Chapter 5: Complicated Past

Lin Haihai spent the whole afternoon gathering all the basic information she could. She found out her current name was Lin Yuguan. Her father was Lin Yaokuan, a rich merchant from the capital. Two years ago, he had a stroke and lost the ability to move the lower part of his body. Since then, he has been bedridden. 


Family affairs had always been managed by the First Madam, Li Meilian. As for the family business, it was handed down to the eldest son, Lin Yuhao. In total, her father had three sons and one daughter. Her eldest brother, Lin Yuhao, and her second brother, Lin Yuchen, were the sons of the first madam. 


As for her mother, her name was Chen Xiangwen. She was originally from a very poor background. However, Lin Yaokuan fell in love and decided to take her in as a concubine. The year after they got married, her mother gave birth to Yuguan. After that, she didn’t have another child until two years ago. It was then her mother gave birth to a son named Lin Yutang. 


However, shortly after the child was born, her father had his stroke. Li Meilian requested a fortune teller to conduct a divination in their home, and the fortune teller accused Yutang of being a devil; his existence would bring bad luck to his parents. 


So, the fortune teller recommended that they send Yutang to a monastery to surround him with Buddhist chants day and night in order to get rid of his sinister aura. Lin Yutang wouldn’t be able to return home until he turned eighteen. 


Obviously, Chen Xiangwen was strongly against this. So Li Meilian banished the pair to the servants’ quarters. To prevent air contamination, her mother and brother were no longer permitted to enter the main hall. 


Chen Xiangwen had always been a cowardly person. She had always chosen to back off whenever it came to the first branch’s aggressiveness. After Lin Yaokuan’s stroke, the first branch had complete authority over all decision-making. Thus, in order to avoid angering Li Meilian, Chen Xiangwen typically wouldn’t even step out of her room. 


Li Meilian was annoyed by how much the second wife could take. Honestly, she could have kicked the woman out of the residence. But she chose not to because she hated the woman to the bone. Although she was well aware that Chen Xiangwen would suffer from poverty if she was evicted, it wasn’t something she could witness. How could she get rid of her hatred if she couldn’t see her enemy suffer? 


So, Li Meilian kept the woman in the residence. She wanted to see Xiangwen miserable every day. She wanted Xiangwen to witness her son being treated like the son of a servant. That was the best way to punish her. 


Finally, last year, Chen Xiangwen became ill and never got better. She died at the early age of thirty-six and was survived by her young toddler son and cowardly daughter. 


After the empress dowager sent down the imperial edict, the sixth prince came to pay them a visit. He made it clear that Lin Yuguan was allowed to marry into his residence, but she would only receive the empty title and never his love. The sick Lin Yaokuan was furious, but since it was an order by the Empress Dowager, he could not defy the edict. Common people could only kneel and express thanks for the favor, unless they wanted to risk the lives of their household. 


When Lin Yuguan heard the sixth prince’s words, she felt very humiliated. Initially, she was happy about the union. After all, both she and her brother were treated horribly in the family home. It wasn’t that their father was heartless, but since he was bedridden, he had no power to do anything even if he wanted to. Sadly, the sixth prince’s visit extinguished her last hope. He was simply too outstanding. He wasn’t someone she, Lin Yuguan, was worthy of having. 


So, Lin Yuguan tried to talk to her father and cancel the union. However, Lin Yaokuan said it was a capital offense if they refused. Initially, he was truly enraged that his future son-in-law was so rude. After all, Lin Yaokuan was a relatively rich merchant in the capital. The sixth prince may have a high status, but he was treating them as if they were worth nothing.  


But after the father calmed down, he decided that having royal connections would be very beneficial to him. At least, he would be the father-in-law of the sixth prince. Even if his daughter wouldn’t be treated with love, as long as the empress dowager backed her up, she would be able to secure her position as the main wife. Then, he would have an endless amount of glory, wealth, and status. 


As the proverb goes, ‘Once a man reaches the Dao, even his chickens and dogs rise to Heaven.’ This transaction would only help the Lin Family’s business expand. So after considering all this, Lin Yaokuan went from resisting to fawning over the union in a night’s time. Thus, Lin Yuguan’s tragic story was destined to occur.      


However, by the third day, Lin Yuguan was given a divorce document. To be honest, Lin Yuguan had not seen her husband since her wedding night. On their wedding night, she was the one who lifted her own red veil. Despite not having any expectations for this union, she still did not expect this outcome.


On a stormy day, Lin Yuguan bitterly climbed up the rooftop of a pavilion and committed suicide out of resentment. 


The original lady’s soul was gone. But her physical body was taken over by a departed spirit from the 21st century. Lin Haihai deeply sighed. 


This is a man-eating society. Even the ancient-born Lin Yuguan couldn’t endure it. As a person who has lived in a civilized society all my life, how could I handle it? 

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