brother to Lin Haihai.


“Second Brother, you’re back.” Lin Haihai greeted, her tone indifferent and distant. She didn’t know why but she didn’t feel as close to her second brother compared to her elder brother. 


“Wretched girl, who allowed you to come here? Scram, go back to your courtyard!” The moment Lin Yuchen saw Lin Haihai, his expression immediately changed and he angrily shouted at her. 


Lin Haihai stared at him. Now she knew why she felt repulsed by him. It must be because when she was still Lin Yuguan, this second brother of hers had never shown her any good attitude. 


“Second Brother, don’t you dare make a scene. Little Sister is here to treat Mother!” Lin Yuhao hurriedly stepped in and shouted at him.


“Elder Brother, what medical skills could she know? She’s clearly here to harm our mother. This little bitch. She’s dirty just like her mother!” Lin Yuchen gritted his words. 


“Second Brother…”


“Bitch, I’m warning you. Don’t think that you have a noble status just because you married the prince. No matter how you dress, you’re still just a dirty and sinister woman, humph!” Lin Yuchen exclaimed with deep hatred, the disgust in his eyes made his face seem distorted. 


Lin Haihai glanced coldly at the ferocious lion-like man. She suddenly felt furious. What right does a younger generation like him have to talk about Lin Yuguan’s mother like that? Her expression was icy and she lifted her hand, slapping him, creating a loud echo in the empty room. 


Lin Yuchen clutched his face and stared incredulously at Lin Haihai. The anger in his eyes seemed to be flaring up, and made him look terrifying.


“Bitch, you dare to hit me? Are you trying to rebel? Are you looking for a beating? I’ll rip you to pieces!” He charged at Lin Haihai like a fierce dog. Lin Haihai gently moved to the side. Unable to stop himself, he bumped straight into the wall. Lin Haihai was furious and exuded a frosty imposing demeanor. Lin Meilian wouldn’t be up anytime soon, and she didn’t want to see this person.


Picking up her medical kit, she walked out as Lin Yuhao frantically stopped her. He begged, “Little Sister, don’t lower yourself to his level. I’m begging you not to leave. Please, stay?” 


Lin Haihai looked at him. For some reason, she felt like tearing up. She felt incredibly helpless; she must be feeling Lin Yuguan’s feelings. There were no tears as she wiped her dry eyes. This has nothing to do with you, Lin Haihai.


“Elder Brother, don’t beg her. She’s just a little bitch. Let’s see where you can escape off to. Someone, someone, drag this little bitch out!” Lin Yuchen acted like an insane dog, barking nonstop. 


Lin Haihai looked at him in disappointment. This was Lin Yuguan’s family. She felt a sense of sorrow. Disregarding Lin Yuhao’s efforts to stop her, she walked out in large strides. Lin Yuhao kept on shouting behind her, but Lin Haihai straightened her back and walked off without saying anything, nor did she look back. Recalling Lin Yuchen’s malicious words and Lin Yuguan’s tragic life, this was the first time she deeply hated someone.


Lin Yuhao turned around and lifted his hand. He wanted to hit Lin Yuchen, but he couldn’t bear to in the end. His hand changed trajectory and by the time it landed on Lin Yuchen’s face, he gently rubbed the red handprint. He sighed deeply, “Second Brother, stop holding onto the past. You should let go.”


“Elder Brother, what are you talking about? If it weren’t for them, would Mother be in this much pain? Have you forgotten the days that Mother bawled while holding us?” Lin Yuchen revealed a sinister expression on his handsome face. He was unable to forgive nor let this matter go. That mother and daughter brought this upon themselves. 


“Then what do you want to do? She’s a princess consort now!” Lin Yuhao had a bad premonition.


“Princess consort? Humph. Before she was married, the prince already said that she’d only get the title of princess consort, but he won’t love her. The entire capital knows that she was kicked out and abandoned by the prince. Even more, news of the prince marrying Chen Family’s young miss has spread throughout the country. She probably has it worse than the servants!” Lin Yuchen snorted. 


“It’s not what you think. Don’t mess with her! I’ll go look for her tomorrow and beg her to treat our mother!” Lin Yuhao sighed, knowing that he couldn’t force Lin Yuchen to accept his little sister any time soon. Therefore, he’d give him some time to process this. 


“Elder Brother, why are you so muddle-headed? Since when does she know medicine? She just wants to get revenge on us. The prince will not be on her side. Therefore, she came back to gain our trust in order to hurt our mother.” This woman normally only knows how to act pitiful. She is dirty just like her late mother! It isn’t strange that my honest and considerate elder brother is deceived by her. However, I won’t fall into her trap! 


“Second Brother, there’s no need to go to such extremes. We’re a family. Don’t cause trouble!” Lin Yuhao was a little angry, and his tone became more stern. Lin Yuchen respected and loved his elder brother. Noting his elder brother’s anger, he stopped talking, but started scheming in his mind. 


Lin Yuhao glanced at his mother’s pale face, and he couldn’t help but furrowed his brows. Would his little sister not return?


Lin Haihai returned to her Linhai Hospital alone. In actuality she didn’t need to get mad, but she felt a burst of sorrow flooding her heart for some reason. Her nose was also tingling. She really wanted to find someone to vent to, but Li Junyue was still in the Imperial Prison. She returned to her room and turned her laptop on. The battery was solar powered. A smart decision on Li Junyue’s part. She watched her family’s video over and over, not wanting to stop it even though her face was covered in tears as she laughed. She had such a loving family, but she would never see them again. As for Lin Yuguan’s family, although they were so close to her, they were more terrifying than demons. 


