Chapter 45: Li Junyue Returns To Modern Era

"I have never cried. He left and took my heart with him. My heart has always been hollow, numb, and missing!" Empress Chen grabbed Lin Haihai's hand with sorrow in her eyes.


"Has your Emperor Father tried to find him?" After all, he was someone from the Imperial family; the emperor would not just let it be.


"We couldn't find him. Everyone said that he had no chance of surviving." Empress Chen suppressed the pain in her heart and tried to squeeze out a small smile. However, that expression actually made Lin Haihai feel even worse.


"Since they could not find the corpse, it means that there is still a chance for him to have survived. The heavens will help the good, you cannot lose hope!" Lin Haihai said bitterly. She remembered what Li Junyue said about how her family was devastated over her death, and yet she was just thinking about farming during this time. It was time for Li Junyue to make a trip back.


"I do not dare to hope, as I am afraid of the disappointment that I might face. That way, I would not even have the courage to live on!" Empress Chen sighed and said flatly.


Lin Haihai did not speak any more and looked at the charming and strange thorn apple flower in front of her. She suddenly felt that human emotions were the hardest to grasp. Despite how strong one's love was today, it could dissipate the next day! The black thorn apple flower represented a desperate love and an unpredictable death!




In the bamboo forest. Waves of green.


"Please pass this letter to my family and let them know the truth about my situation here. You can just tell them everything except the fact that I was divorced by someone!" Lin Haihai looked at Li Junyue with tears in her eyes.


"Don't cry, they will be very happy when they hear that!" Li Junyue understood her feelings but did not know what to say.


"I really want to go home, Stupid Bear. I miss my father, mother, and grandfather. I miss Yu Qing and a lot of other people!" Lin Haihai started crying. The feeling of being unable to return home was really horrible, and she had been enduring it for a long time!


Li Junyue hugged her and stroked her hair, "I know, I know. I know that it sucks, but life is just like that. We have to be strong and live on, understand?"


"Will you come back?" Lin Haihai asked very pitifully.


"My patients are all here, where else could I go?" Li Junyue said jokingly.


"There is also our farm; we have agreed to plant new species. Don't forget that, alright?"


"The most important part is that my little sister is all alone in this time and space, and I will not be assured!" Li Junyue said it half seriously while smiling.


However, Lin Haihai knew that it came from his heart. Just that their form of communication had always been loud and rowdy, and it would be strange if they suddenly said all kinds of mushy things. Li Haihai saw the care he had behind his jokes. She was very touched, and the feeling washed away the sorrow that she had had previously.


She wiped her tears and took a small bag from her sleeves, saying, "Xiao Ju said that this jewellery was given to me by the palace. I took some and gave some to Tangtang for his future wife. Xiao Ju and Liu'er's dowries will also come from there. Take it and sell it off for me, and pass the money to the orphanage! There is still some gold. Look for Yu Qing and let her buy a batch of medicine for you. They have already been written on the list, you can add on more if you think that anything is lacking!"


"Alright, I got it. Don't worry!" Li Junyue heard her instructions and wasn't surprised at how she decided to give the money to the orphanage instead of her own family. Ever since she was a child, she had always donated her money to the orphanage. After she started working, she would donate all her money to the orphanage after setting aside some for her daily use. He remembered asking her on QQ [1] about why she never gave some money to her family. She had returned the question saying that her family wasn't lacking any money and the orphanage never had enough money, and that the children hadn't gotten new clothes in a long time. Then, she brought up all the aspects of the orphanage that needed the money. In the end, he had also taken out his salary for that month and donated it as well.


"Also, I left another note in the medicinal list. Remember to pass it to Yu Qing!" Lin Haihai's face was slightly red. When Li Junyue tried to check it, Lin Haihai stopped him. "There is no need to look, just pass it to Yu Qing!" Li Junyue was stunned and realized it was something that females need.


"I am ready now, let's go!" Li Junyue said.


Lin Haihai's facial expression changed and immediately got serious. She reached out her finger and drew a lotus on Li Junyue's palm before explaining, "Remember, the mantra is 'A day in the cave is equivalent to a thousand years on Earth'!" 


Li Junyue nodded calmly, but his trembling hand showed his anxiety. He tried to stabilize his emotions and said to the lotus on his palm, "A day in the cave is equivalent to a thousand years on Earth!" His palm slowly glowed brighter, and the lotus flew out and slowly increased in size. With Lin Haihai's thoughts, Li Junyue's body flew up and landed on the lotus seat. The lotus seat started to rotate and slowly increased in speed before disappearing.


Lin Haihai exclaimed, "Be careful!" But the bamboo forest was silent and even Li Junyue's shadow was gone.


