Chapter 33: He’s My Former Husband

It was absolutely no fun to be thrown to the ground. Li Junyue was determined to ignore women and people of vile characters from that day on. He climbed up from the ground, patted the dust off his butt and snorted, "What do you want?"


Lin Haihai made a gesture and her disciples exited the room. She approached Li Junyue and cooed suggestively, "Come to the bed with me."

 "Y-y-you, don't do anything reckless, I'm warning you, I…" Li Junyue stuttered, "It's broad daylight now, are you trying to sexually assault me?"


"What are you talking about? I'm just asking you to come to the bedside and take a look at this patient," Lin Haihai replied solemnly. The dignified countenance that she had switched into gave off the aura of a pure and chaste woman.


Li Junyue couldn't react to Lin Haihai's sudden change in attitude. He rubbed his eyes. There's indeed someone on the bed! His expression turned serious as he walked over to the bedside and rolled his sleeves up, revealing a set of bite marks on his arm. Lin Haihai observed the teeth marks pensively and carefully studied Li Junyue's face again. His eyes and brows… A sudden wave of bliss washed over her heart.


"His blood isn't flowing properly, there's a blood clot in his brain," Li Junyue analyzed and commented.


Lin Haihai looked at him in admiration. Awesome, he found the cause after such a simple examination. It seems like the heavens have sent me a great helper; I can't let him leave no matter what! His medical skills have improved by leaps and bounds since the last time I saw him years ago!


"In your opinion, how should we treat him?"


"My treatment methods may sound ridiculous to you, but it's absolutely feasible. It depends if you trust me or not," Li Junyue responded sagaciously.


"Tell me about it," Lin Haihai decided to hear his suggested treatment plan.


"I'll open up his skull and drain the blood clot. I know this may sound unrealistic or ridiculous to you but I'm very familiar with such surgeries and I will be able to handle it well," Li Junyue fired away with his words. Fearing that Lin Haihai wouldn't believe him, he even patted his chest as a gesture of assurance.


"Where are you going to find the tools for the surgery you speak of?" asked Lin Haihai.


"You don't have to worry about that. I used to be with the Doctors Without Borders. The medicine and tools in my medicinal box is sufficient for this surgery. It's just that without X-ray, it will be more troublesome since we can't get a clear overview of the blood clot," They wouldn't be able to pinpoint if there were any nerves or blood vessels near the blood clot. That posed a very serious problem.


"You mean, you have a surgical knife and anesthesia?" asked Lin Haihai. Doctors Without Borders? Oh right, he has been in Africa for five years.


"Yeah, I transmigrated with my medicinal box. We always travel around places so our medicinal box must be prepared with the basic essentials," replied Li Junyue when his head suddenly shot up. He questioned loudly, "You know about surgical knives and anesthesia?"


"Even Hua Tuo knows about it! As a post-world individual, how would I not know?" Lin Haihai retorted angrily.


"You know Hua Tuo?" Li Junyue asked alarmingly.


"All Earthlings know him, okay? Could it be that you assume ancient people have no idea how to do surgeries? Surgery was widespread in our country a long time ago," Lin Haihai rolled her eyes at him.


"Y-y-you…" Li Junyue was at a loss of words and could only stare at Lin Haihai with his eyes wide open. A transmigrator!


"You are a transmigrator, aren't you?" he asked cautiously.


Lin Haihai kept quiet, her subtle smile was a blatant mocking of his late realization, and also her own eyes. It's him, it's really him!


"You are really a transmigrator? How did you come here? How long have you been here? Where are you from?" Li Junyue blasted a series of questions at Lin Haihai. Previously, when he was in the modern world, he met countless people on a daily basis but had never found it fortunate or surprising to run into someone from the same period in time. But ever since fate threw him into this strange space and time, it suddenly dawned on him how philosophical the saying "It takes ten years (for a practicing Buddhist) to cross the river by boat with a particular person" was. Nowadays, he would often speak in modern terms with himself or stare at his handphone all day long. Sigh! He was a homesick wanderer far from home. But now, he actually ran into someone who had come from the same space and time. He couldn't even find any words to describe the jubilant feeling in his heart.


"Li Junyue, you haven't changed at all. You still love to bombard others with questions," Lin Haihai smiled.


"How do you know that my name is Li Junyue? I never told you. Also, how do you know that I used to do… Who are you?" Li Junyue scratched his head, his eyes glimmering with apparent doubts and suppressed excitement.


"Sigh, I have always found it weird that Grandfather would take in a fool like you as his disciple," Lin Haihai shook her head.


"You are Haihai?" Li Junyue cried out in uncertainty. He scrutinized her carefully. No, her appearance is different, it's not Haihai! But her gaze, her aura, that familiar feeling, I can't be mistaken!


"I'm Lin Haihai, you can't recognize me? Stupid Bear!" Lin Haihai's eyes were glistening with tears. The endearment "Stupid Bear" struck Li Junyue so hard that he couldn't form a single word. He pulled Lin Haihai into an embrace and could only remain speechless. Lin Haihai also cried in his arms. Prior to acknowledging each other, she was still able to keep calm. But when she saw the bite marks on his arm, she was reminded of him, Li Junyue, her grandfather's student, and her childhood sweetheart. Her repressed longing for her family burst forth from within her, breaking down her strong front and exposing her vulnerable side.


