Chapter 36: Their First Time

Lin Haihai was stunned at her own words. She was in ancient times, so based on experience, she shouldn’t have touched on this topic with a man. Her face flushed all of a sudden. When she met Yang Shaolun’s fiery gaze, she saw his deeply-set eyes filled with affection and felt like she was sinking in them for a moment. So handsome! His chiseled face was complemented by sharp eyebrows, bright eyes, a high-bridged nose, and thin lips made for kissing. She remembered Yu Qing once said that men with thin lips were perfect for kissing. She had been fascinated as she listened to Yu Qing's experience, and thought to herself that she must eventually date a man with thin lips.


Her hand unconsciously caressed his lips, and then she made a decision she didn't think she would make. She held his face, lowered her head, and pressed her lips against Yang Shaolun’s. What a wonderful feeling! She was dazed. The man lying under her also felt the same.


Yang Shaolun froze in disbelief. He only came back to his senses when he felt her cold and soft touch. He kissed her in response and wrapped his arms around her, despite the burst of stabbing pain from his wound. Now, all reason and thought was thrown out of his mind as he allowed his feelings to spur their intimacy. He could sense her awkwardness and clumsiness, yet despite that, her kisses triggered responses from every cell within his body.


Lin Haihai lost her ability to think. Only one thing stuck in her mind. Indeed, Yu Qing was speaking the truth. She responded clumsily to his passion, her heart beating like a drum. Yang Shaolun tightened his embrace, as if to melt her into his body. But his wound was jabbed and the tearing pain coursed through his body like lightning, making him cry out in pain. Lin Haihai let go of him immediately and asked in an anxious tone, "Did you tug at the wound? Let me take a look!"


Yang Shaolun, with a pale face, forced a smile to comfort her. "It's all right, you don’t need to look at it!" 


Lin Haihai removed his clothes and saw that, although the wound wasn’t torn, it was oozing blood. She bowed her head, ashamed and sorry. He was an injured patient, but she took advantage of his precarious situation to steal a kiss and almost tore his wound. When did I become a shameless rogue? Doesn't he just look slightly more handsome? How can I be so shameless to flirt with a married man? From his looks, it must have hurt a lot. Lin Haihai’s heart also ached.


"I'm fine. Don't worry, alright?" Yang Shaolun took her hand and made her look him in the eyes.


Lin Haihai looked at him and could see an outpouring of love and affection from his eyes. She was flustered and averted her gaze. He is a married man! How can I become a third party? He has so many women - other than the empress, he still has numerous concubines. What am I? A sudden rush of bitterness washed over her heart. She could not afford to be a part of this love game.


She broke free from his grasp and ran away in a panic. Looking at her fleeing figure, Yang Shaolun felt pain as if his heart had been sawed through with a blunt knife.



"Stop! Why are you running away?" As soon as Yang Hanlun arrived at Qiankun Palace Hall, he saw Lin Haihai dashing out of the palace without even sparing him a glance. He turned around and grabbed onto her. It would be easy for Lin Haihai to break away from him, but at present, she didn't want others to know that she knew martial arts.


"Are you crying? What's the matter?" Yang Hanlun felt a stabbing pain in his heart. This silly woman has always been carefree. Every time I’ve seen her, she was always smiling, as if there was a sunny and cloudless sun on top of her head! Now, she has run out of Imperial Eldest Brother's chambers with disheveled hair and her face stained with tears.


"It's nothing. I was scolded!" Lin Haihai wiped her face and forced herself to smile, "Well, I still have something to do. I’m leaving first!" She then tried to break free of Yang Hanlun's grasp.


“You were just scolded?” Yang Hanlun looked at her with doubt.


"Mm, I accidentally touched his wound and hurt him. Go get an imperial physician to have a look." Lin Haihai recalled that his wound was bleeding and should be treated in time.


"Why are you so careless? My Imperial Elder Brother is a very austere man. Don't offend him easily, do you understand?" Yang Hanlun believed her and promptly imparted the principle of imperial supremacy to her.


"Well, I know. I'm leaving. I’ll go back and study with them. We’re about to perform the surgery!” Lin Haihai wasn’t making excuses. When she and Li Junyue came out of the tavern, she had been thinking of entering the palace to check on Yang Shaolun's wound. Hence, she came to the palace alone and felt an indescribable relief when she saw him. However, later, she kissed him forcefully. It seems that Stupid Bear was right. I become a shameless rogue when I drink.


