Chapter 21: A Remarkable Man

Yang Shaolun looked at his dazed younger brother and he felt an excruciating pain in his heart. Hanlun really likes Haihai! My guess was correct. How about Haihai then? Does she also like Hanlun? When I asked her today, she casually brushed it away, but does she perhaps feel something towards him, feelings that she doesn’t even know exist? Just like this stupid brat. He doesn't know that Haihai is engraved in his heart. If they both have feelings for each other, then what should I, a bystander, do? The thought of Haihai and Hanlun being together left a bitter and sour feeling in Yang Shaolun's heart. It couldn't be described with mere words.


“Why did you kill her?” Yang Hanlun asked as his voice trembled and tainted with deep sorrow. 


“Shouldn’t she be killed? The sole crime of beating up a member of the imperial family is sufficient for a death sentence. She should count herself lucky that this Emperor didn't implicate anyone else. Do you perhaps want to plead for her?” Yang Shaolun stared fixedly at him. Jealousy already made him go out of control. 


Yang Hanlun’s eyes turned red and he murmured, “She didn’t beat up a member of the imperial family. She was just teaching her insensible husband a lesson!”


“What do you mean?” Yang Shaolun seized his collar and asked. His unsteady voice revealed his panic. 


“Imperial Elder Brother, she is Lin Yuguan, my princess consort, the Lin Residence’s daughter whom Imperial Mother betrothed to me!” Yang Hanlun looked sorrowfully at Yang Shaolun, his gaze and words overflowing with accusation. 


“She's your princess consort?” Yang Shaolun released him and felt as if the world had crumbled down. He slowly turned around and walked away, with his imperial guards following close behind him. 


After a few steps, Yang Shaolun stopped and turned around. In a dejected voice, he murmured, “This Emperor was just kidding with you. This Emperor didn’t kill her. Go check on her and bring her back to your residence. Have her get a good rest. This Emperor saw that she had been working nonstop. Tell her to rest well.” He felt pained in his heart just watching her, but he must keep those thoughts inside forever.


“Really?” Yang Hanlun didn’t really believe it since his imperial elder brother always kept his words. Since he said he killed that woman, why would he say he was kidding now? In his memory, his imperial elder brother had never made any jokes! 


“She is a good woman. Imperial Brother, you need to treat her well and not let her suffer.” After that, he turned around and left with the imperial guards.


Yang Hanlun stared at his imperial elder brother’s rearview, stunned, and full of questions. But right now, his priority was to see if something happened to that woman! 


Yang Hanlun flew into the inner hall using his qinggong only to see Lin Haihai teaching a class with a book in hand. Due to the weak flame, she specially held the oil lamp with her other hand. She then imparted her knowledge to her disciples in this manner. The teaching and learning conditions were really tough and couldn’t even compare up to the conditions in many mountainous regions in China.


She turned around to see Yang Hanlun suddenly standing in front of her. She jumped and the oil lamp almost got knocked to the ground. Lin Haihai complained, “You’re like a ghost appearing out of nowhere!”


Yang Hanlun chuckled but didn’t say anything. Lin Haihai stared at him in confusion and asked, “Are you smiling that despicably because you are hatching an evil plan in your mind?”


“No!” He responded simply and continued to smile. 


“You are mad! Get out and don’t get in the way of my lesson.” Lin Haihai shoved him. 


“I haven't eaten yet. Can you eat with me?” He miserably patted his belly. 


“Are you that kind? Are you planning on poisoning me so you can marry your Birou?” Lin Haihai narrowed her eyes and looked at him in doubt. 


When Yang Hanlun heard Birou's name being mentioned, he was stunned. He liked Birou since she was understanding, gentle, and generous. Not only that, but she was also educated. She was his ideal princess consort! On the other hand, Lin Yuguan was greedy, crude, impolite, and stingy. Not to mention, she brought cheap things up his door to apologize - a total lack of sincerity. What he couldn’t forgive her the most was that she even instigated the children to beat them up! He had always loathed her. How could his princess consort be like that? He would become the joke amongst his brothers. 


But why was he concerned about her now? Perhaps, she was ultimately his benefactor. Plus, she was the princess consort that his mother had chosen for him. Although he didn’t feel anything towards her, they had still gone through the customs and are legally married. Furthermore, she already promised to bring up his marriage with Birou on Imperial Mother’s birthday. That was why he didn't hate her. Right! This must be it! Yang Hanlun nodded firmly.


Seeing him nod, Lin Haihai replied with a chuckle, “Then I won’t go. Wouldn’t I be a fool to go even though I know you want to poison me?”


“How about this? Eat with me and I’ll give you a hundred silver taels!” This strategy always worked with a greedy woman!


“Don’t mention money. It’ll hurt my feelings.” Lin Haihai acted as though there was no room for negotiation. 


“Then let’s talk about your feelings okay?”


“Don’t mention feelings. It’ll hurt the money.” Lin Haihai made a fuss out of nothing. 


Yang Hanlun stared at her angrily, but deep down, he was overjoyed because she was joking with him.


Xiao Ju, who was by the side, carried Tangtang over. She smiled and chirped in, “Consort Lin disdains you for how little you’re paying her.”


“Then would you consider it if I gave you a thousand silver taels?” Yang Hanlun plastered a sincere look on his face.


“Many thanks to the prince. This lady will go change my clothes right now. Prince, please give me a moment.” What a price to pay for her presence at a meal! Lin Haihai mimicked the women from brothels that she saw on television and batted her eyelashes at Yang Hanlun. Unfortunately, it backfired and everyone pretended to barf.


“Everyone, go and review the lesson!” The fierce woman unleashed her wrath.


Everyone scattered away. 


