Chapter 32: I Want To Apply

Imperial Consort Li looked at the empress with grievance and said, "Your Highness, if this Concubine has offended you, you could have told this Concubine directly instead of pulling these trivial tricks. Aren't you just upset that His Majesty only dotes on this Concubine? Who'd thought that your heart isn't magnamious. As Empress, how could you be so compelled by jealousy?" Every word of allegation from Imperial Consort Li's lips could only make the empress sighed. Imperial Consort Li, this is the imperial harem. His Majesty's favor is like the morning dew, evaporating when the morning sun rises. Do you really believe that he truly loves you? In this world, the emperor's heart is the most ruthless of all.


"Servants, take Imperial Consort Li away and tend to her attentively. If there are any mishaps, this Emperor won't pardon any of you!" Yang Shaolun asserted his imperial dignity on the palace maids around Imperial Consort Li.


A slightly older palace maid replied, "Yes, this servant understands."


Confusion and sorrow could be seen on Imperial Consort Li’s face as she looked at Yang Shaolun with grief in her eyes. Yang Shaolun turned his head away in disdain. The empress watched the unfolding of events before her and found it hilarious. Of course, she knew why Yang Shaolun was punishing Imperial Consort Li. Disrespecting her was merely an excuse. What a pity that the proud and arrogant Imperial Consort Li had no idea. However, with that brain of hers, how would she have noticed the abnormal interactions between that female physician and His Majesty? If she hadn’t mistaken, when His Majesty was in his unconscious state, he kept calling out the name "Haihai." And, that female physician's name was Lin Haihai.


Are emperors really ruthless? Does he only toyed with the hearts of women but would never place his true feelings on the line? Throughout history, the hearts of emperors were the hardest to fathom. However, all these were none of her concern. Her heart died many years ago. Now, she merely existed as a body without a soul. She didn't need the emperor's love or doting, and had never wanted it.


The peerless beauty left with a heartbroken expression on her countenance, leaving the emperor and empress a grieving rearview. It was a pity the act that she had painstakingly put together didn't resonate with the audience. 


"Imperial Consort Li is very depressed," the empress stated the obvious.


"Is that so?" Yang Shaolun replied in a faint tone, the sarcasm in his voice undeniable.


"She's in love with you," the empress spoke her mind.


"Oh really?" the corners of Yang Shaolun's lips curved up into a smile but yet it made him look cold and heartless.


"But you don't care," the empress looked at him as though she was deep in thought.


"Is the Empress very interested in this Emperor's matters?" Yang Shaolun lowered his head to look at the empress, his gaze scrutinizing the latter.


"This Empress was just fulfilling her duties as the Empress," the empress turned her head to one side, deliberately averting his gaze. "Does Your Majesty know Physician Lin Haihai?" the empress pretended to ask inadvertently in a causal manner.


"What do you mean?" Yang Shaolun's handsome face turned a shade darker.


"She came to this Empress' An'ning Palace yesterday. It was Ting'er who brought her over."


"Oh?" Yang Shaolun replied indifferently.


"Yes. She implored this Empress to teach her how to plant red spider lilies, explaining that they could be catalysts for medicine. This Empress has agreed to it."


"Oh, that's a good thing," Yang Shaolun replied calmly.


"From now on, this Empress would be leaving the imperial palace more often so I'm letting Your Majesty know in advance," the empress also reverted to her calm and placid tone.


"Alright, this Emperor understands. You may leave. This Emperor is tired," Yang Shaolun closed his eyes and gave his orders.


"This Empress will leave now. May Your Majesty take care," the empress turned as a faint smile crept onto her face.


"Wait!" Yang Shaolun parted his lips suddenly. The empress stood rooted, the smile on her face brightening. But the moment she turned, she had already returned to her peaceful countenance.


"When she went An'ning Palace yesterday, did she act any differently?" Yang Shaolun eventually relented and asked after a brief hesitation.


"Who?" the empress feigned a perplexed face before looking as though the bulb of enlightenment had shone upon her, "Oh, Your Majesty must be talking about Physician Lin. She looked fine."


"I see, then it's alright then." Yang Shaolun closed his eyes once again.


"Hmm, yesterday, she was very anxious and kept asking me what happened to her Brother Yang. It's just that this Empress has never seen this Brother Yang she was talking about so I didn't answer her." Yang Shaolun remained silent on the bed. The empress watched on as his face returned to its original color and a trace of bitterness rose in her heart. A long long time ago, she also had a man who used to be so concerned about her. But now…  


Yang Shaolun felt a mixture of delight and sorrow. An inexplicable feeling rose in his heart, but in the end, the feeling of powerlessness weighed down heavily on him.




Three days later.


In the early morning, Lin Haihai stood at the entrance of Linhai Hospital in high spirits with a secretive smile on her face.


"Master, you're back!" Qing Feng came up to her with a surprised look. The other disciples soon gathered around her and affectionately greeted her. Lin Haihai enjoyed the warm atmosphere and her face was full of smiles.


"Yeah, I'm back. Did anything happen in the past few days that I wasn't around?" Lin Haihai tugged onto Qing Feng and entered the hospital.


"Nothing much, just that Sixth Prince has been coming here every day to wait for you. All the senior brothers are uncomfortable about it," Qing Feng pursed her lips and complained. By senior brothers, she was referring to the group of imperial physicians.


"That must have been hard on all of you. How's General Chen doing?"


"Not much changed on the first two days. It was only yesterday that he exhibited signs of muscle spasms. Senior Brother Chen has checked on him and said it wasn't a big issue."


