Chapter 60: The Jealous Emperor

Night fell. There was a lack of night activities for ancient people besides going to a wine shop or a brothel. By now, the majority of the people had already fallen asleep. Li Junyue carried his medical kit and his notes, and got onto the horse carriage heading to the imperial palace. Lin Haihai smiled and exclaimed, “Don’t take off the bracelet. Remember to listen to General Zheng and don’t wander around, got it?”


“Got it. You should go back and rest soon. It makes me feel queasy when I see your face covered in injuries,” Li Junyue muttered worriedly. 


“I just panicked too much during that time and forgot to use vital energy to protect myself. This won’t happen in the future. Who else can harm me besides myself?” Embarrassed, Lin Haihai smiled and replied. 


“Physician Lin, please head back. Mister Li will be fine. I will protect him.” Zheng Feng cupped his fists and said. Lin Haihai nodded. She was already quite familiar with Zheng Feng by now. 


The horse carriage slowly drove off, leaving a cool and refreshing breeze behind. Lin Haihai stood there blankly, a bit confused inside. She was puzzled, unsure of what she should do next. It must be the aftermath after losing her love. She reluctantly smiled and walked back into the room, grabbing Ming Yue and carrying her medical kit before heading out. 


She stood in front of Lin Residence’s door for a while before someone came to answer. The moment they opened it, servants stumbled out. When they saw Lin Haihai, they immediately held onto Lin Haihai as if they were grabbing onto their last straw. “Consort Lin, it’s great that you’re here. Young Master was just about to have me go and find you!” 


Lin Haihai’s heart felt heavy and she immediately asked, “What happened?”


“It’s the Madam. Madam tried to commit suicide by hitting her head against the wall!” Horrified, the servant responded. Lin Haihai instantly ran inside while Ming Yue chased behind closely. 


Chaos filled the room. Maids and servants ran in and out wearing panicking expressions. Lin Yuhao cupped Li Meilian’s face, with tears streaming down his face. Lin Haihai rushed over in one step and took Li Meilian’s pulse nimbly. Thankfully, although the pulse was weak, she could still be saved. Her forehead was still bleeding from the harsh impact. Lin Haihai instantly told Lin Yuhao to carry Li Meiilian to the bed. Lin Yuhao stared at Lin Haihai blankly for a bit, but upon hearing her voice, he immediately snapped out of his trance and placed his mother on the bed. 


Lin Haihai opened her medical kit and took out cotton as well as disinfectant and slowly disinfected Li Meilian’s injury. However, Li Meilian had lost too much blood and because her body was already weak to begin with, she wouldn’t be awake anytime soon. Lin Haihai helped put her on an IV. It included anti-inflammatory liquid medicine, amino acid and glucose. 


Lin Yuhao glanced at the strange bottles and asked, “Little sister, what are these things?” Lin Haihai set the needle in place and responded, “This is a new treatment method. It can quickly deliver nutrients into her body. I also added some anti-inflammatory liquid medicine, which is effective for her illness and injury too.”


“Little sister, tell me the truth. Is my mother still curable?” Lin Yuhao asked. 


“Elder Brother, there is no guarantee within medicine. I can only say that there is a high chance for her to be cured. But even a cold could take her life. I can’t promise you anything. Her illness is a bit more serious than a cold. I can only tell you that I’ll do my best to cure her.” Undoubtedly, Lin Haihai’s words were like a lantern lit within the night, giving Lin Yuhao hope. 


“Little Sister, I have let you down in the past. I knew that you were being bullied at home, but I didn’t oppose my mother to help improve your life.” Lin Yuhao shamefully mumbled. 


“Elder Brother, I’m fine. You don’t need to feel responsible.” Lin Haihai replied faintly. Death was like the extinguishing of light. With Lin Yuguan’s passing, there was no point dwelling on the past. 


“From now on, Elder Brother won’t hide anymore. Despite all the unworthy things we’ve done, you have still decided to help us. I feel both grateful and ashamed.” 


“It’s fine. It’s all in the past and I don’t want to mention it again. I just want to treasure my family.” Although she had no feelings for them, she was still the owner of Lin Yuhuan’s body and should take care of her family. “Elder Brother, I’ll be staying overnight. Please make some arrangements.”