Yang Hanlun looked at them with a smile, feeling elated inside. It was an indescribable happiness. He felt like he now had a place in Lin Haihai's life. At least, she didn’t reject him. However, she didn't bother to appease him either. Yang Hanlun scolded Lin Haihai on the inside. Silly woman. 


That night, Yang Hanlun didn’t return. After dinner, he kept on bugging Lin Haihai to teach him how to use the nunchaku. Lin Haihai gestured a disciple over and instructed, “I got a disciple for you. Teach him well.” After that, she patted Yang Hanlun’s shoulders and said, “Learn well. I am looking highly on you.” Yang Hanlun rolled his eyes and unwillingly left with that disciple. 


Taking advantage of the night, Lin Haihai secretly returned to North Court. She took her shoes off and walked on the pebble path barefooted. She felt a sense of heat beginning to stir inside of her. She knew that she was unable to master these skills nor did she know the method to it. She could only secretly fumble around and try. She raised her hand and slowly drew a circle in the air. She concentrated and slowly, the leaves on the ground started the move. Suddenly, the leaves were blown into the air and it circled around her. From a far distance, it looked as though a snake entangled itself around her. She changed her gesture and gently waved. With shocking speed, the leaves flew to all sorts of directions. It burst through with irresistible force and it was unstoppable! The destructive power was a hundredfold more powerful than any other concealed weapons! 


The lotus on the lotus pond just bloomed and it produced an enchanting sweet scent. The moonlight shone on the lotus pond and she finally realized what poets mean when they likened a beautiful scene to the phrase "Moonlight over the Lotus Pond." The insects murmured within the underbrush and birds occasionally landed on the flowers. She sat down and soaked her feet in the pond, letting the refreshing feeling flow through her body. She looked down at the reflection of the moon in the water and then raised her head up at the moon in the sky. Gradually, she fell asleep.


Suddenly, her eyes shot open. The air was filled with a depressing atmosphere. The insects stopped murmuring and the birds stopped flying as well. Even the moonlight seemed to have lost its sheen. At this moment, her eyes were incredibly sharp. She felt a strong existence around her, but she couldn’t see anything. 


“Since you’re here, why don’t you come out?” she parted her lips and spoke. 


“Since you can feel my existence, you’re not an ordinary person indeed.” A deep magnetic voice rang out. Immediately after, a shadow floated down from the wall. He slowly walked out of the darkness and a faint smile was present on his face. 


Lin Haihai looked at him and sucked in a cold breath. He was a charming man; his beauty surpassing even most women! Although he was smiling, he was emitting a cold imposing aura. The chilliness threatened one’s heart. With such a powerful imposing aura, it was no wonder that any living creature within a ten-mile radius didn’t dare to make any noises! But is h-he human?


She stared at him with her guard up. “Who are you?”


“I’m not human,” he slowly said. 


“Are you a friend or a foe?”


“Neither. And both,” the person continued in a slow and steady tone, his faint smile remained on his countenance. However, his smile only served to arouse anxiety in others instead of making them feel relaxed. 


“Why did you appear in my courtyard in the middle of the night?”


“Why don’t you take a guess? Why do you think I’m here at such a late time?” His calm tone made Lin Haihai extremely nervous. 


“You can choose to talk or not!” Lin Haihai was a bit angry. 


“You’re scared.” 


“Should I not be afraid? A man appeared in my courtyard late in the night; shouldn’t I be scared as a woman?” Lin Haihai retorted. 


“You don’t seem to be a simple woman.”


“Please state your reason for being here. I don’t want to argue needlessly.” Although the man was super handsome, she needed to maintain a certain distance since she had yet to find out whether he was an enemy or a friend.


“Lin Haihai, born in Shanghai in 1982. Your grandfather is a professor in a traditional medicine hospital. You learned traditional medicine from a young age. Your mother is the head of gynecology at a hospital while your father is a well-known figure in cardiology. You obtained the Master of Medicine at the age of twenty-three and then you entered a government hospital to work until you transmigrated!” His words were like a lightning bolt that struck Lin Haihai's heart, causing it to overload!


She was stunned right then and was unable to react momentarily. Is he also a transmigrator? But even if he is, there is no way he would have known everything about my background unless he was someone I knew. Yet, I have never met him before. Could his soul have transmigrated over?


“Do you know me? Who are you?” she asked with mixed feelings. 


“I’m Baizi! I’m here to help you. However, to be correct, I’m not here to help you. But, let’s not mention this for now. I’m going to teach you a mental cultivation method. Once you’re familiar with that, you can use the power inside you as you wish.” Baizi glanced charmingly at her, but there was a deep coldness in his eyes. 


“Here to help me? Then you’re a friend. Why are you saying that you’re neither a friend nor an enemy?” Lin Haihai asked, perplexed. 


“You’ll know in the future,” the man said expressionlessly. 


“Repeat after me. The ways of heaven will make up for the loss…” His voice seemed to be magical and Lin Haihai unconsciously began to follow along. Her body continuously spun around as she chanted the mental cultivation sutra. Quicker and quicker. The fallen leaves by their side also continued to spin, slowly surrounding her into a ball. Then, she let out a low howl and broke out from the ball, flying and landing on the lotus leaf. The night wind gradually grew strong, her hair and clothes fluttered in the air. A strong stream of air circled around her. The man said in disbelief, “You are actually so powerful. I can't even do that. It seems like I have made the correct decision to entrust this with you. Remember, you have a mission here. You can only return to your world after completing your mission.”


“What mission? I just reincarnated into another body. Have you been mistaken?” Lin Haihai asked loudly. 


However, the man was already long gone and everything had returned to normal. It was like he had never appeared. 


Lin Haihai flew around mindlessly and the power inside her made her fearless, but also frightened for some unknown reason. Was it trouble or blessing that she obtained such strong powers?


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