“Master, General Chen is here to visit you!” Qing Feng knocked on the door. Lin Haihai froze. What was he doing here? Could it be that he was in trouble? No, she should’ve been able to feel it! She wiped her tears dry and packed her things up. She took a deep breath and adjusted her mood before walking out. 


Chen Luoqing glanced at her injured face, finding it amusing that such an incredible martial artist actually got hurt during a fall. No one would believe him even if he told them about it. However, that night, he had thought that she was just acting. It wasn’t until he saw her face covered in blood did he become frightened. Thankfully, she was a physician. She knew to protect her head while falling from such a great height. Yet, she actually landed on the ground face first. She did protect her head, but her face was now a sight to see.


Lin Haihai glared at Chen Luoqing for sniggering. She was incredibly vexed. Even now she still didn’t understand why she had fallen. How embarrassing! Lin Haihai noticed that there was another person by Chen Luoqing. He was tall and strongly-built. He had dark skin but good facial features. One could see faint righteousness from his brows. He seemed to be in his thirties, and he was looking at her observantly. 


“This is?” Lin Haihai cleared her throat and inquired. 


“You must be Physician Lin, right? I’m Luo Kuangyuan. Nice to meet you, Physician Lin!” As the Court of Judicial Review Head, he had observed countless people, but had never seen a woman with such a pure aura. 


She wasn’t otherworldly. Rather, she was mundane, but under her mudanity was an ethereal grace. She was a fairy who lived and breathed among the ordinary people and a physician with the welfare of all in mind.


“Mister Luo, there’s no need to be so polite. This way please!” Lin Haihai greeted politely. This Mister Luo isn’t simple!


“Physician Lin, you probably have mistaken. I am not a tutor.” Luo Kuangyuan faintly smiled as he said this. Lin Haihai paused. Since when did I say you’re a tutor? Then she recalled the way she addressed him. She couldn’t help but snicker, “Oh. I associated Mister Luo as a tutor when I felt your scholarly aura.”


Chen Luoqing smiled and said, “You really are blind. This is the upright and honest Official Luo, the head of the Court of Judicial Review, Luo Kuangyuan, who judges cases like a god.” 


When Lin Haihai heard this, she immediately responded respectfully, “Apologies for the lack of respect! So you’re the upright and honest Mister Luo who has graced us with your presence. Please take a seat!” 


She had heard about this upright and honest Mister Luo from her patients countless times. He was an honest official, and the common people loved him. As such, Lin Haihai naturally respected him. 


Luo Kuangyuan nodded and said, “Physician Lin, you don’t have to be so polite. Everyone in the capital knows about your kind and caring personality.”


Chen Luoqing was a bit jealous as he stared at Lin Haihai’s delighted expression. She had never treated him like this before. 


“Physician Lin, I came here to request something from you!” Luo Kuangyuan exclaimed, getting straight to the point. 


Lin Haihai sat upright and still. “Mister, please tell me whatever you need. There’s no need to be so courteous. I’ll definitely do my best as long as I am capable!” 


Luo Kuangyuan approached Lin Haihai and explained the situation. Lin Haihai was  alarmed and her heart pounded with fear. It was hard to imagine that darkness was starting to bubble up from the shadows of the tranquil imperial court.


He must be in a dangerous situation. There were so many people that wanted to drag him down from that position. He must be living in unrest! Lin Haihai really wanted to do something for him. She didn’t know anything besides medicine. But if she could help him like that, she would be willing! 


“How about this? Send the patient to my place, and my people will take care of him day and night. We’ll be able to provide better care!” Lin Haihai suggested. 


“No, there are too many people here. It’s easy for our whereabouts to be exposed. It’d be troublesome if we lead the assassins here!” Luo Kuangyuan objected. 


“Haven’t you heard that the most dangerous place is the safest place? The enemies will never think that you would leave the patient in Linhai Hospital. Even if they suspected it, it’s not easy to enter my hospital and search for them.” Lin Haihai acted like she had everything under control. 


“I agree! There are so many people coming in and out too. It would be easy for our people to disguise themselves as the masses.” Chen Luoqing agreed, but his real reason was because he knew that the owner of the hospital had marvelous martial arts skills. Even a top-notch assassin might not be able to snatch someone right in front of her eyes. However, this marvelous master was a bit reckless, muddle-headed, and a bit of a fool. Therefore, he must also guard this place himself! 


“It’s settled. General Chen, arrange someone to bring the patient over right away. Also, let my Junior Brother Li Junyue go. I have no confidence in treating patients with serious conditions without him.” Lin Haihai decided to rescue Lin Junyue while she was at it.


“What’s wrong with Li Junyue?” Chen Luoqing still didn’t know that Li Junyue was arrested. Wasn’t he okay?


“He was thrown into the Imperial Prison by the emperor. Just release him... Go!” Lin Haihai didn’t want to explain anymore. She already regretted telling him too much when she was drunk that night. How could she casually disclose information to an unrelated person? Alcohol indeed invited trouble! She even got battered from falling. The wine was worth some study, though. Lin Haihai thought of the aloof lady boss. She wasn’t a simple woman.


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