“That’s great! It’s unsuitable for you to sleep in your old room. I will arrange a room for you. Ming Yue will sleep in the room next to yours!” Lin Yuhao exclaimed happily. 


“Elder Brother, no need for the hassle. Ming Yue will sleep with me. Has Father fallen asleep? I want to visit him.” Lin Haihai stopped him. She knew that Lin Yuhao meant well but she didn’t want to trouble anyone. Deep down, she still considered him to be a stranger, so she was polite towards him. 


“Okay, I’ll order someone to take you over. Shun, bring Consort Lin to the Lord’s room.” A person dashed in and bowed, saying, “Yes, Eldest Master. Consort Lin, this way please!”


Lin Haihai nodded at Lin Yuhao before leading Ming Yue out. Lord Lin still didn’t know that his wife attempted to commit suicide by hitting her head against the wall because she couldn’t tolerate the torture from her serious illness. At that moment, he was preparing for bed when he suddenly heard from Shun that the princess consort was coming. Lord Lin was delighted and hurriedly ordered someone to open the door. 


“Father, do you feel better?” Lin Haihai asked sincerely. She always paid attention to her patients. 


“Much better. I’m slowly getting my senses back.” Lord Lin smiled happily. He had neglected this daughter of his too much! He didn’t expect her to be that outstanding. She married a prince and learned medicine. No wonder she had saved the prince back then. Clearly, she had medical skills. But who did she learn it from? He didn’t bother to investigate either. After all, he barely got to see her once a year. It was possible that a physician with marvelous medical skills had taught her. 


“Mn, that’s good. Father, as long as you keep up with physical therapy, you will definitely be able to stand up!” Lin Haihai checked up on him and noticed that he reacted when she pressed on an acupuncture point. That was a good start. Lord Lin didn't move and quietly enjoyed the gentle massage his daughter was giving him. Although it was very light, he could still feel it. 


Night was very silent, and so was Lin Haihai’s heart. Perhaps the original owner of the body had been pursuing this kind of touching moment between her and her father. Therefore, Lin Haihai felt very satisfied right now. She believed that she was probably experiencing the original body’s emotions.



“Young Master Li, this way please!” Zheng Feng brought Li Junyue to the imperial palace. This was Li Junyue’s first time here. He was nervous yet curious at the same time. He had been to the Forbidden Palace in Beijing. Back then, he could feel the passage of time while he was there. But standing in the imperial palace during the Daxing Dynasty, it was as if time had stood still. As it turned out, life could be interpreted in many different ways. 


“Paying respects to Your Majesty!” Li Junyue narrowed his eyes and carefully looked at him. It was a miscalculation, ah. He actually forgot to bring back his contacts after he had returned from the modern world. He tried his best to narrow his eyes in order to look at the figures walking towards him. The person in front seemed to be the emperor. Since Haihai wasn’t by his side, it was better not to cause trouble. But he found it quite embarrassing to kneel to a man. Zheng Feng anxiously tugged his sleeve, indicating for him to kneel down. Li Junyue sighed helplessly and got on one knee, saying, “Paying respects to Your Majesty!” 


Yang Shaolun slowly walked closer. There was not a hint of expression on his indifferent face. “Where are you guys going?”


“Replying to Your Majesty, Physician Lin was supposed to enter the palace and teach, but she injured herself yesterday. Therefore, Young Master Li is substituting and will be teaching the imperial physicians instead,” Zheng Feng replied respectfully. 


She injured herself yesterday? What happened after she left the imperial palace? Yang Shaolun remained calm and unflustered. “You may rise. What happened to Physician Lin? How did she get injured?”


Li Junyue stood up and patted his knee. “She went to drink with General Chen on the rooftop yesterday, and ended up drunk. It was unclear what the two were up to, but she actually fell down the roof!” As Li Junyue said this, he observed the emperor’s expression. However, he was confused by the other party’s indifference. 


“Xiao Yuan, arrange to go to Lan’zhi Palace!” Yang Shaolung coldly ordered as if he didn’t place Li Junyue’s words in his heart at all. 


Li Junyue sneered. Humph. What a lecherous emperor. And he wants to pursue Xiao’hai? Spat. 


“Respects to the Emperor!” Zheng Feng hurriedly saluted and Li Junyue also cupped his fist, following, “Respects to the Emperor!” The moment Yang Shaolun turned, he caught that flicker of fresh red; it was the red string bracelet tied on Li Junyue’s wrist. That flicker of red was like a flame, igniting the anger and jealousy within Yang Shaolun. It burned more and more as reason left his mind. 


