Chapter 20: She’s Dead!?

“You are?” Lin Haihai stared at the handsome guy in front of her. He seemed somewhat familiar, but she couldn’t recall when or where exactly had she encountered him before. The man before her had distinguished facial features; his eyebrows were arched in a dashing manner, his eyes shone bright and he had a high nose bridge. He was a handsome guy out-and-out; she found him really familiar!


Yang Shaolun was a little disappointed. He originally thought that just like him, his face 

would always surface in her mind. But, it seemed like this wasn’t the case and instead, she didn’t even remember him. A deep sense of defeat floated on his face, and Lin Haihai felt bad when she saw his expression. However, she saw so many patients every day, so there was no way she could remember every one of them. 


She pretended to come to a realization and smacked her forehead. “Oh! It’s you. I remember now. Look at my memory! Sorry for my poor manners!”


A glimpse of delight crept onto Yang Shaolun's face as he asked, “Really? You remember me?”


“Yes, yes. How have you been feeling lately? You didn’t come back for a review checkup, so I’m guessing it’s all good now.” Lin Haihai thought that he was her patient, so there was nothing wrong with saying this.


Yang Shaolun was stunned for a second before shaking his head and smiling bitterly. She doesn't even remember me after all! 


Yet, Lin Haihai misunderstood the meaning behind his bitter smile and him shaking his head. She lifted his right hand and her slender fingers to check for his pulse. It was beating strongly and steadily, an indication that he was healthy and fine. Could it be… 


“Do you feel radiating pain on your chest? Do you feel like you can’t breathe?” She asked in detail. 


“Yes!” It was true. When he realized that she didn’t remember him, his heart was in so much pain that he couldn’t breathe. 


She widened her eyes and stared at his heart. Blood flow, normal. Heartbeat, normal. Heart contractions and expansions, consistent and normal. Everything's normal! He's very healthy! Wait, his face is flushed, his heart is beating faster and his breath is rash. What's with this sudden change? Could there be a problem that I failed to detect?


Yang Shaolun stared at her as his heart thumped quickly. He watched the interchanging confused and worried looks on her face. She already treated him as a patient, so she was holding onto his hand without thought. On the other hand, he was letting his imagination roam with her unconscious actions; his mind was cluttered. 


“Let me write up a prescription for you. Take it for three days and see if there are any improvements.” Lin Haihai thought deeply about it. If I can't find out the root of the sickness right now, I can only have him take heart medicine for the time being. Then, I can slowly think of a solution. Lin Haihai felt a little defeated. 


“Nevermind. It’s not like I have been sick for only a day or two. I’m not optimistic,” Yang Shaolun said sadly. He finally found a way to interact with her, but it had never crossed his mind that it would be him feigning to be her patient. However, this could be considered to be a start! This was the first time he met a woman that moved his heart. He can’t give up! But, what is her relationship with Hanlun?


“Right, are you very familiar with my Imperial Brother?” Yang Shaolun probed. 


“Whenever we meet, it gets tense between us!” Lin Haihai replied jokingly. “By the way, why did you and the old emperor come to find me?”


“Old emperor?” Yang Shaolun was a bit uncomfortable. 


“Sorry, I shouldn’t talk about your father like that!” Lin Haihai knew nothing about this dynasty. As a matter of fact, Xiao Ju had once mentioned that the sixth prince was the emperor's brother and also said that the empress dowager was the sixth prince’s mother. But, how would Physician Lin, a person who was astute in great matters and muddle-headed in small matters, remember something like this? From what she could remember in history books, the emperors were all old men, so she naturally thought that this dynasty’s emperor would also be one. She was so busy every day and even when she did have time, she would spend them on experiments. (As to what types of experiments, our dear readers will find out eventually). She seriously lacked sleep. Although she had the spirit pearl to protect her, it couldn’t get rid of the dark circles under her eyes.


“Oh, it’s fine. My father is old. It’s all good!” Yang Shaolun smiled even more unnaturally. Isn’t she from this country? How come she doesn't even know who the emperor was? But judging from her indifferent and pure countenance, she shouldn’t be a scheming woman. If what she portrays on the outside is just a facade, she would be a really terrifying enemy! Yang Shaolun’s heart suddenly felt heavy. 


“You must be here to visit General Chen. Let me get someone to bring you over. I have a lot of patients, so I can't stay here with you! Oh, since you’re Sixth Prince’s brother, you must be a prince too!” Lin Haihai suddenly came to this realization as she said this. 


