Chapter 6: The Sixth Prince

On the second day after Lin Haihai transmigrated, she finally met her husband, the sixth prince. 


Xiao Ju had previously mentioned that the sixth prince, Yang Hanlun, was the brother of the current emperor. He was twenty years old and a well-known pretty boy of this dynasty. 


Generally, Lin Haihai had an appreciative attitude towards life. She didn’t think badly of Yang Hanlun. After all, the girl he liked was his childhood sweetheart. Twenty was the age where people were most insane about love. He wasn’t wrong for being loyal to his lover. However his method was poor, and both women got hurt. 


If he had rejected the empress dowager from the very beginning, perhaps it wouldn’t have come down to this. He may have been able to prevent the whole situation, which would have been ideal for both parties. 


When the dignified pretty boy appeared by the door, Lin Haihai was sitting upright on a chair. She didn’t get up to bow or kneel. Instead, she remained calm and silent. Lin Haihai had seen her reflection in the mirror. She was a natural beauty with no makeup on. Although she wasn’t a devastating beauty, she was graceful and elegant in her own ways. 


Yang Hanlun may not love me, but he shouldn’t be harming my spirit and pride like this. I can understand how he feels, but it doesn’t mean I agree with his actions. After all, I'm in my prime right now. 


When Yang Hanlun saw Lin Yuguan sitting calmly safe and sound, he was puzzled. 


Why’s her expression so strange? Logically, even if she hadn't just tried to kill herself, she would be making a scene by now. 


But his suspicions only lasted a few seconds. Regardless, he despised women who tried to move up in a society like this. 


You think you’ll get what you want just because you saved me once? I could comply with my mother’s wishes and marry you. But mother never said I couldn't divorce you. He could easily look up several hundred reasons to get rid of her. 


Lin Haihai could read his mind and thought Yang Hanlun was hilarious. What a huge child. The corners of her mouth curved upwards. 


“I wish you well, Sixth Prince.” Lin Haihai wasn’t familiar with ancient people's etiquette. Back in the 21st century, she had neither watched dramas nor read novels. Other girls who transmigrated may be able to whip out several proficient moves, but she only knew how to shake hands and nod to greet others.   


Yang Hanlun frowned and stared at Lin Haihai in disgust. This woman hasn’t been taught etiquette before? She doesn’t even distinguish between social rankings. How could I keep such an ignorant woman who can’t greet me properly? 


Yang Hanlun coldly stated, “I can see you’re fine. So please pack up your belongings. I haven’t changed my mind. You’re such a vulgar woman! You’re not worthy to be my match. But since you saved my life before, you may make a request. I’ll try to fulfill it to the best of my abilities.” 


Oh? He owes me his life. Now that makes it much easier.


Lin Haihai didn’t want to make his life particularly difficult either. No matter how she looked at it, a twenty-year-old man wasn’t mentally or emotionally mature. However, Lin Haihai had forgotten this was the ancient era. Here, boys could marry at the age of fifteen. The man in front of her wasn’t a child. In fact, his wisdom and mind could be comparable to a modern entrepreneur. Lin Haihai had underestimated her opponent. 


“There must be a reason for the divorce, correct?” Lin Haihai was prepared to win with logic. 


“A reason? Haha! What a joke. I don’t need a reason to divorce you. If you insist on a reason, I promise you’ll regret it.” 


“Are you implying you’ll place false accusations on me?” Lin Haihai was infuriated. 


“I guess you’re not that slow after all.” Yang Hanlun gave her a look of surprise. 


“You’re divorcing me no matter what, right?” Lin Haihai got straight to the point. 


“That’s right!” Yang Hanlun didn’t want to beat around the bushes either.


“Can you give me a reason? Why did you accept the empress dowager’s edict in the first place? Now you’re backing out?” 


“First of all, I already have a sweetheart. Secondly, you’re not the type of woman I like. I, Yang Hanlun, would rather go without than to accept anything less. If you’re not the woman I want, I won’t spare another glance even if you look like a goddess.” Yang Hanlun blurted without thinking. 


Lin Haihai was slightly stunned. She didn’t expect to see such a loyal man in this era. Deep down, she wanted to clap for him. But right now, it wasn’t the time to admire her opponent. Her priority was to settle down, get accustomed to this lifestyle, and rescue her brother. 


According to Xiao Ju, Lin Yuguan’s little brother was bullied and humiliated in the Lin household. The actual Lin Yuguan was planning to bring her brother to live a normal life in this new residence. As a substitute, she must help her former body achieve her wish. However, based on her love for children, she wouldn’t have allowed a child to live worse than a pig even without Lin Yuguan’s involvement. 


Lin Haihai massaged the space between her eyebrows. She was frustrated. After all, she was in unfamiliar territory. Thus, she must comply with their game rules. 


How could I freeload in the residence without getting kicked out? If I left, how would I survive? Oh yeah, he said he will grant me a request. Couldn’t I ask for some money and a place to live? I could figure out the rest later on. 


Yes, I'll do that for now. 


Lin Haihai stared into Yang Hanlun’s eyes. “You mentioned you will divorce me but fulfill my request, right?” 


Yang Hanlun was a bit shaken by her chilly stare but firmly replied, “That’s right. I will keep my word.” 


“Alright, if that’s the case, I need you to prepare a residence for me. Also, I need you to pay me alimony every month. Of course, I will also need some compensation for my mental state.” Lin Haihai boldly demanded. 


“What? Compensation for your mental state?” Yang Hanlun was baffled. 


“Originally, my life was great. But because I saved you, I inexplicably had to marry you. Now, I inexplicably am getting divorced. I also inexplicably walked a circle around the gates of hell. Today, the entire world knows I have married you. In a matter of days, they will also know you have divorced me. Most likely, no one else will dare to marry me in the future. This means I’ll be single and alone for the rest of my life. Isn’t this a tremendous blow to my spirit and mental state? All of this is happening only because I saved your life. Since this is solely your doing, shouldn’t you compensate me for all the damages?” Lin Haihai calmly explained. 


Yang Hanlun was flabbergasted. Something must be wrong. He had seen Lin Yuguan several times and knew of her weak personality. She was awkward and was uneducated. There was no way she could speak with so much conviction and confidence.   


She’s not Lin Yuguan! Yang Hanlun’s mind blared.           


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