Chapter 23: Watching Over You

“Servants!” Yang Shaolin spent the night in the empress’ chamber. When it was dawn, the empress suddenly felt her stomach hurting. It originally was minor, but after drinking a glass of cold water when she got up to help dress Yang Shaolun, the pain became so uncontrollable that she was clutching her stomach and rolling about in pain. Seeing the empress in so much pain, Yang Shaolun immediately sent his servants to get the imperial physician.


A few moments later, the young Imperial Physician Chen hurried over. The empress looked at him and weakly whispered, “How come the Imperial Physician Shangguan isn’t here? He has always been the one looking after me.”


“Report to Your Highness, Imperial Physician Shangguan was summoned by Empress Dowager early in the morning and he isn’t back yet,” Imperial Physician Chen responded in fear.


“What? Empress Dowager is sick? Why has no one reported it to me?” Yang Shaolun was furious and coldly interrogated the eunuch by his side. 


Head Eunuch Xiao Yuan immediately kneeled down beside Yang Shaolun and said, “Replying to Your Majesty, from what this servant knows, Empress Dowager isn’t sick, but rather it's Sixth Princess Consort.”


“What?! What sickness does the Sixth Princess Consort have?” The moment Yang Shaolun heard that Lin Haihai was sick, his thoughts were in a whirl. He actually didn’t know how to react. After all, she was his younger brother’s wife. Therefore, he could only watch her from a distance.


Xiao Yuan glanced at the palace maids around them and hesitated to speak. Yang Shaolun understood and immediately ordered for Imperial Physician Chen to treat the empress before he hurried out of the palace. Xiao Yuan trailed after him.


“From what the people from Ci’an Palace said, the Sixth Prince carried the unconscious princess consort into the palace this morning. I heard that Consort Lin was captured and tainted by the bandits of Heavenly Wolf Mountain last night! The empress dowager summoned Old Maidservant Yang and then locked the latter into the reflection room not long after. Imperial Physician Shangguan is still keeping watch. From what I have been told, Consort Lin still isn’t awake. She probably couldn’t accept being tainted so she chooses to remain unconscious.” Xiao Yuan reported all the gossip he gathered this morning to Yang Shaolun. 


Yang Shaolun was stunned. He was sad, hurt, and angry. His body trembled, and his heart was full of rage. His lips parted but he was unable to voice a single word. He tasted a metallic sweetness in his throat and then spat a mouthful of blood. Xiao Yuan was petrified and immediately shouted, “Imperial physician, quickly come!”


When Imperial Physician Chen heard Xiao Yuan's calls, he immediately ran out to see traces of blood on Yang Shaolun’s yellow dragon robe. The corner of his lips was also a bright scarlet. He gasped and asked, “What happened?”


“Hurry! Take His Majesty's pulse and find out what happened!”


Imperial Physician Chen immediately took Yang Shaolun’s pulse, but the latter shook his hand away and said, “There’s no need. Xiao Yuan, immediately gather a few thousand elite soldiers. I will personally wipe out the Heavenly Wolf Mountain.” Yang Shaolun knew that it was out of extreme fury that he spat blood and he was fine otherwise. Imperial Brother would be guarding her side, so I will look over her with other methods. 




“Report! Bro, there is a huge group of soldiers outside and they have us all surrounded!” A bandit rushed into the bandit leader's room, panicking while the latter was sound asleep. 


The woman last night was amazing. She was smooth-skinned, and her moans drowned me in ecstasy. However, she ended up committing suicide by biting her tongue off in the end. What a pity! Otherwise, I would’ve brought her back to our sect's stronghold so I could slowly enjoy her. Wouldn’t that be amazing?


The bandit leader was infuriated that his underling dashed into the room before announcing his presence. He jumped out of bed, grabbed the bandit’s head and flung him to the side. The bandit groaned and hurriedly begged for mercy. The bandit leader let go of him and lashed out viciously, “If you don't have anything important to report, you’ll die!”


“Bro, there… there is a hu… huge group of soldiers outside. They have us… us surrounded,” the bandit stuttered.


“Why are you scared of the soldiers? The capital magistrate's soldiers had encircled and suppressed us many times, but didn’t they always flee in defeat? Why are you making a fuss about nothing? We have backers in court, so what are we scared of? Even if the magistrate shows up in person, I’m not afraid. They’re just putting up a show for the emperor. Piece of trash! You’re being frightened over something so insignificant!” The bandit leader spat and kicked the bandit harshly. The bandit held in the pain and didn’t dare to make a sound. 


The bandit leader draped clothes over himself and picked up the dagger on the table. He gathered his men and walked towards the sect entrance confidently. Yang Shaolun was dressed in his combat clothes and seated on a horse, seething with anger. The army behind him was lined up neatly. Having the emperor personally leading the troops into battles, the soldiers had their heads high and chest out; they were in high spirits! Everyone was eager to fight, turning restless, and ready to sacrifice themselves for the emperor at any time.


“Are you the sect leader of Heavenly Wolf Sect?” Yang Shaolun asked nonchalantly. His voice was like the calm before the storm.


“I am who I am. I am the sect leader of Heavenly Wolf Sect. I’m Li Batian! Which battalion do you belong to? Who are you under? Why have I never seen you guys before?” Li Batian asked arrogantly. 


“What were you doing last night?” Yang Shaolun didn’t answer his question and continued to probe.


“Haha. I got a woman last night and enjoyed my night with her. What? Could you be that woman’s lover? Hahah. If so, then we’re close brothers! Boy, you’re really blessed. Your woman’s figure and skin are amazing!” Li Batian had no idea that the grim reaper had descended. He was still laughing lewdly as the fat on his face shook! 


