Chapter 30: The Spacetime Key

Lin Haihai glanced at the young man’s expression and knew that he had already accepted his situation. But it was difficult for a modern person to get used to the tedious and monotonous lifestyle of ancient times. She pitied him, but there wasn’t much she could do to help. She patted his shoulders and said, “Try to get used to this. You can come find me if you need anything.” The young man looked at her with a complicated expression.


“Your son isn’t crazy. He just injured his brain from the fall and lost his memory. He doesn’t need any medicine right now, but remember to bring him back three days later. Right now, try to talk to him about his past as much as possible and help him adapt to this lifestyle,” Lin Haihai said to the middle-aged businessman.


The businessman stared at Lin Haihai skeptically. Then he glanced at his confused son. “Can lost memory be recovered?”


“It’s very hard to say. There are some people who recall their memories after waking up, while there are others who never recover their memories. There are some people who recall their memories after coming into contact with a person or event that left a really deep impression.”


The businessman looked at the young man with a complicated expression and said, “Child, it’s okay if you don’t remember anything. Maybe it’s better if you don’t remember. Let’s go home now.”


The young man touched his head. His heart suddenly softened when he saw the earnest look on the businessman’s face. He looked down and replied softly, “Okay.”


The businessman suddenly smiled, but it couldn't hide his sadness from within. No matter what happened to his son, the important thing was that he was back.


The two walked out successively as Lin Haihai stared at their receding backs. She suddenly said, “Remember to come and find me three days later. I will answer the doubts you have.”


The young man immediately turned around and tried to distinguish the meaning behind her words. Lin Haihai smiled, saying, “I’ll write up a prescription for you three days later. Hopefully, that can help you.”


The young man turned around in disappointment and left, dejected. Meanwhile, Lin Haihai was soaring with joy. But she couldn’t let him know yet, because...




The bright moon hung high in the sky. A graceful body flitted across the streets and the dock, dashing towards the west.


“Why did you summon me?” Under the moonlight, an extremely handsome man asked calmly.


“I want to get ahold of the Spacetime Key. Are there any secrets to obtaining this?” a beautiful and refined woman replied, equally calm.


“You can’t go back,” the man replied in the same nonchalant tone.


“I don’t plan to. I just want to send someone back.”


“Oh? Someone mistakenly barged through the Spacetime Door?” the man asked, interested.


“Yes. I don’t know which period he came from for now, but I want him to work for me,” the woman said, wearing a scheming expression.


“What can he help you with? If you’re tired of this place, you can transmigrate to another time and space.”


“There’s no point in getting used to a new place. Plus, I have friends and family here. I don’t plan on moving for the time being.” The woman was naturally Lin Haihai, who had finally gotten used to the lifestyle here. Additionally, she had friends and family like Xiao Ju, Liu’er, and Tangtang, as well as a number of disciples. How could she leave the hospital she had built just like that?


“You’re very smart, so you must know what the Spacetime Key is. You even know how to summon me. I remember that I never told you I was here to protect you,” the man said in praise.


Lin Haihai smiled and said, “It’s true that you didn’t tell me, but I would often sense your aura around me, especially that one time when I was slapped by Imperial Consort Li. I could feel you by my side. Therefore, I concluded that you were either here to monitor or protect me. As for summoning you, are you referring to how I secretly called out your name in my heart? Baizi!”


“Since you know everything, why don’t you comprehend the Spacetime Key yourself?” Baizi said, flushed. He had really underestimated her! She was actually able to feel his aura!


“Why should I spend that much effort when I can just ask you?” Lin Haihai said, with a calm and composed expression.


“I do things based on my mood. I’m not in a good mood right now, so ask me next time.” Baizi turned around and attempted to leave, just like that.


“I don’t care about people’s moods when I want to do something. I’m giving you two options right now. You can either obediently tell me what the Spacetime Key is, or help me find out whether the newly in-stock realgar powder is of good quality.” Lin Haihai smiled as she watched Baizi’s face turn ashen.


“How dare you threaten me?” Baizi spat through his gritted teeth.


“I don’t like to threaten others, especially a man as handsome as an angel.” Lin Haihai smiled fearlessly.


“How dare you?”


“I don’t dare. I really don’t dare. Do you want to try it?” Lin Haihai opened the bottle and the pungent smell of realgar powder immediately surrounded them.


“Fine, you win. Close it immediately. I’ll tell you.” Baizi said with a pale face.


Lin Haihai immediately closed the bottle and crossed her arms over her chest. “Don’t try to play any tricks. You should know that no matter how strong you are, you’re just a little snake that's a few centuries old. My internal cultivation is stronger than yours. You should know the consequences if I'm upset. Since you placed me here, you’ll do as I say, otherwise…” Lin Haihai didn’t continue her sentence, but her solemn expression intimidated him.


“You should know that I’m here to help you,” Baizi said indignantly.


“I know, but I also know that what I want to do is definitely not what you guys want me to do. I won't take threats from others. Since I found my goal in this place, I will protect this spacetime.”


“That's too much of a conspiracy theory. Maybe what we want you to do is coincidentally what you wanted to do?”


“If that’s the case, I will apologize to you. However, you have to tell me about the Spacetime Key right now!” Lin Haihai’s tone didn’t soften.


Baizi stared at her for a while before he sighed and said, “You’re overthinking this.”


“I hope I am. However, you can’t blame me. You have never revealed your identity to me, or what you wanted me to do. It’s normal for me to be suspicious of you.”


“You want to know my identity? Why don’t you just ask me?” Baizi raised his eyebrows, gloominess overcast on his perfect face.


“Oh? You’re saying that if I ask you, you’ll tell me?”