Lin Haihai slowly walked back and her legs felt as heavy as lead. Going home was such an unattainable dream! Did everyone that died miss their family like her? Her tears started falling and her mood hit rock bottom. Right now, the people she wanted to meet the most were Xiao Ju, Liu'er, and Tangtang!


She kicked the ground lightly and flew into the sky. Her figure was like a sparrow, flying across the bamboo forest down the mountain. She desperately wanted to return to North Court.


However, when she returned to North Court, when she saw Xiao Ju and Tangtang playing at the door and Liu'er bringing some tea over, her heart fell even more. Yang Shaolun's determined face also appeared in her mind suddenly. She stood rooted to the ground with her emotions in disarray. She could not like him. In modern times, she would be considered the third party. He was someone else's husband. Although the Empress did not love him, the concubines in the harem would fight for his favor with their lives. He was their husband, while she was just his sister-in-law and had nothing to do with him. They could not and would not have any other kind of interaction. She should sever this tie before it gets any deeper!




Li Junyue felt that his world kept spinning and his vision was filled with dark blue stripes. Soon, the stripes began to twist, deform, elongate, and widen. He wanted to shut his eyes, but his eyes were focused on the stripes, and he could neither close them or see clearly. Finally, after what seemed like a century, his mind slowly recovered and the view in front of him cleared up. He looked around and saw high rise buildings, busy traffic, large LCD TVs hanging at the plaza, endless large streets, and the short dresses that girls wore. I'm back! I am finally back!


His ancient way of dressing quickly became the focus of the crowd. He laughed and said, "I just came from a shoot and didn't have the time to change. This weather is really hot!"


A fat lady walked up to him with her eyes shining. She grabbed his hand and said, "You must be Takeshi Kaneshiro. I really like your movies. I am so happy to see you here!"


Li Junyue started sweating. How do I look like Takeshi Kaneshiro? "Lady, you have mistaken. I am not Takeshi Kaneshiro; I am Andy Lau's brother and I am also an actor. However, I am not too famous!" There was no other way, he did resemble Andy Lau slightly.


The lady was stunned but she quickly returned to her surprised expression. A group of people also started surrounding him, asking to take pictures. He stepped back while refusing before seeing a gap in the crowd. He ran out immediately and boarded a taxi. The crowd behind continued to chase after him and Li Junyue wiped his sweat. Such a crazy bunch of celebrity chasers! It seems I am really back in the 21st Century. He looked forward and the driver stared at him in a strange way. He was taken aback and realised that he did not have any Chinese Yuan on him. He was going to be in trouble.


"Mr. Driver, please send me to Four Seasons Kang City. I just came from a shoot and I don't have any money with me right now. When I get there, I will ask someone to bring some cash down!" he said very politely. Four Seasons Kang City was where Lin Haihai lived. At this time, the nanny would be chatting with Xiao Zhang in the security guardhouse.


"You must be a celebrity! Your face looks really familiar," the driver said as he drove while looking at Li Junyue.


"I am only acting in a small role and I'm not famous!" Li Junyue chuckled. Others would probably assume he was crazy if he wore an ancient outfit and was not filming!


"Do it well. Kid, I think that you will definitely be famous in the future! It is a kind of fate for us to have met. I will just send you over for free, you don't have to pay me!" The driver tried to encourage this downcast entertainer with a kind heart. He seemed really pitiful and did not even have the money to pay for a ride. When he returned home, he would teach his disobedient son a lesson. His son had been studying half-heartedly and kept dreaming of becoming a star. Just look, a star couldn't even match up to a taxi driver like him. (LOL)


When Li Junyue heard that, he was so touched that tears filled his eyes. He didn't think that he would meet such a kind person; he was deeply moved, "Thank you, you are really a kind person!"


The driver nodded and thought that Li Junyue was really very pitiful. Judging from how touched he was, he must have been treated badly all his life. Everyone knew that the entertainment industry was a difficult place to survive in. It must be true!


The car safely drove towards Four Seasons Kang City. The dense branches of the parasol tree on both sides of the road blocked out most of the sunlight. This summer was very hot, but also kind of warm.


Li Junyue said goodbye to the driver before making his way to the district slowly. When the nanny, Xiao Ying, saw Li Junyue at the security guard house, her eyes widened as big as saucers and her jaw dropped. She reached out her finger and pointed at Li Junyue in an imposing way, asking, "Are you a human or a ghost?"


Li Junyue approached her, "Obviously I am human. Look, I even have a chin!"


The security guard, Xiao Zhang, looked at Li Junyue suspiciously and seemed to have some questions regarding his attire.


Xiao Ying widened her eyes before asking, "Didn't you fall off a cliff?"

1. A commonly used messaging app in China

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