The surgery was scheduled to be in the afternoon. Li Junyue would head back to clean up while she enters the palace to check on the emperor's condition. It's almost time now. Stupid Bear is probably waiting at the hospital. She placed her focus back on work and said cautiously, "There are still risks involved in this surgery. I have to deal with it delicately. If it’s alright, please go to the hospital early to help, because I feel that  someone might try to disrupt this surgery!"


"Why would someone want to disrupt it?" Yang Hanlun asked.


"Let's talk about it later. I'm going back now!" Lin Haihai waved and left. How was she supposed to tell him that she had precognitive abilities?



"Imperial Elder Brother, if Yuguan did something wrong, please understand and forgive her. After all, she is not from an official's family, so it’s inevitable that she doesn’t understand etiquette! Imperial Elder Brother, please spare her!" Yang Hanlun entered the room to see Yang Shaolun lying on the bed alone with a gloomy expression.


"What do you mean?" Yang Shaolun stared at him. The misery in his heart spread to every part of his body as his blood circulated. My younger brother’s wife and I actually... He looked at Yang Hanlun with guilt and jealousy. Haihai was his brother's princess consort, but he still couldn’t control his heart.


"Just now, I saw that silly woman run out with tears on her face. She said she accidentally hurt you and you scolded her!" Yang Hanlun rubbed his head and smiled sheepishly. That woman also has her weak moments.


"She cried?" Pain struck Yang Shaolun's heart. Why did she cry? Was she feeling remorse when she saw Imperial Brother?


"Yes, I’ve never seen her cry. By the way, I entered the palace to tell you something. After that, I have to rush back to the hospital. Yuguan said that she will be performing the surgery today and asked for my help." Yang Hanlun’s unconscious display of happiness pricked Yang Shaolun's eyes. He was about to get angry, but his reason suppressed his fuming anger.


"This Official Brother went to visit Minister Chen today. Minister Chen said that on the day of General Chen's accident, the steward of Chen Residence had previously seen General Chen with an old woman dressed in Rong's imperial garments. There was a young girl trailing behind them. After General Chen's accident, the old woman and the young girl couldn't be found!"


"A member of Rong's imperial family?" Yang Shaolun narrowed his eyes and recalled carefully. "Rong's imperial family hasn't sent any envoys as of late to announce their members' entry. Unless they’re sneaking in... but if they were, they couldn't possibly be dressed in imperial garments. And why did General Chen return to the capital?"


"This Official Brother received a pigeon letter. Before General Chen returned to the capital, he received a secret decree. One of his subordinates said that when General Chen received the secret decree, his expression turned grave and he immediately set off without even packing his belongings!"


“This Emperor hasn't issued any secret decrees!” Yang Shaolun pressed his brows together out of habit.


"But the subordinate said that it was indeed a secret decree. He could vaguely see the imprint of Your Majesty's imperial seal!" Yang Hanlun remarked.


“Was it really this Emperor's seal imprint?” Yang Shaolun questioned.


"He's not sure, because the secret decree was directly given to General Chen. They vaguely saw a large imprint under the light that looked like Imperial Elder Brother's seal, but they're not sure! If Imperial Elder Brother didn't send the secret decree, then who did?" Yang Hanlun was lost in thought.


“Imperial Brother, please return and help Haihai first. Tell her that she must save General Chen. Tell her that it’s this Emperor's request!" Yang Shaolun said seriously. 


“This Official Brother understands. This Official Brother shall take his leave then.”


“You may withdraw!” Yang Shaolun watched him leave. He swiftly searched through his brains for certain individuals. Other than me, Imperial Mother is the only other person who could make General Chen leave his soldiers behind and return to the capital city. However, Imperial Mother doesn't bother herself with court matters; it's impossible that she would summon him back to the capital. Then who could it be? What's their motive?


A large number of black clouds gathered quickly in the sky. The southern summer was as changeable as a baby’s expression. It didn't rain but it was too dark to even see the road ahead. Observing the weather from the window, Yang Shaolun had a foreboding feeling.


“Xiao Yuan, please send Zheng Feng immediately!”


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