Chapter 56: A Modern Gift

Lin Haihai was in a somewhat dejected mood. She always felt awkward in the Lin Residence. It was as if sad memories filled every corner of this place. She felt no sense of security no matter which room or hall she was in. Li Yuguan was a child from a concubine and felt an inexplicable fear and guilt towards Li Meilian, the first madam. Now that she suddenly had to become the third party between the sixth prince and Chen Birou, she suddenly felt afraid.


When she entered the outer hall, Imperial Physician Chen was administering acupuncture on Lin Yaokuan. After leaving a few words of instruction to Imperial Physician Chen, Lin Haihai left with Yang Hanlun. She felt depressed and had neither the wish nor willingness to stay for any longer.


Lin Haihai was silent throughout the whole journey. Yang Hanlun took a look at her surreptitiously, his heart aching for her. He remained silent as well and enjoyed their time together quietly. Now, he didn’t dare to bring up any conversation subjects rashly, and was even interacting with her with extreme caution. He was afraid that she would be reminded of that man and all his efforts would go down the drain. What is she thinking with that taut expression on her face?


"Sixth Prince, how are your wedding preparations coming along?” Lin Haihai asked casually. The sun was blazing, dotting her fair forehead with beads of sweat. She raised her hand gently and pressed them away with the back of her hand.


"Do you really want me to marry Birou?" Yang Hanlun stood motionless and stared straight at her.


"Why not? Both of you are already engaged. If you break the engagement now, how is she going to live?" Lin Haihai also stopped and answered him casually. Yang Hanlun had no retort for that. After all, Chen Birou still held a certain place in his heart, and she could be said to be very important to him. But if he had to choose between them, he was inclined towards Lin Haihai.


Lin Haihai frowned lightly. Things had already gone out of control. To her, regardless if it was the emperor of the prince whom she fancied, she was an out-and-out third party. Ever since childhood, Lin Haihai was taught that it was a shameful thing to break apart families. She absolutely mustn’t like Yang Hanlun. Otherwise, it would be another painful battle again.


"Are you sure you don't mind?” Yang Hanlun’s words were selfish, but he had no other options. It was love on one hand and responsibility on the other. Choosing either would let down the other. Lin Haihai chuckled, "Please be at ease and be the groom. Don't think of other things!" She secretly hoped that after his marriage with Chen Birou, those two will have a harmonious and sweet relationship such that he would forget about the budding love between them now.


"I know that whatever I say now would be pointless and I don't want to make empty promises. I will use my remaining days to prove my love for you. So trust me, would you?" Yang Hanlun felt inexplicable panic. Lin Haihai was acting too nonchalant. What is she thinking?


"Okay, I believe you." Lin Haihai nodded absent-mindedly. “Let’s go back. I want to talk to my Senior Brother.” She wanted to see Li Junyue and get to know everything that happened at home!


"Alright, I'll escort you back." Yang Hanlun was reminded of the intimate interactions between Li Junyue and Lin Haihai and felt a little uncomfortable.


"There's no need to. You should go and take a look at what else is there to be prepared for the wedding. I can just head back myself. It's your wedding, after all, so you shouldn't leave it to others to hand it all!" Lin Haihai quickly turned Yang Hanlun down. After pondering for a few moments, he stopped insisting and instructed, "Alright then, I'll go and have a look. Take good care of yourself!"


Lin Haihai nodded. A breeze blew past, picking up a few leaves en route. The sun rays fell on her eyes. Yang Hanlun stared in a daze at Lin Haihai as she stood bathed in the sun rays with a gentle smile on her visage, looking as amiable as a fairy but at the same time, such a sacred existence that kept one from approaching. For a moment, he felt like his soul left him; he felt empty inside out, as though he was about to lose a very important thing.


Lin Haihai turned to leave. Having lived for more than 20 years, this was the first time that she felt that love was very tiring. She decided that she would not rashly fall in love for the rest of her life. That wasn't her forte! Away with whatever emperor and prince! She only wished to live a simple life being a physician in this time and space.



Linhai Hospital was as bustling as before. With the imperial physician holding the fort, even patients from afar came to seek treatment here. Lin Haihai watched the imperial physicians busying themselves; the satisfaction on their faces was something she hadn't seen when they were in the imperial palace. Lin Haihai smiled gently. In modern times, many women placed their career first before marriage. That certainly spoke of the fact that a career came with its unique charm. She, Lin Haihai, can definitely be a career woman as well! Go to hell with love!


"You're finally back. Come and see what I've brought back for you." Li Junyue dragged Lin Haihai into a room.


Lin Haihai stared at the medicines strewn all over the floor and a few unopened luggage. "Those are from Mama Lin. There's also a laptop and a camera. Most importantly, those people whom you wish to see and things you wish to know are all saved inside this laptop. Have a look at them when you have time!" Li Junyue said casually as he tried to ignore the excitement on Lin Haihai's face.


Lin Haihai took a glance at Li Junyue before she stood up suddenly and pushed him out of the room; only silence remained. Tears quietly trickled down her cheeks as she turned on the laptop and opened the files. Familiar faces entered her eyes.


“My dear Xiao'hai, don't worry about us. All of us are well. You must take care of yourself as well!" Mama Lin’s tearful urging at the end made Lin Haihai sobbed soundlessly. Yu Qing also showed up in the video. " Xiao'hai, I heard there is a prince courting you. I'm relieved then. Nan Guang and I are doing fine too, don't worry! Remember, be happy! You must be happy!" The weeping Lin Haihai smiled again.