“Leave Li Batian to me. Kill the rest. Spare none of them!” Yang Shaolun finally couldn’t hold in his anger and sorrow and gave an order. Like fierce tigers leaving the mountain, the thousands of soldiers charged towards their enemies at an extremely swift speed. When have these bandits ever seen such bold and powerful soldiers? In the past, when the magistrate's soldiers came to encircle and annihilate them, all of them retreated and fled before the battle even started; they were all weaklings.


Yet, these were real soldiers, prepared for war. They aimed to kill the moment they charged into the battlefield. The sky turned dark and gloomy as cries filled the air and numerous bandits fled into the stronghold. When had Li Batian seen a situation like this? His legs weakened and felt like jello. In one swift move, Yang Shaolun already had his sword on Li Batian's neck. Li Batian trembled as he stared at the sword on his neck, yet he still feigned courage and threatened without thought, “Who are you? How dare you do this to me? Are you tired of living? If Minister Chen finds out, I swear you won’t get away easily!”


Yang Shaolun got infuriated when he heard Li Batian's words. He instantly applied for pressure on the sword. “Minister Chen? Great! This Emperor will take his life as well, so you guys can keep each other company.” Li Batian fell limp on the ground. Emperor? He is actually the emperor? Impossible! Why would the emperor come to annihilate bandits? He must be trying to scare me! 


“Hmph, you’re just trying to decieve me! You’re trying to scare this sect leader. You must be that bitch’s man and you want to avenge her. I'm telling you, if you dare lay a hand on me, I’ll make sure your family dies a horrible death!” Li Batian harshly threatened. 


“Is that so? Then I would love to see.” Yang Shaolun turned his sword and slashed Li Batian’s saggy face. Li Batian immediately cried and howled in pain. Blood flowed down the corner of his lips; it was an extremely terrifying sight. Then, Yang Shaolun slashed his arm. Li Batian cried in pain before he actually fainted. 


Yang Shaolun sent a harsh kick at Li Batian, the latter slowly coming around. Seeing Yang Shaolun’s angry and indignant expression, he knew that this was the end for him. 

Even if I am going to die, I won't let him have an easy time either! Li Batian laughed wickedly, the fresh blood on his face made him look extremely sinister. 


While Yang Shaolun kept his eyes on the battle ahead, Li Batian moved his right hand and a pyonex needle flew out from his sleeves. It streaked across the air and flew straight for Yang Shaolun’s heart. It was too late when Yang Shaolun reacted. He moved to his side and the pyonex needle pierced into his arm. He felt his arm going numb instantly and lost the strength to hold up his sword. 


Using the situation to his advantage, Li Batian immediately seized the sword and quickly aimed it at Yang Shaolun. Yang Shaolun couldn't dodge it in time and was stabbed in the abdomen. A general by the side was horrified. Raising his sword, he flew over and aimed his sword straight at Li Batian’s heart. Li Batian looked unbelievably at the sword penetrating his body and widened his eyes. He held himself up with the sword and was unwilling to collapse. 


The general supported Yang Shaolun, his eyes turning red. He choked out his words, “This Official came late to Your Majesty's rescue and deserves to die!” Yang Shaolun slowly lost his consciousness. Before his eyes, he could only see the smile of the woman who saved a person on the streets that day. He softly called out, “Haihai, Haihai…”


The general couldn't hear clearly what Yang Shaolun said. He took Yang Shaolun’s clothes off and then sprinkled the Golden Sore Medicine on Yang Shaolun's wound. He ripped off a piece of fabric from his clothes and bound up Yang Shaolun’s injuries. The wound had stopped bleeding but they must return to the palace immediately for Yang Shaolun to receive treatment. He carried Yang Shaolun and flew on the horse. Pressing his legs against the horse's abdomen, the horse galloped off swiftly.


It was near noon when Haihai slowly came around. Yang Hanlun moved over and looked at her. He hurriedly called out, “Imperial physician, she’s awake. Come over and take a look.” Imperial Physician Shangguan came over instantly. The moment Lin Haihai opened her eyes, she saw Imperial Physician Shangguan’s head swaying back and forth. Seeing the imperial physician’s sharp head and bare eyebrows, she couldn’t help but let out a chuckle. However, she controlled it quickly because she realized that she wasn’t at her hospital. Most importantly, the sun was bright and glaring, so it must be way past the hospital's opening hour.


General Chen’s condition is of the utmost importance! She lifted the blanket to the side and immediately got up. The empress dowager immediately pressed her down and said, “Child, let the imperial physician inspect you first. Don’t move.”


Lin Haihai only noticed this graceful and noble woman now. She felt an intense feeling surging from her heart. She must be the empress dowager! She tested the waters, “Your Highness Empress Dowager!” the empress dowager flashed a kind smile. “Silly child. You’re still addressing me as 'Empress Dowager'? You should be addressing me as Imperial Mother!”


Lin Haihai gave a somewhat embarrassed smile. Yang Hanlun said anxiously, “Don’t talk so much. Let the imperial physician inspect you first. Did you know that you fainted this morning for no reason? If Xiao Ju and the others find out, they’ll be very worried!” Lin Haihai wanted to reply when an eunuch rushed in from outside. “Paying respect to Your Highness Empress Dowager, paying respects to Sixth Prince, paying respects to…” Judging from his panic stance, Yang Hanlun impatiently interrupted and asked, “Why are you panicking?”


“Replying to Sixth Prince, His Majesty is injured. This servant came here to summon the imperial physician!”


“What? His Majesty is injured! What happened?!” the empress dowager anxiously exclaimed. 

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