“I’m Prince Yong, Hanlun’s elder brother!” Prince Yong was his title before he ascended the throne, so technically speaking, it wasn't a lie! 


“Oh, Prince Yong, I’m Lin Haihai!” She smiled charmingly.


“I know. You can get back to work. I’ll check on the general.” Yang Shaolun couldn’t resist her smile, so he quickly walked off. Before everything was made clear to him, he didn’t want her to influence his thoughts. 


Time always flies when one is occupied. Lin Haihai stretched her body and glanced up at the pitch-black sky. The disciples had long lit the oil lamps. Lin Haihai disliked the oil lamp a lot. As a transmigrator, she knew that there were many ways to light up the room. She wasn't asking for much and could adapt to most things but the only thing she couldn't endure was that weak and pulsing flame. Without a surgical light, doing a surgery would be out of the question. If General Chen couldn’t regain consciousness by tonight, she wasn’t sure if she could still save him.


She sighed again, but it was useless. She packed her things up as Ming Yue walked over to call her to eat. Ming Yue asked a bit hesitatingly, “Master, that prince hasn't left. Should we ask him to join us as well?”


“Prince? What prince?” She thought hard before recalling, “Oh, let me go invite him. Where is he?” Why is he still here?!


“He’s in the general’s ward. He’s been there the entire afternoon and I don’t know what he has been doing.” 


Lin Haihai instructed Ming Yue to prepare the medicinal ingredients for class later on before going to find Yang Shaolun. What was he doing there the entire afternoon? Lin Haihai was curious. 


Lin Haihai pushed the door open only to see Yang Shaolun holding General Chen up. They were acting like how the actors did in martial arts drama. Yang Shaolun had his palms pressed onto General Chen's back, and was transfusing his internal energy into the latter. The two were sweating and Yang Shaolun seemed to be exhausted. Lin Haihai was shocked. He is sick as well! How could he do something so dangerous?


Sensing a presence, Yang Shaolun stopped and opened his eyes while panting. His body was swaying back and forth, about to fall. Lin Haihai hurried over and helped General Chen lay down. Then, she supported the pale-faced Yang Shaolun and reprimanded, “Don’t you know that you’re sick? This is very dangerous. If you suddenly suffer from a seizure, no one can save you.”


Yang Shaolun took her reprimand as her concern towards him. He felt warm in his heart and took in her myrrh fragrance; it made him feel carefree and relaxed. He said weakly, “It’s fine. I must save him. This concerns the life and death of the Daxing Dynasty. I have to save him!”


“It's that serious? Maybe someone just mugged him.” Lin Haihai didn’t really believe this. 


“General Chen’s martial arts is unrivaled. Who would be able to mug him?”


“But you make it sound too serious. You’re overthinking. How could it be that complicated?” Lin Haihai was born in peaceful times, so she naturally didn’t think of the world to be that dark and evil.


“Putting everything aside, he grew up with me. Not only are we good friends, we are also very close to one another,” Yang Shaolun stated worriedly. 


“I can understand. Leave everything to me. I’ll make sure he gets better,” Lin Haihai said, moved. 


“Thank you!” Their eyes met and an indescribable feeling rose in both of their hearts.


“Let’s eat! I have a class to conduct later on.” Lin Haihai averted her gaze first and felt her heart thumping quickly. He seemed to be looking at me with deep loving affection, but we have only known each other not long ago. Adding the first time that we met, which I don't even recall, we have only seen each other twice! Where did this feeling even come from? Lin Haihai was letting her imagination run wild when Qing Feng called from outside the door, “Master, dinner's ready!”


“Coming!” Lin Haihai snapped out of her gaze and answered. When she looked back at Yang Shaolun, her gaze was clear like distilled water. Yang Shaolun stared at her clear eyes. He felt helpless but cherished her at the same time.


After dinner, Yang Shaolun left. The moment he stepped out of the hospital compound, Yang Hanlun, and a few imperial guards hurried over. Yang Hanlun asked anxiously, “Imperial Elder Brother, what were you doing there the entire afternoon? Did she make things difficult for you? Did you make things difficult for her?”


Yang Shaolun stopped and stared at him. “Are you trying to ask if she made things difficult for this Emperor or if this Emperor made things difficult for her?”


Yang Hanlun scratched his head, not knowing either. When his imperial elder brother was inside, he felt uncomfortable as though a cat was clawing at his heart. He replied, “I just wanted to know if she did something to you. That woman is fierce!”


“This Emperor killed her!” Yang Shaolun stated coldly. 


“What?” Yang Hanlun felt as though a bomb had detonated in his head. Dead? She’s dead?


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