After several long moments, Lin Haihai silently unzipped the luggage bag and slowly took out the items that her mother had prepared for her, one at a time. There were clothes, shoes, snacks, books and several large photo albums. Another luggage was packed full of sanitary napkins. There was another box as well. It was an iron box wrapped in black brocade and a small switch on the exterior. She pressed on the switch gently and the lid popped open. A glittering crystal apple appeared before Lin Haihai. The crystal apple emitted a dazzling light as the sun rays shone through the window and landed on it.


It’s a birthday present from Papa! Lin Haihai couldn't control her tears again. The apple was bigger and more beautiful than the one she had seen before. He must have gone to a lot of places before he found this!


For the whole afternoon, Lin Haihai stayed in her room and didn't come out. She watched the video taken by her family again and again; she accounted for every single item again and again. Her heart ached but it was aching blissfully.


It was only when Ming Yue came to knock on her door during dinner time that Lin Haihai put the things away, wiped the tears on her face, and walked out with her red and swollen eyes. Li Junyue poked fun at her, "I thought you wouldn't need your dinner and could survive on purely love." 


Lin Haihai cast him a scornful glance and said sentimentally, "It is a truly, truly blissful thing to be able to go home."


"Teacher, then let me accompany you home tomorrow. Your home is just nearby, so why are you so sentimental about it? Ming Yue was puzzled. Hearing Ming Yue's words, Ling Haihai was suddenly reminded of the first madam and asked Li Junyue, "Did you bring back the medicines for tuberculosis?"


Li Junyue thought for a few seconds before he answered, "I have brought back Rifampicin, Streptomycin, Rimifon, and more!" With a smile, Lin Haihai said, "That's enough then." 


"Why? Did you encounter a tuberculosis patient?" Li Junyue asked and Lin Haihai replied with an affirmative before sitting down for her meal.


Having just come back from washing his hands and overhearing the conversation, Imperial Physician Chen asked in doubts, "Teacher, is there really a cure for tuberculosis?" Several other imperial physicians turned to look towards Lin Haihai, with yearning and doubt in their eyes.


"Yes, tuberculosis can be cured. From tomorrow night onwards, all imperial physicians will attend classes at the Imperial Physicians Bureau. It's not compulsory so it's up to everyone to decide if they wish to come or not. No obligations. This time, I will be lecturing on Western medicine, and the applications of the cope, thermometer and sphygmomanometer." Lin Haihai noticed all these among the things that Li Junyue brought back and thought that it must be the meticulous Yu Qing who packed them.


"Really?" The imperial physicians were overjoyed at the good news. "What are those?" 

Lin Haihai picked up her chopsticks and pondered briefly. "On the other side of the earth, there are many European countries whose medical skills differ from us traditional Chinese medicine. The method I use to treat His Majesty and General Chen originated from them. We refer to them as Western medicine! And the stethoscope and thermometer are simple instruments to aid us in treating patients. For example, if a person has a fever, we can't know for sure how serious it is. Hence, our thermometer comes in handy since it can measure the patient's body temperature!"


The imperial physicians were stupefied as they stared at Lin Haihai incredulously. Imperial Physician Chen scratched his head and asked in an uncertain tone. "Do you mean those thermometers can talk?" 


Li Junyue let out a chuckle before picking up his chopsticks and tapped Lin Haihai on the head. He said, "During tomorrow night's lecture, remember to talk about the origin and development of Western medicine, otherwise they will find it difficult to understand!"


"Please impart your knowledge to us, Teacher!" All of a sudden, the group of imperial physicians knelt down and looked at Lin Haihai with sincere gazes. Their eyes burned with enthusiasm for knowledge. Lin Haihai was taken aback. She jumped out of her seat and hurriedly said, "Get up, don't kneel down before me! Alas, please get up. I naturally want to teach all of you. It's already a great honor and favor to me that you guys are helping to treat patients here at Linhai Hospital. Please get up quickly!”


"Unless Teacher is willing to accept us as your disciples, otherwise we won't get up!" Imperial Physician Chen said firmly. Such an opportunity might not even come once in a lifetime. Naturally, they should seize the opportunity! Li Junyue helplessly rolled his eyes. Those of academia were indeed stubborn.


"Right, I will officially accept all of you as my inner disciples. Like the other disciples, you are all disciples of Lin Haihai. You must remember my motto — never become divisive and divide yourselves into factions and never be complacent. My medical skills are meant to be widespread and not something for you to be regarded as some exclusive secret. So if anyone wishes to learn, you must accept them and impart them with all your heart so as to spread my medical skills far and wide."


Lin Haihai wasn't very satisfied with the imperial court's supervision efforts over the clinics — it was expensive and tough to seek treatment. Many physicians weren't lacking in the skills but were lacking in ethics instead. They charged exorbitant fees, delayed the patients’ treatment and tried every means to squeeze every penny from the patient. Rome wasn't built overnight and it would take years for reformation to rid such a phenomenon. Lin Haihai hoped to do her best to spread Lin's medical skills and implement a single system which integrates treatment and drug prescription. In fact, she hoped that the imperial court could establish a government hospital and subsidize medical treatments to the masses. But then again, he probably wouldn't accept such an ideology. Now, she could only deal with whatever was presented to her rather than trying to solve the issue from the root.


The imperial physicians were deeply touched. With agitated voices, they proclaimed, "We will follow Teacher's instructions and will do our best to fulfill your wish!"


Lin Haihai nodded in satisfaction.


"Hmm, such a joyous occasion tonight with new disciples and setting a manifesto. Ming Yue, quickly add more dishes and buy some good wine. Let's have a great feast!" Li Junyue shouted happily.


"I'll get to it right now!" The little girl ran off eagerly. In the end, the joyous feast lasted for close to two hours.


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