“Guards, take this Li Junyue down!” His icy words caused everyone to unconsciously shiver. Yang Shaolun knitted his ink-colored dashing brows together; his thin lips were tightly pursed, and his face was icy cold. 


Li Junyue was stunned. What just happened? Two guards walked over and held Li Junyue down. The latter tried his best to struggle and shouted angrily, “You incapable ruler! Are you out of your mind? Did you take the wrong medicine?” 


Zheng Feng’s heart pounded quickly in fear as he listened to the words. He kneeled on the ground, not daring to say a word. Why is the emperor so furious?


“Banish him to the Imperial Prison. Allow no visitations!” Yang Shaolun felt like a huge fool. He actually treated the red string bracelet she gifted him as a treasure even though she clearly confessed that she only loved his imperial brother. He still didn’t want to give up, and secretly kept his feelings for her at the bottom of his heart. He wore the red string bracelet she gifted, not wanting to take it off. But the one that Li Junyue wore right now was like a mockery to him. It turned out that he, the emperor, was the most foolish person in the world. 


“Your Majesty, Li Junyue had entered the palace under Consort Lin’s orders. This probably…” Zheng Feng braced himself and muttered. 


“Since when is Consort Lin in charge of the imperial palace? Zheng Feng, as a general, you seem to be overstepping your boundaries. Have you made any progress with the matter this Emperor ordered you to investigate?” Yang Shaolun eluded a furious aura and was like an unapproachable tiger right now. Zheng Feng kneeled on the ground and replied fearfully, “Replying to the Emperor, there has been some progress!” 


“Humph, this Emperor will give you three days. If you still can’t give this Emperor a satisfactory result in three days, you’ll be beheaded!” Yang Shaolun replied coldly. 


“This official obeys Your Majesty!” 


Li Junyue watched everything happen in front of him. He was no longer as scared as before. The emperor purposely hid his right hand. Clearly, he must’ve worn the same red string bracelet as him. Xiao’hai, don’t you know that guys are stingy? Great. Now this emperor is jealous and he has unlimited power. Lots of people are going to suffer because of him! 


The guards took Li Junyue down. Aside from Xiao Yuan, Zheng Feng was even more confused. He didn’t even understand how this all started. He could only report the situation to Physician Lin first before deciding what to do next. Ever since Zheng Feng found out that Lin Haihai was no longer the princess consort, Zheng Feng had been addressing her as Physician Lin. 


Lin Haihai had spent the night at Lin Residence, and it was there that she faintly sensed Li Junyue’s predicament. However, she knew that he was temporarily safe from how calm she felt. But Li Junyue was her only family in this time and space. The two of them share one life. She didn’t want him to suffer the slightest bit. While it was still dark, she ran to the imperial palace and saw the indifferent Li Junyue in the Imperial Prison.


Seeing that he was safe and sound, she finally calmed down. However, she was extremely unhappy seeing him sneer at her. “You’re laughing even after you were banished to the Imperial Prison?”


“I knew you’d definitely come to see me. Do you feel like you’ve been worried for nothing since I’m not in danger?” He stared at her with a smile that caused her hair to stand on end. 


“What are you laughing at, huh?” She poked his head. He wasn’t acting properly.  “What crime have you committed? You must’ve caused some serious trouble if you were banished to the Imperial Prison!”


“You’re right. It’s a serious crime caused by the red string bracelet. Now do you understand?” Li Junyue grumbled moodily. This was the first time he was in prison because of a woman. What made it even worse was that he didn’t even feel anything for this woman. 


“You’re saying that he sentenced you to prison on a whim of anger after seeing the red string bracelet on you? I don’t believe you. He doesn’t seem like such an irrational person.” Lin Haihai shook her head. Although she could tell that Yang Shaolun felt something for her, he was the emperor. He should act like an emperor then. How could he casually sentence someone because of his romantic feelings?


“Then tell me what else triggered him? You don’t understand men. We are actually really stingy, and easily hurt!” 


“He is the emperor!” Lin Haihai tilted her head and replied confusedly. 


“But he is also a man. Xiao’hai, do you love him?” Li Junyue didn’t want her to avoid this issue any longer. 


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