"I'll go and check on him first. Has the person with memory loss come to look for me the last two days?" Lin Haihai suddenly thought of her fellow townsman.




"Okay, go and do what you have to. The senior brothers will be here soon so be prepared to open the hospital," Lin Haihai instructed gently. Qing Feng replied with an affirmative and went off to do the necessary preparations.


Lin Haihai did a quick check on General Chen; the latter's muscular body was slowly thinning away, a sign of malnutrition. Would it work if I directly transfused my internal energy into his body without performing the surgery? All these were just methodologies in the pugilistic world. She didn't have much confidence though she had the internal energy. However, it would be too risky to act on it just based on theories. It was unethical to treat patients as guinea pigs without going through any form of clinical studies; it was something that she, Lin Haihai, would never do. After all, there was a more reliable way now, but she would still require the assistance of a particular individual.


Speaking of the devil… 


"Master, that patient with memory loss is here, and he specifically asked for you!" Ming Yue dashed in and spoke between spouts of gasps.


Yes! Everything is ready and even the east wind has blown. [1] Lin Haihai snapped her fingers and walked out in hurried steps.


"Good morning!" Lin Haihai bade the man before her in a cheerful voice. A crew cut coupled with period clothes, it looks strange from every angle!


"I'm not here to seek a diagnosis, I'm here to apply for a job." The man directly stated his intentions.


"You know medicine?" Ling Haihai cocked an eyebrow with a hint of knowing.


"Yes, I do. If you don't trust me, you can try me out first."


"Your father is a well known rich merchant in the capital city, why would you want to be an insignificant physician here?" Lin Haihai studied her fellow townsmen with great interest. Ah, meeting a fellow transmigrator in another time and space is one of the three happiest things in life!


"All I know is medicine!" Li Junyue looked at the woman before him. She was very beautiful but the mischievous glint in her eyes was annoying him to no end. It was already unfortunate enough that he had to transmigrate into this unidentified space and time. Material resources were seriously lacking and whatever he needed ceased to exist. The most frustrating thing was that family that mistook him for their son and wailed all day and night, recounting past events. Now, he would get startled the moment he heard a woman's voice. What made it more ridiculous was that he looked like an exact replica of their son, and the two of them actually shared the same name written with the same three Chinese characters. This… this couldn't possibly be described as a coincidence anymore!


"Alright, you are hired! Your probation period is a week and if you fail, out you go," Lin Haihai said with a smiling glint.


Li Junyue was a little hesitant. Such alacrity? Was there such a unit of time as the week in ancient times? As someone with limited historical knowledge, he didn't press on the matter further. Fortunately, I have learned traditional Chinese medicine before, or I would have become a low-wage worker! Once again, Li Junyue silently thanked his traditional Chinese medicine professor, Professor Lin. Luckily, you had foresight and knew that I would end up in an unknown time and space and hence gave me the skills to make a living.


Lin Haihai observed his interchanging looks of happiness and sorrow. Seems like he's still trying to adapt to the gaps of time and space!


As a veteran transmigrator, she felt compelled to help out a new transmigrator, "It's easy to live a life. Just find what you like to do, and it will be the same no matter where you are. Don't worry too much or reminisce about the past too much. Life is cruel and only allows you to look ahead. This rule stands beyond the passages of time and space!"


Li Junyue looked at Lin Haihai from top to bottom and studied her in detail. Lin Haihai reached out a finger and poked at his forehead before smiling flirtatiously, "I knew no one would be able to escape from my charm!" She then adeptly threw a coquettish wink.


Li Junyue tried to control his urges to lash out at her. After all, she was the leader here and she was rather beautiful as well. Being a narcissist once in a blue moon was forgivable. He took a deep breath and said, "Miss, you are as beautiful as the fairies in heaven and really have the potential of being a Miss. I could see the amorous feelings of a Miss in every gesture of yours. You are indeed worthy of being a young Miss!"


Lin Haihai let out a chuckle, "In one glance, I knew you often mingled around with Misses, seeing how you are so familiar with their every action. I would say you know them at the tip of your finger, so I am more impressed!" Hmph, you satirize me as a prostitute[2], so why can't I say that you are one of their clients?


"Ha ha ha…"


"Ha ha ha…"


The two started to feign laughter.


"Since I've hired you, you are now my man. Follow me into the room," Lin Haihai changed the topic and gestured to Li Junyue with her index finger suggestively.


"What? Enter what room? I'm here to apply to be a physician!" Li Junyue vowed to protect his chastity till death.


"You are my man. Come in as soon as I ask you to. What's with all the nonsense?" Lin Haihai's voice was stained with vivid annoyance.


"What do you mean by your man? Are you crazy? I quit! Lunatic!" Li Junyue flung his sleeves and decided to leave without turning back.


"Hmph, do you take Linhai Hospital as a place where you can come and go as you wish? Disciples, drag him into the room!" Lin Haihai successfully played out the role of a female tyrant. How dare you scold me? I don't care even if we were from the same world!


A few children appeared instantly. Two of them grabbed his legs, two grabbed his arms and one held his head as they collectively lifted him above their heads and carried him into the room. Have you ever seen a pig waiting to be slaughtered? That was it!


"Let me go, let go of me! Woman, are you a pervert? Ummmmm…" It was finally quiet all thanks to the washcloth that Lin Haihai stuffed into his mouth. 

1. A reference to Zhuge Liang praying for the East Wind in the battle of Chibi during the Three Kingdoms era.

2. Way back in the 18th century, to refer to an adult woman as a “Miss” was to imply she was a prostitute.

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