"Haihai, Teacher told me that you got into an accident. You know, all of us are shrouded in gloom. Over the past two months, Teacher has aged so much. None of us believed that you would have left just like that. Neither did I. When I rushed back from Africa, I saw…" Li Junyue blabbered incoherently as tears trickled down his cheeks.


He had been in Africa for five years. The onerous and trivial matters of a travelling doctor kept him from returning home. But, being attached to Doctors Without Borders was his personal choice so he gritted his teeth and pressed on. Of course, he had the support of his teacher and Haihai as well. Two months ago, his teacher suddenly called him and said that Haihai had gotten into a car accident when she was visiting an outpatient. At that instant, he was stunned. It felt as though something in him cracked and shattered into pieces. All long, Haihai was like family to him and held a special place in his heart. He had never thought that she would be implicated in a car accident and pass away so abruptly. Now that he was back, it was a lifeless photo of her smiling face on a tombstone that received him.


"What are the both of you doing?!" A roar of anger sounded at the door. Yang Hanlun went up to them in rage and pulled Lin Haihai away. Disregarding the beads of tears on her face, Lin Haihai burst into a grin upon seeing his enraged visage. He looks like a jealous husband who has just caught his wife cheating on him!


"Who are you?" Li Junyue pulled Lin Haihai towards him and asked with apparent hostility.


"Brazen unruly peasant! How dare you harbor improper thoughts for this Prince's princess consort?!" Yang Hanlun pulled Lin Haihai towards him again. The latter stumbled and fell into Yang Hanlun's arms. 


Li Junyue was seething in anger. How dare he bully my stupid pig? He grabbed onto Lin Haihai's hand and forcefully tugged her towards him. Yang Hanlun certainly wouldn't allow that and held onto Lin Haihai's other arm with great strength. Lin Haihai was reminded of the time when she was snatching a toy with Li Junyue. Neither of them were willing to let go and the toy ended up being dissected into pieces. Now, history had repeated itself but she was the toy that would soon be torn into pieces.


"Stop!" Just as Lin Haihai felt as though her arms would be dislocated, she shouted and flung her arms, the two handsome men losing their grip on her immediately. Lin Haihai looked at them and introduced, "My ex-husband, my childhood sweetheart, have fun getting to know each other." Lin Haihai then sheepishly absconded the room at once.


"What? Haihai? When did you get married? Wait, no, ex-husband? You even got divorced? Come back!" Li Junyue chased after Lin Haihai.


Meanwhile, Yang Hanlun was rooted to the spot. Her childhood sweetheart came to look for her? She had promised herself unofficially to someone else? They were hugging each other just now, could it be… Yang Hanlun felt as though his heart had fallen into an ice parlour - frozen beyond words.


"How long is he going to continue to stare?" Li Junyue asked unhappily at Lin Haihai who had a silly grin on her face.


"Nevermind, just ignore him. Let's find a place to sit down and have a chat. I have so many things I wanna ask." Lin Haihai dragged Li Junyue out of the hospital with her. Yang Hanlun immediately moved and followed them closely from a distance. 


They arrived before a small tavern. Lin Haihai took a look at the signboard. Carefree Tavern. What a nice name. Because of that, Lin Haihai entered the tavern. The tavern had only two rows of tables totalling to ten tables. Every table could only accommodate two to three customers. It was elegantly decorated and gave off the vibe of an Italian cellar tavern! They picked a table at the inner corner and sat down. Lin Haihai asked excitedly, "Do you remember that year where I just graduated and you brought me to Milan, Italy? Don't they have many underground taverns like this along the roadside?"


"Of course I do. You even got drunk that day and I have to piggyback you a few streets back to the hotel. It was so exhausting!" Li Junyue grumbled and chuckled.


"I remember that the bartender was pretty handsome. He was tall, with a high nose bridge and when he smiled, there were two dimples. He was super cute!" Lin Haihai reminisced. 


"Yeah, you even proposed to him when you were drunk," Li Junyue had a particular vivid memory of this. Lin Haihai couldn't hold her liquor well. She would get drunk at the slightest drop of it but yet she loved drinking and would hence get drunk every single time. That time, at the bar in Milan, it was the first time ever that he realized she had the potential to be a drunken lecher. She had only just downed the contents in her cup when her face started to flush as she stared at the bartender with glazed eyes and a silly smile. The bartender returned a polite smile and the lass actually said that the bartender was interested in her. She then heroically downed a cup of alcohol and staggered to the bar counter and asked, "Handsome man, I want to marry you, can I?" 


The bartender's face suddenly flushed as red as a cherry. She stared at him dreamily, cupped his face and planted a kiss on him. After that, she collapsed against his shoulder and fell asleep. That poor bartender, having just experienced the seed of love, could only blush and didn't know how to react.


"I won't comment on things that have yet to be verified," Lin Haihai kept her usual stance - denial even unto death. How could I possibly do such an embarrassing thing? Although her snippets of memories told her that the event did happen, she felt that it was all a dream. Spring dreams leave no trace. Since they left no traces, it meant that they ceased to exist!


"I don't have to repeatedly emphasize on the authenticity of it," Li Junyue shrugged, his peripheral vision landed on the silhouette of Yang Hanlun at the table near the door and he immediately turned around. 

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