Baizi turned around and stopped answering. After a while, he softly responded, “You’re the Spacetime Key. As long as you open the Spacetime Door, you can send him away. But remember that you can only send him back to his original world, because that’s where his original body belongs. His body won’t reject the soul. If you try to send someone from this space and time out, then be prepared to collect their corpse!”


“Then can those sent out from this world return?” Lin Haihai asked anxiously.


“Since they were able to come here and managed to survive as well, it means they have a matching magnetic field with this spacetime, so they can return too.”


“Good. As long as he can return, that’s good!” Lin Haihai smiled. Her eyebrows curved upwards and the corner of her lips curled up. Baizi looked at her and fell into a daze for a split second. He felt depressed. Why does she have to be a human?


Lin Haihai placed the realgar powder away and found this to be hilarious. Baizi normally acted icy, but who knew that he was terrified by a small bottle of realgar powder. She tried her best to conceal her satisfaction, but the smile on her face widened even more.


Baizi snorted and then waved his sleeves. A tall ancient tree behind them immediately fell with a loud rumble. With a leap, a white silhouette flickered under the moonlight before disappearing into the night sky. Lin Haihai was startled but said with a smile, “Try to be more civic-minded next time. Didn’t your teacher teach you to treasure the trees?”


She turned, and her dress fluttered like a flying butterfly. With a swoosh, she disappeared under the moonlight as well.


Just as she disappeared, a monk carrying an alms bowl was coming down the mountain. He looked up to see Lin Haihai’s refined face under the moonlight for a split second before it suddenly vanished. A demon! The monk was startled. He hurriedly chased in pursuit but it was deserted everywhere. There was no sight of the woman anymore.


He stomped his feet and shouted out loud, “Oh no! The demon is actually the physician at Linhai Hospital! People are going to die now! I can’t let this happen. I have to stop the demon from harming people.” He then flew down the mountain.


Lin Haihai returned to North Court and rested briefly before she hurried back to the hospital. Morning hadn’t arrived yet, but the disciples were already up and practicing their martial arts. She called Qing Feng and Ming Yue over and said, “Listen to me. I’ll be leaving for a few days to attend to some matters. During this time, help me look over the hospital. The imperial physicians are going to come later. Please have them nurse and guard over General Chen! Just act like you guys don’t know anything if the Sixth Prince asks about me. That way, you guys can avoid being put into a difficult situation!”


“Where is Master going? How do we find you if something happens?” Qing Feng asked worriedly.


“You don’t need to find me. The hospital is self-sustainable with the imperial physicians here. I need to do something really important right now. If a huge event happens, I’ll naturally find out about it.” Lin Haihai instructed, incomparably seriously.


Qing Feng and Ming Yue nodded and didn't probe further.


Lin Haihai took General Chen’s pulse. His pulse was steady but there was no improvement. Lin Haihai whispered in his ears, “Keep fighting! I’m trying hard, so please try hard too!” There was still no response from the person on the bed. Lin Haihai knitted her eyebrows. It seemed she must get ahold of the secret of traveling in and out of a different spacetime right away.


She walked out of the door. It was nearly dawn, but there was no one on the streets yet. She occasionally saw wooden carts carrying night soil passing by. There was a middle-aged woman with a stupefied expression. She had a towel tied over her nose and was wearing gloves. She had bloodshot eyes and dark circles under her eyes, the symptoms of being sleep-deprived for a long time.


Lin Haihai felt quite bad in her heart, so she approached the woman. “Madam, you dropped your silver tael!” When she finished speaking, she delivered an ingot of silver to the woman. The middle-aged woman halted the wooden cart and looked questioningly at the beautiful woman in front of her. A gust of wind blew past the street, and Lin Haihai’s plain white clothes fluttered in the wind. The middle-aged woman thought she was hallucinating. Is this woman a fairy?


“The silver tael isn’t mine. There’s no way I have that much silver,” The middle-aged woman replied in a hoarse voice. She stared at the silver. Although she needed it a lot, it wasn’t hers.


“Extend your hand.” Lin Haihai smiled. She seemed to have an enchanting voice and bright, shining eyes.


The middle-aged woman couldn’t help but extend her hands. Lin Haihai placed the silver in her hands and said, “I said it’s yours, so it must be yours.” After she finished talking, she turned around. She thought about it before she turned back and said, “Come and find me at Linhai Hospital three days later. Do you know that you’re sick?”


The middle-aged woman looked at the silver in her hands and then at Lin Haihai. She asked doubtfully, “You’re Physician Lin?”


Lin Haihai nodded. The woman had a swollen and purple face. She probably has kidney problems. If she doesn’t get treated soon, then...


The middle-aged woman’s turbid eyes suddenly brightened. She parted her lips and thought about it when her gaze suddenly dimmed again. Lin Haihai wanted to press further, but felt that the woman might not want to tell her. Plus, she had important business to attend to as well. Therefore, she patted the back of the middle-aged woman’s hand and said, “Remember to come find me three days later. Keep the tael and don’t drop it again. Your body isn’t fit for this work, so you must quit immediately.” Lin Haihai left as soon as she finished what she wanted to say.


The middle-aged woman stared at her back, frozen. She was still holding onto the warm silver tael in her hands, and she felt touched for some reason. However, Physician Lin was still a woman after all, and a young one as well. How could she compare to the physicians of Huichun Pharmacy?


My husband needs medicine; I can't stop working and deny him his treatment. The physicians at Huichun Pharmacy usually don’t treat the poor. If I hadn't curry favor with one of the disciples there, my husband probably would’ve... The woman sighed and continued pushing the wooden cart forward with difficulty.

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